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A Great Letter

I’m writing this to congratulate Marvin Glover for his great letter, “Get Your Hand Out Of My Pocket.” It expresses just what a lot of Susquehanna County citizens would like to say. We could not have worded it better.

I would like to know where the growth in Susquehanna County is? Where are all the jobs? How can we keep up with other counties in wages, when there are “no jobs” in Susquehanna County?

Maybe you (county workers and politicians) could pay some of your own health care if you cut some services that you have.

Mr. Glover is right, a lot of us older people on a fixed income cannot afford your “mandated” budget.


Helen Wallace

Montrose, PA

Considering The Losses?

The “Consider the Losses” letter in your January 26th edition was an anti-abortion pitch based upon the writer’s idea of how the U.S. economy works. She is concerned that abortion curtails the number of people who could potentially participate in the workforce, in the belief that our nation’s financial woes would be eliminated, or at least lessened, if there were more people to pay taxes. Her letter was articulate but displayed a naive perception of how our world works.

First of all, our country has had no lawful money since 1933, when gold was confiscated from the American people. The last bit of money was taken away around 1963 or ‘64 when the silver backing was removed from our dollars. Since then, we have been operating on credit, backed by all the assets of the people – your car, your home, anything you register with government at any level – which basically means we own nothing because it is all being used as collateral for the debt. The ‘Federal Reserve Notes’ people refer to as ‘money’ is ‘fiat money.’ It’s ‘legal tender for all debts...,’ but nothing ever gets ‘paid.’ Paying means to extinguish the debt so, in the absence of lawful money, when you say you are “paying a debt,” you are merely ‘discharging’ it and it gets added to the great pile of debt which in theory will get paid at such time as the U.S. returns to lawful money – an event I am not holding my breath for.

What’s been happening since 1933 is that the wealth of this nation continues to be sucked out of us, much of it through various forms of taxation. Do I hear you asking who, exactly, is doing this to us? Well, I’ll simply point out that for more than 100 years after America became politically independent from England, the U.S. dollar was as “good as gold” and held its value. A loaf of bread costing .50 in 1801 cost the same in 1901. Then, in 1913, along came the Federal Reserve Corporation. The value of the dollar has been losing value ever since.

Here’s something else to consider: do a computer search for a booklet called ‘Money Facts.’ It was written by the Subcommittee on Banking & Finance of the U.S. House of Reps. back in 1964 but is no longer in print. Everyone with financial pressures of credit card debt, mortgage, etc. should take a look at this. It explains how money is created in the U.S., out of thin air. That’s right! Out of thin air which means the bank is never at risk and if you never paid back your loans, the bank would suffer no damages. This has tremendous implications that I obviously cannot go into here.

I’d like to also point out in the ‘Consider the Losses’ letter, that many people have already been cured of cancer, as well as other diseases the medical establishment scares us with, and just as some aborted child could be another Mother Teresa or Billy Graham, they could also turn out to be a serial killer or a psychopath with a lust for political power.

There were a couple of letters in January 26's edition regarding county government: “Slick County Government” and “Get Your Hand Out of My Pocket!” Readers may be interested in looking at www.CAFR1.com. This is Walter Burien’s website, who brought attention to the Comprehensive Annualized Financial Report and disclosed governmental financial operations that have been deliberately concealed and kept from the American people. You’ll see that many states have their yearly reports there but Pennsylvania pulled their CAFRs from public view so only the 2001 report is there. While this regards the millions flowing in to the state unbeknownst to the people, I can’t help but wonder if any fiddling with the books, or financial reports the people aren’t privy to, is being done on a more local level. Every week, properties are grabbed through sheriff’s sales. Fines for all kinds of statute violations are taken in by local governments. Taxes are extracted from people. It looks to me like a well-oiled ‘money’ machine is in operation in Susquehanna County, and some people think they need more?


Claudia Montelione

Harford, Pennsylvania

It Must Be My Fault!

I live on state rte. 492 in Lakeside, New Milford Township. Ever since the National Guard put in a sediment pond, there's been water/drainage problems. With heavy rains, the road floods. Now it's winter, the water freezes. It crosses the westbound lane, is very thick and is a mess. The state has known about this problem for months. Whose problem is it, the National Guard or the Monteforte's, I don't know.

On Tuesday, I hit the ice on my way to Hallstead. When I returned, the state had a grader there, scraping the ice off the road, cleaning it up. I thought it was taken care of.

Thursday around 6 p.m., my husband and I were westbound again and hit the ice again. We were on our way to Scranton and figured the state would take care of it again in the morning, since they know there’s an ongoing problem there. Where is the water coming from that keeps freezing over this section? The state has cleaned this up at least three times.

Our son came home Friday from working at Elk Mountain. He works in Forest City, so he doesn't always travel westbound on 492. He had to go to New Milford and around 1 a.m., hit that patch of ice (approx. a 500 ft. patch), lost control of his vehicle and hit a telephone pole. Thankfully he was able to walk back home.

Saturday morning my husband and son went to check out his vehicle and take pictures of the ice. Mr. Monteforte said that the sediment pond is leaking water. My husband and son went to the insurance company. They had to go to Dickson City to pick up a rental vehicle. In the meantime, a police officer came to my door. I told him my son went to get a rental vehicle. He wanted to know why I didn't report the ice to the police. I said the state is well aware of the problem and that complaints I've filed in the past have gone unanswered anyway. I told him I gave up complaining about anything in Susquehanna County.

When my husband and son got home I told them they needed to go to the barracks and fill out a report. They returned home and my son informed me he got a ticket for leaving the scene of an accident and that the officer said he could thank his mother for his troubles since she was aware of the ice on Thursday and didn't report it. I figured the state already knew of the problem for months and were working on a solution. I hadn't talked to my son all week since he lives next door.

This is typical. The National Guard (funded by my tax dollars) the police (paid with my tax dollars) the state (paid with my tax dollars) are not responsible. I'm responsible because I didn't call it in. Of course it's my fault, it's a lot easier to blame the victim and try to pit a mother against her son, instead of solving a problem that’s been going on for months.


Karen Hoffman

New Milford, PA

What A Surprise!

On Saturday morning last January 29, I was treated to a great surprise farewell party by many of the Oakland Council members and Oakland workers. They tricked me by calling me to be at the Oakland Boro Building at 10 a.m. because they needed help. I was working on the first floor and in came half of the council members who said that they had a council meeting in the second floor council room. They told me to come up for a coffee. Up I went and when I entered the council room, decorations were all over with streamers from the ceiling and balloons hanging down! Along the walls were Chad Crawford’s computer-generated “Good Job Bruce” papers listing the work that I did in Oakland. Two tables were loaded with coffee, snacks, cakes, soda pops, a “Good Luck Bruce” frosted carrot cake made by Jack Agler’s daughter, Krispy Kreme donuts from Wendy Dudley and homemade fudge from council secretary Flo Brush (who transformed the boro building with many decorating talents).

Everyone in Oakland treated me great for the fourteen months that I worked there. I hope to volunteer one or two days a week at Oakland until I find a new job. After living in Chicago, New York City and the Philly area, it sure is great to also live and work in small towns like Oakland and Susquehanna.


Bruce Moorhead

Susquehanna, PA

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