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Letters to the Editor Policy

Facts, Not Fiction

On September 7, the Thompson Township Supervisors will decide whether or not they will proceed with vacating a road in their township known as Erk Road. Unfortunately, as sometimes happens in these circumstances, rumors have a way of taking on a life of their own, with no basis in fact. This letter is written to address these rumors and let the true facts be known.

In no way will vacating Erk Road close access to Buck Falls. The portion of the road to be vacated is west of the falls and therefore, will not affect anyone wishing to visit them.

Vacation of a road does not mean that the road is closed. It simply means that the road becomes a road/right-of-way to be maintained by the people who live or will live on it.

Vacation of Erk Road is being proposed for the following reasons: the majority of the road has already been vacated; the middle section in 1953 and the rest of the upper end in 2001; in order to perform maintenance on the remaining portion of the road, the township road crew must travel into Wayne County (Starrucca Borough) and cross a bridge that has a three-ton weight limit, well below the weight of the maintenance vehicles. This is a major liability and safety issue. Because of the difficulty of maintaining this road in the past, it will require considerable reconstructive work and township assets to bring it back to basic state standards; no one lives on the portion of Erk Road to be vacated.

One can appreciate the concern that individuals may have over this possible action, but the taxpayers of Thompson Township deserve the facts, not fiction. They now have them.


Jo-Ellen Greene

Thompson Township

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