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Local Families Honor Veteran Gerald Perry
July Is National Ice Cream Month
Theresa Schrader Is Assistant Directort"\
SCCD Hosts Local Well Water Testing
Peoples Announces 2nd Qtr. Earnings


Local Families Honor Veteran Gerald Perry

Gerald H. Perry, a W.W.II veteran of Susquehanna and Florida, and his wife, June, were honored by the Perry Family at the dedication of the W.W.II memorial.

Following is a release submitted by the Perry and Burman Families.

"The family of Gerald H. Perry honored him as a W.W.II veteran at the dedication of the World War II Memorial in Washington, DC over the Memorial Day weekend.

Attending the dedication ceremony along with Mr. Perry was his wife, June, his two daughters, Susan Green and Elaine Burman, his son-in-law, Roger Green and his grandson, Scott Burman. Mr. Perry was part of the 9th Infantry and served his country in Africa, Sicily, Normandy, France, England, and Germany. Mr. Perry was at the Battle of the Bulge and is a purple heart recipient. Mr. Perry is a long-standing member of the American Legion, for 59 years and is also a member of Post 86, Susquehanna, PA. Mr. Perry is a member of the VFW, DAV and BOB. He was in eight campaigns and received eight battle stars and an arrowhead. He was in the invasion of North Africa, Sicily and Normandy.

As a special part of the week, Mr. Perry was granted permission by the Department of the Army and honored to present a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknowns. The family attended the Arlington Cemetery presentation on Thursday of that week preceding the W.W.II dedication.

While in Washington, the family also visited other sites some of which included the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument, the Korean Memorial, the FDR Memorial, the Marine Corps war memorial (the statue of raising the flag on Iwo Jima), the Jefferson Memorial and the Viet Nam Memorial. The family also visited Ford’s Theater.

The overwhelming response of the people, to those who served in W.W.II, was endearing. Everywhere they went, they were greeted by people of all ages and generations. People, complete strangers, just wanted to shake his hand and say thank you for serving. At one point on the trip, a group of seventh and eighth graders from a school in California wanted to have their picture taken with Mr. Perry, shake his hand, and say thank you. They clustered around him in a huddle and embraced him with kindness and respect.

Another group of children participated in a tee-shirt contest and designed a tee-shirt for their class trip to Washington. The winning tee-shirt stated: The cost of a 2004 BMW Roadster, $42,000.00. Average cost to go to college for four years, $108,000.00. Knowing a W.W.II veteran, Priceless.

At the dedication on Saturday honored guests and speakers addressed the throng of people. Among the dignitaries were President Bush, Tom Hanks the national spokesman with his message, "It’s Time to Say Thank You" and Senator Bob Dole the National Chairman. There were hundreds-of-thousands in attendance. Swing dancers entertained while music from the big band era filled the air, which was saturated with emotion.

The memorial itself is truly a spectacular and moving "Tribute to a Generation." The design is a lowered plaza surrounding the Rainbow Pool. Within two 43-foot granite pavilions at the north and south entrances, bronze eagles hold laurels memorializing the victory of the W.W.II generation, and sculpted World War II victory medals were inlayed on the pavilion floors.

56 granite pillars represent the 48 states, seven territories and the District of Columbia that comprised the United States during the war. Bronze oak and wheat wreaths on each pillar symbolize the industrial and agricultural strength of the nation. The 17-foot pillars are bound by a sculpted bronze rope, symbolic of the unprecedented unity of the nation.

A field of 4,000 gold stars on a Freedom Wall honors Americans who gave their lives. During the war, a gold star hanging in the window symbolized the loss of a family member in uniform. Waterfalls flanking the field of stars and fountains at the base of the pavilions complement the restored waterworks of the Rainbow Pool. Two-thirds of the 7.4-acre memorial site is devoted to landscaping and water.

Two flagpoles adorned with service seals of the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Army Air Forces, Coast Guard and Merchant Marines flank the ceremonial entrance. Along the entrance walls, 24 sculptured panels depict Americans at war on the battlefield and on the home front. Inscriptions within the memorial convey the spirit, sacrifice and achievement of America’s World War II generation.

The memorial is built of bronze and granite from South Carolina, Georgia, North Carolina, California and Brazil. There are 17,000 pieces of granite in the memorial, the heaviest weighing 17 tons.

The cost of freedom is high. So many of our young men and women in service to our country have lost their lives to protect and preserve our freedom. Especially now, as we once again find our country and our troops involved in yet another conflict, we need to support our service men and women and their efforts on our behalf; so that we may continue to live free. We truly do live in a wonderful country. The outpouring of love and respect from everyone that they met was proof of that. May God Bless America."

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July Is National Ice Cream Month

Commissioners Mary Ann Warren and Roberta Kelly are pictured enjoying ice cream provided by Susquehanna County Dairy Princess Amanda Zembrzycki and Ambassadors Karley Mosier and Ashley Franklin.

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Theresa Schrader Is Assistant Director

Youth Advocate Programs, Inc. is proud to announce the advancement of Theresa Schrader to Assistant Clinical Director of Services to Children with Autism. Theresa has earned a Masters Degree in Social Science with an emphasis on autism and has received much additional training in this field as well as extensive working experiences.

Over the past seven years, Youth Advocate Programs has committed its energies and resources to improving the understanding and treatment of autism. Once considered the most puzzling of the developmental disabilities, autism has become better understood as advances have been made in educational methods and positive treatment approaches. Children with autism are demonstrating that they are not innately withdrawn or unsociable, but can learn to relate to others with warmth and enjoyment. An ever-greater percentage of children with autism are learning to speak, and many who do not speak are communicating effectively with the help of assistive technologies. Parents and other experts are recognizing that children with autism have untapped cognitive potential, and are finding teaching methods and environmental modifications that circumvent specific sensorimotor and regulatory processing problems. Children with autism who were once severely at risk of segregation and exclusion are now being supported to live and learn in their own communities and schools, to achieve rewarding employment, and participate in everyday life.

Youth Advocate Programs has offices in New Milford and Tunkhannock, and may be reached at (570) 465–5100.

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SCCD Hosts Local Well Water Testing

The Susquehanna County Conservation District held a free well water testing workshop July 20, at the Montrose Bible Conference. The information seminar was for those Susquehanna County residents who participated in the free well water testing program conducted in April and May by Steve Fisher, Watershed Specialist, who has been in charge of the program. Steve explained the purpose of the free water testing program and the source of funding for the project, which was a Growing Greener grant.

Barbara Hohman, Quality Control Officer from Eastern Laboratory, instructed residents of Susquehanna County how to read the test results and potential sources of pollutants. Solutions to various problems were explained by Vincent Matraxia, Field Technician, from Hancock’s Water Conditioning. Vincent informed the group about costs associated with those problems.

Steve Fisher did a smooth job as Master of Ceremonies for the evening workshop as the event was run in a timely fashion with residents having an opportunity to ask Steve, Barbara and Vincent questions about their specific problems. Light refreshments were served as the meeting concluded.

The Susquehanna County Conservation District (SCCD) would like to thank all the residents who participated in the program, and hope many residents are more knowledgeable about the water they drink.

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Peoples Announces 2nd Qtr. Earnings

Peoples Financial Services Corp. Announced that net income for the quarter ending June 30, 2004, was $891,000 compared to $1,278,000 in the same period in 2003, a decrease of 14.9%.

The decrease in earnings for the second quarter of 2004 is the result of a provision for possible loan loss which was booked in May, 2004 due to a bankruptcy proceeding entered into by a corporate loan customer.

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