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Harford Supers Monitor Sewage
Susky Accepts Bids
Moser Presents Flu Info

Gibson Barracks Report
Courthouse Report
MVSD Student “Heads Up”


Harford Supers Monitor Sewage
By Ted Brewster

For the past few months, Garry Foltz has been studying Harford Township’s 14-year-old sewer system, and pressing the system’s engineers and operators for better performance. At the last Supervisors’ meeting Mr. Foltz voted not to pay the township’s bills, honoring a pledge from the month before that he wouldn’t support paying the monthly $1,800 bill from the sewer system’s engineers until they met some of their obligations and most recent commitments.

At the Supervisors’ meeting on August 25, Mr. Foltz reported that the Supervisors themselves, he and Sue Furney, had undertaken to monitor the output of the sewer plant, particularly during the week of the Harford Fair. Ms. Furney had been inspecting the outflow every other day. During Fair week, Mr. Foltz collected water samples and evaluated the “product” at the Fair’s holding tank. There have been problems in past years during Fair week, and this year, said Mr. Foltz, “we really tried to stay on top of this.” He said he detected a strong odor of ammonia at the Fair’s holding tank, and would not permit further release to the sewer plant until results of lab tests on the samples are received.

Supervisors Terry VanGorden and Sue Furney said that animal waste, and water used to wash animals at the Fair grounds, does not enter the sewer system, but is disposed of in other ways.

Mr. Foltz is also concerned that many of the sewer system’s new-model pumps have already required replacing or rebuilding, each of which costs the sewer system $1,450.

With all of these issues, Mr. Foltz called for a meeting with the sewer system’s engineer, David Klepadlo. The township has already sent a letter to the firm, but the Supervisors would not disclose its contents.

Mr. Foltz also reported that the Supervisors are reviewing health insurance options for the township’s employees. They need to decide by September what plan to offer, and he said that the current provider has proposed a set of options that are “too confusing.” He said he would not quote figures; the “numbers … are all over the place.”

The barn that was threatening to collapse into Grinnell Road is being dismantled. The Supervisors had sent letters to the property owner asking that the barn be removed. Mr. Foltz said that the roof is gone, the barn has been cleaned out (leaving a stack of tires), and it looks like the wood is being collected for reuse.

He also announced the award of a grant to help fix a situation on Richardson Road that was a concern to the county. The township will have to come up with 25% of the cost, but the grant should provide $7,000-$9,000 to install a larger pipe with headwalls, to carry water under the road in a wetlands area (swamp). He said that other grant applications to the state are on hold, like most everything else, awaiting the resolution of the budget battles in Harrisburg.

In his road report, Roadmaster Terry VanGorden said that a washout at the junction of Pennay Hill Road and Payne Road was caused by someone - perhaps with good intentions - moving some dirt and gravel around in a way that disrupted water flow during a heavy storm. While the problem wasn’t caused by township road work, the township had to fix the problem.

The next meeting of the Harford Township Supervisors is scheduled for Tuesday, September 8, beginning at 7:00 p.m. at the township office on Route 547.

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Susky Accepts Bids

Two bids for paving of Erie Blvd. were opened by the Susquehanna Boro Council at their August 25 meeting. The lowest was submitted by Broome Bituminous, and a motion carried to accept it.

Mayor Reddon didn't have a report, other than to congratulate the Susquehanna Community School District for their status as most improved district in the state in AYP scores.

Under old business, council received a letter of agreement from the owner of the Capra building on Main St., accepting the boro's offer to purchase it for $1,000. Once the transaction is complete, bidding is expected to go out for its demolition, which is being funded through a grant.

The proposed ordinance regulating the use of “jake brakes” within the boro is tabled for the time being while further research is being done.

The employee handbook has been updated; copies are available for council members to review before it is adopted.

Ordinance 458, vacating the upper portion of Second Ave. had been duly advertised and a motion carried to proceed.

Research showed that the boro does own four parcels of land that Chesapeake Energy is interested in leasing; a motion carried to accept their offer, with the same addendums that had been used for the boro's lease with Cabot Oil, which is already in place.

Prices for fuel oil will be obtained for the coming heating season, as well as prices for a service contract for the boro building's heating system.

Mayor Reddon requested that council approve hiring of an additional police officer who, she said, has expertise in areas the boro needs. Don Carroll has been working for the Clifford police for some years. Both the chief and assistant chief had interviewed Mr. Carroll and approved his application. As it has been council's practice to interview officers before hiring, it was agreed to request Mr. Carroll's attendance at the next committee meeting.

Mayor Reddon also asked that when council works on next year's budget, they consider restoring $4,000 that had been cut from this year's police salary allocation. Council agreed to consider it, along with adding $1,000 for supplies to the police budget when work on the budget begins.

And, the latest word is that the Chemung Valley Historical Society has earmarked removal of the three railroad cars for some time in the fall.

The next regular meeting will be on Tuesday, September 22, 7:00 p.m. in the boro building.

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Moser Presents Flu Info
By Carole M. Canfield

The Susquehanna County Commissioner’s Meeting was held on August 26 at the County Office Building in the EMA Conference Room with all three Commissioners in attendance.

Susquehanna County Emergency’s Charlene Moser provided information and hand outs regarding the information and an over view she has thus far received from the Pandemic Influenza Workshop she has been attending and will be continuing to attend for several more classes.

According to Moser, there are a number of “key agencies” involved in the workshops including, but not limited to, Emergency Medical Service Agencies, Department of Public Health and other related services.

She also emphasized that the Department of Health is working closely with The Department of Education to be sure there is a solid connection with the schools should an outbreak occur.

Moser encourages the public to get their regular flu shots and vaccines and said that there is “no crystal ball” but this preparation workshop is to keep key agencies updated and get planning in place should the need arise. "Strategies and communications are a large part of this workshop as well as vaccine planning and development trials and guidance, logistics and all levels of operation, including state and local levels," Moser shared.

Other information at the Commissioners meeting included: opening the single bid received from Office Depot for office supplies for the 10/01/2009 through 09/30/2011 period. The bid will be reviewed and discussed at a later meeting.

Commissioners signed a contract #C000045740, a Neighborhood Stabilization Program Grant Contract between the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania acting through the Department of Community and Economic Development and the Susquehanna County Commissioners in the amount of $567,000 for the purchase of foreclosed homes to be rehabilitated and the demolition of a blighted building at 204 Main Street in Susquehanna. The term of the contract begins when it is signed by all parties and will pay eligible project costs incurred between June 10, 2009 and March 19, 2013.

Commissioners are authorized to post a notice to sell three copiers worth $50 total value to the highest bidder, who must pick them up within two days after notice of bid of acceptance and sold “as is.”

Commissioners accepted with regret the resignations of Courtney Allen, Children & Youth Case Aide, effective August 29, 2009, and also Constance, Children and Youth Clerk Typist, effective October 16, 2009 per the recommendation of Susan Adamec, Agency Director.

Krystal Loomis, 911, also resigned, effective August 17, 2009.

The Children & Youth Supervisor position created June 11, 2008, having never been filled, was eliminated during the Salary Board meeting.

Commissioner Warren sated that although interviews were held the position was never filled, she added that the Commissioners never got an answer.

When asked for information regarding some continued transportation issues at Barnes Kasson Hospital, Commissioner Mike Giangrieco stated that he receives updates of the Barnes Kasson's minutes, (as well as Endless Mountains Hospital’s) but had not attended the Barnes Kasson Board meetings, although he is the representative for those meetings. He added that he had received complaints approximately four out of five days.

Commissioner Mary Ann Warren stated that she had spoken with Mrs. Iverson, from Barnes Kasson, and was waiting for a report as Mrs. Iverson was currently on vacation.

Questions on the status of Endless Mountains Health Systems were met with a negative response from Commissioner Leon Allen. Apparently some earth movement at the location has happened and Rex Catlin would have more information, Commissioner Allen relayed. Commissioner Allen is assigned as the representative to The Endless Mountains Hospital meetings, but he also doesn’t attend.

The Susquehanna County Commissioners meet on the second and fourth Wednesdays of the month at 9 a.m. sharp in the County Office Building on Public Avenue.

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Gibson Barracks Report
Compiled By Melinda Darrow


On August 23, at approximately 12:35 p.m., Gregory Isby of Hallstead was driving his ATV through the parking lot of Smokin' Joes and the Colonial Brick Inn in Hallstead. He then drove onto SR 11 Northbound. When he noticed he was being signaled to stop, he accelerated and turned onto Kilrow Street, proceeding to drive around a house in a futile attempt to elude a marked state police car using its lights and siren. He crossed over Kilrow Street and onto the railroad tracks, driving along the tracks until he reached a railroad bridge where he crossed the creek, turned off the atv, and walked back toward the creek. He was subsequently arrested when he returned to the ATV.


On August 25, at 1:29 p.m., Catherine Murphy of Sidney, NY was pulling out of Dobb's parking lot onto SR11 in Hallstead, PA. At this time John Whalen of Conklin, NY was traveling south on that road, and David Jordan of Hallstead was traveling North. Murphy pulled onto the road and struck Whalen's vehicle, which in turn struck Jordan's. Whalen's vehicle was towed from the scene by Marv's. Murphy and Jordan were able to drive their vehicles from the scene. Great Bend Fire and EMS responded. All passengers were wearing seatbelts; none were injured.


On August 14, at approximately 5:22 p.m., David Wood of Falls, PA was traveling south along SR 267 in Auburn Twp. when, while negotiating a small right curve in the road, he came upon a small dog standing in the road. Wood swerved to the left and lost control of the vehicle, continuing off the road in a southwesterly direction, and crashing through a post and rail fence. The Dodge Neon came to a final rest against a pine tree in the front yard of a residence. Both the driver and a passenger were wearing seatbelts; neither was injured. PSP was assisted on the scene by members of the Meshoppen F.D.


On August 21, at 8:34 p.m., Lee Bonner of Hallstead was stopped for a traffic violation on SR 11 in Hallstead, PA. He was subsequently charged with DUI.


On August 8, Louis Butts of Hallstead was stopped on SR 11 in Hallstead Borough for a traffic violation and was subsequently charged for DUI.


On August 23, at approximately 2:48 a.m., John Congdon of Hop Bottom was traveling southbound in the right lane of I81 in Harford Twp. At this time William Arnold, Jr. of Deposit, NY was stopped in traffic in the left travel lane, driving a Freightliner Columbia. Congdon locked up his brakes and slid approximately 100' across the center line into the left lane, and into the rear of Arnold's vehicle. Both vehicles came to rest at the point of impact, facing a southerly direction. Congdon was arrested at the scene for DUI. Charges were filed at District Court 34-3-03.


Sometime between August 2007 and August 17, 2009, the home of Katherine Zarski of Harper Woods, MI was entered. Damage was done to the inside of the residence, located in Brooklyn Twp., and personal items belonging to Zarski were removed.


On August 24 at 5:00 a.m., Samuel Streeter is accused of having punched a woman in the face during an argument in Susquehanna Borough, causing the victim to seek medical treatment for an injury to her left eye at the Barnes Kasson Hospital. The victim's little sister, a juvenile, was shoved to the ground by the accused but was not injured. Streeter was charged with simple assault and two counts of harassment. He was arraigned before MDJ Jeffrey Hollister of Montrose and lodged in the Susquehanna County Jail in lieu of $20,000 bail.


Between the 1st and 11th of August, an unknown acquaintance of Brett Lewis stole a starter check from him, forging and cashing it for the amount of 65 dollars. The incident occurred at the Harmony Village Apartments.


On August 20, at approximately 9:43 a.m., an unnamed person was operating a Harley-Davidson Road King on State Hwy 706 in Bridgewater Twp. when his vehicle slid on stones and fell onto the roadway. No EMS were involved, neither was a medical facility.


On August 23, at 2:01 a.m., James Bannerman of Holley, NY was operating an International Harvester Pro Star on I81 in Harford Twp. traveling southbound. At this time a vehicle driven by Charlotte Roberts of Duryea, PA was disabled and stationary in the travel lanes of that road, the result of a previous collision. Each vehicle apparently had one passenger. Bannerman discovered Roberts' vehicle was blocking the travel lane and attempted to move into the left most southbound travel lane. The Harvester, however, made impact with the front driver's side of the Dodge Neon, causing it to rotate clockwise. Bannerman parked along the left shoulder. No injuries were reported by Bannerman or his passenger. Roberts and her passenger were transported via EMS to CMC Scranton. Bannerman was wearing a seatbelt, Roberts' belt use was uncertain at the time of report, and neither passenger was utilizing one.


On August 23, at approximately 2:00 a.m., both Charlotte Roberts of Duryea and Jon McAndrew of Olyphant were traveling southbound in the right lane of I81, with McAndrew behind Roberts. McAndrew's vehicle struck Roberts' in the left rear, causing it to exit the roadway off the west berm and strike a guide rail, coming to a rest in the right lane. McAndrew's vehicle rolled onto its roof after impact, coming back onto its wheels, continuing southbound, and coming to rest in the median. McAndrew was taken to Mercy Hospital in Scranton. Roberts and her passenger were taken to CMC for treatment, after being involved in a second accident shortly thereafter.


On August 18, at 8:45 p.m., a juvenile female from the Wildwood, NJ area did make physical contact or threats to do so toward a juvenile female from the Hop Bottom area at the Harford Fair Grounds in Harford, Twp.


On August 19, at approximately 11:00 p.m., a 14 year old juvenile female made physical contact or threats to do so toward a 15 year old juvenile female, both of the Susquehanna area, in that Borough.


On August 14, at 2:00 a.m., Danica Otasevic of Hallstead, PA was traveling northbound on Dayton Ave in that borough when her vehicle left the roadway and struck a parked Plymouth breeze on the west shoulder. Otasevic then fled the scene northbound on Dayton Ave.


On August 17, at 6:45 p.m., an unknown driver was operating an unknown vehicle southbound on SR 2043 in Lenox Twp. The person made a left turn into a private driveway and drove over a stone wall which was lower than street level, knocking over approximately five feet of wall. The driver then fled the scene undetected in an unknown direction.


Sometime between the 1st and 14th of August the spark plug wires of C.J. Williams of Satsuma, FL were cut. The incident occurred in Auburn Township.


Between August 14 and 15 Sean Plitt of Lawton, PA had his 2002 Mitsubishi Galant stolen from the property of PJ's bar in Bridgewater Twp.


On August 7, between the hours of 6 and 8 p.m., one or more unknown perpetrator(s) stole a Joyner commando utility vehicle that was on consignment at Timberline RV in Bridgewater, Twp. The vehicle was then left in the weeds across the road behind Andre's.


On August 14, at approximately 5:50 p.m., Devin Smith of New Milford was traveling northbound on SR 11 in that town. Smith failed to notice another vehicle, operated by Cindy Vangorden of New Milford, was stopped in the lane waiting to make a left turn. Smith rear-ended Vangorden. Smith's passenger was taken to Barnes-Kasson Hospital after bumping her head on the windshield. New Milford Volunteer Fire Company and Montrose Ambulance responded. Vangorden's vehicle was towed by Vogel's towing.


Between July 24 and August 6, a stone saw valued at approximately $2000 was stolen form a quarry off Carter road in Dimock Twp., belonging to Timothy Blaisure of Tunkhannock.


Between the 1st and 11th of August, one or more unknown person(s) broke a glass door pane, a window pane, and spray painted numerous items at the Hop Bottom Sales building in that Borough.


August 17, 2009: Pennsylvania State Police at Gibson today arrested Jeffrey David Norris, 28, of Montrose for: Intimidation of Witnesses or Victims; Stalking; and Retaliation Against Witness, Victim, or Party. Norris is accused of having contact with a victim of his after being instructed as part of bail conditions not to have any contact with any minor, specifically this minor/victim. The initial investigation from August 2008 was started by State Police at Gibson involving Norris. He was accused of having a sexual relationship with a female juvenile. Charges of Statutory Sexual Assault and related charges were filed on June 16, 2009. Norris was given unsecured bail in the amount of $50,000 along with the stipulation of having no contact with any minor and specifically this victim. On August 12, 2009 Norris did make contact verbally and by driving by an area, multiple times, of a church function the victim was attending. Norris was arraigned before Magisterial District Judge Jeffrey Hollister, Montrose. Norris was remanded to the Susquehanna County Prison in lieu of $50,000 bail.


On August 12, between 9:00 and 9:40 p.m., two unknown white males attempted to enter the Wine and Spirits Shop in Bridgewater Twp. by prying the rear door open with a crowbar. Failing to gain entry to that store, the pair then walked across the street to the Rite Aid Pharmacy. They smashed the front door open with the crowbar and entered the pharmacy, stealing prescription medication and then fleeing the scene. The first perpetrator is described as being approximately 6' tall and 210 pounds, with brown hair, blue eyes, a white shirt, and light blue shorts. The second perpetrator is described as approximately 5'11” tall and 180 pounds, with brown hair, brown eyes, a black hooded shirt, and dark pants. A suspected vehicle is also described in the report - a white “Ford Focus” type station wagon with unknown registration.

If you have information regarding any of these incidents please contact PSP Gibson at (570) 465-3154.

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Courthouse Report
Compiled By Lauren P. Ficarro


Geraldine Denney (NBM) Geraldine Owens to Geraldine and James Denney, in Clifford Township for one dollar.

David (By Sheriff DBA) and Ann Bennett (By Sheriff AKA) Ann Hart and Harts Mobile Home Sales (By Sheriff) to Mooring Capital Fund LLC, in Bridgewater Township for $178,831.59.

Julie Casey Perry to Bremer Hof Owners, Inc., in Herrick Township for $100.00.

William Edwards, II to Bremer Hof Owners, Inc., in Herrick Township for $100.00.

Walter Robinson to Erin M., Suzanne L., Mary Joyce, Walter, Jr., Michael and Patrick Robinson, Beatrice Butts and Sarah Derichie, in Clifford Township for one dollar.

William A., III and Diane L. Small to William A., III, Diane L., William, Elizabeth, David and Kristina Tkachenko Small and Jocelyn and Thomas Hoffman, in Rush Township for one dollar.

Anthony and Teresa Desanto to Anthony Desanto, in Silver Lake Township for one dollar.

Anthony J. and Teresa L. Desanto to Anthony J. Desanto, in Silver Lake Township for one dollar.

Thomas H. and Tasha J. Williams to Gregg A. Birchard, in Silver Lake Township for $83,500.00.

Claire I. Pietrowicz (AKA By Atty) Claire I. Pietrowiciz, Edward J., Barry and Robin H. Peterson to Jeffrey D. Burman, in Ararat Township for $115,000.00.

Dominick Mancuso to Linda Celuck, in Harford Township for one dollar.

Dominick Mancuso to Wendy Ann Mancuso, in Harford Township for one dollar.

Daniel E. and Donald E., Jr. Johnson to David R. Mitchell, Stephen E. and John Lee Stoltzfus, in Franklin Township for $20,000.00.

Bremer Hof Owners, Inc. to Kenneth D. and Dianne E. Robertson, in Herrick Township for $2,995.00.

Richard H. Ormsby and Wendy Ford to Wendy Ford, in Great Bend Borough for one dollar.

Thomas R. and Cheryl C. Kerr to CK Properties LLC, in Montrose for $120,000.00.

Rosalie B. Clavez to P. Earnshaw, in Silver Lake Township for $5,000.00.

Joseph E. Hawkins to Billy J. Hawkins, in Oakland Township for one dollar.

Timothy D. and Rebekah Evans to Pennstar Realty Trust and Pennstar Bank - a division of NBT Bank, in Forest Lake Township for one dollar.

Jane Marie Supko to Jason Tucker and Linda Hill, in Forest City for $133,500.00.

Richard M. and Dorothy C. Flemming to Margaret Santeramo, in Gibson Township for $67,000.00.

Harry C. McFarland to Jeanmarie McFarland and Mackenzie Kurtz, in Brooklyn Township for one dollar.

Mae Stoddard to Mae C. Stoddard and Lisa M. and Lawrence E. Tompkins, in New Milford Township for one dollar.

Gary H. and Glenda W. Ely to Gary H., Glenda W., Guy David and Jennifer J. Ely, in Bridgewater Township for one dollar.

Gladys I. Braungard (Estate) to Eileen A. and Lawrence C. Braungard, in Lanesboro Borough for one dollar.

Gladys I. Braungard (Estate) to Eileen A. and Lawrence C. Braungard, in Lanesboro Borough for one dollar.

James H. and Gail L. Aldrich to Robert J. and Harriett C. Walker, in Liberty Township for one dollar.

Dale R. Shifler to David H. Dawes and Susan E. Paolini, in Forest City for $41,000.00.

Davidson Perry-Miller to Dave Perry-Miller (Trust), in Montrose for $10.00.

Bryan N. and Joanne P. Bebla to Jeffrey L. and Joan M. Bostic, in Forest City for $124,000.00.

Martin Zabel to Martin Zabel and Paula Kramer, in Herrick Township for one dollar.

Tonya Pinney, Robert E. Seamans (Estate) and Lance Pinney to Beaver Meadow Road LLC, in Harford Township for $22,500.00.

Leon Mock to Wendy Carey, in Apolacon Township for one dollar


Kirk A. Lunger of Montrose and Laura Frances Eastman of Harvey’s Lake.

Jordan G. Springsteen of Vestal and Sarah Anne MacNeal of Montrose.

Albert E. Travis and Joyce C. Graves, both of Susquehanna.

Peter J. Yager, Jr. and Donna Louise Ross, both of Montrose.


The Susquehanna County Domestic Relations Section has bench warrants for the following individuals as of August 28, 2009 at 10:00 a.m.

Duane Aldrich, Michael A. Argust, David P. Atherholt, Jr., Erika L. Back, John W. Barber, Sr., David Shawn Blaisure, Joseph Bonavita, Michael P. Bradley, Jr., Devin S. Brewer, Daniel M. Brown, Howard A. Burns, III, Robert B. Carrier, Jason James Carroll, Beverly A. Carvin, Tony R. Clark, Mark T. Conklin, Edward J. Dickson, Jr., James W. Donahue, III, Deborah L. Drish, David J. Fischer, Ryan M. Forder, Kelly Fox, Dominick M. Franklin, Tiffany M. Groover, David Haines, Jr., Suzanne R. Hansen, Ann Hightower, Steven L. Jones, Kenneth M. Kintner, Kevin D. Klein, Eric C. Kohlhepp, Erik E. Krisovitch, Amber Kuns, Charlie J. Legere, Harold K. Leiger, II, Carlos L. Leiser, Patricia J. Marrero, Jason Marshall, Zada A. McDonald, Nancy McGillis, Rollin E. Miller, Jr., Joseph C. Moore, Anthony Neri, Benjamin Newell, Tanya M. Novak, Rodney Alan Oakley, Todd M. O'Hara, Donald Palmer, Gary Perico, Jesse R. Rhinebeck, Jr., Timothy W. Rogers, Troy Rohmann, David J. Shiner, Darin Sink, Garrett M. Thomas, Jozsef M. Varga, Keith W. Vroman, Steven G. Warner, Jamie L. Williams, Kenneth L. Wilmot, Jr., Amanda E. Woodruff.

Please contact the Domestic Relations Section at 570-278-4600 ext. 170 with any information on the location of these individuals.

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MVSD Student “Heads Up”
By Melinda Darrow

At the August 24 Mountain View school board meeting, rising Junior Olivia Zick presented before the board her graduation project. During the previous year Olivia had hit her head off a soccer goal, rendering her unconscious for 5 minutes. She lay on the field for 20 minutes waiting for an ambulance, and suffered a concussion. This experience laid behind her motivation to find a way to raise enough money to purchase protective head gear for soccer players at the school. Coordinating with her advisor, Mr. Talabiska, she decided to host a chicken BBQ, bake sale, and basket raffle. Both the school community and the community at large supported her in this effort, and her work raised $3155.77 in total. Coordinating with Mr. Doster and Mr. Borgia as to how this money might best be spent, it was decided that headgear would be purchased for players at the jr. high, jv, and varsity levels of soccer play, both boys and girls teams. The headgear is designed to spread the pressure of a blow, so as to lesson the impact. It will be useful when accidents occur, such as Olivia's, and when students “head” the ball on purpose. Olivia felt that had she had the headgear at the time, her injury could have been lessened in severity, or avoided altogether. After thanking her parents, the principals, the staff at the school, her fellow students, and the community, she handed over a check to the district. Any money left over after the purchase of enough gear to last for the next few years was to be donated to the John Heinz Institute, which deals with head injuries. For her part, Olivia was acknowledged at the meeting for her efforts in marketing and running the event, even in the summer.

Mountain View was featured on a channel 16 news broadcast; the elementary school was visited the day of the meeting. The news station came to the school to review the status of the pre-k program, and to view the classroom, as part of a larger piece on the effect of the budget impasse on childcare agencies. The pre-k program did not start on time this year due to the impasse.

Dr. Chichura updated those present on the gas lease proposal, stating that he hoped to have it ready for the board to review at the next meeting, and would send it to the lawyer prior to that time. Mr. Griffiths spoke up, expressing his opinion that the board ought to review the document before it was sent to the lawyer. Dr. Chichura conceded this point, though he proposed that at least a preliminary draft go to the solicitor.

He then outlined three specific effects to the district of the impasse, the first being the delayed start of the pre-k program. In addition to this, no one was approved for the dual enrollment program this year due to a desire not to have students start the program only to have parents learn that they would not be reimbursed. Finally, there is uncertainty regarding the Classrooms for the Future Coach. The district is supposed to receive funding to pay him for a third year, but Dr. Chichura suspects that this too might be cut from the budget.

Overall, and perhaps the largest budget concern, is the lack of subsidy payments, which are not being made. It was estimated that the district may be one million dollars short in state money. For some time the district will be okay, as it has tax money and the fund balance. However, the superintendent said, if this went on for too many months the district might need to get to the point where it stopped approving payment of payroll or bills.

When questioned as to how long the district could last without state money the business manager did not want to hazard an exact guess. It was stated that the school is in a better financial position than some districts, however. So far the property tax revenues have been coming in as anticipated. Although the administration did not think it would reach this point, it was also stated that if necessary the district could pursue a tax and revenue anticipation note recommendation, and try to find a bank to fund it. This would carry the district through the rest of the school year, but would need to be paid back by the 30th of June.

In related news the board received from the PSEA and PASA a resolution to adopt and present to legislators. The resolution highlights the effect the impasse has on local districts. Dr. Chichura spoke to the board about this, stating that while he felt it was good to put pressure on legislators, he did not want to be pushing them to adopt an unbalanced budget. One board member said that his only problem with it was that it was pointed at the legislators and not the governor.

Despite budget concerns, administrators on both sides of the street had a positive view on the start of the school year. Both principals spoke of good opening days with staff. The director of special education spoke up, wishing to publicly apologize for a mix up with the paraprofessionals. At the elementary level, further training was planned for the new school wide behavioral management system being adopted for the first time this year.

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