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VFW Supports Community
Total Earth Celebration
4-H News
Enjoy Milk With Meals
Farm Bureau Hosts Spring Meeting
Demo Hosts Rally
Engagement Announced
Hobby Day/Auction Night Entertainment
Dobb's Gets County Grant Award
Girl Scouts Set Summer Camp Program
He Didn't Get Away!
School Retirees Meet In Wilkes-Barre
Wheels For The World
Susky Fire Dept. 150 Club Winners
Peoples Bank Assembles Boards

VFW Supports Community

Susquehanna County – Elk Mountain VFW Post 8488 held its annual spring community day celebration on April 26, distributing checks to some 21 different charities. With a huge crowd in attendance people came from throughout the region to eat, drink and be merry in celebration of the hard work done by various groups within the Post. VFW 8488 committees and clubs, through fundraising events and individual donations, collected all the money distributed. According to Willie Zerfoss, President, "Our people work hard all year long to raise money and it shows the community that Vets, their families and friends care about the communities where we live". Joe Burke, President of the United Way of Susquehanna County, was one of several recipients on hand to accept a check. "This ceremony confirms my belief that people in Susquehanna County care about their communities and are willing to back that up with donations. I am extremely proud to be part of this day organized by Post 8488, not only were they willing to fight for our freedom, they continue supporting us by improving the quality of the lives we live. I am grateful."

Pictured is Michelle Feduchak presenting a check to Joe Burke, President of the United Way of Susquehanna County.

Those accepting checks were: American Cancer Society, Make-A-Wish, Harford Fire Co, Hop Bottom Fire Co, St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital, United Way of Susquehanna County, Christians for AIDS Awareness, Sea Scout Ship 90, Northeast Children’s Fishing Derby, Harford/Lenox Baseball Association, Cooperstown Fund, Hop Bottom/Brooklyn Baseball Association, Mountain View Elementary Wrestling-Soccer-Softball-Baseball, Harford Youth, South Gibson Baseball Association, American Legion-Forest City-Susquehanna-Mountain View, Blue Ridge Little League. For more information contact VFW Post 8488 at (570) 222-9820.

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Total Earth Celebration

On April 27, from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m., on the grounds of the First Universalist Church in Brooklyn, PA there was an unusual and memorable gathering of people involved with issues pertinent to the Earth.

The church has had an Annual Earth Day celebration for years, liturgically speaking. However, this year in addition to the church Worship Service in the morning, many community organizations, local and some with National Affiliation, joined the members of the church. Rev. Joanne Heckman added her talents to the service by leading members of the worship service outdoors with her drumming and joined the Native Americans in a drumming jam in the afternoon.

The original environmentalists on this continent were the Native Americans and they came that day also to celebrate their traditions and lent a special atmosphere to the proceedings. Members of the "7 Cedars" drumming group who were playing "Thunder Mountain" drum that afternoon included Michelle Windwalker of Hunlock Creek, Chris Wheeler, Constance Birtch of Mansfield and Rosemary Bush from Berks County. The Native American Grass Dancer that day was Matthew Wheeler (his native identity is Dancing Badger) and he lead a friendship dance after his demonstration. George (Big Bear) Bushy spent the day doing flint-knapping, the process of making flint arrowheads and other native American implements.

Seven Cedars Drumming Group play on "Thunder Mountain" drum at the April 27 Earth Day Celebration at Brooklyn's First Universalist Church, accompanying visitors who were led in a "Friendship" Dance seen in the background.

Brian Windwalker gave a Cherokee blessing to the Earth, played a number of beautiful, haunting renditions of Native flute songs and presented the ancient art of storytelling which he shared to a captivated audience consisting of children and those who are young at heart.

Representatives from R.E.S.C.U.E, the Nature Conservancy, Salt Springs State Park, Upper Tunkhannock Creek Watershed, Martins Creek Watershed, the Wildlife Rescue Unit from Friendsville, The Literacy Council of Susquehanna County, Bureau of Forestry, Forest Landowners Association and the Susquehanna County Recycling Center were among the groups that contributed to the days events and displays. At least 100 community people came and showed interest in the proceedings of the day, including some bicyclists who came with Joe Bruno of New Milford.

All were nourished by the hot-dogs, sloppy joes and Welch cookes made available for snacking by the ladies of the church. It is anticipated that this is just the beginning of another important and fun-filled tradition at the Universalist Church which is looking forward to the Annual Dog Trails in Hop Bottom slated for mid-June.

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4-H News

Franklin Hill

The Franklin Hill Community 4-H Club met for the first time this year on April 28 at the Franklin Hill Presbyterian Church Hall. The meeting was opened by last year's president, John Paul Grigalunas. The first item of discussion was who would hold offices. John Paul Grigalunas accepted the office of President again this year, Katie Longacre volunteered for the office of Secretary, Brenda King became our club Treasurer, Meghan Honeyford requested the office of Song and Game Leader, and Jessica Grigalunas accepted the role of News Reporter.

The electing of the officers being finished, discussion turned to the price of dues this year. Jessica Grigalunas made a motion to reduce the dues from $0.50 to $0.25. Meghan Honeyford seconded the motion.

Our club leader, Mrs. Booth, brought to our attention the option of having a covered dish dinner and awards ceremony at the end of the year. After deliberating this option Isaac Mitchell made a motion to celebrate at the end of the 4-H year by having a covered dish dinner and awards ceremony. The date of the ceremony and dinner will be decided later on in the year.

Next we debated which night would be best for all of us to meet on. It was decided that we would meet on every other Thursday, starting on May 15. The meetings will continue to be held at the Franklin Hill Presbyterian Church Hall.

The 4-H projects were then chosen. John Paul Grigalunas chose Archery, Meghan Honeyford chose Photography 1, Brenda King decided on Crafts 1, Katie Longacre will be doing Six Easy Bites and Sew Much Fun. Rachel Longacre chose Adventures With Food and Sew Much Fun, Sarah Longacre will be doing Adventures With Food, Jessica Grigalunas chose Archery, Brina Newman will be taking Cake Decorating, Baby-sitting, Rabbit Care, and Self Determined, and Bethany Austin decided on Knitty Gritty. As you can see, 4-H is a diverse and exciting program, and we are all looking forward to starting our project books.

Meghan Honeyford offered to bring the snack and Jessica Grigalunas offered to bring the drink for the next meeting. Meghan Honeyford made a motion to adjourn and Brenda King seconded the motion. So began the first meeting of the Franklin Hill Community 4-H Club, and it promises to be a fun and interesting year. If you are interested in joining a 4-H club next year, and would like to see how the average meeting is run, you are invited to watch us the next time we meet. Our next meeting will be held May 15, 7 p.m. at the Franklin Hill Presbyterian Church Hall.

North Jackson Ag

The North Jackson Ag 4-H Club recently held a meeting at the Pavelski’s home. The meeting started with pledges. Then, Abbey Onyon gave the secretary’s report on the minutes of the last meeting. Next, Beth Giangrieco read the treasurer’s report. BJ Carey talked about the upcoming events in the horse club. Megan Carey told the club about the past county council meeting. Catherine Bente talked to the club about her alpacas and offered the kids help with their alpacas.

The group then began to elect members to hold office. Abbey Onyon was elected President; Katie Onyon was elected Vice President. Beth Giangrieco was elected to be our next Secretary, and Amanda Nowicki was elected Treasurer. Finally, Kaitlyn Flor was elected News Reporter. Megan Carey and Jessica Sartell were elected the new Historians.

Sandy Pavelski then talked about candy fund-raisers. Next, were demonstrations. Holly Carey did her demonstration on a model that she built that relates to "Grandpa’s General Store" in the book, Where the Red Fern Grows. Next, Beth and Eric Giangrieco did their demonstration on various ways to dye Easter eggs. Abbey Onyon and Jessica Sartell started their demonstration on "Diseases of the Hoof in Livestock". After that, Sandy Pavelski asked to have volunteers bring snacks to the next meeting. Last, the refreshments and snacks were served and the meeting was adjourned.

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Enjoy Milk With Meals

Susquehanna County Dairy Promotion Court served milk at the local McDonald’s recently to encourage customers to order milk with their meal. Amy Roe, Ashley Franklin, Abbey Hewitt, Jessica Roe, Alicia Roe, Abbey Puzo and Lydia Carlin served complimentary cartons of milk to the many hungry customers.

Dairy Royalty join the crew at McDonald’s.

McDonald’s and the County Dairy Ambassadors and Dairy Maids joined together to remind customers milk can be ordered with their meal. Milk has been a popular beverage, not only for its flavor, but also because of its nutritional attributes. Milk is considered one of the best sources of calcium in the American diet and also provides protein, vitamins and other minerals.

So, the next time you have a hamburger, drink milk!

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Farm Bureau Hosts Spring Meeting

Susquehanna County Dairy Maid, Abbey Hewitt attended the spring meeting of the Susquehanna County Farm Bureau held at the Montrose Bible Conference. Abbey served milk punch before the meal. Clifford Tinklepaugh was the honoree for the evening. Abbey recited a poem that she had written about a farmers’ day.

Donna Williams, Susquehanna County Farm Bureau President and Abbey Hewitt, County Dairy Maid at Farm Bureau Spring Meeting.

Abbey would like to remind everyone that milk is the best source of calcium. When you deposit more calcium in your "bone bank" in your teen years, you will better withstand the bone-depleting effects of aging and reduce the risk of fractures later in life by slowing bone density loss.

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Demos Host Rally

The Susquehanna County Democrats, along with several Republicans held their annual Spring Rally at the Green Gables Pavilion in New Milford on Sunday, May 4. (Remember, Tuesday, May 20 is Primary Day.)

With candidates from both the Democrat and Republican parties present, County Chairman Joe Franks got the ball rolling as he called upon the four Democrat candidates for commissioner to speak. The four candidates – Calvin Dean, Mary Ann Warren, Leon Allen and Kathy Shelly – all voiced their opinions, that "if elected they would work to make the county a better place to live in, improve the working conditions, make better use of our resources and above all take good care of our senior citizens."

With over 150 people in attendance – after partaking of a delicious barbecue chicken dinner – Chairman Franks welcomed both the GOP’s and the Dems and introduced the many celebrities present including: Lee Smith, Roberta Kelly, Sue Caterson, Bob Chamberlain, John Bronchella, Joe Plonski - former county chairman, former sheriff Dick Pelicci, Jason Legg, Mary Evans, Ellen O’Malley, Sheriff Lance Benedict, Anthony Conarton, Robert McNamara, Lou Parrillo - Transcript columnist, and Joe Bucci.

Active along with Chairman Franks were: Tom Hurley, State Committeeman; Nancy Hurley, County Vice Chairman; Rick Franks, Secretary; Chuck Bullock, Treasurer; Susquehanna resident Mike Vaccaro, a staunch Democrat.

Coming in for a large "applause" was the Conigliaro Family, who, year after year have welcomed the county Democrats and put on a feed second to none. Doing the catering - all Conigliaros were Joe, Peter, Rose, Carol, Maria, Annette and Christa.

Pictured (l-r) are: Democratic candidates for county commissioner: Cal Dean, Kathie Shelly, Mary Ann Warren, Leon Allen.

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Engagement Announced

Rodriguez - Chilewski

John A. and Regina Ryan Rodriguez, Susquehanna, announce the engagement and upcoming marriage of their daughter, Jamie Ryan, Susquehanna, to Chester T. Chilewski III, RR 1, Susquehanna. Mr. Chilewski is the son of C. Thomas Chilewski, Jr., RR 1, Susquehanna, and Keith and Linda Tucker, Lake Ariel.


The bride-elect is a graduate of Susquehanna Community School District and is continuing education in elderly health care management. She is a manager at Stoneridge Residential Care Center, Inc. and proprietor of Jamie’s Place, a family-owned food service business. She is also an associate in Windcrest Associates, Inc., a family-owned business.

The prospective bridegroom attended Abington Heights School District and is continuing education in the mining industry. He is employed in management at Chilewski Flagstone, Inc., a family-owned business, and associated with Windcrest Associates, Inc. He is also owner of Chilewski Motorsports Team.

A wedding is planned for October 2, 2004, in Susquehanna.

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Hobby Day/Auction Night Entertainment

The Library's Hobby Day/Auction Night was held on Saturday, May 3. The combination of an entertaining free program and an entertaining fund-raiser has proven to be a winning one; this is the 12th year for Hobby Day and the 5th for the Auction.

From 3 to 5 p.m., interested visitors explored different hobbies and activities. George Manns had brought 2 banjos and showed attendees how to hold the instrument and some basic picking. The Fiction Room was buzzing, as Richard Chapin and Jerry Ely answered questions about bee-keeping. A portable hive was on display.

Decorating cookies at Diana Fuller's table during Hobby Day.

In the Children's Room, Diana Fuller showed guests how to decorate cookies with leaves and flowers, using colorful frosting. The Lake Ariel Advancers demonstrated ballroom dancing, showing beginners how to do the fox-trot and other dances. Outreach Librarians Mary Beth Manns and Donna Horn helped children fold and jump origami frogs at the Kid Craft table.

The Reference Room housed Connie Stevens, who turned glass rods into amazing beads in front of an admiring crowd. Using a small propane torch and dental equipment, Connie demonstrated how to blend and shape the raw glass.

Woodworker Harold Gary with some of his creations at the Library's 12th Annual Hobby Day.

On the second floor, home of the Historical Society and museum, Curator Betty Smith and Assistant Curator Debra Adleman showed how to use the many Historical Society resources to trace your family tree. Betty Marshall's scrapbooking skills, ideas, and techniques enthralled visitors, especially her "before and after" comparisons of an old family album and how she would arrange the photos today. Harold Gary brought beautiful examples of his woodworking and talked about special projects like the "Firewood House." Diane Grick displayed her lovely miniature quilts, made with vintage fabric, and assembled one as visitors watched.

As Hobby Day ended, the Auction began! The doors of the Fire Hall opened at 5 p.m. and guests began enjoying the huge variety of delicious food donated by local businesses. By the time bidding began, every seat was filled.

Auctioneer Dave Coddington kicks off the 5th Annual Library Auction with the assistance of Ray Wilmarth (Montrose Rotary).Organizer Anna Ruegner had been preparing for many months requesting items from local businesses, artists and craftspeople. Generous Hobby Day presenters also donated examples of their work. Dave Coddington's masterful auctioneering kept the excitement high--and the audience in stitches, as he teased and encouraged people to dig deep for a good cause. The enthusiastic audience snapped up every item, including two vacation stays in the Outer Banks, amazing baskets, lovely art, furniture, and crafts, and delicious baked goods.

Dozens of local businesses made the event possible by advertising in the program and sponsoring publicity. The evening, hosted by the Montrose Rotary Club, raised about $4,500 for the Susquehanna County Historical Society & Free Library Association. "We thank everyone who helped make Hobby Day/Auction Night such a delightful and successful event!" said Administrator/Librarian Susan Stone.

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Dobb's Gets County Grant Award

A grant was awarded in March to Dobb's Country Kitchen, in the Hallstead Plaza in Susquehanna County through a Northern Tier Regional Planning and Development Commission (NTRPDC) grant program.

The business received a $1,500 grant to attend Micros Point of Sales Training through the Small Business Training Grant Program. Through this program, business owners with fifty or less employees are eligible for a matching grant up to $1,500.00 for training. Expenses eligible for reimbursement include; registration, tuition fees, lodging, airfare and transportation costs. Meals and other personal needs are not eligible for reimbursement. Business owners and employees should target training events that provide an opportunity for small businesses to learn about emerging trends and technologies that affect the way they do business. For more information, contact NTRPDC by calling toll-free at 888-868-8800.

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Girl Scouts Set Summer Camp Program

Girl Scouts, Scranton Pocono Council is participating in the Summer Food Service Program through its summer camp program. Meals will be provided to all eligible campers. The income guidelines for reduced price meals are available by calling the Council Service Center at (570) 344-1224.

Children who are part of households that receive foods stamps or benefits under the food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations (FDPIR), OR Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) are automatically eligible to receive free meals.

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He Didn’t Get Away!

Local hunters beware! Don’t go hunting with Tony Domiano, Sr., of Tony Domiano Auto! He takes the phrase "Don’t let ‘em get away" seriously, as you can see in the picture above.

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School Retirees Meet In Wilkes-Barre

The regular spring meeting of the Region Three group of Pennsylvania Association of School Retirees was held at Genetti’s, in Wilkes-Barre on April 20, with an attendance of approximately 125.

The meeting was opened with the call to order and welcome. Then Hendrick Marr, from Harford, led the group in the opening song, "God Bless America," followed by the flag salute. Rose Robacker gave the opening prayer.

Leroy Spoor introduced the members at the head table, after which the roll was called, chapter by chapter.

Copies of the minutes of the PASR regional meeting, held in October, 2002, were distributed by Secretary Marcia Field, and adopted as printed. Gerry Glaser gave the treasurer’s report.

The group then divided according to the committee on which the members served, and each committee discussed items on its agenda.

The Community Service results were distributed, with large numbers of hours donated by members. Region Three hours totaled 760,281, donated by over 2,000 members of our region. Other regions reported similar, or even larger numbers. These figures were for the year 2002.

A paper concerning such giving was distributed, with quotations like the following, "For the elderly, giving is living"; "If you rest, you rust"; "Seniors who help others – financially or emotionally – live longer."

On this same topic, Thursday, May 8 was a National Day of Service sponsored by AARP and NRTA. In future years it will be the second Thursday in May as well.

After the chairman of each committee gave a brief report on the items discussed at the separate meetings, dinner was served, following which Lois Joan Stuck, president of the Pennsylvania Association of School Employees, gave an inspiring talk on what school retirees can and should do for their communities.

Future meetings will include a Nominating Committee meeting, at Genetti’s in Wilkes-Barre in June; Region Three summer meeting, 11:30 a.m. on July 16, at Frances Slocum State Park; the PASR annual convention October 12-15, at the Hyatt, Pittsburgh; and the Region Three fall meeting on October 21, at Genetti’s in Wilkes-Barre.

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Wheels For The World

A wheelchair, what many of us might take for granted, is simply unattainable for 18 million people worldwide. There are wonderful, high-tech, elaborate, wheelchairs that our friends with disabilities can get here in our great country. We've all seen the commercials. Electric motors, big, easy rolling wheels, so mobile and comfortable, and often paid for by insurance and/or Medicare. In poor countries, disabled children and old people must crawl or be carried, or simply remain immobile. They have no option. They would be overjoyed with a simple, old-fashioned wheelchair. Yet, in the United States hundreds of thousands of wheelchairs are discarded each year.

How Can You Help? Real needs are being met in a practical way by the outreach of Wheels for the World.

Wheels for the World takes what is one person’s castoff and transforms it into another person’s treasure. They collect, restore, and distribute wheelchairs to people in need around the world.

Wheels for the World have an on going need for wheelchairs, replacement parts, repair tools, the donation of trucking and storage facilities. In addition, volunteer disability workers and wheelchair seating specialists form the core of the international distribution teams.

If you wish to donate a wheelchair to this worthy cause please contact Jeanine Hardy at (570) 289-4553 (after 6 p.m.) or e-mail to

Tell your neighbors, tell your friends, tell the folks at church, we need as many people as possible to get involved in donating chairs for this outreach. Perhaps you could get some of your local civic groups involved, Rotary, Boy Scouts, etc.

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Susky Fire Dept. 150 Club Winners

Following are the Susquehanna Fire Dept. 150 Club winners for April, listed as $5.00, $10.00, and $25.00 respectively.

April 5: Luella Simonetti, Jeff Rood, Joe Cina.

April 12: Gene Delsandro, Helen Bronchella, Harry Weibel.

April 19: Candy Kuiper, Linda Barrett, Catherine Adornato.

April 26: Roger Holleran, Toots Frost, Bill Wescott.

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Peoples Bank Assembles Boards

For the fifth year Peoples National Bank has assembled their Regional Advisory Boards. Peoples has found it a great source of information that allows the bank to help local communities and the people in the area.

There are two Regional Advisory Boards to serve the counties in which Peoples National Bank has offices. They had their first meetings for this year on April 8 and 9. The Northern Advisory Board Members are: Joe Burke, Butch Coleman, Jim Considine, Larry Coy, Alice Deutsch, Brenda Doney, Mike Dopko, Tom Edmister, John Gage, Tammy Heller, Dennis Maloney, Mike Ognosky, Doug Overfield, David Passetti, Kathy Reddon, Dan Regan, Craig Reimel, Todd Schmidt, Andy Sienko, Stephanie Weyant, Bob Woosman. The Southern Advisory Board Members are: Eric A. Brown, John Bunnell, Lynn Butler, Leo Conway, Alice Davis, Pablo Echevarria, Pat Furneaux, Bill Irion, Richard Jerauld, Ernie King, Tom Kukuchka, Bob Lizza, Shirley Masters, Scott Muller, Mary Lou Swank, Curtis N. Stevens, Ray Teed, Connie Wiser, Richard Williams, Kay Wilson. The boards were created with attention to blending a cross section of demographics including gender, geography, and professional affiliation and members were hand selected because of their importance in the communities. Meetings are held quarterly and members are encouraged to keep the lines of communication open throughout the year.

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