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No Forest City Tax Increase
New Milford Honors Armory
Gibson Barracks Report
Court House Report
COG Gets Codes Grant
Bend Borough in the Dark
Starrucca Borough Council Minutes

No Forest City Tax Increase

The Forest City Regional Board of Education finally managed to stop the bleeding. After six or seven consecutive years of tax increases, some clever financial maneuvers by Business Manager Karen Forsette, will avoid a tax increase this year.

The district’s $9 million budget passed unanimously and the total amount of tax millage needed to finance the budget remains at 161.6 mills. There are some changes in the tax millages of the six participating municipalities but not enough to make a noticeable difference in tax bills.

The millage breakdown for the 2003-2004 school year are as follows with the 2002-2003 rate in parenthesis: Forest City, Herrick Twp., and Union Dale, 27.8 (27.9); Clinton II and Pleasant Mount, 191.6 (191.5); Vandling, 63.3 (62.8).

With the state budget still not passed, Forsette said she could be left holding the ball holding the ball as far as predictions of what will happen to school appropriations. But she seemed relaxed and confident that her financial juggling may be good enough to ward off any tax increase unless state appropriations drop considerably lower than expectations.

Forsette said she anticipates additional federal money and there is talk in Harrisburg about increasing appropriations for special education. She said there is also talk of making more money available for the reduction of classroom sizes. And she is keeping a watchful eye on the state’s annual allotment of $2.5 million to the district in basic education subsidy.

Forsette cautioned the board about a state proposal that could restrict the amount of money in the district’s fund balance. Her recommendation that the district’s unreserved , undesignated fund balance in the general fund in the amount of $263,000 be designated, was approved by motion. Some of the money could be used to provide mandated benefits for retired teachers during the ages of 55 to 65.

In another matter, by a 6-2 margin the board voted to contribute $1 for every student in the district to the Susquehanna County Library. Directors Joseph Farrell and Henry Nebzydoski opposed the motion.

Farrell said he felt it was double taxation since people in his district (Vandling Borough) pay a library tax in Lackawanna County. Dr. Nebzydoski said he was not sure if the district has the legal right to take money from Wayne County taxpayers and appropriate it to the Susquehanna County Library.

"How can you take money from three different counties and put it into one county?" Dr. Nebzydoski asked. He did not get an answer.

"We are talking less than $1,000 here," said Director Fred Garm, who proposed the donation.

Under questioning, the board said it was assured that the money given by the school district would be funneled back to the Forest City Library which is a part of the county’s library system.

Motions approved by the board completed the following business:

-Accepted the resignation of Vincent Cullen, part time maintenance worker, effective June 29, 2003.

-Appointed Dr. Alan Orehek as school physician for the 2003-2004 school year at a rate of $14 per student physical exam.

-Named Steve Durko, junior boys soccer coach and Chris Stahl, junior high soccer coach.

-Appointed Chris Kuruts of Forest City as the Network system Electronics Technician effective July 7 at a starting salary of $30,000.

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New Milford Honors Armory

Not enough members of the New Milford Borough Council were able to attend its regular monthly meeting on the eve of the Fourth of July to constitute the quorum that is necessary to make and vote on any motions.

Nevertheless, there was considerable discussion among those who were there – Mary Ann Warren, Chris Allen, Teri Gulick, and secretary Amy Hine – as well as a few people in the audience. And some decisions that do not require a vote were made.

Fittingly, July’s Good Neighbor Recognition was presented to the 109th Infantry Mechanized Armory that makes its home in the borough. On the evening before the nation’s birthday, Warren movingly cited its service to our country, and its help in various community events. "They are ours. They are here. And they help us in countless ways," said Warren.

Accepting the certification on behalf of C Company, 1st Battalion was Jeff Hoal, who also thanked the community for its support. Hoal noted that those who serve from the building "are all local guys," and that the recognition would be displayed in the armory.

COG codes enforcement officer Shane Lewis next gave his report on activities within the borough since council last met. This included following up on a 30-day extension granted to Bella Pizza for putting in a hand rail. The end of the period was coming up, and with not enough members able to vote on extending it or not, by inference, then, the business will probably have until council’s August meeting to comply.

He also inspected a new business at 232 Main Street and reported that the building needs to become both registered through Labor and Industry and certified. He added that he saw some minor violations that he expected to be taken care of, and that an occupancy permit would depend on what Labor and Industry does. Lewis also will follow up on a couple of other issues, and address them at the next meeting.

A Cobb Street resident asked those present what, if anything, could be done about drainage on the street. They way it drains brings a lot of silt that fills the entire gutter that runs along the street, resulting in a lot of dust and water running out of the gutter and across parking areas. Council will see that the gutter is cleaned out, and, once done, determine what can be done to see it doesn’t silt up again.

And in the "this make no sense" category (and how not to be a considerate neighbor), Hine reported that a new homeowner in the borough who lives on the side of the street on which mail is not delivered, put up a mailbox across the street from the home. All well and good. Except that the mailbox was put up directly in front of the home across the street, whose residents maintain a post office box and not a mailbox. The homeowner with someone else’s mailbox smack-dab in front of her home asked that the box be moved towards the end of her property line and not in front of her house. Apparently, the mailbox owner said no (the not-so-considerate-neighbor part), and some heated discussion followed. Also apparently, post office representatives said that, once mail is delivered to a mailbox, the mailbox can’t be moved, even a few yards (the this-makes-no-sense part). Hine will suggest that the homeowner with the offending mailbox in front of her home see the magistrate about what might be done to redress the situation.

This perplexing discussion was followed by some correspondence that Hine read. Resident Mike Gathany wrote about his daughter, Alexis Axtel, a member of the junior National Honor Society at Blue Ridge High School. Part of the condition of continuing this fine recognition during high school is performing community service. Alexis and her friend and fellow junior National Honor Society member Maria Fancher, would like to paint the pagoda in the park, supervised by an adult, if the borough would provide the paint and other supplies. This request was an easy one for council members to agree to.

The last presentation at a gathering that was more discussion than meeting came from COG sewage enforcement officer Duane Wood. He recently visited three properties on Montrose Street, following up on complaints of sewage problems there. And he did see problems, particularly on one property where sewage is evident on top of the ground.

With sewer hook-up probably a couple of years away and with a compliant remedy costing somewhere in the neighborhood of $25,000 and up, to a problem that will go away when hook-up occurs, Wood was there to ask council to approve a sub-standard (that is, not DEP-approved) fix to carry the property owner over until hook-up occurs. The fix is for the property to put in several drains that would act as a kind of leach field and which would cost him far less than 25 grand. However, with no quorum, Wood would have to wait until August’s council meeting for action on his request. In the meantime, he will suggest that the property owner throw some lime on the area that is offensive.

As to the other two properties on Montrose Street, Wood reported that he believed the property owners are taking effective actions that will make "gray water" problems go away.

The next regular meeting of the New Milford Borough Council is scheduled for August 7, 7 p.m. in the Borough Building on Main Street.

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Gibson Barracks Report


Donald Miller, 50, Factoryville, lost control of his 1999 International box truck on July 1 at about 9:40 a.m. on State Route 106 at the Interstate 81 ramp, Lenox Township, and struck the bridge, causing severe damage to the bridge. An investigation, according to the police report, revealed that Miller misjudged the clearance on the passenger side of the truck in relation to the bridge. Miller was wearing a seatbelt and was not seriously injured.


On June 27 at 5:00 p.m., Mark Sherman, 39, Susquehanna, was traveling south on State Route 171, Great Bend Township, and when he swerved to avoid a woodchuck, his 2000 Honda motorcycle slide out of control. Sherman suffered minor injuries.


Richard Yaives, Wilmington, DE, had several power tools taken from his cottage on Oliver Rd, New Milford Township, between June 20-26. Anyone with information can contact the PA State Police at 570-465-3154.


Susan Michelle Palmer, 37, Susquehanna, spat upon Trooper Totino, of the Gibson Barracks, while she was being escorted into the Susquehanna County Jail on June 27. Palmer was charged with Aggravated Harassment by Prisoner and Terroristic Threats, then arraigned by District Justice Dayton and committed to jail in lieu of $2500 bail.


Larry James Phillips, Jr., 33, New Milford, was charged with Rape and Aggravated Indecent Assault on June 30 regarding an incident on June 8 in Oakland Township. He was arraigned before District Justice Peter Janicelli and committed to jail in lieu of $100,000 bail. On June 20, Phillips was also charged with Rape, Statutory Sexual Assault, Involuntary Deviate Sexual Intercourse, Sexual Assault, Aggravated Indecent Assault, Indecent Assault, Endangering the Welfare of Children, Corruption of Minors and Criminal Attempt to Commit Rape. He was arraigned before District Justice Watson Dayton and committed to jail in lieu of $100,000 bail.


Timothy Brewer, Susquehanna, failed to stop at a stop sign on State Route 2015 at State Route 2055 and drove in front of Jeff Smith, Harford, causing a collision. Both were treated for moderate injuries at Endless Mountain Heath facility, Montrose, in this June 16 incident.


A white male about 6'2" in his late teens and wearing blue jeans, a red ball cap, and a red and blue plaid shirt entered the ABC Market, State Route 706, Bridgewater Township, to purchase lottery tickets and after playing the tickets, jumped over the counter and removed $190 in cash from under the counter. He got into a white 4-door sedan, driven by another white male, and fled east on State Route 706. Anyone with information is asked to contact the PA State Police at Gibson at 570-465-3154. The incident occurred on June 23 at 7:00 p.m.


An unknown vehicle was traveling north on State Route 2063 (Creek Rd.), Harford Township, on June 29 at 4:30 p.m., and struck a utility pole, but did not stop.


Gabrielle Slanina, 19, Endicott, NY, was not injured when she lost control of her 1999 Nissan Altima while negotiating a curve on Township Route 804, Silver Lake Township, on June 29 at 2:00 p.m. The vehicle went off the road and struck a tree with its front end.


On June 24 at 10:05 a.m., troopers from Gibson Barracks stopped Joseph Anthony Fiorentino, 32, Montrose, on Interstate 81, Great Bend Township, to serve a felony warrant for aggravated assault. During the subsequent search of his vehicle, a small amount of marijuana and a metal pipe used for inhaling it were found. Fiorentino was charged with Possession of a small amount of marijuana and for Possession of device for inhaling same. He is currently in the Susquehanna County Jail in lieu of $5000 bail.


An investigation is currently under way into computer crimes originating from the Susquehanna County Court House, listing the suspect as a Susquehanna County Court House employee. The incident date was reported as May 2003. According to the report, no details could be released at the time.


David Carr, Great Bend, was stopped on State Route 11, Great Bend Borough, awaiting clearance of oncoming traffic so that he could turn onto Carrroll St. when Joann Kupst, Great Bend, struck him from the rear. Carr and one passenger, Rita Carr, sustained minor injuries to the neck and back and were taken to Barnes-Kasson Hospital, Susquehanna. Others involved were not injured in this June 23 incident.


On June 25 between 2:00 and 2:10 p.m., a light blue van pulled up to pump #5 at the Pump & Pantry, New Milford Borough, and pumped five dollars worth of gasoline, then drove off without paying for it. Anyone with information is asked to contact the PA State Police at 570-465-3154.


Edward Demarest, Jr., 50, RR1, Friendsville, was traveling north on State Route 4007 on June 23 at 9:45 p.m., and struck a deer on the roadway with his 1989 Harley Davidson. He received moderate injuries.


Between 11:00 p.m. on June 22 and 8:30 the next morning, someone used a paintball gun to fire several rounds at the residence of John Reuter, at the intersection of Elk View Dr. and State Route 247, Clifford Township. It damaged a section of the vinyl siding. Anyone with information is asked to contact the PA State Police at 570-465-3154.


Russell May, 66, RR2, Thompson, received a leg injury and was transported to CMC Hospital, Scranton, after he lost control of his 2002 GMC Envoy while trying to avoid a deer in the roadway on State Route 171, Herrick Township. His vehicle left the roadway and flipped several times before coming to rest on its roof in an open field on June 23 at 6:50 p.m.


Diane and Gary Teter, Montrose, reported a theft from their garage in Jessup Township between noon on June 9 and 8:00 a.m. the next day. Taken were a weed trimmer and a nail gun, valued at $300. Anyone with information is asked to call PA State Police at 570-465-3154.


Glenn M. Stone, 40, Thompson, struck a dog that ran out in front of his 1989 Yamaha 600 cc motorcycle on State Route 1001, near State Route 1002, Jackson Township. Stone suffered a head injury in this June 25 incident at 7:05 a.m.


On June 24 at 4:25 p.m., Michael J. Fino, 20, Horseheads, NY, was not injured when his 1999 Chevy Cavalier traveled off the roadway and rolled onto its roof on Interstate 81, Great Bend Township.


Mindy Mae Williams, Hallstead, suffered minor injuries when she lost control of her 1999 Ford Mustang which traveled off the berm and struck a drainage culvert on June 7 at 3:00 a.m.

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Court House Report


Don Edward Hawkins, 29, Bridgewater Township, and Kelly Jo Butler, 35, Bridgewater Township.

John B. Morgan, 48, Jackson Township, and Darlene Bishop Morgan, 47, Cherokee, AL.

Matthew Scott Shager, 21, Gibson Township, and Colleen Elizabeth Nixon, 20, Gibson Township.

Brian D. Taylor, 25, Bridgewater Township, and Jessica Ann Barlow, 20, Bridgewater Township.

Michael Payne, 33, Susquehanna Borough, and Jennifer Ann Lee, 25, Susquehanna Borough.

Ernest Daniel Cronk, 45, Orangevale, CA, and Paula Anne Jordan, 36, Orangevale, CA.

Roy F. Drake, 21, Gibson Township, and Jennica Marie Finch, 18, Gibson Township.

David Lewis Temple, 50, Auburn Township, and Frances Janis Tunis, 46, Auburn Township.

Jason J. Gregerson, 28, Auburn Township, and Nicole Marie Bennett, 21, Auburn Township.

David Andrew McDowell, 38, Austin, TX, and Regina Warring, 31, Ararat Township.


Sparrow Associates LLC to Sparrow Associates LLC in Jessup Township for surface mining activities.

Lance M. Benedict, Sheriff, to Equity One, Inc. in New Milford Township for $6,708.59.

Carl Stella & Patricia Stella and Dominick Stella & Dorothy Stella to Williams S. Foster, IV & Ruthanne Foster in Ararat Township for $15,000.

J. Parker Properties, LLC, to Donald E. Heffner and Maria D. Heffner in Oakland Borough for $45,000.

Roger D. Bennett and Elizabeth S. Bennett to Douglas P. Pascoe and Vivyenne R. Pascoe in Lathrop Township for $30,000.

William J. Bayne, Louise E. Bayne and William J. Bayne, Jr. to William J. Bayne, Jr. in Liberty Township for $1.

Donna Hains Hunter to Kathleen Walter in Gibson Township for $203,000.

James P. Krier and Lora K. Krier to Mary E. Broder and Mark Fischer in Jessup Township for $84,500.

James N. Blachek and Terri L. Blachek to James N. Blachek in Montrose Borough for $1.

Joseph W. Jarrow to Joseph W. Jarrow and Ann M. Jarrow in Lenox Township for $1.

Richard R. Raxillard & Diane C. Razillard to Lorraine Martinez in Jackson Township for $225,000.

Cathryn I. Scraggs nka Cathryn I. Singer to Cathryn I. Singer in Forest City Borough for $1.

Lawrence J. Gottlick and Michele J. Gottlick to Pennsylvania Electric Company for easement.

Donna Fekette, et al by Herbert Kilmer, Agent/Trustee to Herbert Kilmer in New Milford Township for surface mining activities.

Thomas J. Lopatofsky, Jr. to Russell M. Carpenter & Judith R. Carpenter in Ararat Township for $835.64.

Brian G. White and Jacqueline L. Antunes nbm Jacqueline L. White to Jacqueline L. White in Lenox Township for $1.

Margaret J. Ward to John Ward and Pamela Ward in New Milford Township for $1.

Associates Consumer Discount Company & Citifinancial, Inc. to Elizabeth Ciletti and Michael Matis in Susquehanna Borough for $29,000.

Lucille M. Collins nbm Lucille C. Ims and Edward A. Ims to Kevin J. Moore and Michele S. Moore in Herrick Township for $50,000.

Sterling I. Bedford, Jr. and Rosemarie Bedford to Rosemarie Bedford in Ararat Township for $1 ogvc (2 parcels).

Various lands and properties to New Milford Municipal Authority by court order through notice of condemnation for the construction, operation and maintenance of a municipal sewer system.

Delbert E. Wilbur and Ann L. Wilbur to Robert E. Poole and Rebecca Poole in Liberty Township for $1 ogvc.

Gary J. Rose and Dana B. Rose to James J. Christian and Laurie Christian in Montrose Borough for $45,000.

Mark A. Hendley to Mark A. Hendley in Liberty Township for bluestone mining operation.

Thomas F. McCartan and Jane McCarthy as Co-Executors of the Estate of Gladys W. McCartan to Thomas F. McCartan in Bridgewater Township for $1.

Thomas F. McCartan and Jane McCarthy as Co-Executors of the Estate of Gladys W. McCartan to Jane M. McCarthy and Philip J. McCarthy in Bridgewater Township for $1.

Skip Tracy to Ronald A. Stuiso and Sharon A. Stuiso in New Milford Township for $7,000.

Kevin Reuss and Diane M. Von Ahnen nbm Diane M. Reuss to Kevin Reuss and Diane M. Reuss in Harford Township for $1.

Elizabeth B. Ward nbm Elizabeth B. Tunilo and Edward Tunilo to Charles Brabant, Jr. and Kathleen A. Brabant in New Milford Township for $155,000.

Sybilla Ruark to Michael J. Massaro and Sharon E. Massaro in Herrick Township for $165,000.

Marjorie L. Tracy to Skip Michael Tracy in Harford Township for $1.

Marjorie L. Tracy to Christopher T. Tracy and Cathleen A. Tracy in Harford Township for $184,000.

Marjorie L. Tracy, Karen Frances Perry nbm Karen Frances Higgins and Thomas G. Holleran to Karen Frances Higgins, Thomas G. Holleran, Christopher T. Tracy and Cathleen A. Tracy in New Milford Township for $1.

Chester J. Morris and Ruth E. Morris to Steven A. Morris and Martha L. Morris in Oakland Township for $1.

Chester J. Morris and Ruth E. Morris to Steven A. Morris and Martha L. Morris in Susquehanna Depot Borough for $1 (three parcels).

Michael J. Engfer and Kassandra Engfer to Kenneth L. Carey and Wendy D. Carey in New Milford Borough for $85,000.

Linda Berger nbm Linda Ahner and Kevin L. Ahner to Lawrence Ferracci, Robert M. Ferracci, and Steven Ferracci in Springville Township for $80,000.

Patrick Witek and Francis Witek, to Patricia Witek and Francis Witek in Franklin Township for $1 ogvc.

Julius Shipko and Anna Shipko to Paul S. Kovach and Michaele M. Kovach in Liberty Township by court order.

Logs Unlimited, LLC, to Dale R. Weber and/or Pearl Ann Weber in Liberty Township for $100,000.

Joseph E. Stankavage and Mary S. Stankavage to James C. Grimsley & Ann Van Lenten in Dimock Township for $70,000.

June E. Holliday to Park Stanley in New Milford Borough for $1.

Park Stanley and Diane Stanley to John Perry and Candis Parry and Carol R. Page in New Milford Borough for $80,000.

Lisa L. Olah nbm Lisa L. Caterson & Mark Caterson to Russell Elliott & Mary Joe Elliott in Springville Township for $80,000.

Franklin R. Innes to Stephen W. Kielceski and Loraine L. Kielceski in New Milford Borough for $89,571.

Mary L. Koester and Robert Koester to Robert Cutsegeorge and Julie Glover in Forest Lake Township for $149,900.

Neal D. Turner and Paula Turner to Robert J. Horwath and Colleen Horwath to Silver Lake Township for $155,000.

Jeffrey M. Riggins and Doris Riggins to James M. McGovern, Sr. and Judith A. McGovern in Harford Township for $129,000.

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COG Gets Codes Grant

State representative Sandra Major handed a big check – literally and figuratively – over to the Council of Governments on June 30. The $20,000 represents a Shared Municipal Service Program Code Enforcement Initiative Grant from the Commonwealth’s Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED).

According to Ted Plevinsky, president of COG’s Codes Enforcement Committee, "the grant will take us a long way towards getting us started on the new building codes inspection process." He added that it will help with training the personnel that will be required to enforce the new international building codes when they become effective (thought to be January, February 2004).

Standing behind a check that COG will put to good use (l-r) are: Karen Trynoski, Codes secretary; Rick Ainey, vice president; Ted Plevinsky, president; Rep. Sandra Major; CEO Shane Lewis; and COG treasurer Bill Bayne.

Codes secretary Karen Trynoski who, with the assistance of the Northern Tier Regional Planning and development Commission, worked diligently on behalf of the organization to obtain the grant, had a long list of what the grant will help do. She noted that it "assists our member municipalities and their taxpayers by supporting the salaries, insurance, office and field equipment, education and training, legal expenses, and other expenses involved in enforcing their building codes and the requirements of the state."

Current Codes Enforcement Officer is Shane Lewis, and Eric Teichman was recently hired as an inspector on a one-year probationary basis. Ten county municipalities are currently members of Codes, with another four or five likely to come on board soon because of COG’s ready-made enforcement procedures and certified CEO. Trynoski noted that there are 40 municipalities within the county. With the advent of new building codes and regulations, the Codes Committee has recently been getting inquiries from townships in the southern part of the county.

It makes sense, because by working as a group, Codes members can utilize economies of scale in professionally enforcing codes that are often not available to individual municipalities except at a greater cost. Codes recent grant will help it continue to pass along the benefits of its membership.

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Enough of the Great Bend Borough Council members gathered for a July meeting on a sultry evening before the Independence Day holiday, but there wasn't a whole lot to do, so the meeting was brief, and took no official action. The major topic of interest was street lights, a number of which haven't been doing their job.

According to Mike Wasko, 5 or 6 of the lights are out, and one of them is thought to have been off duty for as long as 12 years. The Borough pays the electric company some $500-$600 per month just for street lighting. Mr. Wasko proposed to withhold payment for lights that aren't functioning. Only recently had the Borough found someone at the electric company who promised that the lights would be replaced on receipt of a FAXed form identifying the delinquents.

The new building housing the Mess fireworks store has been drawing a lot of traffic recently. Mr. Wasko expressed some concern that pedestrians and vehicles at the south end of town near the store were causing some congestion and a potentially dangerous situation, particularly to traffic coming over the bridge into town from the south.

Mr. Wasko reported that he had called the State Police to monitor traffic coming from the north down Main Street, trying to avoid blockages on the nearby Interstate, now undergoing reconstruction.

The Great Bend Borough Council meets on the first Thursday of each month, beginning at 7:00 p.m., at the Borough building at Elizabeth and Franklin Streets.

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Starrucca Borough Council Minutes

Starrucca Borough Council met on June 2 at the Starrucca Community Hall. The following members were present: Andrew Bennett, Ruth Lunt, Paul Everett, Lou Gurske, and Mayor Wendell Swartz. Paul Downton, Pete Downton and Helen Haynes were absent. Ruth Lunt presided.

Paul Everett requested that the minutes from the May meeting be amended to reflect the fact that all bills were approved to be paid except for the insurance, pending an investigation into cheaper rates. The secretary was ordered to pay the aforementioned bill, by Pete Downton via telephone call at a later date. Motion to accept the previous minutes with this correction carried unanimously.

Motion to approve the treasurer’s report and pay the bills carried unanimously.

Correspondence was read. A motion to accept the resignation of Dean Rhone as tax collector carried unanimously. A motion to appoint April Rhone as tax collector carried unanimously.

Mr. Chaplin of Little Ireland Road sent a copy of a letter he had given to the Rails to Trails Association, outlining the problems with ATV’s near his house.

Persons To Be Heard: A motion to allow Gale Williams the use of tables and chairs carried unanimously.

Antoinette Vessey asked that the borough review payroll records as she feels she has not been paid correctly for her time as borough secretary. Mrs. Vessey also stated that she has been the object of town gossip.

Kristin Potter feels that she can no longer continue in the post of borough secretary due to the unfounded accusations and misdirected aspersions cast upon her name. A motion to accept her resignation, effective July 7 was approved. Aye votes: Andrew Bennett, Lou Gurske, and Paul Everett. Nay votes: Ruth Lunt.

Subdivision: Jack Downton presented a subdivision plan for his property that was approved by the borough.

Old Business: Kirk Rhone was present to discuss the borough’s comprehensive plan. A motion to accept the goals and objectives of the plan carried unanimously. A motion to table further approval of the comprehensive plan carried unanimously.

Community Hall: One of the windows in the hall is loose and in need of repair. Mayor Wendell Swartz is still researching possible painting of the building. The borough will be responsible for supplying the paint.

Ballfield: A motion to accept a bid by Dan Boughton for mowing of the ballfield and community hall carried unanimously.

Roads: The Stephano Road and Jacob’s Ladder Road are in need of work.

There being no further business, meeting adjourned at 9:12.

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