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Our Heavenly Peace Plan

The delay of the Catholic Church in revealing the third secret of Fatima is unfortunate and yet it is all the more reason for the faithful of God, every man, woman and child, to pray the Holy Rosary. The blessed Virgin Mary told three Shepard children at Fatima Portugal, to continue to pray the Rosary every day for their salvation and in reparation for the sins that most offend God. She said this at the end of each of her six appearances. Jesus later said to sister Lucia, “I want to establish in the world devotion to the Immaculate of my mother. The saints and doctors of the Church refer to Mary as the great destroyer of all heresies.”

So the good Lord has a distinct goal amidst the specific demand of Fatima to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The conversion of Russia will rearm the whole church with the truth and end the apostasy of communism (great Satan), that has even entered the church and is espoused by many Catholic politicians who betray Christ and excommunicate themselves.

So let’s pray the Rosary every day for them, at least an Our Father and three Hail Marys.


John Mann


Dose Of Consequence

"It could probably be shown by facts and figures that there is no distinctly native American criminal class, except Congress." Mark Twain.

I have been following the nomination and crucifixion process in selecting a Supreme Court Justice. I do because the one who survives this barbaric process, usually outlives the one who nominated them, and most certainly outlives the possible two terms they can serve.

How odd that a good president can only serve eight years, while congress and other title holders, by virtue of money and media, often outlive the shelf life, and still continue to draw governmental perks.

The president, in introducing his nominee, quoted O.W. Holmes, another Justice, deceased whose theory was that all judgment is based on experience. This new gal, speaks of what really is going on, although she does acknowledge that isn't what should happen, it does. If you have a computer, you can get you-tube and watch and listen to her speech. What I like about her, is the honesty of her. Yes, I do judge based on my experiences. I keep in mind the intention of the framers, and the current issues. Geez, she was the Editor of the Yale Law Review. To have that position puts you in a different league, and suggests to me that she respects the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

As far as the theory that judges follow the law, and are not to make policy, that two edged sword can be considered necessary to undo some of the unintended consequences that are inflicted on the unknowing population, when lawmakers, pass into law some of the most foolish things. Some of this foolishness is still found in law books today.

I realize my opinion in her nomination does not matter, it was decided early on. I just remind myself to really look at the local candidates that win by write-in, and old boy network, and remember that these people also have the power to vote in foolishness that I will have to live with, until someone of rank gets a dose of unintended consequence to change it.


Cynthia Allen

Summersville, PA

[Statement from Brian Gibson, executive director of Pro-Life Action Ministries: "George Tiller engaged in an extremely violent, gruesome business. To place blame on those who made this public and sought peacefully and lawfully to stop it is seriously misplaced. But as horrific as abortion is and heinous the acts of the abortionists are, we must always remain peaceful and act with the mind of Christ. There is no room in our work for thoughts or acts of hatred, anger, bitterness, or violence. To the contrary we must boldly speak the truth in love, with peace and faith in the mercy of God."]

Brian Gibson speaks for all true pro-life people in America. To blame us for the crime of an obviously sick individual who was probably driven over the edge of containment by the true facts of exactly what it was George Tiller was doing is simply using a horrific incident to try to prove false a point that a vast majority of Americans agree on - that is that bringing a child to birth and then killing them is not acceptable. Most of these babies could have lived with very little help. To put guards on the abortion clinics is a melodramatic effort to make the public believe people who work to save these babies are dangerous.


Annette Corrigan

Jackson, PA

Letters To The Editor MUST BE SIGNED. They MUST INCLUDE a phone number for "daytime" contact. Letters MUST BE CONFIRMED VERBALLY with the author, before printing. Letters should be as concise as possible, to keep both Readers' and Editors' interest alike. Your opinions are important to us, but you must follow these guidelines to help assure their publishing.

Thank you, Susquehanna County Transcript

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