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B/R Organizes To End The Year
By Ted Brewster

State law requires school boards to organize themselves in December of each year. This year one couldn’t properly say that Blue Ridge re-organized its Board of Directors, although they went through the motions.

First, Joel Whitehead was elected temporary president, to preside over the election of officers for the next calendar year. And he did a fine job, soliciting nominations, accepting motions, and hearing votes. In the end, of course, nothing changed. There was only one nominee for each of president and vice president, and they were the same as they have been: Alan Hall remains president, and Christina Cosmello remains vice president.

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Oaklands Unite To Form Police Dept.

Oakland Township has been contracting police services from Oakland Boro for several months, and the two entities have begun talks to form a consolidated police department. Mayor Randy Glover was not at the December 9 Oakland Boro Council meeting, but councilman Tom Kubus reported that the two municipalities have been meeting on the second Tuesday of each month at 6:00 at the Oakland Township building to discuss the particulars. Mr. Kubus said that residents of both municipalities are welcome to attend, and are encouraged to. The discussions included entering into a ten-year contract, which can be canceled if both parties agree. Mr. Kubus said that the contract would ensure that neither municipality be left hanging in the event that (only) one chose to withdraw. The contract could be canceled if both parties agree, and does include provisions for renewal over the ten-year span. Coverage for each municipality will be based on that municipality’s financial contribution to the department.

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