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WHEREAS, America is the land of freedom preserved and protected willingly and freely by citizens and soldiers;

WHEREAS, Millions who have answered the call to arms have died on the field of battle;

WHEREAS, A nation at peace must be reminded of the price of war and the debt owed to those who have died in wars;

WHEREAS, The red poppy has been designated as a symbol of sacrifice of lives in all wars; and

WHEREAS, The American Legion Auxiliary has pledged to remind America annually of this debt through the distribution of the memorial flower;

THEREFORE, I, Roberta Kelly Mayor of the Susquehanna Depot Borough do hereby proclaim the week of May 19, 2003, as POPPY WEEK and ask that all citizen pay tribute to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in the name of freedom by wearing the Memorial Poppy during this week.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and caused to affixed the official seal of Susquehanna Depot Borough, Susquehanna County, PA this 15th day of May 2003.

Roberta Kelly

Mayor Susquehanna Depot Borough

Please Help Our Elderly Poor

One hundred and sixty-four years ago, Blessed Jeanne Jugan founded the Little Sisters of the Poor to give loving and compassionate care to the elderly poor and sick. Today, in the same tradition of loving service we welcome the needy aged into our home at Holy Family Residence. We have done so, here in Scranton since 1908.

Our future is bright, with apartments for senior citizens whose resources are diminishing as well as the loving care of our permanent residents.

We come to you today in our urgent need. We can only help the elderly poor, if you help us. We cannot do anything without the support of our friends. May we count on you? Your prayers and your gifts, large or small, will allow us to continue. Together, may we serve the needs of our senior citizens. Please consider sending a contribution to: Holy Family Residence, 2500 Adams Ave., Scranton, PA 18509–1597. Please call me, at (570) 343–4065 if you would like additional information or if you would like to visit our home to see firsthand the good that you will accomplish through your donation.

In advance, we express our heartfelt thanks to you for your kindness and promise you our daily prayers for you, your families and all of your personal intentions.


Sister Christine L. S. P.


Should Have a Milk Vending Machine

Local schools including Elk Lake, Blue Ridge and Mountain View have received Milk Vending Machines and are enjoying them. Each school has said the students love the way they can get ice cold milk anytime of the day. The students in these schools are getting more calcium, and the students at Montrose Area High School should have the same opportunity.

Recently the Mountain View kindergarten was visited by the County Dairy Princess Rebecca Place and Dairy Ambassadors Ashley Franklin and Abbey Puzo and Dairy Maid Lydia Carlin. The children learned about dairy farms and dairy products and then were treated to milk from the milk machine. The Mountain View School has a milk machine in the high school and the elementary school.

Here are come reasons why I think the MAHS should have a milk vending machine. Children 11-18 are not getting enough calcium and this will slow down their growth and will lower bone mass over time. Twenty years ago, teens drank twice the amount of milk as soda and now teens are drinking twice as much soda as milk. Chocolate milk has four teaspoons of sugar and nine essential vitamins. Soda has no nutrients and six to eight teaspoons of sugar. These are only some of the amazing facts about milk. Milk vending machines can help students and adults get the needed calcium!

Schools that have received milk vending machines have proven that it is a great idea to have one! The milk vending machines are a big hit, with white and flavored milk available at anytime of the day or evening.

What do you think about MAHS having a vending machine other than soda; a vending machine full of calcium and other essential vitamins?


Abbey Puzo,

Susquehanna County Dairy Ambassador

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