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Thank You For Your Support

I would like to thank the Hallstead–Great Bend Post 357 American Legion Home and Club Association and their Ladies Auxiliary for their donations to the Hallstead–Great Bend Branch Library.

These organizations have always been an important part of our community, supporting programs and services which improve the quality of life in our area. During the past year, each of these organizations made a special attempt to help our library meet its operating expenses in the face of the 37% cut in state funding to public library services passed in the 2004 state budget. I want the members of these wonderful groups to know how much their community appreciates them. Thank you again for all of your support.


Angie Wolf

Library Director

Hallstead–Great Bend Branch Library

Your Effort Is Appreciated

The community of the Northern Wayne Library would like to take this opportunity to thank the students, families, teachers, staff and administrators of the Preston School.

The school, located in Lakewood and part of the Wayne Highlands District, decided to make the library their Christmas Service Project. Kindergarten through grade five collected over $400.00 in monetary donations that were given to the library. This generosity comes at an exceptionally opportune time as state aid to public libraries has been drastically cut within the state budget.

A special thank you to Linda Figura, kindergarten teacher, and Darlene Doyle, third grade teacher, for acting as chairpersons for this community service project. The extra effort is greatly appreciated.

As always, the library welcomes everyone to come in and see what is available and to provide suggestions for new materials and programming. You can reach the library by calling (570) 798-2444 or e-mailing to nwcl@nep.net. On-line access is available at www.youseemore.com/wayne and includes information on hours for each of the seven libraries in the library system of Wayne County as well as a combined catalog of holdings and an electronic calendar.

Once again, thank you to the Preston School.


Maria Suhadolnik M.Ed. CRC

Library Director

Northern Wayne Community Library

Does Anyone Know?

Does anyone know if Susquehanna Depot Borough actually has a working copy of the BOCA Codes pertaining to rental properties? Have they drafted a document defining each and every aspect of the items and areas that are to be addressed? If the Borough does have such a document, why isn't it made available to anyone who asks for a copy (and of course, is willing to pay for said copy)?

If such a document does not exist, then how does the Code Enforcement Officer know what and how he is to inspect? Is he just "shooting from the hip"? How can his inspections be accurate? Can he remember from one rental property to the next what he is looking for? Without some sort of guidelines he is just wandering around in our homes hoping to find something.

As a renter, I would like to have answers to my questions. Someone suggested that the landlords should form a landlords association and that the renters should form a renters association. There is always more attention paid to a group of people rather than an individual. Or, as the saying goes, "there is strength in numbers."

Under what part of the United States Constitution does this "inspector" have the right to invade our privacy? Even a police officer needs a search warrant to enter one’s home. And the search warrant must be specific.

Also, what qualifications does this individual have that allows him to think he knows how and what to inspect? I would think that an inspector should have a background in areas of electrical, mechanical, plumbing, heating, etc. Apparently our esteemed Council does not share this opinion.

Someone also suggested that the landlords and renters join forces and slap the Code Enforcement Officer, the Susquehanna Depot Borough Council, the Susquehanna Depot Borough Mayor and last, but not least the Susquehanna Depot Borough Solicitor with a Class Action Lawsuit, just to get their "collective" attention.

I have said it before and I believe it bears repeating, "This whole yearly rental property inspection sounds like a money making scheme." What else could one call it?

Don't just sit there, stand up and voice your opinion before they take that and your privacy away from you.

Oh! Before you start calling me names and the like, I want to say that I am not opposed to structured inspections that are done on an as-needed basis, such as when there is a complaint or before an apartment is occupied.

Come on Council, show us that you can put some real thought into it.


Richard A. Fabrizi, Sr.

Susquehanna, PA

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