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Making Schools Work
Susky High School 2002 Homecoming Court
Wizards Abound At B/R Middle School
Blue Ridge Elementary 1st Period Honor Roll
Blue Ridge Elementary Citizens of the Month
Forest City Parent Teacher Conferences
SCHS To Present "Football Theatre"
Susky High First Quarter Honor Roll
Travis Hoadley In National Competition

Making Schools Work

The secondary faculty of the Elk Lake School District was introduced to the "Making Schools Work" program on October 13 and 14. Betty Harbin, representative of Southern Regional Education Board, in-serviced the secondary school faculty on the program, a three-year initiative to provide staff development to the district.

Pictured are Mr. William Bush, Superintendent of Schools and Ms. Betty Harbin, Facilitator, Southern Regional Education Board.

Making Schools Work is an initiative of the Southern Regional Education Board that is funded by the Office of Educational Research and Improvement, US Department of Education. Its purpose is to work with clusters of high schools and their feeder middle grades to raise student achievement in rural areas. The Making Schools Work comprehensive Improvement Framework includes nine key practices and six key conditions for accelerating student achievement. The practices provide direction and meaning to comprehensive school improvement and to learning; the key conditions are fundamental in using the MSW model to improve learning.

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Susky High School 2002 Homecoming Court

Pictured (l-r) are members of the 2002 Susquehanna Community High School Homecoming Court: Chris Harcar, Michelle Brady, Jordan Downton, Dan Lewis, Shelia DeAngelis, Jennifer Benson, Keith Lindquist, Carrie DeWitt, James Serra, Elizabeth Leber, Jonathan Stewart, Heidi Newberry, Shawn Venesky, Deanne Sellitto, Ann Marie Wilbur, Luke Barnes, Sarah Hobbs, Adam Napolitano.

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Wizards Abound At B/R Middle School

With a "Flick-’N-Swish" of their magic wands Blue Ridge Middle School teachers in Team 8 worked magic for their students on Halloween Da,y when their hallway was transformed into Hogwart’s School of Wizardry, complete with illuminated floating candles and their little wizards were treated to a Harry Potter theme day. Greeting them as they came into the middle school were Harry Potter, the ever popular righter of wrongs, played by Mrs. Williams; Ron, the cute and bumbling redhead, played by Mrs. Klim; Hermione the know-it-all excellent student, played by Mrs. Cook in Mrs. Gilboy’s absence; the strict but kind Professor McGonagall, played by Miss Bennett; and Dumbledore the powerful and knowledgeable head wizard, played by Mr. Hutchins.

Hogwart’s Express whisked them via platform 9 3/4 to the auditorium where they viewed Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, followed by a trivia contest where each student was treated to the popular "jumping" chocolate frog and special, magical jelly beans. Winning teams from the "third year wizards" group sat in the front row as they were joined by "first and second year wizards" for a surprise magic show featuring Damien the magician.

Lest we think Hogwart’s is only about fun, follow up lessons in a variety of subject areas during subsequent class periods helped to draw everything together. Social Studies students explored the meaning of social classes and class division in the story. To which house do you belong, Griffindor, Slytherin, Raven Claw, or Huffinpuff? If you are from a wizarding family do you have an advantage over the Muggles? Parallels were drawn between the reality of a teen’s life and the story. An article about celebrated author J.K. Rowling was made available to the students and some of her Dickensian type names explored. Did you know that a Hogwart is a lilly that grows in Kew Garden, that Dumbledore is old English for bumblebee, or that Voldemort contains a root word meaning death? Mrs. Klim’s science students, who are studying flight and Bernoulli’s Principle, designed Nimbus 2002 broomsticks that would actually fly. Persuasive writing finds English students creating fact files for and writing editorials based on the appropriateness of the movie for young viewers or the value of Harry Potter day in general. Journal writing and character education have also proven to be great places to explore this wonderful story.

What a magical day it was for the "little wizards" of Blue Ridge Middle School and their mentors!

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Blue Ridge Elementary 1st Period Honor Roll

Following is the Blue Ridge Elementary School Honor Roll for the first marking period of the 2002-03 school year.


Mrs. Buffington: Shayna Hettinger, Kasandra Whitney, Megan Winnie.

Mrs. Chamberlain: Jon Banko, William Fisher, Caleb Park, Michael Romano.

Mr. Mazikewich: Christopher Brown, Meghan Ragard.

Mrs. Wolfe: Shani Fancher, Taylor Guinan.

Mrs. Zelkowitz: Debra Barton, Alex Burkett, Jessica Kovitch, Kenny Seamans.


Mrs. Buffington: Ashley Canfield, Jackson Franks, Maggie McCarey, Samantha Smith, Tyler White.

Mrs. Chamberlain: Kelsie Arthofer, Scott Boman, Kaitchen Dearborn, Benjamin House, Michael Schell, Alexander Stanton, Katie Whitney.

Mr. Mazikewich: Cheyenne Childress, Tara Doubrava, Matt Empett, Danay Holbrook, Brittany Schneider.

Mrs. Wolfe: Carissa Carpenter, Courtney Collins, Mindy Corbin, Victoria Hartt, Jocelyn Oakley, Michael Pipitone, Mark Rowe, Tony Tompkins.

Mrs. Zelkowitz: Samantha Aldrich, Andrew Bovenkamp, John Colton, Monica Green, Scott Sienko, Arianna Smith, Daniel Welch.

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Blue Ridge Elementary Citizens Of The Month

Following are the Blue Ridge Elementary students chosen as Students of the Month for October, 2002.

Kindergarten: Mrs. Glezen - JaVon Jones, Mrs. Johnson - Trey Hillard, Mrs. Rhone - Dustin Ralston, Mrs. Small - Sean Canfield, Mrs. Whitehead - Shawn Woodruff.

Grade 1: Mrs. Button - Ashley Henry, Miss Felici - Dustin Jones, Mrs. Revie -Rachel Paumgardhen, Mrs. Roe - Shania Yachymiak.

Grade 2: Mrs. Bistocchi - Tyler Marvin, Mrs. Hepler - Rebecca Gardner, Mrs. Theophila - Sawyer Dearborn, Mrs. Yurgosky - Taylor Decker.

Grade 3: Mrs. Berger - Keith Paumgardhen, Mrs. Harter - Kailey Ragard, Mrs. Kelly - Wesley Ward, Miss Pease - Megan VanGorden.

Grade 4: Mrs. Bartkus - Rebekah Harris, Miss Daniels - Eric Giangrieco, Mr. Goff - Gabrielle Wolfe, Mr. Jones - Adam Gordon, Mrs. Mackachinas - Jared Hawk.

Grade 5: Mrs. Buffington - Jackson Franks, Mrs. Chamberlain - Michael Schell, Mr. Mazikewich - Dalton Smith, Mrs. Wolfe - Taylor Guinan, Mrs. Zelkowitz - Kenny Seamans.

Mrs. Bleck - Brittany Barry.

Mrs. Heal - Robert Fleming.

Mrs. Suchy - Iliene Fitch.

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Forest City Parent Teacher Conferences

The Forest City Regional School District will conduct parent/teacher conferences on Monday, November 18. Evening conferences will be held from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at the high school and the elementary school.

Parents wishing to pre-arrange a conference with a specific teacher are urged to call the high school, at 785-2408 or the elementary school, at 785-2410.

American Education Week will be celebrated in the district the week of November 17-23. The theme for this year will be "Making Public Schools Great for Every Child."

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SCHS To Present "Football Theatre"

The Senior High Drama Students will present the outrageous comedy, "Football Theatre" on November 22 and 23 in the high school auditorium. This two-act play revolves around a football coach who stands to inherit 5 million dollars for his football program from the estate of a friend. The catch - he must take over the failing theater department for one year to try to save it. The production scheduled is "Frankenstein". Need we say more? Show time is 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $5.00 adults and $4.00 students and senior citizens. All seats reserved. Reservations: 853-4921 ext. 2344 or 853-4692.

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Susky High First Quarter Honor Roll

Following is the first quarter Honor Roll of the 2002-03 school year for Susquehanna Community High School.


GRADE 12: Jennifer Benson, Erika Briar, Pamela Buchanan, Jennifer Covert, Carrie DeWitt, Janine DeWitt, Jordan Downton, Ashley Gaffey, Kimberly Harris, Benjamin Hoopes, Rachel Janson, Elizabeth Leber, Adam Napolitano, Heidi Newberry, Maria Reavey, Rhonda Scott, Judith Stark, Danielle Stone.

GRADE 11: Nicholas Canzoneri, Melanie DeWitt, Amanda Fallon, Sarah Lesser, Katherine McHale, Claressa Price, Charles Robinson, Erick Stone, Heather Warneke, Jessica Williams.

Grade 10: Paula Freitag, Kevin Lee, Rasun Mehringer, Amanda Russell, Abralyn Stone, Matthew Wolf.

GRADE 9: Kimberly Frechen, Katie Lawrenson, Ryan Lee.

GRADE 8: Cameron Arthur, Sarah Biegert, Melanie Biesecker, Andrew Crawford, Jia Luo Dong, Carla Gehman, Meghan Gilleran, Kristin Gumaer, Timothy Haynes, Jessica Lee, Carrie Lewis, William McHale, Andrew Napolitano, Ellen Reavey, Perri Weldy.

GRADE 7: Kelli Agler, Kirk Fallon, Christopher Felter, Tara Flor, Alexandria Kotran, Jay Patel, Angela Petriello, Ashley Price, Craig Price, Geri Smith, Craig Soden, Jessica Welch.

HONOR ROLL (90-93)

GRADE 12: Luke Barnes, Aaron Benson, Michelle Brady, Ashley Depew, Daniel Lewis, Melissa Phillips, Jonathan Stewart, Michael Vadovsky, Ann Marie Wilbur, Shannon Williams.

GRADE 11:Patricia Albrecht, Joseph Barnes, Melanie Batson, Daniel Frechen, Sarah Holmes, Jeffrey Keyes, Brent Soden, Lawrence Travis.

GRADE 10: Elizabeth Rowe, Carolyn Severs, Bridgette Stone, Heather Stone, Tiffany Tanner, Denise Walker, Tiffanie Yoder.

GRADE 9: Christopher Balliet, Aaron Calender, Ryan Gilleran, Melissa Leet, Kyle Price, Jeremy Travis, Curtis Walker.

GRADE 8: Christina Butts, Tiffany Carpenter, Joseph DeCicco, Abigail DeWitt, Kathryn DeWitt, Kaitlin Flor, Casey Glidden, Michael Herbert, Ashley Hubal, Kirsten Kemmerer, Samantha Schmidt, Jessica Terpstra, Teri Upright, Danielle Williams.

GRADE 7: Dustin Barton, Shayna Benson, Ellen Biegert, Caryn Conklin, Daniel Downton, Kristen Edwards, Brent Keyes, Tamara Sager, Kristy Tyler.

MERIT ROLL (85-90)

GRADE 12: Danielle Baker, Matthew Bussell, Melinda Butts, Ashley Keenan, Sarah Kuss, Ivylynn Noble, Margaret Pelly, Chanell Pitonyak, Mary Ann Potter, Rachel Smith, Joseph Staria, Cindy Wayman, Patton Weidow, Scott Wheeler, Lee Ann Wolf.

GRADE 11: Holly Backo, Brian Boughton, Sarah Bucci, Brian Buzzell, Tracy Cicon, Elizabeth Cotter, Stephen Dibble, John Guay, Amanda Hadlick, Amber Hurlburt, Frederick Janson, Anthony Jumper, Marlena Price, Ashley Skiba, Jordan Tingley, Shasta Treadway, Lori Wade, Adam Wademan, Bobbi Jo Weeks, Samuel Whitney, Mary Winter, Jason Zawisky.

GRADE 10: Rachael Ballard, Jessica Briar, Kara Culnane, Ryan Dubas, Benjamin Frye, Brandan Glover, Olivia Lesser, John Mann, Laura Plant, Theresa Pohorence, Shawn Reed, Melanie Stark, Kelliann Walsh, Ashley Westbrook, Sean Wolf.

GRADE 9: Daniel Brinton, Anthony Brown, Heather Conroy, Zack Panneypacker, Casey Phetmoungkhoune, Allen Russell, Stephen Sicovitch, Alexander Troup, Julia Wallace, Marissa Weidow.

GRADE 8: Jeremy Boerner, Wendy Bohannan, Britney Cross, Andrew David, Joshua Depew, Joshua Fisk, Amber Gaffey, James Golden, Francis Lake, Sean Lawson, Cody Norris, Brian Norton, Caitlin Piercy, Nicole Ransbottom, Kimberly Seamans, Deanna Stone, Brant Thomas, Michael Walsh.

GRADE 7: Julian Andujar, Amanda Depew, Daniel Gall, Shannon Hugaboom, Vincent Lake, Lucas Marion, Ashley Repa, Justin Ross, Danielle Roy, Casi Wescott, Chelsea Wesolowski, Jamie White, Cynthia Williams, Megan Zappe.

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Travis Hoadley In National Competition

Travis David Hoadley, a Mountain View High School senior, has been nominated to compete in the national Principal’s Leadership Award (PLA) scholarship program, sponsored by the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP).

L. Colin Furneaux, principal, Mountain View High School, announced the nomination, which places Travis in the national competition. One hundred fifty national PLA winners will be chosen this spring to receive $1,000 college scholarships.

While at Mountain View High School, Travis has been sophomore class president, Student Council officer including vice president as a junior and currently president, National Honor Society vice president and president, and chairperson of many charitable and school related committees. Next fall, Travis plans to attend college to study English, business, communications.

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