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Blue Ridge Elementary Citizens of the Month
Ecuador Student To Attend Elk Lake
SCSD Twice Cited For Achievements

Blue Ridge Elementary Citizens Of The Month

Following is a list of September, 2002 Blue Ridge Elementary School Citizens of the Month.

KINDERGARTEN: Mrs. Glezen - Jessika Pagano, Mrs. Johnson - Cayli Allen, Mrs. Rhone - Erin Hoyt, Mrs. Small - Katherine Kempa, Mrs. Whitehead - Kyanna Gong.

GRADE 1: Mrs. Button - Sarah Yarosh, Miss Felici - Brittany Welch, Mrs. Revie - Craig Monks, Mrs. Roe - Devon Randall.

GRADE 2: Mrs. Bistocchi - Jessica Jhingoor, Mrs. Hepler - Joseph Phillips, Mrs. Theophila - Allison Coller, Mrs. Yurgosky - Michelle Moser.

GRADE 3: Mrs. Berger - Shannon O’Neill, Mrs. Harter - Brittany Tangora, Mrs. Kelly - Amber Shibley, Miss Pease - Ethan Mansfield.

GRADE 4: Mrs. Bartkus - Emily Guinan, Miss Daniels - Courtney Ucci, Mr. Goff - Eric Onyon, Mr. Jones - Marissa Kotar, Mrs. Mackachinas - Kaitlyn Krug.

GRADE 5: Mrs. Buffington - Shayna Hettinger, Mrs. Chamberlain - Skylar Thorn, Mr. Mazikewich - Tara Doubrava, Mrs. Wolfe - Courtney Collins, Mrs. Zelkowitz - Scott Sienko.

Mrs. Bleck - Samantha Aldrich.

Mrs. Heal - Katelyn Chase.

Mrs. Suchy - Logan Luce.

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Ecuador Student To Attend Elk Lake

Alexandra Barba of Cuenca, Ecuador, a P.E.A.C.E. student ambassador, will be spending the 2002-03 academic year attending Elk Lake High School and living with a local host family, William and Sandra Post, of Rushville. Alexandra’s main interests are bike riding and skating. Other interests include listening to music, reading and watching movies as well as studying English.

P.E.A.C.E. (ProAmerican Educational And Cultural Exchange) is a Christian-oriented nonprofit exchange student program with US State Department designation specializing in US-Latin American placements.

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SCSD Twice Cited For Achievements

The Scranton Tribune recently reported that the Susquehanna Community School District has received two favorable educational rankings. The Sunday, June 17 edition of the paper contained a study comparing the potential of a school with the actual performance of that school. Thirteen variables, including test scores, instructional spending per student, socioeconomic factors, and attendance were evaluated at each school to determine the potential of the district students. A follow-up study of statistics revealed the actual performance of those students. The Susquehanna District showed itself to be performing at a level high above its predicted potential. The Susquehanna Community School District ranked second of the thirty-seven schools ranked. Montrose Area School District, another Susquehanna district, ranked first. Also, the September 25 edition of the Scranton Times/Tribune featured a front-page comparison of the SAT scores of the 37 schools. SCHS was ranked in the top ten of the schools involved in the comparison.

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