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To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Jason Jellick and I am a 1999 graduate of Montrose Area High School in my final year of study at East Stroudsburg University in northeastern Pennsylvania. I am writing to you because I have just discovered a wonderful opportunity for an overseas experience that is bound to change my life, as well as others.

Cross-Cultural Solutions, a nonprofit volunteer organization, has established a program that places participants in countries such as India, Ghana and Peru for a variety of humanitarian projects. The ultimate goal of CCS is to empower others and promote international understanding through direct people-to-people interaction. My placement will focus on documenting the interaction of volunteers among the citizens of Ghana and how they affect one another.

The fee for this three week program totals $1945.00 and does not include airfare to Ghana. Since all volunteers are responsible for covering their own expenses, I am in need of financial assistance, which I hope you can help provide. If you choose to lend your support to this cause, you’ll be pleased to know that all donations are tax-deductible in the US.

Donations can be sent to: Community Bank & Trust, 61 Church St., Montrose PA, 18801. Should you have any questions or concerns about the volunteer program, please call me at (570) 422-4455, or Cross-Cultural Solutions at (800) 380-4777, respectively.

Your support, as well as that of any of your friends who might be interested in endorsing my endeavor, would be greatly appreciated. I look forward to sharing this extraordinary experience with everyone upon my return.

Thank you in advance.


Jason R. Jellick

Montrose, PA

The Influence Of Lou

I could start and almost use the same words that Chuck Ficarro used as to how I feel about what Lou Parrillo did for me. My husband and I moved here, from New York as complete strangers to everyone in 1965. We went to Church and met a few folks, and in 1967 I joined a local group of ladies who needed a spare bridge hand. That led to another, larger organization – an arm of the Federation of Women’s Clubs.

During a meeting, the need for a money-making project came up that would be different. Each member made suggestions. After I’d kept quiet (as a newcomer should), I suggested an art show – dead silence – until someone said, "What’s an art show?"

To make a long story short, I had put my foot in my mouth and ended up as a chairperson! I didn’t even know where to start! I knew I had been to some in New York that had been fun, and people were selling their stuff. The ladies said they would all help, but I couldn’t think of what to tell them they would need to do!

Of course, everyone knows you have to advertise. Here is where Lou comes into the picture; who else? I told him my story, from being an alien to the area, the fact I didn’t have the nerve to ask people to do things, and I had a poor image of my capabilities. He saved me from taking the next bus to "Timbuktu." He gave me names of people who might be interested and who knew how to organize – Leonard and Mary Rose Kello, Isabelle Parks, Warren Hullow and many, many others.

Plans kept getting bigger and bigger, and I gained more than I had ever learned in school or growing up! I gained a confidence in myself and in others that I never knew I had. Lou’s influence and help never let up. He taught me the gift of imagination, how to arouse a curiosity about trying something new or different, to get others involved and feel a real part, individually, in a new project. I began to love what I was doing, to enjoy meeting and getting to know new people, learning things I would never have learned if I had stayed in New York. I lost the fear of moving beyond where I was and what I could do, thanks to Lou.

My adventure in life opened a whole new world for me. It opened many doors and gave me the courage to face adversities that I would never have had the courage to face. These lessons, I learned from Lou and appreciate the time he gave me out of his busy life.

If I could tell you of all that has happened since I was lucky enough to have had the influence of Lou’s character, experience, love of (even) the aliens from New York and surprised recognition in a parking lot at the Barnes-Kasson Hospital, 35 years later, it would take thousands of words!

Were it within my power, Lou, I think that first art show in Susquehanna with its (over) 100 exhibitors along Main Street would have been dedicated to you. Just consider how many artists are now in this area and how many kids are gaining recognition outside this area. A big part of all this is due to your influence, Lou.

Susquehanna should be very grateful for all you have given, to all of us.

Bless you, Lou.


J. L.

To The Unknown Lady

A great big "THANK YOU" to the unknown lady in the New Milford Post Office and the postal workers there. One day last week I left my wallet with my drivers license and all my important papers on the counter. This lady turned it into the post master and it was returned to me.

Thank you all so much. It is so great to know that there are great people in this world.


Alyce Wilmot

New Milford, PA

One Missing Testimonial

To "Mr. NewsBeat,"

The pen will always write,

You know the ink will never dry,

As the wheels in the brain

Will always be turning,

The news forever burning,

On the notepad by his side.

He keeps us up to date,

With the latest in our state,

A news reporter he’ll always be,

The best in the business is he.

Through the years he’s been a friend to all,

He’s an equal opportunity fellow,

A better one we’ll never see.

"Congratulations old friend,"

Thanks, for all you ever did for me.


Dorothy A. Holmes

Susquehanna, PA

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