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These Are My Opinions

I am a resident of Thompson Borough, and I have some concerns about the council; why do they try to pass new ordinances when the old ones don’t hold up in court – for whatever reason there is. Why spend taxpayers’ dollars, when the job on the ordinances are not being done right the first time. Council should be asking the borough solicitor why these ordinances are not working. If I was working for someone and I was not doing my job properly, I would have been pink-slipped a long time ago. Just because someone has been paid by the borough for years, doesn’t mean that they should not be held accountable for their actions. If the ordinances are not right, then maybe it’s time to hold the solicitor accountable for his actions; it is no one else’s fault that these ordinances are not working.

To all the taxpayers that are concerned that the police officer is not doing his job, how can he if he does not have the ordinances to back him up?

There are some that are concerned about speeding; it’s a very good concern, which I myself share. The officer is in town catching speeders, because my husband (Mayor Delaney) has gone with him numerous times to stop speeders, and I have seen him (the officer) myself. It is unfortunate that he cannot be in town at all times to stop the speeders. The mayor has asked council, several times (since he took office in January) to hire a part-time police officer to help stop speeders, and council (as of yet) has not done anything with this request. Everyone wants him to come down when they call him (and I was of this frame of mind until found out all he does); he is not just our police officer. In addition, he is the police officer for Ararat, and council wants him to be a codes enforcement officer, stop speeders and be an animal control officer. For the amount of money they pay him, I would not do it. Yes, these are his many jobs, and he does them. People can’t expect him to be everywhere.

So the taxpayers want him to stop speeders – well, urge the council members to take the initiative and hire a part-time police officer to help stop speeders, because in this day and age having two officers to stop speeders is safer. Remember the policeman who was shot, just because he wanted to talk to some kids he stopped. Please don’t think that our nice little town is exempt from all the atrocities that are happening in our own country, because it’s not. Would you want your husbands, or wives to stop a speeder alone, regardless of whether it was his or her job? Think about it.

The people that are not happy that our police officer is not doing his job. But, if you would look around he has been in town a lot more than in previous years. When we had all the robberies in town (which the investigation is continuing), he has put more hours into this investigation than most council members put into their terms. If the people think that he’s not doing his job, then they should walk a mile in his shoes. Then, I think they would feel differently.

By the way, the opinions that are in this letter are mine and may or may not be shared by the mayor.


Marel A. Delaney

Thompson Taxpayer and Business Owner

Why Was It Edited?

This is in reference to my letter that was printed in the Transcript last week. Almost every week, you see letters in this paper referring to specific people, and they get printed that way. In my letter, the Editor chose to omit parts of it and change some of my wording.

One resident in this town blamed my husband for not fixing this town’s sewer problem, twenty years ago, along with several other things. If he read my letter, he knows I was talking to him.

Unfortunately, because this paper chose to leave out his name – and in one section replaced (you) with (some), it sounds like I am talking about everyone in this town. That was not the intent, and I apologize to anyone who took it that way.

For the individual, however, actions speak louder than words. You are still invited to take his (my husband’s) place.


Anita Price

Thompson, PA

EDITOR’S NOTE: Anita, it is not this publication’s policy to print names of people in Letters to the Editor, unless they are to accompany "positive" writings. I feel quite confident your Thompson masses knew exactly whom you were referring to, without resorting to the same level you profess to contend. We appreciate "all" Letters to the Editor, all I ask is for our readers to appreciate my reservation to edit, or completely refuse any and all of the same.

Many Visitors Attended

The sixth annual Artists’ Open House Weekend was held during the Columbus Day weekend in Susquehanna County. Many visitors from out of the area as well as local residents attended. It encourages appreciation of the visual arts and allows people to know what Susquehanna County has to offer.

It was our privilege to be able to be able to display our paintings in the CASS (Center for Anti Slavery Studies) House, on Church Street in Montrose. The building provides an excellent place for an event such as this. The historical architecture compliments our art and allows people to enjoy both at the same time.

We appreciate what CASS is doing to preserve this historical Susquehanna County structure. The house was owned by Francis Blake Chandler, a merchant and abolitionist who maintained ownership during the under ground railroad movement. Rumor indicates that this was an under ground railroad site. The organization and volunteers have done a lot of work to preserve this great building and educate the people about the history of the area. The task has just begun and if anyone would like to donate time or financial aid to continue this worthwhile project, call Tom Wooden at 278-3198.

We would like to thank our faithful sponsors and all that attended the Artists’ Open House Weekend.

Rita Eddy, Chris Lathrop, Maureen VanNostrand

Montrose, PA

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Letters To The Editor MUST BE SIGNED. They MUST INCLUDE a phone number for "daytime" contact. Letters MUST BE CONFIRMED VERBALLY with the author, before printing. At that time you may request to withhold your name. Letters should be as concise as possible, to keep both ReaderÔs and Editor's interest alike. Your opinions are important to us, but you must follow these guidelines to help assure their publishing.

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