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Gold From God's Word
Bishop Dedicates Local Pro-Life Monument
Rachael's Vineyard Plans Retreat
Ladies Night Out!


This week's "gold nugget" from God's Word comes from Isaiah 40:28 which says, "Hast thou not known? hast thou not heard, that the everlasting God, the LORD, the creator of the ends of the earth, fainteth not, neither is weary? There is no searching of His understanding."

There is a lot that could be said in this verse but I want to park on that last statement, "there is no searching of His understanding." That simply means that God is all knowing, and we can't, as humans, comprehend this divine aspect of God's nature nor the vast knowledge that He holds. But of all that God knows I can think of at six things that he has "chosen" not to know! Do I have your curiosity?

Good, because here they are. God has chosen not to know: 1. A sinner he doesn't love. No matter who you are and what you've done, you always can fall back on the fact that God loves you and demonstrated this by sacrificing His own Son so you may have eternal life. 2. A sin he doesn't hate. A gardener can't love his vegetables without hating weeds! Though God loves the person He hates the sin that keeps you from his presence. 3. A sweeter place than Heaven. Though anywhere with Jesus is "Heaven," the place is described for us in Rev.#21 so as the saying goes, "you ain't see nothing yet." 4. A more horrible place than hell. Though Jesus certainly talked about Heaven he actually spoke more on the subject of hell. Mark chapter 9 is a good example of this. Though people like to dismiss this thought it is non the less real. He spoke of it to warn all who would reject Christ as their personal savior, as their final destiny as payment for sin. His love provided a way out through His son, but if it's rejected justice must be satisfied. 5. Another way to Heaven than through His Son Jesus. Jesus himself said in John 14:6, "I am the way,the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father but by me." It's not a denomination or good works that save you but the person of the Lord Jesus Christ. And finally, 6. A better time than now to accept Jesus Christ as savior. No one is promised tomorrow, so if your eternal destination isn't settled yet than there is not a better time to trust Christ than today! It is something a hundred years from now you'll never regret ! Have a great week!

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Bishop Dedicates Local Pro-Life Monument

Knights of Columbus Council 3255 and Holy Name of Mary Church, Montrose, recently welcomed Bishop M. Dougherty to the dedication of a Pro-Life monument erected on the grounds of the parish hall. Attending the dedication were Knights from Assembly 1520, which includes Great Bend, Forest City, Carbondale and Mayfield.

The memorial bench was a special project of the local Father John J. O’Reilly Council, Knights of Columbus and is inscribed: "Every human life has its origin in the heart of God." Council Grand Knight Ken Janoski explained that the council wanted the memorial to reflect recognition of the sanctity of life, from conception to natural death.

As he dedicated the monument, Bishop Dougherty said, "We commit ourselves to be witnesses to life at all stages." Father James Nash invited all to use the memorial bench for prayer, solace and meditation.

Knights of Columbus Council 3255 meets on the second Wednesday of the month, following 7 p.m. Mass in the Grace Room of Holy Name of Mary Church, Montrose.

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Rachael’s Vineyard Plans Retreat

Theresa Karminski Burke, Ph.D. and her husband Kevin Burke, M.S.W., founded Rachael’s Vineyard in 1994. In 1986 Theresa had started the first therapeutic support group for post aborted women with the founding of The Center for Post Abortion Healing which, in 1995, was expanded into a format for weekend retreats.

Rachael’s Vineyard Ministries (, a division of American Life League, Inc. will hold a retreat in our area for women who are troubled by a decision to abort. Some women experience post-abortion syndrome, a sense of depression and anxiety that can last a lifetime. Common signs of post-abortion syndrome are extended grief and heartache over the procedure and feelings of loss and victimization. Many have problems processing the trauma and deny or repress her thoughts and feelings. When a traumatic abortion experience is not acknowledged, a psychological barrier is erected and an emotional toxicity is perpetrated. In addition to denial and avoidance, a woman may experience numbing, amnesia, phobic responses and interpersonal distancing. Other symptoms of post abortion syndrome include guilt feelings, dreams and nightmares about the baby, flashbacks of the abortion, remorse, low self-esteem, sexual coldness, abuse of alcohol and/or drugs, promiscuity, depression and a withdrawal from their church.

The upcoming retreat, which will be held at St. Gabriel’s Retreat Center, Clark Summit November 1 – 3, will be focused on emotional and spiritual healing, helping the women to forgive themselves as well as accepting forgiveness from God. The retreat is private and available to any man or woman grieving an abortion. Lodging and meals are provided. Participants are asked to contribute only what they can afford toward the actual cost of the weekend. For more information or a registration form you may call 570 756-2915 or 570 207-2228.

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Ladies Night Out!

A very special evening program will be held at Montrose Bible Conference on November 12. This "Ladies Night Out", with a theme of Abundant Joy, will provide a refreshing break from normal busy schedules.

Dinner will be served at 6:00 pm in Dreyer Lodge Tea Room and after the meal Carrie Brush, vocal soloist, will be in concert. The program will conclude at 8:00 pm. Childcare is available (feed children before arrival please). Reservations requested.

The registration desk will open at 5:30. Contact Montrose Bible Conference at (570) 278-1001 or 1-800-598-5030 for reservations.

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