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Giangrieco Questions Burn Ban
By Carole M. Canfield

Commissioner Michael Giangrieco abstained from voting for the Burning Ban Resolution #2010-03, at the March 24 Commissioners’ meeting.

According to the ban, “open burning is defined as the ignition and subsequent burning of any combustible material (garbage, leaves, grass, twigs, litter, paper, vegetable matter involved with land clearing, or any sort of debris) out of doors either in an a burn barrel or on the ground. The use of propane or gas stoves, charcoal briquette grills or use of tobacco in any form is not covered under this act. Campfires are allowed in fire rings that confine and contain the campfire in designated state, federal or Department of Environmental Protection licensed campgrounds.”

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Mt. View Considers Channel One
By Melinda Darrow

In 1995 the Mountain View school board had entertained the idea of contracting with the Channel One News service. At that time, Dr. Chichura advised against it, disapproving of the way students would be a captive audience during commercials. At the March 22 meeting Mr. Beamish presented the program to the board again, receiving a slightly warmer reception from the superintendent.

Channel One is a 12 minute current events related news program put on by teenagers for grades six through twelve. The program would have to be played for 90% of the students during 90% of the school year; so long as these conditions are met there would be no cost to the district. The company would install a dish on the high school roof, place one TV for every 20 students in the classrooms (up to 40 TVs), and network the classrooms. The promethean boards could also be networked, allowing for daily announcements or important events to some day play in the rooms as well. Mr. Griffis, Mr. Beamish explained, would also like to have some of his students do daily announcements via 1.5 to 2 minute segments of MVSD news. Out of the 12 minute program, he continued, only 2 minutes of the Channel One Broadcast would be comprised of carefully regulated commercials. He provided a list of February’s sponsors, which included ABC Family, the navy, and skin care products. The school already has a daily 12 minute homeroom period. Dr. Chichura spoke then, explaining his reasoning behind advising against it in the past. Times had changed, however, he said, and he was not sure that with pop up ads on computers etc. his concerns were valid anymore. The students were already exposed to it. In the end the board decided that it would review the DVD of the program provided, take the matter under advisement, and put it on the agenda for the next meeting.

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