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We Should Have The Right

The story reported in the August 13 Susquehanna County Transcript was incorrect. The quote from me, Mrs. Baker was, "A 30 pack of Busch Beer was BROUGHT into Pump and Pantry’s parking lot, put onto the hood of a pickup truck and consumed by the driver and friends." (That was brought to the attention of the store manager at the time.) The minutes of the boro meeting have been requested by me to verify this statement.

As to the problems that seem to occur on a regular basis, they are using the parking lot as a starting point to see how fast and how loudly you can get to Rte. 11, Montrose St., 492 and 848. There are more rubber marks in that parking lot and adjoining streets than in front of or near any bar in New Milford. The radios are left on to the point that they can be heard in New Milford Cemetery. There are fights, shoving matches, people pounding and jumping on cars, every four-letter word ever used by modern man shouted both at one another and at people passing in cars or walking on the sidewalks. We have cars sitting, revving their engines, letting them backfire and taking off out of the parking lot like they’re on a race track. If you live in a one-block area of the Pump and you don’t hear this, then I say you’re deaf, too afraid to say so, or just don’t care. There are people who have lived here for 10-20-30 years who have changed their bedrooms to different parts of their homes because of this. Our yards have been driven into by those who can’t control their cars when leaving the parking lot. At night, most older residents cannot use their porches or yards because of the noise we have to listen to.

Pump and Pantry has stated to me that there is nothing they can do about this. I say "wrong." That is "private property." It is their responsibility to see that it is safe and that everyone coming into that lot or any areas around it does not have to be harassed, threatened, or put in danger. If they have complaints, and they know of unsafe conditions, it is their responsibility to correct them.

When they know that certain people are causing the same problems nightly, it is their responsibility to bar them from the lot, call police and press charges.

They tell us close the bars, they cause more problems. My response to that is, that’s what the LCB is for. If enough people complain about bars, then that’s who handles it, and most every bar in New Milford will bar people who cause problems for them. Who handles that for Pump and Pantry?

We have heard how much they do for the community, the pool, football, the park. Well, first of all, anything they donate is a tax write-off, and what they may be giving to a few in the community is no more important than what they are taking away from the rest.

The State Police do not have the manpower or the time to sit in Pump and Pantry’s parking lot and provide security for private property, doing what, as a business they should handle. If any one of us cause undue noise, or become a threat to our neighbors, or allow unsafe conditions on our property, we are held responsible. All it takes is for someone to call the police and press charges against the ones causing the problem.

I think we should have a right to sit on our porches, leave our windows open at night and take a walk if we want without having to listen to and put up with any more of this nonsense.


Mrs. Lois Baker

New Milford, PA

We’ve Been Taken

What’s wrong with the economy? Everybody talking, writing, worried and otherwise. Well, I’ll tell you what’s wrong with the economy and it is a very simple deduction! The Chinese are most certainly fully employed. Why? I’ll tell you why. Simply because everything you buy under $100 or more is made mostly in China, some in Bangladesh.

The above are mostly small items and then there are the automobiles and other large items. Now here is a prediction that I am sure will take place. I live in a modular home and both my wife and self like it very much. Modulars come in parts. Ours was in two parts, others come in more than two. What a natural for the Chinese; build them over in China in sections, ship them in the giant ships they have now and more jobs gone from the USA to overseas.

I think that all of you can readily see our employment situation and why it is so bad. It is the same old story we have had for years, buy America or better yet buy USA only.

I am sure you all know what I am writing about, you can’t miss it, Made In China. Boy have we been taken!


Hayden Aldrich

Great Bend, PA

Integrity Or Government?

Wow! Some of the signs you read while you are going down the road!

I was going down the road on the Oakland side of town a while back and the sign read, "If it’s broke and you can’t fix it then don’t charge them. Integrity."

Well, you know something, our government has been broken for a long time and apparently, the Democrats or Republicans can’t fix it, but they continue to shove it down our throats.

They expect us to put up with less, while they continue to give themselves pay raises, continue to lie, spend money we as a government do not have or can afford to lose. This is considered okay in their politics, because it sends jobs overseas and to Mexico. They hire people at lower wages, to fill upper level positions. Where, in this, is the integrity?

I called a few of the career politicians who have no idea what it is like to actually get their hands dirty for a living with their own blood, not that of others and received no comment.

The only thing they seem to know how to do is talk B. S. and raise taxes for any reason they can ponder. Sometimes, it makes me feel as if we have come so far, only to go back in time to the years of dictatorship.

Vote out politics and get some people with real "Integrity." The working class, not "grease palmed" politicians should run our government! We have signs preaching Integrity, but where is it in our government?


Marvin Glover

Oakland, PA

Not Willing To Forego

Last week’s letter writer of "Not Willing to Forego" would do well to brush up on his American history. It’s too bad that more people aren’t familiar with the faith of our founding fathers, upon which they built this great country, and to which we owe our present blessedness.

On three separate occasions, the Supreme Court has ruled that America is a Christian nation. The Court determined in 1892 that 'this is a Christian nation,' and in 1931 ruled that Americans are a 'Christian people' and, again in 1952, when Justice William O. Douglas, writing for the Court, said that 'we are a religious people and our institutions presuppose a Supreme Being.'

George Washington, the Father of our country, the first President of the United States, and the president of the Constitutional Convention, said 'the fundamental principle of our Constitution ... enjoins that the will of the majority shall prevail.' Our founding fathers knew that if a small minority was allowed to rule, then democracy would be destroyed, and should that number be reduced to one, we would be back under tyranny, as under King George.

If a few misguided people are allowed to effectively remove all traces of God from our public life because of their misinterpretation of the law, then it’s entirely possible that one day, some federal judge will determine that the Declaration of Independence, which says "endowed by their Creator", and the U.S. Constitution, which says, "Done . . . in the year of our Lord", must also be abolished. And that’s something I’m not willing to forego.


Lisa Schmidt

New Milford, PA

Susquehanna Projects Update

This letter is meant to keep you informed on the status of two projects I have been closely involved with.

The scenic byway application is coming together thanks to the efforts of Hal Lucius, Margaret Biegert and Gene Price. I was fortunate to be able to sit in on a recent meeting and updated on the changes occurring. The field research, interviews and mapping all have been completed. We are pleased with the reception from those involved and also have received good exchanges with PENNDOT and the Mormons and of course the townships involved. State Representative Sandy Major has been a tremendous help. This project has taken a great deal of dedication and will help put us closer to revitalizing our area with the ultimate goal of drawing tourists to the area.

The other important project vital to Susquehanna’s new look will be the development of the river-front park. A River Bounty meeting was held recently to proceed with the exchange of the land along the river to the borough, the fire company and the sewer authority. This project is going to be very important not only to the borough but the fire company as well, with a river rescue training area planned. The borough has plans to develop a boat launch and park, taking advantage of the beautiful views and the Susquehanna River’s natural beauty. The possibilities are endless as to the events that could be utilized in this area.

We are one step closer to seeing this become a reality thanks to the generous offer by River Bounty to help procure the land. I will keep you posted on upcoming developments.


Roberta Kelly

Susquehanna, PA

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