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AAA Cautions Area Seniors
Theatrical Alliance Honors EMTC
CEndless Mts. Calendar Of Events Realeased
Endless Mt. Poultry Association Update
Extreme Makeover At Pratt Memorial Library
"Faces Of Hope" Detail Victims' Anguish, Courage
Susky Easter Egg Hunt A Success
Sea Scout Ship 90 Winter Activities
Spencer Sisters Receive Silver Anchor Awards


AAA Cautions Area Seniors

The Area Agency on Aging has been apprised of two related telephone scams in our local area. Older persons have received telephone calls from an individual proclaiming to be a family member in a crisis/emergency situation and needing money wired to an account. In both incidents the caller has claimed the emergency/accident has occurred in Canada. The caller knows the name of the family member that is allegedly in trouble and also the name of the family member he/she is contacting to have the money wired.

The Area Agency on Aging would like to caution older individuals of the potential for illegitimate scams. Don’t give out personal information on the telephone, through the mail, or over the Internet unless you have initiated the contact or are sure you know who you are dealing with. Before you divulge any personal information, confirm that you are dealing with a legitimate representative of a legitimate organization.

For more information on services available, contact the Area Agency on Aging at 570-723-0935 or 1-800-822-6793 (toll free).

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Theatrical Alliance Honors EMTC

The Endless Mountains Theatre Company proudly brought home 8 NEPTA Awards, the local equivalent of the Tony Awards, for the 2009 season from the Annual NEPTA Awards Dinner on Saturday, April 10.

The awards received are (for "Gypsy") Best Musical, Best Overall Production, Emily Guinan for Best Supporting Actress in a musical, Christina Stango for Best Lead Actress in a musical, Bobbie Jo Kelsey for Best Choreographer, Amy Zakarauskas for Best Music Director, Alex Creamer for Best Juvenile Actress. For "The Maltese Bodkin," Richard Hutchins brought home the award for Best Supporting Actor in a comedy.

NEPTA is the Northeastern Pennsylvania Theatrical Alliance and this annual event, held every spring, highlights and honors the best of the best in Community Theatre.

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Endless Mts. Calendar Of Events Released

TUNKHANNOCK PA - The Endless Mountains Visitors Bureau 2010 Spring-Summer Calendar of Events brochure is now available.

The calendar covers events held April 1 through September 30. It includes a wide range of community events such as open houses, suppers, art and craft shows, and fairs and festivals in the Endless Mountains Region of Northeastern Pennsylvania.

The calendar brochure is available at the Endless Mountains Visitors Bureau office, 4 Werks Plaza, Rte. 6 East, Tunkhannock; and area businesses that are members of the visitors bureau.

A complete listing of events can also be found on the visitors bureau website ( Not only can anyone view all the events going on in the Endless Mountains Region, but non-profit and community organizations located in the four counties can submit their events for publication. The easy-to-follow instructions on the bureau’s website will guide the user through the online form, which can be found on the events page.

The Endless Mountains Visitors Bureau is the designated tourism promotion agency for Bradford, Sullivan, Susquehanna and Wyoming counties. The bureau promotes the region as a whole, concentrating its efforts outside the four-county region to draw potential visitors into the area for a memorable vacation, while at the same time, boosting the local economy.

To receive a copy of the calendar or the 2010 Endless Mountains Visitors Guide, stop by the visitors bureau in Tunkhannock or contact the bureau at 1-800-769-8999, 570-836-5431 or

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Extreme Makeover At Pratt Memorial Library
Submitted By Nancy Van Cott, Vice President, Pratt Memorial Library Board of Directors

Extreme makeovers and clean-sweeps are all the rage on television. In New Milford, the Pratt Memorial Library has recently had a makeover and a clean-sweep. Last spring, the Library Board of Directors hired Laura Van Cott, a senior Library Science major at Kutztown University, to revamp the library. First Ms. Van Cott weeded the shelves of old and out-dated books. Then she entered the entire collection - from young children’s picture books to adult books - into a computer program called ResourceMate. After many hours of work by Ms. Van Cott, the library is now fully computerized. Having the entire collection of over 8,000 items on the computer enables patrons to search for books by title, author, or subject. Another aspect of the makeover was a new young adult room created by Ms. Van Cott, as well as brighter décor for the children’s area. Changes were also made to the adult sections, such as adding new signs and reorganizing the fiction and non-fiction sections.

Laura Van Cott in the children's section at Pratt Memorial Library.

Another new asset at Pratt Memorial Library is easier parking. Last year the Library Board was able to purchase an empty lot next door and turn it into a convenient parking lot. A handicap entrance is available on the side of the building for those who cannot enter through the steps at the main entrance. Two computers are available for the public to use, as well as wireless internet. From bestsellers and classics, local history and local author sections, audio books and magazines, there is something for everyone at the library. Ms. Van Cott also created a new library website. Patrons can check the website ( for directions to the library, library hours, newly added books, and upcoming events; or they can call the library at 465-3098.

When you drive down Main Street in New Milford, watch for the “Open” flag at the Pratt Memorial Library. When you see it, stop in and enjoy the results of the “makeover.” The library is 107 years old but with all the recent improvements, you would never know it!

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"Faces Of Hope" Detail Victims' Anguish, Courage
Submitted By Susan E. Gesford

The Women's Resource Center of Susquehanna County and Susquehanna County Alliance of Faith and Advocacy hosted "Faces of Hope," an expressive art project by victims of sexual assault and their families, on April 12, at Montrose United Methodist Church.

Pastor Jane Pykus welcomed over 35 attendees. She stated why the United Methodist Church provided the setting for the annual event during April - Sexual Assault Awareness Month. "It is part of our mission to be bridges of hope until the life and voice of every child, woman and man is respected."

On display were masks created by victims of sexual assault in the county in the past. Alongside the masks were original poetry. The masks represent the hurt, pain, and most importantly the healing of the victims. One mother had written, "I portray happiness even though the ugliness of my daughter's abuse is an ongoing pain."

Counselors overseeing the project stated how interesting it was to see what colors the creators used, what they symbolized and how the healing began with this expressive step.

Guest speaker was Mary Alice Hawley, speaking about the "Healing Journey." Hawley provides counseling to victims of rape and sexual assault. "It's awesome to see these masks," she said. "What they are is courage, making people able to touch the spirit within that helps them live through the healing journey," she said.

Hawley also detailed how the brain responds to assault. The thinking part of the brain takes a back seat to the survival instinct. The reactions victims have are normal responses to abnormal behavior. Later, the thinking brain takes over again, constantly reviewing what happened and questioning the victim's decisions.

"Victims start to believe the brain's critical messages. But they don't have to. They need to tell the thinking brain they did not ask for, deserve or cause the abuse." she stated. The healing process can be long, clouded by guilt, worry and fear. And that's why counseling is so important.

After survivors spoke about their art work and experiences, a candlelight vigil was held. Father Paul Walker of St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Montrose added some closing remarks.

The statistics on sexual assault remain daunting. One in every six boys will be sexually assaulted by age 18. One in three women will be raped during their lifetime. If you or someone you love is being hurt, please call the Women's Resource Center at (570) 278-1800 or 1-800-257-5765.

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Susky Easter Egg Hunt A Success

The 2nd Annual Easter Egg Hunt, sponsored by the SCDA Hometown Days Committee, Soldiers of Charity, Legion Riders and Susquehanna Parks and Rec., was well attended on Saturday, March 27, despite the cold temperatures. This year’s hunt had 5,000 eggs and each child received a bag of candy, plus the Soldiers of Charity and the Legion Riders gave out hot chocolate, coffee, donuts and cookies. The Easter Bunny arrived at 11 a.m. sharp on the Susquehanna fire truck and he brought his friend Sparky along with him. The children and parents gave them a big welcome and took lots of pictures with both. Everyone left with full baskets and lots of candy. Thanks are extended to all who helped the Easter Bunny fill and place all the eggs and those who gave monetary donations. See you all next year!

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Sea Scout Ship 90 Winter Activities
Submitted By Ron Hall, Sea Scout Commodore

In January, Skipper Chuck Jaget and five sea scouts attended the North-East Region Sea Scout Training held at Camp Round Meadow, MD. This was intense training on sea scout advancement requirements in seamanship and nautical skills. In addition to the training, there was still time for a Saturday night dance, movies, basketball and a pizza party. Sea scouts attending were Bo-sun Mate Josh Warner, Chris Powers, Tiffany Spencer, Eric Potter and Zoe Gauthier.

In February, the Freedoms Foundation Conference took place at Valley Forge, PA. 100 Eagle Scouts, sea scout Quartermasters, and venturing scout Silver Awards participated in a four day program to learn about sacrifices made to establish and protect the ideals of a free society. In addition to discussions on current issues of citizenship, patriotism, leadership and heroism, the program included tours of Colonial Philadelphia and Valley Forge National Park. Quartermasters Christian and Austin Chludzinski represented Ship 90 at the conference.

In March, 14 sea scouts and officers represented Sea Scout Ship 90 at the 28th annual Northeast Region Sea Scout Bridge of Honor and Ball, held at the Holiday Inn, Bridgeport, NJ. At the formal Bridge of Honor, Northeast Regional Boatswain Jessica Gall was in charge of opening ceremonies. Jessica is a Quartermaster from Sea Scout Ship Eagle, Lewes, Delaware, and also and Honorary member of Ship 90, the North Star. Bo-sun Christian Chludzinski received the Sea Scout of the Year Award for Ship 90 and Skipper Chuck Jaget brought home the Regional Commodore’s Award for Ship 90’s crew! All of Ship 90’s Quartermasters and Silver Awards were also given recognition. After the Bridge of Honor, all the young ladies changed from sea scout uniforms into ball gowns for the ball that lasted until 1:00 a.m. Attending from Ship 90 were Quartermasters Dan and Jessica Gall, Austin and Christian Chludzinski; Sea Scouts Josh Warner, Tiffany and Trinity Spencer, Frankie Carr, Chris Powers, Zoe Gauthier, Jonathan Castelland; Skipper Chuck Jaget; and committee members Susan Gauthier and Stel Carr.

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Spencer Sisters Receive Silver Anchor Awards
Submitted By Ron Hall, Sea Scout Commodore

The Silver Anchor Award of Sea Scout Ship North Star, 90 is presented for the most active and dedicated sea scout for the year. Sisters Tiffany and Trinity Spencer of Hallstead, PA have earned that honor for 2009.

Tiffany and Trinity Spencer

They both have been sea scouts for three and a half years. Tiffany serves as Crew Leader and Trinity serves as Storekeeper. They both have sailed on 30 foot sailboats on the Delaware Bay. Trinity enjoys white water canoe trips on the Delaware River and Tiffany enjoys sailing on the 46 foot ketch rigged sailboat “Der PeLiKan” on the Chesapeake Bay.

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