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SCCTC Open House
SCCTC Announces Students Of The Month
SCCTC Announces Students Of The Month
Arbor Day At Choconut Valley
Elk Lake Students Attend Song-Fest
SCHS Students Fare Well At Envirothon
SCSD Salutes Honor Students
People's Bank Meets Scholarship Families
Melanie DeWitt Awarded Local Scholarship
Susky Elementary Reading Achievement
Susky Elementary 3rd Period Honor Roll
SCCTC Students Excel At Skills Competition
SCCTC Announces 3rd Period Honor Roll
Matthew Batzel Gets F & M Recognition
Heather Warneke To Attend S. U.
Blue Ridge Elementary Citizens Of The Month

SCCTC Open House

The Susquehanna County Career & Technology Center (SCCTC) will conduct an "Open House/Parent Night" on Wednesday, May 19, at 6:00 p.m. The evening program offers an opportunity for incoming students and their parents to meet with the administration, have questions answered, and to have a complete tour of the facility.

Guests will meet in the Elk Lake High School auditorium. After the tour, the group will gather in the Career Center’s Food Management Restaurant, "A Touch of Class," for refreshments prepared by the students in that program.

The Susquehanna County Career & Technology Center was established in 1984 and currently offers programs in Automotive Technology, Building Trades I (Carpentry), Building Trades II (Electrical, Heating, and Plumbing), Business Education/Data Processing, Cosmetology, Food Production/Services/Management, and Health Assistant. Students from Blue Ridge, Elk Lake, Lackawanna Trail, Montrose Area, Susquehanna Community, and Tunkhannock Area School Districts attend.

Programs at the SCCTC recently received national accreditation from the Council on Occupational Education. Programs are open to students in grades ten through twelve and adults. The school participates in the Federal Pell Grant Program and Federal Stafford Loans for adult students. To determine eligibility, adult students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

For more information on the "Open House/Parent Night", contact Alice M. Davis at 278-9229, ext. 783 or Mrs. Peggy Sheffler at 278-9229, ext. 781.

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SCCTC Announces Students Of The Month

Mrs. Alice M. Davis, Vocational Director of the Susquehanna County Career & Technology Center, is proud to announce the following SCCTC Students of the Month for February, 2004.

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SCCTC Announces Students Of The Month

Mrs. Alice M. Davis, Vocational Director of the Susquehanna County Career and Technology Center, is proud to announce the following SCCTC Students of the Month for March, 2004.

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Arbor Day At Choconut Valley

The annual Arbor Day celebration was held at the Choconut Valley Elementary School on Friday, April 30 on a beautiful spring day. All of the students, faculty, support staff and friends were assembled outside.

Following the flag salute the high school boys quintet sang the National Anthem. The quintet consists of: Brady Goldsmith, Joe Quanne, Ryan Machir, Robert Harris and Mike Whitney. The afternoon kindergarten classes sang "Reduce, Reuse and Recycle." This was followed by the second presentation of the quintet, "America the Beautiful."

Guest speakers included, Jim Kessler, State Forester, Jim Garner, County Soil Conservation, Jodi Anderson, County Recycling Coordinator, Sue Chance, Environmental Educator at Salt Springs, and Chris McComb who gave a presentation on the proposed Stephen Placko Memorial.

Rita Eddy gave a brief overview of the work done by the Choconut Valley Garden Club that coordinates and cares for the trees and gardens around the school.

This year memorial trees were planted in memory of Katie Schuler and Judy O'Malley.

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Elk Lake Students Attend Song-Fest

Thirteen students from Elk Lake Elementary and Middle School were chosen to perform in the District, PMEA Song-Fest held at Valley View School District on Friday, April 2. Selected by their choral director, Mrs. Barbara Holbert, the students rehearsed for weeks before attending the all-day event. The festival, that began about ten years ago, was created to include younger students not eligible for audition to the District level.

Two choirs, elementary for grades 4-6, and middle school, grades 7-9, performed in concert culminating in a combined number of both choirs. All these events are sponsored by the music teachers organization of NE Pennsylvania PMEA District 9. Approximately forty-one school districts participated.

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SCHS Students Fare Well At Envirothon

Two teams from Susquehanna Community High School placed second and fifth at the Susquehanna County Envirothon on May 5. Susquehanna students were under the supervision of science teachers Chuck Fuller and Anastasia Zabielski. The Envirothon was held at Camp Archbald. Thirteen different teams from Blue Ridge, Mountain View and Susquehanna Community competed for the opportunity to go to the state competition.

All of the students on the second place team, "Forest Freaks," are seniors. The fifth place team, the "Wild! Life," was made up of freshman. They were Ellen Reavey, Ashley Hubal, Katie DeWitt, Carrie Lewis and Tim Haynes. Four other teams competed with respectable showings. The students all studied for the testing, which comprised the areas of forestry, aquatics, soil, wildlife and current issues. All students received medals for their participation. Lunch was provided at the competition.

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SCSD Salutes Honor Students

On the evening of April 28, faculty, friends and family gathered to honor the best and brightest of Susquehanna Community High School’s students. The occasion was induction into the Susquehanna Chapter of the National Honor Society, held at a dinner and ceremony at the Starrucca House.

Committee member and teacher John Seigle acted as emcee for the ceremony; he began by introducing Heather Warneke, president of the class of 2004, who welcomed all in attendance. Invocation was given by teacher Mark McHale.

After dinner, Amanda Fallon, vice president of the class of 2004, introduced the evening’s guest speaker, Susquehanna Borough’s former mayor and current County Commissioner, Roberta Kelly. Mrs. Kelly’s remarks included thanks for the opportunity to address such a distinguished group; not only the gifted students being recognized, but their supportive families, and some of the finest teachers involved in education today. She urged students to develop a passion for positive change, as she had and to seek a life filled with purpose and rewards. "One must find a course in life," she said; hers had led to public service. In following that course, she learned that it takes action, not words, to accomplish goals. "I also learned that not every effort would lead to success. With a vision and a strong work ethic, the satisfying victories will always outweigh the occasional failure. Either way, there is a sense of accomplishment because a challenge, or any struggle with adversity, was faced instead of ignored. You must always rise to the challenge; no one else can do it but you, even though many may help along the way." Mrs. Kelly cited some of the endeavors she has been involved in, not all of which were successful. But, she had felt proud to have played a part in initiating them. Her achievements, she said, reinforced her core beliefs. She outlined some fundamental principles that would help to adapt and grow in surroundings that will test us every day; always prepare, speak with integrity, organize around a purpose, and stand up to adversaries. Finally, surround yourself with good people. "Many of my accomplishments," she said, "were due in part because of the help of many hardworking and caring people." In closing, Mrs. Kelly read a poem written by Mother Teresa entitled, "Do It Anyway."

Following Mrs. Kelly’s remarks, students Claressa Price, Daniel Frechen, Amanda Russell, Shasta Treadway, Katherine McHale, Nicholas Canzoneri and Brent Soden lit candles symbolizing knowledge, scholarship, service, leadership, character and citizenship.

Certificates were presented to inductees by Carol McNamara, George Moore and Michael Lisowski.

Current senior class members inducted, as well as their plans for continuing education are as follows: Patricia Albrecht, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Albrecht, Broome Community College, Music Education; Joseph Barnes, son of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Barnes, Bucknell University, Mechanical Engineering; A. Nicholas Canzoneri, son f Mrs. Terry Zebrowski, Drexel University, Computer Science; Melanie DeWitt, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Donald DeWitt, Georgia Tech, Chemical Engineering; Amanda Fallon, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Mark Fallon, Susquehanna University, Biology; Daniel Frechen, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Frechen, Pennsylvania State University, Theater Technologies; Katherine McHale, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Mark McHale, Susquehanna University, Public Relations; Claressa Price, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Price, East Stroudsburg University, Special Education; Amanda Russell, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Russell, Immaculata University, Pre Law; Brent Soden, son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Soden, Penn State University, Secondary Education; Erick Stone, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stone, Pennsylvania College of Technology, Automotive Technology; Shasta Treadway, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Treadway, Bloomsburg University, Biology and Pre-Med; Heather Warneke, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Warneke, Susquehanna University, Psychology; Jessica Williams, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Mark Williams, College Misericordia, Nursing.

Newly inducted seniors were Jeffrey Keyes, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Keyes, Alfred State College, Captioning and Court Reporting; Sarah Lesser, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Lesser, Luzerne Community College, Child Development.

Current junior class members inducted included Paula Freitag, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Freitag; Kevin Lee, son of Mr. and Mrs. David Lee; Abralyn Stone, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Stone; Heather Stone, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Roger Stone; Denise Walker, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Walker.

Newly inducted juniors were Carolyn Severs, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Severs; Bridgette Stone, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Stone; Matthew Wolf, son of Mr. Raymond Wolf; Tiffany Yoder, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Yoder.

Two members of the sophomore class were newly inducted, Kimberly Frechen, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Frechen; Ryan Lee, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Lee.

Following presentation of certificates, high school principal Michael Lisowski thanked the committee for organizing the evening, and Commissioner Kelly for attending. He spoke of the pride in the local community he has witnessed, and congratulated the scholars, saying, "You did a great job to be here. You’re well on your way to get where you should be."

Closing remarks were made by Superintendent Bronson Stone, who commended the students on their hard work and dedication. He noted that one tenet of the Honor Society, leadership, is a responsibility. "You have a responsibility to be leaders; it is a great role. It affects not only your life, but that of the people around you. It benefits not only you, but your classmates, your teachers, the administration."

Mr. Charles Fuller, Mr. David Lee, Mr. Michael Lisowski, Mrs. Carol McNamara, Mr. George Moore, Mr. John Seigle, and Mrs. Corinne Sohns comprise the faculty committee.

Also present at the banquet were school board members Mrs. Johnine Barnes, Mrs. Patricia Stewart, Mrs. Mary Wescott; Superintendent Bronson Stone.

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People's Bank Meets Scholarship Families

It is not often that businesses enjoy the opportunity to direct their tax dollars to benefit their own community in a way they choose. People’s National Bank Executive Vice President Debbie Dissinger sees this as one of the best features of the Susquehanna County Community Foundation’s Tax Credit Scholarships.

Because of generous 75 to 90 percent tax credits available through the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development, People’s National Bank’s $10,000 contribution will deliver $80,000 in scholarships to families within the bank’s service area over the next two years.

On April 14 checks went to out from the Community Foundation office to pay K-12 tuition bills for 14 families and 23 children. This first round of recipient families will receive over $40,000 in scholarships this year. Sixty percent of the families are from Susquehanna County, 31 percent are from Wyoming County and nine percent are from other nearby communities.

People’s National Bank President Jack Ord and EVP Dissinger met the families at a Community Foundation reception, and heard each family’s story in person. These hard-working working parents have, for years demonstrated a deep commitment to their children’s education. The scholarships let them know that the business community recognizes and supports those efforts.

In thanking People’s National Bank and the Community Foundation, which administers the program, recipients described how the donations "lifted the burden" from them and their children; the scholarships allowed them to keep children in specialized programs, choose a private school alternative consistent with their values, and enable home schooling moms to stay at home. One family in the midst of medical crises was assured that their children’s education was uninterrupted.

This program is open to help with tuition for public and private schools. Two new components awaiting donors would give money directly to a school district for improved programs for core curriculum and to pay tuition for before school, after school, and summer time child care. At least four school districts are seeking funds for programs such as computer technology, servicing gifted children, arts and cultural programs and environmental education.

In addition to receiving tax credits, dollar for dollar up to 90 percent of their donations, corporations and S corporations participating in this program may direct their tax credit dollars into the educational need they choose.

For more information contact Joseph Burke at the Community Foundation of Susquehanna County 36 Lake Avenue, Montrose PA 18801, 570- 278-3800,

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Melanie DeWitt Awarded Local Scholarship

Melanie DeWitt, daughter of Donald and Mary Beth DeWitt of Susquehanna was recently awarded the Claire Williams O’Neil Scholarship. Claire Williams O’Neil (1928-1980) was a teacher in the Susquehanna Community School District for over twenty years. Because of her dedication to education and the community, the Claire Williams O’Neil Foundation, a non-profit institution that sponsors educational and charitable initiatives on a community level, awards this scholarship to reflect her belief in the importance of education, both to the individual and to the community.

The scholarship is awarded annually to a Susquehanna Community High School student who has achieved a minimum of a 90% cumulative grade point average at the end of eleventh grade, and also possesses a sincere desire to pursue high quality university studies with the potential to contribute meaningfully to the community. The award is an $80,000 scholarship, paying $20,000 per year for four years.

The O’Neil Foundation interviewed Miss DeWitt and three other finalists. Melanie feels, "This scholarship offers a great opportunity to Susquehanna Community High School students by encouraging them to apply to and attend colleges and universities they may have not otherwise considered."

Melanie has been very active throughout her high school career in such activities as National Honor Society, Scholastic Bowl, Envirothon, volleyball, drama club, and track. Ms. DeWitt will be attending Georgia Institute of Technology, home of the "Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets" and will be majoring in Chemical Engineering.

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Susky Elementary Reading Achievement

Following is a list of the Susquehanna Community Elementary students who received a Reading Achievement Award for the third marking period of the 2003-04 school year. A student must maintain an A average (93-100) for the entire marking period in order to receive this award.

Mrs. Tingley - 1-1: Billy Cobb, Brianna Graves, Mikayla Hargett, Christian Miller, Billy Reddon, Olivia Rockwell, Allison Ryder, Rebecca Schiffer, Daniel Staros, Marty Swartz, Taryn Tross, Jacki Wheeler.

Mrs. Rowe – 1-2: Nicole Barnes, Lucas Brinton, Shelby Brinton, Ivy Christensen, Katie Greene, Jerry Hallisey, Brendan Lamb, Tyler Petriello, Brad Sherman, Max Webster, Samantha Yoskowitz.

Mrs. Davis – 1-3: Kasey Burdick, Brianna Burlingame, Susan Chamberlain, Luke Falletta, Austin Felter, Mykal Hilkert, Nicole Hines, Keith Hubal, Adam MacDonald, Anastasia Smith, Justin Stanford, Emily Stark.

Mrs. Fancher – 1-4: Dakota Irwin, Dale Reid, Tiara Rokita, Hunter VanLierop, Shirlynne Wademan.

Mrs. Brieden – LS-1: Justin Acone, Sean Branning, Zachary Collins, David Fox.

Mrs. Hilling – 2-1: Nicholas Acosta, Jonathan Felter, Trevor Hampton, Rachel Hubal, Lauren Marco, Micaela Rhone, Emily Staros, Michael Yi.

Mrs. Chervanka – 2-2: Melvin Batson, Kaitlyn Bray, Ricky Brower, Mashawna Hargett, Alyssa Jacobs, Sal Pelicci, Brandon Soden.

Mrs. Houghton – 2-3: Chelsea Ayres, Amber Dubanowitz, Kaelin Payne, Victoria Trynoski.

Mrs. Mazikewich – 2-4: Sydney Avery, Nicholas Chamberlain, John DeLaPlaine, Joseph DeLaPlaine, Nicholas Lloyd, Kyle MacDonald, Ashley Miller, Ciera Scepaniak, Mark Zappe.

Mrs. Burdick – LS-2: Brook Morrison, Adam Rhone.

Mrs. Lubaszewski – 3-1: Brett Archambault, Mitchell Corse, Michael Frye, Dylan Haynes, Tyler Hines, Caitlynn O’Dell, Raymond Polak, Ryan Swanson, Ashley Sweeney, Andrzej Tomczyk.

Mrs. D. Stone – 3-2: Melayna Amrein, Devin Breese, Emily Carmody, Justin Collemacine, Kyleigh Fiske, Britney Glover, Troy Maby, Callie Truex, Amberly Warner.

Mrs. Heath – 3-3: Danielle Barnes, Derek Case, Daniel Cordner, Melissa Kukowski, Amanda Marco, Alex Peksa, Casey Williams.

Mrs. Soden – 3-4: Megan Canfield, Lindsey Glidden.

Mrs. Rockwell – LS-3: Cody Dibble.

Mrs. Hinkley – 4-1: Brandon Deakin.

Mrs. Fuller – 4-2: Zachary Stanford, Jeffrey Wayman, Brian Yi.

Mrs. Stanley – 4-3: Courtney Arthur, Jesse Henderson, Thomas Maby.

Mrs. Homer – 4-4: Matthew Hilling, Mary Kemmerer, Vincent Matta, Morgan Ofsharick.

Mrs. Dubas – LS-4: Kayla Coleman, Brenda Kochmer.

Mr. Hall – 5-1: Zachary Baker, Kelly Burke, Nicholas Marco, Basia Polak, Alex Price.

Mrs. Conklin – 5-2: Sean Leonard, Sarah Parsons, Sinon Smith, Derek Williams.

Mr. Presley – 5-3: Kevin Cavanaugh, Kyle Napolitano, Nicholas Vales, David Winn.

Mrs. Steele – 5-4: Kelsey Carmody, Scott Cordner, Amanda Roth, Robert Skiba.

Mr. Rezykowski – 6-1: John Herbert, Shawn Norton, Jami Towner.

Mr. Escandel – 6-2: Mindy Batson, Ben Case, Shane Hugaboom, T.J. Kelly, Christopher Kimble.

Mrs. Glidden – 6-4: Kaitlyn Adam, Kaitlin Callender, Maria Elena Canzoneri, Maggie Lawrenson, Brandon Stone.

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Susky Elementary 3rd Period Honor Roll

Mr. Robert Keyes, Principal of Susquehanna Community Elementary School, announces the following students who made the Honor or High Honor Roll for the third marking period of the 2003-04 school year.

GRADE 4: Courtney Arthur, Brandon Deakin, Justice Henderson, Morgan Ofsharick, Jeffrey Wayman, Brian Yi.

GRADE 5: Kelsey Carmody, Nicholas Marco, Kyle Napolitano, David Winn.

GRADE 6: Nicholas Felter, T.J. Kelly, Maggie Lawrenson, Shawn Norton, Brandon Stone, Jami Towner, Andrea Walker.

GRADE 4: Jamie Boerner, Austin Cowperthwait, Brett Deakin, Ashley Elliott, Nathan Gaskill, Matthew Hilling, Jared Kelley, Mary Kemmerer, Thomas Maby, Vincent Matta, Kristy Monks, Stephanie Skurski, Zachary Stanford, George Wilkes.

GRADE 5: Kevin Cavanaugh, Kalyn Cina, Chester Cotter, Susan Greene, Sean Leonard, Sarah Parsons, Basia Polak, Alex Price, Ryan Rosenthal, Amanda Roth, Nicholas Vales, Derek Williams, Melissa Zawisky.

GRADE 6: Kaitlyn Adam, Jordan Aldrich, Scott Arthur, Philip Barnes, Breanna Bastion, Kaitlin Callender, Maria Elena Canzoneri, Benjamin Case, Kelly Conklin, Garrett Cuevas, Jakilyn DeCicco, Megan Garcia, John Herbert, Shane Hugabom, Kyla Kemmerer, Matthew Leet, Michael Nagel, Sonal Patel, Christopher Repa, William Silfies.

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SCCTC Students Excel At Skills Competition

Students from the Susquehanna County Career & Technology Center (SCCTC) recently competed at the Regional Competition of SkillsUSA / VICA (Vocational Industrial Club of America). The day-long event was held at the West Side Area Vocational-Technical School in Wilkes Barre.

SkillsUSA is a national organization serving more than 264,000 high school and college students enrolled in training programs in technical, skilled, and service occupations, including health occupations.

The following SCCTC students placed at the regional competition: Brandon Griffiths, Elk Lake, 1st place, Auto Service Technology; Jesse Naylor, Elk Lake, 1st place, Building Maintenance Technology; Mark Golden, Elk Lake, 1st place, Cabinet Making; Stephanie Benedict, Adult, 1st place, Cosmetology; Kristina Smith, Montrose Area, 1st place, Nail Care; Michael Bisch, Lackawanna Trail, 1st place, Plumbing; Ashley Smith, Adult, 1st place, Nail Care; James Warren, Blue Ridge, 2nd place, Carpentry; Tammy Weaver, Montrose Area, 2nd place, Job Skills; Nikki Traver, Elk Lake, 2nd place, Nurse Assisting; Kelley McCarthy, Tunkhannock Area, 3rd place, Nail Care; Jeremy Brace, Elk Lake, 4th place, Auto Service Specialization; Kyle Hanjaras, Elk Lake, 5th place, Culinary Arts; Stephanie Graves, Susquehanna Community, 6th place, Cosmetology; Jason Titus, Elk Lake, 6th place, Residential Wiring; Henry Mast, Montrose Area, 7th place, Carpentry; and Jessica Bunnell, Elk Lake, 7th place, Cosmetology.

The seven students that placed first in their categories at the regional competition will represent the SCCTC at the SkillsUSA / VICA State Competition in Pittsburgh on April 5-7.

The following high schools send students to the SCCTC for vocational-technical programs: Blue Ridge, Elk Lake, Lackawanna Trail, Montrose Area, Susquehanna Community, and Tunkhannock Area.

For more information on SkillsUSA / VICA or the SCCTC, call Alice Davis at (570) 278-9229 ext. 783, or Marty Kane at (570) 278-9229 ext. 782.

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SCCTC Announces 3rd Period Honor Roll

Mrs. Alice M. Davis, Vocational Director of the Susquehanna County Career & Technology Center, is proud to announce the SCCTC Honor Roll List for the third marking period of the 2003-04 school year.

Rhonda Arnold, Stephanie Benedict, Michael Bisch, Heather Boltz, Kenneth Coleman, Angie Edwards, Stephanie Graves, Erin Karpich, Jared Kloda, Bryane McCarey, Kelley McCarthy, Ashley Mower, LeAnna Parker, Brenda Rozell, Stacey Singer, Erick Stone, Krista Strohl, Brooke Thomas, Nikki Traver, Jessica Vanderpool, Lisa Welsch.

Shelley Benson, Brandy Buckingham, Natasha Burton, Elizabeth Chamberlain, Nicole Chambers, Gavin Chilson, Amber Clapper, Amber Darling, Heather Deacon, Roberta Donahue, Michell Drost, Richard Empett, Anthony Fuller, Chris Gennarelli, Brandon Griffiths, Dylan Griffiths, Jessica Hannigan, Tanya Herman, Aaron Hitchcock, Justin Hopkins, Christopher Hughes, Amber Jesse, Mae-Rene Krayeski, Tanya Manzer, Roy Marvin, Henry Mast, Andrew Miner, Tiffany Mitchell, Amanda Mower, Kristi Newhart, Diann Nogick, Samantha Peck, Joseph Ragard, Jennifer Ransom, Cassandra Roth, Heidi Schell, Nicole Seymour, Andrew Sible, Jennifer Singer, Brian Slofkosky, Kristina Smith, Tasha Smith, Heather Stewart, Erik Tallada, Chuck Vullo, Katrina Walsh, Jamie Warner, James Warren, Jr., Tammy Weaver, Tamra Webb.

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Matthew Batzel Gets F & M Recognition

Lancaster, PA – Matthew Batzel of Susquehanna, PA, a junior at Franklin & Marshall College, was recognized as a member of the Pi Gamma Mu National Social Science Honor Society and the Pi Sigma Alpha Political Science Honor Society at the college’s annual awards ceremony.

Matthew, a government major and environmental studies minor, is a 2001 graduate of Susquehanna Community High School. He is the son of Carl and Carol Batzel, Susquehanna.

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Heather Warneke To Attend S. U.

Selinsgrove, PA – Heather L. Warneke, of Thompson, PA, has been accepted through the Early Decision program at Susquehanna University.

Heather is a senior at Susquehanna Community High School and is the daughter of Robert and Barbara Warneke, Thompson.

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Blue Ridge Elementary Citizens Of The Month

Following are the Blue Ridge Elementary School Citizens of the Month for April, 2004.

Kindergarten: Mrs. Johnson - Jeremy Shiptoski, Mrs. Ogeka - Miranda Groover, Mrs. Rhone - Sabrina Smith, Mrs. Small - Taylor Bronson, Mrs. Whitehead - Storm Butts-Weaver.

Grade 1: Mrs. Button - Brett Hepler, Mrs. Revie - Cheyne Brulla, Mrs. Reese - Laurren Whitney, Mrs. Skal - Trey Hillard.

Grade 2: Mrs. Berger - Shanise Shidagis, Mrs. Hepler - Ethan Robinson, Mrs. Kresefski - Lewis Esposito, Mrs. Yurgosky - Brittany Ucci.

Grade 3: Mrs. Harter - Jessica Jhingoor, Mrs. Kelly - Nathan Brush, Miss Pease - Michael Gathany, Mrs. Theophila - Jenna Rupakus.

Grade 4: Mrs. Bartkus - Stephen Starks, Mr. Goff - William Weber, Mr. Jones - Lawrence Rudock, Mrs. Scott - Amanda Reese.

Grade 5: - Mrs. Buffington - Marissa Kotar, Mrs. Chamberlain - Larissa Decker, Mr. Mazikewich - Frank Barton, Mrs. Wolfe - Quintin Klenchik, Mrs. Eidenier - Emily Guinan.

Mrs. Bleck - Andrew McGraw.

Mrs. Heal - Tyler Freeman.

Mrs. Suchy - Abby Hall.

Mrs. McDonald - Brittany Swank.

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