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Just Nine Days Before The Mast
Montrose Garden Club Grooms Gazebo
Our Farm to You
Alice Deutsch On United Way Board
Property Tax/Rent Rebate Extension

Just Nine Days Before The Mast

On June 6, the Sea Scouts of Ship 90, New Milford, PA arrived at Baltimore Harbor, Maryland for a nine-day sail on the yacht "Der PeLiKan," a 46’, two-masted ketch owned by the Maryland Sea Scouts. This trip I would never forget, since this was my first time sailing and staying overnight on a boat.

We got our gear stowed below deck and the girls got situated in the aft cabin. We met up with Captain Steven Alexander and Captain Doug Yeckley, who would teach us how to sail and navigate the "Der PeLiKan." Doug Yeckley would teach us navigation, piloting, compass and Steve Alexander taught us sailing and seamanship. It was awesome training.

My first night on a sailboat was so neat. The boat pretty much rocks you to sleep and the view was so awesome; with the lights to Baltimore that night and the sky, it was so beautiful.

Sailing on the Chesapeake Bay (l-r) were: Captain Doug Yeckley, his wife Maybell, Boatswain Drew Patterson, Chairman Chuck Jaget, Jacob Brizzolara at the helm, Steve Spencer, Brenda Reed and David Navickas.

The next day we did more navigation, learned how to take bearings and our ship’s Bosun Drew Patterson went up in a boatswain’s chair to hook a pulley on the spreader near the top of the mast. The weather cleared and by Sunday we got underway and hoisted the sails. It was exciting to see all the other sailboats and vessels that surrounded us. We made about eight knots that day. The day was to become almost too hilarious to be put into words. Captain Steve Alexander rowed out to where we had anchored in a small dinghy, with lots of bags of gear. Our Committee Chairman Chuck Jaget was leaning over the boarding ladder, to help get the gear on board when the ladder broke loose. All I saw was Chuck flip over, hanging on the side before he landed on Captain Steve Alexander and sunk the rowboat, luggage and all. This was a perfect, unscheduled drill. We got the wet gear bags in, along with Chuck and Captain Steve, and bailed the water out of the dinghy. Although the captain was a little wet, he stayed calm and cracked jokes like crazy!

All Sea Scouts got to do different jobs on "Der PeLiKan," such as lookout, steering at the helm, navigation and galley duty. The first time we tacked (turned the sailboat), I was unaware of what it was. I was navigating and the sailboat just started tilting and rocking; this was awkward, but we soon got our sea legs.

Some of the ports that we docked or anchored at were quite interesting. We all went to Pirates Cove, which is a sailor’s restaurant; nice, but a little expensive. We visited the US Naval Academy in Annapolis. It was very encouraging for the Sea Scouts who may want to enter the US Navy. We met up with Skipper George Kane, with the Sea Scouts from York, PA. We socialized with them for a while and departed.

While docked at St. Michael’s Maritime Museum, Ship 90 hoisted the United States Flag in full dress summer uniforms at the museum, directed traffic, did gate duty for the antique boat show, and helped teach about 200 children to make miniature sailboats.

Bosun Patterson and myself demonstrated how to put a life jacket on in the water and did a fire extinguisher drill. We all got a ride in a Jersey Skit speedboat, which really made the crew happy. This sailing adventure was fun because we were learning about what we were interested in; the only bad thing was returning home to the rainy weather we had left nine days earlier.

Sea Scouts that sailed on "Der PeLiKan" were: Bosun Andrew Patterson, Steve Spencer, Jacob Brizzolara, David Navickas, Brenda Reed and Nicole Conrad. Jacob and Steve earned their Ordinary Rank and Brenda earned Apprentice!

Adult officers aboard from Ship 90 were: Charles (Chuck) Jaget - Chairman, Marvin VanCott - First Mate and Helen Reed - Committee Member.

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Montrose Garden Club Grooms Gazebo

Spring-cleaning means work outside as well as inside our homes and workplaces. When some sprucing up was needed at the gazebo on the village green in Montrose, the maintenance crew from the Susquehanna County Court House called on members of The Garden Club of Montrose for advice and help.

Garden club members Brenna Aileo, Shirley Andre, Gladys Bennett, Else Brunner, Carly Hurd, Carol Lake, and Cindy Poet wielded clippers, loppers and handsaws to improve the size and shape of the rhododendrons that were crowded around the gazebo. Several of the plants had already been removed for installation of underground electric wires. The overgrown shrubs were too close to the building and prevented a good view of the picturesque structure. Heavy snow loads had broken some of the branches.

Rhododendrons are broad-leaved evergreen shrubs that do well in the acidic soil of our area. Like many trees and shrubs, they need periodic grooming to help keep their good looks. This trimming should be done in spring after blooms have faded to insure the setting of buds for next year’s flowers. A common mistake that is often made is placing small, new plants too close to a structure. This keeps dampness in and promotes the rotting of a building’s foundation.

Selective pruning has helped reshape some of the existing shrubs near the gazebo. Several more were removed so the foundation can be repaired. Garden Club members assisted in choosing some new, smaller, slower growing plants to replace the removed ones. This sharing of knowledge and expertise is one of the ways in which The Garden Club of Montrose serves the community.

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Our Farm to You

Recently, I had fun showing a picture presentation to the first grade class of about 120 kids at the Elk Lake School. The pictures were of my farm. I talked about what it is like to milk cows and how the milk gets from the cow to you, the consumer.

An Elk Lake First Grade classroom listens to "From our farm to you" presentation by Karin Mowry, Susquehanna County Dairy Maid.

The kids enjoyed the presentation and had many questions that I answered. I gave them milk and cow shaped cookies for a snack that my Mom and I made.

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Alice Deutsch On United Way Board

Susquehanna County – Alice Deutsch of Susquehanna, PA has been appointed to the board of directors of the United Way of Susquehanna County. Alice resides in Jackson Township, and is married to William Deutsch. Mrs. Deustch is owner and operator of R&A Boutique, on Lakeview Road in Susquehanna and is retired from Security Mutual Life Insurance where her career spanned 28 years. Formerly, Mrs. Deutsch served as auditor for Jackson Township and was cofounder and director of the Endless Mountain Theater Company. Currently she serves as treasurer for the Friends of Susquehanna County, and is appointed to People’s National Bank Advisory Board. She is also a member of the Business & Professional Women’s Club, Susquehanna County Chamber of Commerce, and director on the board for the Endless Mountains Visitor’s Bureau. Alice has two daughters, Valerie Koes and Andrea Lang.

The newly formed United Way of Susquehanna County currently serves 24 charities throughout Susquehanna County. The United Way will raise nearly $80,000 to benefit hundreds of programs throughout the county. According to Joe Burke, President, "We’re delighted Alice has agreed to help us establish our United Way agency. She is known for her hard work and caring. This is just what we need as we start our second annual campaign this September." Anyone wanting more information about the United Way of Susquehanna County can call 278-3868 or e-mail

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Property Tax/Rent Rebate Extension

Harrisburg - The application deadline to file for the Property Tax/Rent Rebate has been extended from June 30 until Dec. 31, said Rep. Sandra J. Major (R-111).

Eligible participants can receive a rebate of up to $500 based on their rent or property taxes paid in 2002. Rebate checks for more than 245,000 applicants are being prepared for mailing July 1.

Property Tax/Rent Rebate claim forms are available at Major's offices at Route 706 Lake Montrose, RR 7 Box 7168, Montrose, PA 18801(telephone: 570-278-3374) and 130 N. Bridge Street, Tunkhannock, PA 18657 (telephone: 570-836-5888).

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