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All members of the Susquehanna Community School District board were present at their October 16 meeting, with the exception of Terry Carpenter.

Several items on the agenda were approved; the minutes of September 28 meeting; the food service report; and the athletic and activity fund reports. One item on the treasurer’s report, regarding an item dealing with class reduction, brought some questions from board member Jack Downton. Superintendent Stracka explained that recent CPR/AD training that had been provided to district personnel had been partially financed (15%) through class reduction funding. Mr. Downton had some questions about another item, tuition to the University of Scranton, but there was no (faculty member’s) name listed. Mr. Stracka said that they were tuition reimbursements; business manager Ray Testa added that some faculty members pay tuition directly to the school and are reimbursed. Mr. Downton requested that future reports include the name of the faculty member involved, "to show where the money is going." Another question from Mr. Downton was in regard to workmen’s comp; hadn’t it been said previously that it was for school board members? Mr. Testa responded that the item is the monthly bill for all of the district’s employees. Mr. Stracka added that it has nothing to do with school board members. When a vote was taken on the report, Mr. Downton voted no; all other members voted to accept.

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Mt. View Projections Presented

With the exception of Ordie Price, all members of the Mountain View School Board were present at the October 14 meeting. John Halupke chaired the meeting in Price’s place. Halupke was authorized to sign checks or vouchers for the payment of current expenses and salaries in the absence of Price from October 7 through November 8, as pursuant to Title 24 of the PA School Code, section 4-428.

Tom Salansky gave the Treasurer report from the information he was provided. Part of the report was not available, as the computers had been down and it could not be printed out.

Kevin M. Griffiths, Finance Committee Chairman, presented disbursement reports and a list of bills for board approval including project cost payments. He presented and received approval on a motion to appoint Esquires William W. Warren, Jr., and Joel C. Hopkins as special counsel. The matters concerning these appointments will be shared with the public in the future.

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