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New Milford Building Could Get Busier
Nicholson Addresses Turmoil
PENNDOT Employee Saves Local Family
Scher Trial Continued Until June

G.B./H. Ambulance Passes Inspection

Gibson Barracks Report
Lanesboro Council Meeting Minutes
Susquehanna Borough Jan. Police Report

New Milford Building Could Get Busier

The New Milford Borough Building may become busier than ever, if a couple of things come to pass. One thing for sure, it will have a zoning enforcement officer there on Fridays. At its meeting on February 5, the borough council (minus Scott Smith, who was unable to attend) hired Mike Dopko, a Pennsylvania- and New York-certified codes inspector, to enforce zoning and such ordinances for the town. Dopko, who also works for the town of Maine across the border, noted that his availability is as close as 45 minutes away, should an emergency require him. Borough secretary Amy Hine will be the point-person on requests from residents for Dopko’s services. One of his first inspections will probably be that of Cosmello’s Route 11 junkyard, a subject of considerable borough and resident discussion prior to the business’ last inspection.

There to request use of the borough building was county commissioner Mary Ann Warren. She asked council if they would consider letting her use its meeting room – perhaps one or two evenings a month – for her to meet with county residents at a time and place more convenient for some of them. Warren noted that the courthouse closes at 4:30, and a drive to Montrose is a long one for some, especially in bad weather. She’d like to be visible and available after many people’s work-hours, to address their concerns, provide information and try to answer their questions.

That was fine by council, and Warren will start arranging a schedule and getting the word out about her availability and hours in the borough building.

Council also heard from Todd Schmidt with KBA Engineering. He was there to present a proposal for a feasibility study on ways to reconfigure the existing borough building to accommodate an office for district magistrate Peter Janicelli, whose office is currently on Main Street in the borough. The county apparently came to the borough about the need for a new office for the magistrate, and council would like to keep it in the borough. Schmidt has spoken with Janicelli about his needs and council gave the go-ahead to spend the $1500-$2000 for the KBA feasibility study. In a couple of weeks, the firm will provide council with three different scenarios of how the building could be modified, as well as rough estimates for each.

Schmidt noted that this might include an expansion out into the rear of the building, or reconfiguring current space occupied by both the borough and the Council of Governments, which leases space from the borough. Any reconfiguration or addition would need to be compliant with special requirements – shatterproof glass, secondary exits – to accommodate the office.

All in all, council agreed with member Rick Ainey, who noted, “It would be in the borough’s best interest to spend the money for the feasibility study rather than lose the magistrate’s office to another community. Regularly having a police car in the community as part of work with the magistrate is certainly an asset to New Milford.”

In fact, Janicelli was present at the meeting, although it was not to discuss the future of his office space. He was the February recipient of the borough’s good neighbor recognition and on behalf of the council, Ainey thanked him for being a good friend and a good neighbor in the town.

Council made short work of its other agenda items. On the recommendation of KBA Engineering, it agreed to pay 80% of the amount invoiced by Burns Excavating for flood restoration work it did by Maple Street. Because of the recent snowfalls covering a lot of the work, KBA was unable to do a complete inspection; once it does and signs off on the repairs, the remainder of the bill will be paid.

Warmly welcomed was a notice from the county office of planning and development that council member Jim Carr read to the group. It was about an upcoming meeting about the Route 11 corridor and its potential for development. Council member Teri Gulick reported that all members of the town’s planning commission were planning on attending, and she encouraged council members to try to do the same.

At its last meeting, council approved the purchase of two-way radios for use by road employee Bob Ehm to communicate with the borough office. Ehm, noting that he is often out plowing and cindering well after the office has closed, asked council to instead look into a track phone (a cell phone that does not require any kind of contract) and the purchase of an adequate amount of monthly minutes, which could be used for communications not only during but also after office hours. Council thought Ehm’s reasoning made sense and will check out the cost of the track phone.

And while there was nothing new from or about the municipal authority regarding the new sewer system, council members noted that “We are all heading in the same direction” as far as satisfaction with the system and the restoring of roads and driveways come the spring.

The compensation committee also recommended a 3 per cent annual increase to borough employees – Amy Hine, Bob Ehm and Jim Carpenetti – and council approved it, retroactive to January 1, 2005. Council member Chris Allen noted, as did the agenda, that the table-top discussion about emergency management and evacuation was scheduled for March 17, and that Jim Garner from the county would be attending it. Hine reported on a conversation that she had with a representative in the state attorney general’s office about the police pension fund, and is expecting the rep to send her a copy of the pension plan document for council’s review.

The next regular meeting of the New Milford Borough Council is scheduled for March 3, in the Borough Building on Main Street.

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Nicholson Addresses Turmoil

The February 2 Nicholson Township meeting was called to order; present were Chairman Gerald Sands, Mary Ann Singer, Duane White and Donna Lane (secretary/treasurer).

After the Pledge of Allegiance, the minutes of the reorganization and township meetings held January 3 were approved.

Sands apologized to the public for the lack of notification of an intended meeting to discuss the Comprehensive Plan, which is due for public opinion and approval; Sands, Singer and Lane were all available for a public meeting at 6:00 p.m. to discuss the plan. White was not. Next month they will attempt another public meeting at 6:00 p.m., prior to the township meeting.

The public was invited to comment. There were about 30 people in attendance. In a rather democratic fashion each person present was individually invited to speak and permitted a five minute limit.

One member thanked the supervisors for the excellent snow plowing efforts.

A report was presented by Kathy Schadt of the homes still needing connection to the sewer around Sheridan, Kewanee and Baylors Lakes and those facing delinquency.

A question arose about the timeliness of Sands in putting chains on the plow. It was confirmed he was up at 3:00 a.m. working and had difficulties like the rest of the folks with the ice on the roads.

An inquiry was made as to where the records for fuel oil mileage were kept. Lane stated that the records are available for public access and review. She had noted that no one ever read them; however, auditors have the option to review them as well.

Someone wanted to know if a chain saw could be kept on the truck. Sands said there is no more room for saws or tool boxes.

A brief discussion arose as to who decides if a bus driver could or could not travel a particular road. The supervisors noted it was the responsibility of the bus driver to determine if the road was passable at that particular moment.

FEMA money had not arrived to date and is expected shortly, responded supervisors to a question into the status of that money.

Sands noted that the road crew has been diligently working cindering, cutting umbrellas along the roads, and will do brush arm trim work weather permitting. Sands noted that the road crew is working hard to open clogged pipes and keep roads from flooding.

Stones for Cobb Hill came from Keller's in Lemon.

A lively and heated discussion erupted regarding the alleged inappropriate appointment of Mr. Ed Ware to the Vacancy Board. Robert Padula was the primary speaker during this discussion. Padula directed numerous personal remarks towards Mary Ann Singer.

Singer acknowledged being fed up with Padula and that she was not going to put up with Padula any more. Padula further threatened that Singer, Sands and White "will have legal problems if Ware stays on." Padula noted he wanted to be on the vacancy board.

It was questioned whether Ware was a registered voter. Ware interjected briefly that he did register years ago. Someone stated that it was not a "witch hunt" to examine Ware's background. Ware informed all present of his voting record, his age, marital status, residency, children, grandchildren and numerous other vital statistic information they may find useful in an effort to deflect any appearance of secretiveness. Mrs. Ware later passed around a picture of their first grandchild.

Padula noted vehemently that only one third of what was promised was done in the last year and that "the township is pulling a lot of baloney!" Padula admonished Sands for deferring to Randy Decker for expertise and then not following Decker's advice.

Padula wanted to know what the status of the hospitalization insurance for Sands is. It was noted by the supervisors that no action was taken on the issue at the last meeting.

Padula also questioned if auditors ever examined the amount of work done and the money spent on projects such as the $30,000 on Cobb Hill.

Padula offered to the supervisors, "I predict you will not catch up with work needing done, since you're so far behind." He closed by demanding that Singer "not lie anymore!" especially with regards to the appointment of Ware.

Singer told Padula to stop talking as he had spoken for more than double the five minute time limit.

Sands interceded and informed the public that yes, there is actually more than one Ed Ware in Wyoming County and this particular Ed Ware was accidentally removed from the voting list. Sands noted humans make mistakes, but this Ed Ware has been a resident for more than one year, so he does qualify for appointment.

Then the question arose if all three supervisors are residents of the county. Singer, White and Sands individually stated yes - for the record.

Another person spoke and agreed that, "the staff in the County Courthouse do screw up." Further, that no disrespect to Ware is intended since little is known about him and the remarks should be tempered and not be personal.

Another resident in attendance at the meeting, Mrs. Wescott, denied that an investigation or witch hunt was underway. Wescott explained that information was being gathered regarding independent voters to encourage them to register as Democrats or Republicans so they can vote in the primaries. Wescott questioned whether, "supervisors are representing the people or are they just out for themselves?" Supervisors did not dignify that comment with a response.

Singer adamantly noted, "Bob (Padula) was not blackballed!"

In other business, Singer noted that she would like to see the emergency management fine tuned. This should include better communication, evacuation plans and radios. Thursday, February 10 at 7:00 p.m. an emergency management meeting will be held at the township building.

A motion was made to appoint White and Singer as assistant road masters.

A motion to appoint Singer as the assistant secretary was passed. Singer will continue her excellent job of writing grants. Singer wanted to thank Northern Tier Regional Development for their assistance in grant writing and support.

Again on the agenda was the vacancy board appointment. The previous appointment of Ware was declared null and void. Nominations were taken. A motion to appoint Padula died without a second. A motion to appoint Ware was made and seconded. Ware was re-appointed to the vacancy board.

Correspondence was addressed. Singer declared a commitment to examine and resolve flooding along the Tunkhannock creek bed. Singer asked for public support to document the bad areas with pictures, maps and notes. This is the first step needed prior to seeking grants or federal and state funding. Susquehanna County will be asked to assist in dredging the creek. Establishing a conservancy with several groups will show strong support. A word of encouragement to obtain the services of the Army Corps of Engineers was made.

Litwin's solicitor's fees were increased this year. The supervisors accepted the increase.

A resolution was passed to continue to have Berkheimer collect delinquent taxes.

Finally, a motion was made to pay the bills.

The township meeting adjourned at 8:40 p.m. with most of the public still in attendance.

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PENNDOT Employee Saves Local Family

Susquehanna County Fire Rescue: A PENNDOT snowplow driver from Wyoming County was on his way back from a salt stockpile in Springville, late Thursday, January 27, when he noticed smoke coming from a home in Springville Township. The PENNDOT employee, Nelson Hollet, stopped his truck and alerted the family who then escaped from the burning structure. Hollet used his truck radio to call for help and then used a fire extinguisher from his truck to try to keep the flames from spreading. When the fire extinguisher ran out, Hollet used a shovel to throw snow on the flames until firefighters arrived.

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Scher Trial Continued Until June

The second trial of Dr. Stephen B. Scher has been continued until June 13. It was originally scheduled to begin with jury selection on February 8. The Commonwealth did not contest a petition for continuance filed by Dr. Scher’s attorney, Joshua D. Lock.

At a scheduling conference in January, Mr. Lock, who replaced John P. Moses as defense counsel, also advised the court of his intention to file a motion to bar a re-trial.

In his petition for continuance, Mr. Lock said the motion for seeking to prevent the second trial is based on “double jeopardy grounds arising from alleged prosecutorial misconduct.” Mr. Lock did not return phone calls from a Transcript reporter seeking additional comment on the motion.

On October 22, 1997, Susquehanna County President Judge Kenneth W. Seamans sentenced Dr. Scher to life in prison after a jury convicted him of first degree murder in the shooting death of Martin Dillon. On March 26, 2004, the Superior Court of Pennsylvania granted Dr. Scher a new trial on the heels of a lengthy petition filed by Mr. Moses. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court denied the Commonwealth’s petition for allowance to appeal the Superior Court ruling.

In his petition for a new trial date, Mr. Lock pointed out that information he received from Mr. Moses, who defended Dr. Scher in the first trial, indicated the file on the case will exceed 35 storage boxes. Mr. Lock requested a continuance of four months.

Mr. Lock said in his petition that he has had no prior involvement in the case and possesses only the “vaguest familiarity with the matter.” He said a complete review of the information he will receive from Mr. Moses is necessary to assure proper trial preparation.

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G.B./H. Ambulance Passes Inspection

The newly reorganized Great Bend/Hallstead Volunteer Ambulance Inc. would like to announce they have passed inspection, February 4, 2005 by the Bradford-Susquehanna EMS Council, and are now re-licensed, again able to take calls as a BLS Ambulance service.

They are also pleased to announce that the ambulance will be staffed with 14 EMT’s and four First Responders, at the present. There are up and coming First Responder and EMT classes available, and there are an additional eight or so interested in taking these classes. Projected date to be up and running will be noon, February 18, 2005.

They would like to thank all those in the community for all the support and patience during a troubled time. With your continued support, they will strive to become, once again a successful ambulance service to serve a well deserved community.

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Courthouse Report


Martha Demmer to Martha Demmer (revocable living trust), in Bridgewater Township for one dollar.

Terrance J. Wentz and Sally A. Wentz to Curtis A. Wentz Jr. and Shari A. Wentz, in Jackson Township for $7,500.

Dean H. Potter and Tammy Potter to David Hankey and Gail Hankey, in Susquehanna Borough for $10,000.

Mary Constance Flaherty to Robert Jalbert and Nancy Jalbert, in Herrick Township for one dollar.

Theresa R. Novak to Michael F. Holtsmaster and Shaun M. Holtsmaster, in Brooklyn Township for $104,000.

Sarah Jean Traver, Thomas H. Traver, Christine Kay Poulsen, Raymond Poulsen to Wilbur B. Edwards and Betty S. Edwards, in Springville Township for one dollar.

Cynthia Conway to Cynthia Conway and Kevin Conway, in Forest Lake Township for one dollar.

Albert B. McCollum and Shirley a. McCollum to Endless Mountains Health Systems Inc. in Bridgewater Township for $85,000.

Doris E. Bennett to Patrick J. Casey Jr. and Laura L. Maslowski, in Springville Township for $120,000.

Casimir Stanis Jr., Raymond Stanis, Beatrice T. Stanis (estate) to Casimir Stanis Jr. and Raymond Stanis, in Montrose for one dollar.

Edward Barton to Kathleen Crawford, James Crawford and Duane A. Barton, in Lanesboro Borough for $1,452.

Sandra M. Conklin to Dwayne B. Conklin and Donna E. Conklin, in Jackson Township for one dollar.

Earl Baughman to Derek Stalker, in Ararat Township for $3,000.

Michael A. Catalano and Nancy J. Catalano (fka) Nancy J. Zenzel to Philip E. Baldwin, in Oakland Township for $158,000.

Phillip E. Baldwin to Jared W. Norris, in Susquehanna Borough for $75,000.

Russell W. Young and Sandra L. Young to James E. Audenried Jr., in Gibson Township for $160,000.

Stephen T. Wells to Michael R. Balog and Sherrie L. Balog, in Rush Township for $58,000.

Barbara Hall to James William Donahue and Juanita Donahue, in Lanesboro Borough for one dollar.

Maple Highlands to Myles Jacques Jr. and Ruth McAndrew in Herrick Township for one dollar.

Myles Jacques Jr. and Ruth McAndrew to Maple Highlands, in Herrick Township for one dollar.

James I. Kimble and Amber J. Kimble to Trenten M. Smith and Heather A. Smith, in Harford Township for $102,000.

Bonnie Roe to Timothy K. Roe and Cheryl L. Hubal, in Oakland Township for one dollar.

Thomas W. Lathrop and Sandra Lathrop to Donald E. Blaisure and Joyce M. Blaisure, in Bridgewater Township for $12,000.

William T. McNeice and Shawn McNeice to William T. McNeice and Shawn McNeice, in Bridgewater and Dimock townships for one dollar.

Annette C. Wier to Frances Fava and Loretta Fava, in Montrose for $225,000.

Joanna K. Barry to Michael C. Baker and Doris A. Baker, in New Milford Township, three parcels for $100 each.

WM Specialty Mortgage (by poa) to Thomas J. Lopatofsky Jr. and Donna M. Fekette, in New Milford Township for $50,000.

Harold D. Woodward (aka) Harold Woodward, Doris E. Woodward (aka) Doris Woodward to John Spanarkel and Maureen Spanarkel, in Lenox Township for $80,400.

Richard H. Casterline to John R. Schake and Robert J. Law, in Harmony Township for one dollar.

Randall Sobocinski and Michael J. Young to Laura Melville and Joseph Phillips, in Thompson Township and an out of county municipality for $250,000.

Ananda Kriss Panikkar and Linga Panikkar to Stephen Girard (estate) in Liberty Township for $410,000.

Sandra Albert Schmidt (fka) Sandra Albert Fancher to Donald E. Gaster and Julia A. Gaster, in Liberty Township for $182,000.

Narendra R. Patel (aka) Narenda R. Patel, Rashila Patel to Shive Corp., in New Milford Borough for $190,000.

Karen A. Graytock to Tammy L. Rogalski, in Forest City for $83,000.


Allan Elbrecht and Darlene A. Dawson, both of Gibson.

Jeremy Anderson Mills and Erika Ann Briar, both of Kutztown.

Richard A. Warus and Linda Lou Bennett, both of Springville Twp.

Duane Jay Anderson and Lorette M. Sanders, both of Susquehanna Borough.

Dale C. Bomboy and Carol Ann Mason, both of Friendsville.

Norman A. Meade and Donna I. Whitney, both of Hallstead.

David Napoleon Rivera and Maria Cristina Soriero, both of Scranton.


Brenda L. Lee of Lanesboro, vs. Donald Lee of Thompson.

Judy L. Lewis vs. Gary E. Lewis Jr., both of Hallstead.

Anne Kimble Bishop vs. Albert Bishop Jr., both of Susquehanna.

Andy J. Colwell of Hallstead, vs. Diane E. Cowlell of Hallstead.

Mark W. Lewis vs. Terri Lynn Lewis, both of New Milford.

Mary Fowler of Montrose, vs. Robert A. Fowler of Hallstead.

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Gibson Barracks Report


Sometime between the evening of February 2 and the following morning, unknown persons went to the J & J Flagstone quarry, owned by Jeff Odell, New Milford, and Jade Brewer, Montrose, on State Road 3001 just south of Montrose, and stole the following: Troybilt generator on wheels; Craftsman 7-drawer tool box and accompany wrenches; two 5-gallon gas cans; two air hammers; one GPI grinder; a Stihl 18-inch chain saw; 20 feet of tow chain; a first-aid blanket; two cases of Castrol GTX Oil; two cases of Mobile oil; a three-inch Honda water pump; two radio ear phones; a Dewalt radio/battery charger; a NAPA air grinder; 3/8-inch, 12-volt Craftsman drill; 3/8-inch Craftsman electric drill; a Husqvarna rancher chain saw; a set of skidder tire chains; a black and red plastic toolbox with wrenches and sockets; and a Square D switch box.*


Jeff Parsons, Lenox, was driving along State Route 92 in Lenox when he hit an icy patch while trying to turn left onto State Road 2073 on the evening of January 29. He lost control of his 1996 Chevy Blazer and went off the road and into a ditch.


The home of Stephanie Hayden, Lenox Township, was reported burglarized on the morning of January 12. Taken were jewelry and a small fireproof safe.*


Jack Rosenkrans, Franklin Township, reported that on the evening of January 10, someone had broken into his shed and stolen two Husqvarna chain saws, a Dewalt cordless reciprocating saw with two batteries and a case, and a Dewalt cordless drill with two batteries and a case. *


John H. Wood, Hop Bottom, was not wearing a seat belt when his 1990 Subaru SW veered off the east berm of State Route 2017 in Lenox Township and hit a tree. The Factoryville Ambulance transported him to the hospital. His car had severe damage to its front end in this accident that happened just before 1:00 on the morning of January 24.


Sandra Robinson, 34, Springville, accused her ex-boyfriend, Marc Thomas, 37, Pittston, of making continuous phone calls to her and using obscene and threatening language during the month of January. An investigation revealed numerous messages of this type that were left on her voice mail. Thomas was charged with harassment.


This accident happened when an unknown person lost control of a silver vehicle on State Route 171, Great Bend Township, while negotiating a curve near the intersection with Hasbrook Hill Road. The vehicle left the road and struck a chain link fence owned by Edward Krug, Susquehanna. The driver then drove away from the scene. This happened sometime between the night of January 29 and 6:30 the next morning.*


William Burchell, New Milford, reported that he awoke on the morning of January 12 to discover that someone had crashed in some landscaping at the foot of his driveway. Whoever it was fled the scene without leaving the required information.*


On the evening of January 19, Melissa Tittle, Montrose, was driving a 1994 Ford Explorer on State Route 29 in Springville when she lost control of it in the snow. The Explorer struck the embankment and flipped onto its side. Tittle was treated and released from the Endless Mountains Health System.


This accident happened when a 2003 Ford F350 driven by Michael Mullen, 52, Hallstead, crossed New York Avenue at Bogart Street in Great Bend Township and into the path of a 1991 Toyota Camry driven by Lynn Miller, 34, Corbetsville, NY, which struck Mullen’s Ford. Both drivers were wearing seat belts, neither was injured, and both vehicles were towed from the scene of this accident that happened just before noon on January 23.


An unknown person(s) arrived at a home construction site in Apolocan Township owned by Robert Laman sometime between the evening of January 24 and the following day and removed tools belonging to Laman. Stolen were a rigid air compressor; a Bostitch framing nailer; a Porter cable framing nailer; a Husy 200-piece tool set; a Dewalt sawzall; a Milwaukee 3/8-inch electric drill; and two drill bits.*


An unknown hit-and-run driver was following Kelvin Yachymiak, 43, driving a 1992 Dodge Dakota truck, east on State Road 374 by Weida’s trailer park. Yachymiak slowed down to make a left turn and was struck in the left rear bumper by the unknown vehicle and driver, and it spun out. An investigation revealed inconsistencies in the story that Yachymiak provided. It can’t be determined whether or not this accident actually occurred on the afternoon of January 24.


A Brenntag company truck and trailer were parked in the parking lot by the scales at the Flying J truck stop off Exit 219 in New Milford Township. Another tractor-trailer combination, traveling through the lot, was making a turn around the Brenntag truck and the trailer struck the front of the Brenntag tractor, causing significant damage. The hit-and-run vehicle may have damage to the right side of the trailer and/or tandem wheels on the trailer.*

* Anyone with information about this incident is asked to call the State Police at 465-3154.

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Lanesboro Council Meeting Minutes

Following are the Lanesboro Council meeting minutes from January 4, as submitted.

Present: Ray Barnes, Dan Boughton, Paul Corse, Regina Dilello, Chris Maby, Bob Mireider and Bob Page. Also present: Mayor Slater, Secretary Gail Hanrahan, and Code Enforcement Officer Shane Lewis.

Visitors: Gladys Braungard, George Parsons, Stan Rockwell, Jerry and Sandy Benson, Jeanine Keefer and Bill Roberts.

Reorganization: Mayor Slater called the meeting to order and asked for nominations for Council President. Boughton nominated Maby, no other nominations. Roll call vote – all yes, with Maby abstaining. Mayor Slater turned the meeting over to Maby, who asked for nominations for Council Vice President. Bob Page nominated Boughton, no other nominations. Roll call vote – all yes, with Boughton abstaining.

Minutes: motion to accept minutes as presented carried.

Visitors: George Parsons spoke on behalf of Gladys Braungard regarding the condemnation proceedings associated with her property in the borough. She had a meeting scheduled with a legal advisor on January 7. George noted this legal service is free, due to her age and income. George asked if the council will consider allowing improvements to be made rather than knocking the buildings down. He presented estimates from a contractor, indicating the work to be performed included new roofing and siding. The cost was $7500 for the small house and $9800 for the larger house, and included putting a new porch on the front of the larger house. Council deferred the question to Shane, asking what he felt was appropriate. Shane noted there was no mention of the structural repairs that were to be made, including but not limited to rafters that had collapsed and a portion of a basement wall. After discussion, council agreed to allow Gladys and George one week to provide a detailed, signed estimate relating to all the repairs that need to be made. Paperwork needed to be provided to Shane by January 11.

Code Enforcer Report: eight messages returned, two condemnation proceedings, Sheridan property fixed. Discussion about ice on Grand St. coming from Borrowicz driveway that was recently reconstructed. Shane visited residence but owners were not home, spoke with contractor about the issue. Will follow up with homeowner stating that problem needs to be fixed when weather permits. Mayor Slater to notify Ozzy about keeping it covered with anti-skid.

Correspondences and Resolutions: letter from Myron DeWitt regarding renewal of contract as borough solicitor. Motion to retain DeWitt as solicitor for year 2005 carried.

PSAB invitation to conference March 20-22. No money in budget to attend, will discuss adding to next year’s budget at the appropriate time.

Letter from County Commissioners asking which elected positions are up for renewal in 2005. Secretary to fill out and return. Open seats include mayor (Slater), tax collector (Hanrahan), and council seats occupied by Corse, Maby, Mireider, and Page.

Letter from Keystone landfill regarding paperwork to set up an account with them. We will be billed twice a month, bill to be paid within 14 days from billing date.

Susquehanna County Emergency Management Coordinator was to hold a quarterly meeting on January 20. Maby planned to attend.

Police report: Mayor Slater provided reports from all police.

Mayor report: garbage truck fixed at Stadium – new exhaust manifold and oil lines. Greene’s fixed leak in hydraulic line.

Mayor donated 2004 salary to Community Center fund. Council acknowledged and thanked him for the gesture.

Community Center: reserved five times already for January. Regina is finalizing income and expenditures from 2004. 2005 Community Center budget to be discussed during February meeting.

Secretary/Treasurer’s report: brief discussion about what could be done with Burns bill. Consensus was that fighting it in court would cost as much as simply paying it. Motion to pay bills as presented in treasurer’s report summary, and remaining portion of Burns Excavating bill carried. Corse opposed. Note: check for Burns given to Mireider after the meeting, who delivered it the following day.

New business: Dan asked if new bill had been received from the water company; not yet.

Meeting adjourned.

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Susquehanna Borough Jan. Police Report

Following is the Susquehanna Borough Police Report for January, 2005, as submitted.


On January 2, Matthew Frailey of Susquehanna was charged with Disorderly Conduct after causing a disturbance with his vehicle traveling West on Main St. at 1:50 a.m.


On January 4, Pennstar Bank with Peoples National Bank reported eight forged checks from a customer who’d signed an Affidavit of Forgery. Investigation has revealed several people involved in a criminal conspiracy ring. Charges are pending forensic results.


On January 4, Shannon Cullen of Susquehanna reported credit cards, check book and ID’s taken from her purse while in Schneider’s some time in the first week of December of 2004.


On the 5th of January at 5:25 p.m. Police were called to 413 Jackson Ave where a structure fire was in progress being controlled by Susquehanna Fire and EMS. State Police were called to investigate for forensics.


At 9:05 p.m. on January 5, Fire and EMS were still at 413 Jackson Ave. for structure fire. A red Ford truck went around EMS and Fire personnel who had area blocked off with a sign, ambulance and flares. Police stopped vehicle to identify John Martin of Kingsley, PA who was intoxicated and refused any type of tests. Martin is charged for DUI, Reckless Driving and Careless Driving at District Justice 34-3-02. Preliminary Hearing is set for 02-18-05.


Also on January 5, Gwen Marcinkus of Laurel St. reported a cat that was killed on her property by 2 loose dogs at 8:55 p.m. Police have the suspect of the loose dogs and have turned case over to the Susquehanna County Dog Warden.


On January 7 on or around 2:15 a.m., two vehicles went into the St. John’s Cemetery where the driver of one vehicle lost control, sliding off of pavement and into gravestones. The two suspects stayed in the cemetery for at least one hour attempting to get out causing a high amount of damage to grave sites and stones with no lights on. Suspects have made statements and no arrests have been made until an amount of damage can be determined when snow clears. All inquiries can be made to the Chief of Police at 853-3147.


On January 11 at 10:20 p.m., 2 ATV’s (4-wheelers) refused to stop for Police going South on Franklin Ave. No pursuit was done for safety.


On January 14 on or around 7 p.m., Franklin Ave. was closed by Police for severe ice conditions from Columbus Ave. to Main St. Road opened after PENNDOT came and salted. Assistance from Susquehanna Fire.


On January 15 at 8:37 p.m., Police were monitoring traffic on East Turnpike St. when a 1990 Chevrolet Coupe traveled East on Turnpike St. turning onto Pleasant Ave. at a high rate of speed with skidding tires. A traffic stop revealed driver as Michael Conklin of Susquehanna who was arrested for DUI. Charges filed at District Court 34-3-02.


On January 22 at 10:30 p.m. Police came across a car crash in front of 115 E. Main St. Wojciech Muziarz was traveling in a 1999 Ford Explorer East on Main St. John Martin of Kingsley was traveling West on Main St. with failure to stay in his own lane. Muziarz pulled his vehicle to side of road. Martin then struck him head on with his 2003 Ford Truck. Martin was arrested for DUI and Drug Paraphernalia. On January 25 Police served warrants for Martin in which he was released on bail from District Justice 34-3-02. Preliminary Hearing is set for 02-18-05.

Assistance from Susquehanna Fire and EMS.


Also on January 22, at above crash, Albert Bishop, Jr. of Brandt was charged for Disorderly Conduct after refusing to leave crash scene and yelling obscenities. He was convicted of same on 01-31-05 at District Justice 34-3-02.


On January 23 at 2:50 a.m. Sean Burke and Richard Upright of Susquehanna were each charged for Disorderly Conduct after causing a disturbance with ATV’s (snowmobiles) in the area of East Main St. and Broad Ave.


On January 25, Police placed notices for vehicles to be moved off of Washington St., Pine St., Elm St., E. Church St. and West Main St. so Borough plow trucks could remove excessive snow. On January 26, vehicles were moved as Borough trucks did remove snow with a great response from PENNDOT who helped with snow removal on Main St.


Police remind all residents in the Borough that an official snow alert is issued when snow, sleet or freezing rain accumulates to a depth of two inches or greater. All vehicles on all streets must be removed within 24 hours after this issuance. Fine is $50.00 plus towing, storage and prosecution costs. Parking is available by Borough building and Police Station while streets are being plowed. A special thanks to all residents who complied with notices.

* Any information, please call Police at 853-3147.

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