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A Uniform Corruption Code

Regarding recent articles concerning the UCC (Uniform Corruption Code). People should be aware that the new building code affects every man, woman, child and, yes, even the family pets.

I was disappointed to read that, out of approximately 84 state-certified agencies, only one inspector/agency was interviewed.

Two of the most knowledgeable, state-certified inspectors, namely Mr. William Hopple and Mr. David Kerr, would have been far less charming, but infinitely more informative, I am sure.

It makes for a very sad day when the biggest monopoly contractor in the area is presented as an upstanding, ethical guru of the code to the naive public.

Please allow me to inform you, the public, of a few falsehoods. First, being overwhelmed as to what to do with the unwelcome new code, the townships were sold hook, line and sinkers on the catch-phrase of "maintaining local control," one of the biggest lies.

Second, it was even more palatable when one or two monopoly agencies approached the COGs (Councils of Governments) riding in on a cash cow, offering a bribe and a kickback, and selling the idea of "one-stop shopping." Of course, the townships now consider the once-thought-of liability as a source of revenue enhancement!

Third, while we are on the subject of liability, the second-biggest lie – inspection agencies – are in the business of liability! When the roof falls in, the furnace blows up, the electric service melts down, the homeowner sues everybody, the contractor, inspector, township, state and probably the parish priest.

Fourth, all we hear about is opting in, or opting out. Opting in does not mean contracting with a monopoly agency. Under the law, you do not have to choose a sole provider. You can simply post a list of all third-party, state-certified inspectors and let the people exercise freedom of choice. You do not have to solicit a bribe or kickback. You can charge a reasonable building permit fee to cover township expenses. That is not a tax increase. "Maintaining local control" means lack of free choice for the public. The politicians have turned plain language topsy-turvy. The monopoly contractor sits atop the cash cow, with most townships and COGs in very close tow.

I ask the public to start exercising their freedom of choice against these ludicrous, self-serving deals, which are not in the public interest.


Matthew Pendrak

Hamlin, PA


Dress Code Is Very Unfair

I would like to take this opportunity to voice my objection to the new dress code at Susquehanna Community High School. I do firmly support guidelines that allow students and staff to dress individually and creatively, without being overtly sexual. I also believe that this new dress code is very unfair and has been taken to the extreme in order to correct undesirable behavior of students who choose to harass other students and for students who choose, and who's parents allow them, to dress in a manner that is totally inappropriate for school. For example: mini skirts, cleavage showing, a lot of midriff showing, etc.

What will change harassment is teaching and being respectful of others and treating them as you would like to be treated, even though their personal choices are not like your own. It is putting an emphasis on bold, exciting, high quality education so that each and every student can feel good about themselves and each other. I feel that this new dress code falls very short of that and will only create more problems of harassment, prejudice and singling people out. If a person gets harassed because of their sex, race or religion, should that person have to change because of the person that harassed them? I would be far more supportive of this if I felt that it would solve the situations of poor behavior and yes, even inadequacies of the staff in educating and treating students fairly. I would like to see administration "walk a mile in the students’ shoes," to see how some of our educators are falling short in teaching, inspiring and giving students a good start towards life and further education. I have heard stories about some teachers that are far more appalling than hearing about mini-skirts in school.

What will be next, correcting peoples body language, telling them how to think? The possibilities are scary. Will cheerleaders still be able to wear their uniforms in school... gym uniforms... prom dresses? If it is not OK at school, why would it be OK for any school event?

Whether you are for or against this, I can only hope that more people speak their mind about this because I would be very interested in trying to understand how this would possibly be good for helping the quality of our children's education.


Name Withheld


On Request You Never Know

Recently my wife was in a state of trauma early in the morning and we called 911 for help. Later at Robert Packer hospital, she was diagnosed with an acute brain hemorrhage. It took all day for the doctors to stabilize Kathy and slow the hemorrhage. She is recovering at home now, after a time in the ICU.

I am writing about the wonderful and speedy help we received from the 911 EMA Center, The Rush Volunteer Fire Department, First Responders, and the Montrose Minutemen.

In particular, the Montrose Minutemen were outstanding. They showed up quicker than I expected (we live about 14 miles from Montrose and they were there in about 15 minutes). Jim Krupinski and Vince Birchard, the staff assigned to our emergency were swift in all they did. They took charge of the situation and had Kathleen on her way to the hospital in a matter of minutes. While on the way, they did what they could to stabilize her and got her there in record time.

I can not thank all involved enough, especially the Montrose Minutemen. Kathy is recovering slowly. Her doctors expect a full recovery over the next year. It is very reassuring to know that even though we live in rural America, there are people ready, willing, and able to respond quickly to an emergency. All involved gave to us their early morning and helped us through the worst crisis we have ever experienced.

We are eternally grateful. Please support all of these important people and services. You never know when their skill and willingness to serve will be there to save you from a crisis.


David Yulke

Montrose, PA

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