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SSG Darrell Brown Gets Bronze Star
Amn. 1C Ryan Russell Graduates Course

SSG Darrell Brown Gets Bronze Star

Staff Sergeant Darrell P. Brown distinguished himself through exceptionally meritorious service as a Squad Leader for Combat Company, 1st Battalion, 32nd Infantry Regiment from September 4, 2004 to March 4, 2004. He was responsible for the training, leadership and welfare of a nine-man combat infantry squad during combat operations in direct support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. His technical and tactical proficiency was not only an asset to his own squad, but benefited the task force as a whole.

As a Squad Leader, SSG Brown has been a dynamic asset to the company and to the battalion throughout the entire operation since its inception. Due to the demanding nature of the mission, SSG Brown facilitated the company’s transformation from a dismounted company to a mounted company, due to being a subject matter expert in mechanized operations. His superb tutelage in motorized infantry tactics ensure the company and battalion’s success in preparation for Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Due to his expertise in convoy operations and combat patrols, SSG Brown was personally chosen to spearhead the Task Force movement from TAA Udari, Kuwait to FOB Chosin, Iraq. His section conducted rolling route reconnaissance and route clearance, facilitating the safe delivery and movement of 52 vehicles, over 200 soldiers and materials and supplies, greatly enhancing the Brigade Task Force’s combat powers. SSG Brown’s perceptive sense of navigation and keen attention to detail provided the convoy a safe, secure and timely delivery through 521 kilometers of enemy territory to FOB Chosin, without loss of personnel or equipment.

SSG Brown was personally chosen by the Company Commander to lead over 100 mounted combat patrols, due to his skills in navigation and route reconnaissance. He personally led over 20 cordon and searches. Always leading from the front, SSG Brown was always first in the door. His astute nature in resident searches resulted in the detention of 12 ACF operatives and numerous illegal weapons and IED materials, with no injuries.

SSG Brown personally saved two lives during a joint patrol with the Iraqi Police in Al Haswah. While escorting an Iraqi detainee to the Al Haswah Police Station with his squad, a civilian vehicle driving at a high rate of speed turned over into a canal. Without hesitation, SSG Brown jumped into the canal and pulled out two men who were trapped inside the vehicle. With his superior combat lifesaving skills and effective use of CPR, SSG Brown revived one of the men who could not breathe on his own. Once breathing was restored, the Iraqi Police escorted the man to the hospital while SSG Brown continued the mission. His calm demeanor, quick thinking and personal courage under austere conditions saved the lives of two men, serving to solidify the trust between Coalition Forces and the Iraqi people.

SSG Brown was personally chosen to train over 80 Facility Protective Service (FPS) officers and over 100 Iraqi Civil Defense Corps (ICDC) operatives. SSG Brown spent personal time in researching and developing a coherent training program in addition to his daily combat duties as an infantry squad leader. Due to his unique proficiency in combat operations, quality training and daily interactions with the FPS and ICDC, SSG Brown has increased protection throughout AO Chosin and laid the groundwork for a safer and more secure Iraq. The quality training provided by SSG Brown served to enhance the facilitation of rebuilding the Iraqi infrastructure by enabling the Iraqi Security Services to stand on its own.

SSG Brown’s diligence and personal sacrifice was an invaluable asset to the battalion and to the task force. His actions under extreme combat conditions while serving with the 82d Airborne Division during Operation Iraqi Freedom merit the recognition of the Bronze Star Medal for service. SSG Brown is a dedicated, Non-Commissioned Officer who exemplifies the "Follow Me" credo and sets the example for others to emulate.

SSG Brown is the son of Thomas and Deborah Brown, Conklin, NY and grandson of JoAnn Shofkom, Susquehanna. He was scheduled to rotate back to the States, from Iraq this past September.

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Amn. 1C Ryan Russell Graduates Course

Air Force Airman 1st Class Ryan L. Russell has graduated from the ground radio communications equipment apprentice course at Keesler Air Force Base, Biloxi, Miss.

Ryan is the son of Terry L. Russell of Friendsville, PA. He is a 2003 graduate of Montrose Area High School.

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