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Gold From God's Word
Angel Beginnings To Host Open House
Holy Name Of Mary Confirms Members
New Youth Pastor At Bridgewater Baptist
Chamber Singers To Be In Montrose
Ladies Christmas Tea
Christmas Cantata At Thompson UMC


This week's "gold nugget" comes from I Samuel 3:1. In that verse it says,"....And the word of the Lord was precious in those days...."

Some time ago an original Gutenberg Bible was sold at an auction. It was one of the few, fully intact Gutenberg Bibles left. It was purchased for a library in Germany. The sale price? Two million!

Is the value of the Bible found in its antiquity? That particular copy has value because of its history and age. But really, the Word of God is valuable whether printed on cheap paper with a paper back or rare leather with gold etching. For the value of the Bible does not rest on the mechanics, skill, or age of it's printing but rather it's value lies in its content.

The Bible is God's Word. Through it we have record of man's experience with God and the acts of God himself. Its principles, commands, and teachings though set in culture and time, transcend time and guide life, regardless of time. It's only through the Bible that we have definite answers to life's four great questions: 1. Who am I?, 2. How did I get here? 3. What is my purpose? and 4. Where am I going? It's through the Bible we find how to obtain eternal life through repentance of sin and faith in the blood of Christ. It is through the Bible we find God's will on all the issues and directions of life.

The Bible is a mighty valuable book indeed. That was proven by the Gutenberg Bible. But its real value has been proven, time and time again by its use in the lives of people and transformation that takes place as a result. I hope and pray that this generation would come to realize how right and "precious" the Word of God is, like the generation in the days of Samuel did!

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Angel Beginnings To Host Open House

Angel Beginnings Christian Learning Center, a ministry of the Montrose United Methodist Church, will be holding a dedication and open house on Saturday, November 16, from 9:00 a.m. to noon. All are invited to tour the classrooms and meet the staff: Phyllis Quinn is Director, assisted by Karen Morgan and Barbara Zeck. There will be a ribbon-cutting ceremony with local and district church leaders and representatives of the community at 10:00 a.m.

Angel Beginnings currently enrolls 51 preschool children in three sessions. For information about the Learning Center, call 278-3553.

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Holy Name Of Mary Confirms Members

On October 4, fifty-seven young people of Holy Name of Mary Parish, Montrose received the Sacrament of Confirmation from Auxiliary Bishop John Dougherty of the Diocese of Scranton and promised to live as adult members of the church. The celebration was the culmination of two years of preparation, which included studying the teachings of the church, participating in faith sharing groups and doing various service projects for the parish and the community. Mary Jo and Joseph Bayer served as Confirmation coordinators. Father Jim Nash is Pastor of Holy name of Mary.

Members of the class (pictured) are: Timothy Bartkus, Patrick Bayer, Floyd Beamer, Ian Blachek, Thomas Blachek, Dennis Brace, Christine Brown, Randi-Jo Brown, Ashley Burger, Elyse Burger, Lisa Chiarella, Tara Chiarella, Amber Cornell, Raelene Coy, Elysia Curry, Andrew Delaney, Jason Delaney, Damien Deliteris, Carrie Fischer, Miles Fischer, Sarah Golis, Caitlin Hackett, Sarah Horn, James Kane, Kayla Karpich, Kyle Karpich, Stefania Kloda, Nick LaBarbera, Mark LaRue, Dominick Lucenti, Katherine Lucenti, Dustin Mack, Michael McHale, John Moore, Jeffrey Oleniacz, Nathan Oleniacz, Robert O’Malley, Michelle Reagen, Emily Rechlicz, Johanna Reed, Janelle Rounds, Garrett Schneider, Ethan Schumacher, Jonathan Short, Timothy Smith, Rachel Sokoloski, Nicholas Staats, Spenser Stoud, Christopher Strohl, Jessica Strohl, Jeremy Truckenbrod, Joseph Truckenbrod, Katherine Turner, Monica Turner, Amanda Vaccaro and Christopher Welch.

Nicholas Stoud, a member of the class, was confirmed at St. Martin of Tours, Jackson on October 22 and Lecey Wells was confirmed through RCIA. Nancy Jean Arbosheski is an adult member of the class.

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New Youth Pastor At Bridgewater Baptist

The members of the Bridgewater Baptist Church extended a call to Donald Fenner IV as their Associate Pastor of Youth on Wednesday, October 9. Don was able to quickly move to his new residence at 4 Chestnut St., Montrose, with wife, Chantell and sons, Ethan and Zackary, and assume his new work with keen interest and uncontainable excitement and enthusiasm.

Pictured (l-r) are Zackary, Chantell, Pastor Don and Ethan Fenner.

Don has a BS in Bible with a Youth pastorate major from Baptist Bible College, Clarks Summit, where he was a leader of the King’s Players (a traveling drama team) and a member of the BBC Wind Ensemble. He did his Youth Internship at Grace Baptist Church of Marion, NY, and served as Youth Pastor at the Berean Baptist Church of Duncansville, PA.

Bridgewater Baptist Church of Montrose has been located on the same corner of Church and Spruce Streets for nearly 200 years, worshipping together in the love of Christ, encouraging believers, and sharing the hope of Christ with the community and the world. Sr. Pastor Jeffrey Taylor and the congregation gladly welcome visitors to all services. For more information on services and activities, call the church office, 278-2352.

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Chamber Singers To Be In Montrose

The Chamber Singers of Baptist Bible College, Clarks Summit, will minister through music on Sunday, November 17, 6:00 p.m. at the Bridgewater Baptist Church, Montrose. This elite group of singers performs a broad variety of music, ranging from sacred to contemporary Christian selections, and is directed by Dr. David Harris, Associate Professor of Music at BBC. They have traveled throughout the United States and ministered in Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, and Jamaica.

The public is encouraged to attend this special concert by the Chamber Singers, for which there is no charge. A freewill offering will be taken for Baptist Bible College. For more information, call 278-2352.

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Ladies Christmas Tea

During the Christmas season, the pace of life seems to speed up. All ladies are welcome to come to the Ladies Christmas Tea for a time of "Abiding Peace" on Tuesday afternoon, December 3, at Montrose Bible Conference Dreyer Lodge, 5 Locust St., Montrose.

A program of Christmas music, drama, and devotional message by Patti Souder is planned for 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. and baby sitting is available. Light refreshments will be served. Reservations may be made by contacting (570)278-1001 or (800)598-5030.

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Christmas Cantata At Thompson UMC

"O come all ye faithful – and year after year the faithful came; sadly, longingly, to the dark, cold months of winter without a sign that God was about to fulfill the promise of the prophets. Year after year they tried to remain strong in their faith of deliverance, waiting, waiting for the peace, worshipping God in freedom and joy."

"O come all ye faithful" is the lead carol in a musical to be performed at Thompson United Methodist Church on December 1. The musical, entitled, "Touched by a Child, Touched by a King" is written by John Purifoy. The text is written by Geoff and Neil Lorenz.

Impresario Brenda Potter will pick up her conductor’s baton at precisely 3:00 p.m. Linda Chesnick will glide her fingers across the keyboard and the audience will be treated to a four-part harmony which is unparalleled anywhere at that time and that date.

The angels have been practicing and they are on pitch. The choir is comprised of individuals from many denominations. It’s worth attending just to see the aura around their heads. The music is outstanding.

After singing "O Come All Ye Faithful" the choir will sing, "Touched by a Child, Touched by a King," followed by "Rejoice, Rejoice, All People," "Run Shepherds, Run," "I Was Touched, and I Believe," "The Truth and the Light," "Light of the World," and "Angels’ Song."

Narrators are Pastor John F. Grove of the Starrucca and Herrick Center Baptist Churches and Pastor Brian Lucas of the Thompson United Methodist Charge.

How fast the year went by. It’s hard to grasp that Christmas is upon us. Wouldn’t it be a wonderful way to start the "Season of Giving" by receiving this most precious gift? It sort of puts everything into perspective. For those of you who attend the Cantata each year, we’ll have the seats warmed up for you and there’s always room for a friend. For those of you who believe you have lost contact with the "real" spirit of Christmas, there will be plenty of warm seats and more importantly, warm hearts for you. The Cantata is free and brought to you by people who love to do it. Amen.

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