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Open House Well Attended

On behalf of the Susquehanna Community Elementary faculty and students, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all parents and other interested persons who made the time and effort to attend the Open House on September 16.

Parents and friends were given the opportunity to tour the elementary school, make or renew acquaintances with teachers, and treated to refreshments in the cafeteria.

Parents of Kindergarten students were entertained with a nice program presented by the Kindergarten teachers and many of their students.

The Book Fair, which was held in the library, was well attended.

All in all, the event was considered a huge success!


Robert Keyes

Elementary Principal

Taking Care Of Business

Re: Fred Baker's Letter to Editor on 9/22/04.

Our Commissioners Kelly and Warren were elected take care of Susquehanna County's business and not to pay attention to the rantings of Amadio, Loomis or Baker. Furthermore, our Commissioners are not "gals" or "madams", they have proper names. A little respect is in order. This is 2004. If you have a criticism, just state the facts, that is – if you have any.

Seems as if there is a vendetta against the Commissioners by Tom Jurista when he blames the Commissioners for the benefits in the new Union Contracts.

We women in Susquehanna County are delighted with our new women Commissioners who have minds of their own and are doing what they were elected to do, taking care of business.


Marion Dabulas

Susquehanna, PA

Get A Life?

I am writing in regards to the past weeks of Letters To The Editor concerning the Susquehanna Borough Police Department.

First of all, I would like to congratulate Mrs. Plutino for having the courage to put in a letter about the actions of the police department. I know the people I have talked to who live in Susquehanna complain, but are afraid to speak up to council for fear they will be pulled over for any minor reason.

I have witnessed some of these actions by the police, and by far they are considered "farce." I witnessed a motorcyclist driving over the bridge laying down his motorcycle because the police stopped right in the middle of a green light. Boy, isn’t that professional!

I am the wife of a motorcyclist, which the police were following without their headlights on, while it was dark, as a matter of "fact," they put their red light on, which caused my husband to wreck his motorcycle, then stood there while his leg was pinned under his motorcycle on an embankment and asked if he could pick it up; with no offer of assistance. Thank God, he wasn’t seriously hurt. My husband was told by the policeman who did this that he was following my husband. If a policeman has just cause for doing this, I would like to know why? Why would you be following someone without your headlights on? I believe that is illegal. I know I would be stopped if I didn’t have my headlights on at night!

I believe police are there to protect and serve, not harass and intimidate.

I also witnessed a man walking down Main Street in Susquehanna, and getting yelled at to "keep moving," while doing nothing but walking. I believe this is still America and you do have the right to walk down the street without getting harassed. This man was supposed to have done something awful the night before; that doesn’t give the police the right to harass him while he is doing nothing wrong. They should have done something about it, the night before.

My son recently was stopped and was talking with someone outside a business in Susquehanna, around 6:30 p.m. while the police again yelled out, "keep moving." He wasn’t doing anything wrong. Do you have a time limit on how long you can stand in one spot? Maybe the town should put up a sign for that, so people will know.

I know of no "no loitering" in the borough of Susquehanna. If there is I would like to see the ordinance and the signs posted in town.

I do believe that the underage drinking and the DUI’s are a problem and I have no problem with that aspect of the police getting that under control, that is their job.

I think the people, and not just a handful, are complaining because of the minor infractions they are being stopped for.

I have a brother who has worked for the Binghamton Police Department for over 30 years. I am proud of my brother for going through the things he has over the years. He doesn’t concern himself and look for minor altercations in which the citizen is harming no one.

He has had to deal with murders, suicides, vehicle deaths, and yes, the misuse of drugs and alcohol, along with many family disputes. He will pull someone over only if he sees just cause, not just because he heard this person was leaving a local tavern, or seeing someone not use their turn signal while no one is behind this person. If that were the case, the police department would have to be triple in size.

I do have "a life," but when in involves my family, you better believe I will voice my opinion.

I understand there is a "Neighborhood Crime Watch" in the borough of Susquehanna. I believe the purpose of these watches are to observe any unusual activity, in their own neighborhood.

I don’ t think they should be driving around looking for "it." I believe that is why there are police who are getting paid to do this.

I know you will hear complaints about everything and anything that the police are doing, as any public official will, but there are legitimate complaints.

Unfortunately, I do not live in the borough (Susquehanna) and it is my understanding that if you don’t live in the borough, you can’t voice any complaints at council meetings.

On the other hand, I am fortunate to live in Oakland Township, where we don’t have these problems, or the expense of a police department.


Mary Wescott

Oakland Township

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