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Open Letter To Senator Arlen Specter

I have written you a few times in the past without receiving a response. I assume that in the crush of correspondence mine may get lost in the shuffle. I have no assurance that your staff even lets you see most of the letters you receive. So I hope to reach you in this manner. At least your constituents will see this, and they need to.

It has become clear from the performance of the Bush administration that their overriding domestic policy aim is to make this country a theocracy. Phase One is transferring social services from government agencies to church groups. This is the with the overt intent that they should strive to convert those they deal with, using the tax money that even non-adherents are forced to pay. (Government subsidized proselytism.) In addition, they will be allowed to discriminate in hiring, contrary to 62 years of federal policy. And certainly in practice, the government will discriminate (in favor of fundamentalism) when doling out these subsidies.

The Republican Party as a whole is dedicated to fundamentalizing America through government. This is an aim that Madison (Father of the Constitution) called "an unhallowed perversion of the means of salvation." We are on a path to theocracy, what C. S. Lewis eloquently described as "the worst kind of government."

Other facets of the Bush push for theocracy include appointing judicial activist judges (like the recently approved Michael McConnell) who will be heedless of over fifty years of precedent regarding church-state separation. Phase Two is undermining and eventually abolishing public education, through vouchers and other forms of subsidy to private religious education. There’s also Rep. Walter Jones’ bill to allow churches (and churches alone) to politick using tax-exempt contributions, which creates an unlevel playing field. Everywhere one looks, one sees an effort by the government to promote fundamentalism, in a diverse nation that contains over 50 million non-Christians (including yourself).

What I and many of your constituents need to know is, what are you, as a supposed moderate and non-fundamentalist, doing to derail your party’s scheme to undermine and subvert what the Founding Fathers gave us: rational, secular government? Why are you a member of the Theocracy Party, anyway?


Stephen Van Eck

Rushville, PA

My Apology To Blue Ridge

My apology to the parents and football players at Blue Ridge School District. From a Susquehanna Junior Sabers mother, I would like to apologize for the votes of a few of the Susquehanna School Board members against the merger of the football program. My son, like yours, has put his heart and soul into football for the past seven years, only someday to have the chance to play high school football. When the talk of the merger came up, he was looking forward to play with the boys from Blue Ridge. Now, a few board members are jeopardizing his chance to play and possibly have the program fold. It is not only a shame for him, but what about the cheerleaders and band members this will affect. My daughter is in fourth grade band. What affect will this have on her? How about the food booth? My understanding is that some of the money raised during the football season by the booster club helps support other sports and their equipment. Will these programs be affected as well? As board members, your vote should be based on what is best for both schools and the students. Yes, soccer would be nice but let’s get one program off the ground at a time. Who knows, maybe some day we will have girls’ field hockey, or lacrosse.


Alicia Norris

Susquehanna, PA

A Jolly Good Show

I was fortunate to attend a performance of "My Fair Lady" at the Blue Ridge School on March 7. It was an impressive performance. Impressive, wen you consider the age of the participants; impressive, when you think of the hours of preparation.

The young man who portrayed Professor Higgins was top flight in every way. He had the walk and the facial expressions down pat.

I appreciate all the work that went into "My Fair Lady" and congratulate the entire team, cast and musicians. It was a jolly good show.


Ralph Johnson

Gibson, PA

A Letter To The Community

Here at Susquehanna Community School District we are putting together a web site to show support for our troops and we would like your help. If you know anyone currently serving in any branch of our military and would like us to post a message or post a picture of that person you can contact us either via e-mail at usatroops@scschools.org or mail or drop off your letters and pictures to: Attn. Alan Clark, Susquehanna Community School District, RD #3 Box 5A,

Susquehanna, PA 18847. If you wish to keep the pictures that you submit please leave your name and address and we will mail them back to you after we post them on our web site. Please, if you are under 18 we will need your parents' permission first. This can be a great way for us here at school to show our support to our troops. It will help put a face to all the brave men and woman that live in our community who are fighting for our country. You can check the progress at the following web address, www.scschools.org/usa/usa.htm.


Alan Clark

Technology Coordinator

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Letters To The Editor MUST BE SIGNED. They MUST INCLUDE a phone number for "daytime" contact. Letters MUST BE CONFIRMED VERBALLY with the author, before printing. At that time you may request to withhold your name. Letters should be as concise as possible, to keep both ReaderÔs and Editor's interest alike. Your opinions are important to us, but you must follow these guidelines to help assure their publishing.

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