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Harford Triangle Saga Ended
Great Bend Hears About Police
Lease Expansion In Montrose Boro
Courthouse Report
Snowmobilers Plague Forest City Borough
Starrucca Borough Council Minutes
Junkyard Fence Yet Unfinished
March Jurors Drawn
Lanesboro Council Meeting Minutesn


Harford Triangle Saga Ended
By Ted Brewster

The gazebo (pictured above) that has graced the triangular park in the center of Harford village since 1994 is no more. A letter from Bronson Pinchot’s attorney to the Harford Historical Society demanded that the gazebo – and the 1940 monument for Harford’s 150th year – be removed by February 1, 2009. And so, on Friday, January 30, the gazebo and the stone and bronze monument were moved to the property of the old firehouse on Market Street, awaiting further disposition. The gazebo may end up at the Soldiers Orphans School, on Orphan School Road, pending a final decision by the Historical Society. The large blue spruce tree, that decorated the little village each Christmas for so many years, has also been cut down.

Mr. Pinchot, who owns the grand mansion in the village variously known as the Senator’s house, or the Aten house, or the Tyler House, purchased the old “country store” a few years back. Along with that property came deed and encumbrance to the triangular piece of greensward that anywhere else might be just another traffic island. In Harford, however, it has been known as a Memorial Park, signed over to the Historical Society in 1941 by the owners at that time, the Pritchards. The “indenture” that gave control of the triangle to the Society contained a “reversion clause,” under which the 6300-square-foot parcel was to revert to the control of the holder of the deed if anything was built “or erected” on it. Mr. Pinchot sued a year and a half ago to invoke the reversion clause because of the gazebo, which was placed there by the citizens of Harford at the instigation of the late Marian Butler.

After several delays, a “trial” was held last October in Montrose before a stand-in judge who, after hearing arguments, ruled that the gazebo was indeed a structure, and therefore awarded the triangle to Mr. Pinchot. Following that hearing, the Historical Society voted to appeal the decision. It appears, however, that the Society’s attorney’s missed a filing deadline for an appeal. For that reason, when the appeal was eventually submitted, it was rejected.

Last Friday’s leveling of the plot was the culmination of the long and contentious dispute.

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Great Bend Hears About Police
By Ted Brewster

The Great Bend Borough Council has been struggling for many years to provide more and better police coverage for the little town. At one time, a police department shared with neighboring municipalities operated from the borough building. That police department was disbanded some years ago after the cooperating towns pulled out one by one. More recently, the borough was on the verge of leasing some time from the Lanesboro police department, when fuel prices began to rise sharply and Lanesboro backed out.

In the latest effort to provide police to monitor the town for speeding and vandalism, the Great Bend Borough Secretary, Sheila Guinan, tried to contact the Montrose police department, which is currently providing some coverage to New Milford Borough. It took a while before she got a response, and when she did – a message on the borough's answering machine – the answer was, "No, not at this time." Ms. Guinan said the message was received the day after a report in this newspaper described the borough Council's concerns about what members were hearing about the way the Montrose police were operating in New Milford.

In an effort to dispel some of the "misconceptions about the police in [New Milford] Borough," Teri Gulick, member of that Borough's Council, and liaison with the officers that patrol New Milford, attended the Great Bend Council meeting on February 5 and described her experience. Ms. Gulick said that the program has "really been a very positive thing... These guys have been great to deal with," she said.

Some Great Bend Borough Council members have heard complaints about the police parking outside the three taverns in New Milford, harassing local residents, and operating outside the New Milford Borough limits. Ms. Gulick said that she has not had a single complaint about the Montrose officers in her town. "I don't think the guys are targeting the taverns," she said, noting that the County Drug and Alcohol Task Force, as well as the State Police also operate in the area. In at one case, a resident complained about her husband being arrested by the police for drunk driving. Upon investigation, it turned out that the arrest was made by a state trooper.

Ms. Gulick offered some statistics covering the period October through December of last year. She said that during that time, the Montrose police made only five DUI ("driving under the influence") stops, two of which were local residents. Of all the incidents the police reported to the borough, 70% resulted in only warnings. She declared that the program has been a success so far, helping to reduce vandalism and harassment of local citizens by rowdy youngsters. She said that she, for one, is happy that drunk drivers are taken off the streets.

Great Bend Council members agreed on that last point, and thanked Ms. Gulick for her appearance. There was some feeling that an arrangement with Lanesboro might still be worked out eventually.

In other business, Council is considering what to do with the "Benedict" property along the river that was acquired by the borough from the emergency management agencies following the flood of June, 2006. While everyone is anxious to continue to provide recreation facilities for youngsters, Councilman Mike Wasko proposed using the opportunity to do something for the town's growing population of senior citizens. Some shade trees and benches might be provided in that area, once the weather improves.

When the weather breaks into Spring, Council would also like to install new signs announcing the borough at both ends of the town on Main Street. A perfect place is available at the north end – the stone wall remaining from an old bridge. At the south end, however, there isn't a lot of room on a steep bank with a guard rail in the way.

Council also directed borough employees to replace missing street and stop signs. Under new state and federal regulations, the street signs will have to be larger, and all "traffic control devices" will have to be more reflective. Ms. Guinan also noted that some of the signs were required to be justified by some paperwork. Council directed that the paperwork be completed as soon as possible to ensure that the borough doesn't become liable for missing or inappropriately-placed signs.

There was considerable discussion of stop signs on some of the town's steeper streets. According to Council chair Rick Franks, at one time at least one of the stop signs was removed each winter, because cars stopping on the icy incline often couldn't negotiate the intersection.

Council would also like to get the dumpster back at the town garage. A couple of years ago, a dumpster was placed there for residents to deposit metal to be discarded. The last time the dumpster was removed, it wasn't replaced, and Council would like to continue the popular service.

Ms. Guinan reported that there will be a presentation by the Susquehanna River Greenway Water Group at the Hallstead Borough building on Thursday, February 19, beginning at 7:00 p.m. The purpose will be to discuss a proposed walking trail along the river.

Ms. Guinan also reminded members that some of them are up for re-election this year, including Mayor James Riecke and Council members Rick Franks, Bret Jennings, Bea Alesky, and Mike Wasko. They need to file papers in Montrose soon in order to get onto the primary ballot in the Spring. And, Ms. Guinan herself was appointed the borough's "Open Records Officer."

The next public meeting of the Great Bend Borough Council will begin at 7:00 p.m. on March 5 at the Borough Building at Elizabeth and Franklin Streets.

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Lease Expansion In Montrose Boro
By Melinda Darrow

The pumping station plan, which former borough council president Joel Maxey has been spearheading, and on which he attended the February 2 Montrose Borough meeting to report, is growing. The original plan was to run water lines from the Montrose Lake to a pumping station, such that an interested gas and oil lease company could avoid driving down to the lake to pump, while the borough profits. At the meeting, Mr. Maxey spoke of a conversation he had regarding the situation, where it was suggested that the borough own the pipeline, allowing it to lease to other companies should it so desire. The oil company, it was stated, had expressed a willingness to pay the first year's lease up front, which would help defray the cost. The plan was then expanded further, with the suggestion that while the borough is digging in the ground, a second or third line may as well be put in, such that it could lease to multiple companies at once. Furthermore, the municipality could also lease land, he said, for the companies to erect tanks, which could fill up with water while other work was done, and then expedite the process of trucks obtaining water when needed. The council discussed these options, and did not evince any obvious opposition.

A parking meter in the borough is not long for its location, it was decided that night. Someone described the parking meter in front of the Original restaurant as dangerous. It was recommended that it be pulled. One council member, however, pointed out that if the meter were pulled, the road would also have to be painted, otherwise people would park there anyway. It was decided to pull the meter in the spring, as pulling it in the winter would be ineffective anyway.

It was decided to establish a second meeting date for each month, due to the council's recent affinity toward recessing meetings. In the past, it was suggested, one meeting was sufficient, however, currently this is not always the case. Thus when necessary, which will likely not always be the case, meetings will be held both the first Monday of the month at 7:00 p.m. and the third Monday of the month at 7:30 p.m. The move also allows for middle of the month issues to be resolved in a more timely fashion. When one meeting is sufficient and there is no need for a second, the secretary will post this information on the borough building door.

The particulars of the volleyball court to be erected at the park were discussed. The need to purchase strong, childproof poles was mentioned, as was the desire to resurrect the fence.

There was decided debate regarding a peddler's permit request from Break-Time Foods mobile catering out of New Milford. The company, which planned to sell food from a truck, stated that they would only go to businesses where they had permission, and only remain long enough to deliver the food. Some at the meeting, however, felt that the taxpaying restaurants in the borough took precedence in this rough economy, and were in favor of letting the request die on the table. Another voice proposed that competition was not a bad thing, and that while the truck hurting local restaurants would be undesirable, there was not evidence that there would be a significant conflict in services. The truck, it was argued, might serve different food, and would meet different needs than a sit-down restaurant. In the end no consensus was reached, with the secretary agreeing to contact the company to clarify its menu and how many days it planned on selling to the borough.

It can be good to laugh at oneself, and the borough street department foreman had that ability, asking how hard it could be to make ice when it was zero degrees outside, then admitting that for a while they had failed miserably. He proceeded, however, to explain that it was much more difficult than one might expect, and attributed their struggles to a seam in the plastic, etc. The skating rink is now in place however, it was reported, due, at least in part, to the generous donations of two organizations, Cabot Oil and Gas donated an expensive plastic sheet, it was reported, while the Fire Company donated water. The rink is a skate at your own risk affair.

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Courthouse Report
Compiled By Lauren P. Ficarro


Dimmick E. and Mabel Barlow to Justin M. Conrad, in Gibson Township for $73,000.00.

James V. (By POA) and Mary C. McColl to Mary C. McColl, in Ararat Township for one dollar.

Susan E. Edwards to Clay T. and Lorraine L. Martin, in Lenox Township for $170,000.00.

Warren S. and Nancy T. DeWitt to DeWitt Family Limited Partnership, in Susquehanna for one dollar.

James L. Terry (Est) to Michael Andzulis, in Clifford Township for one dollar.

David A. and Donna L. Darrow to Donna L. Darrow, in Franklin Township for one dollar.

Ruth L. Smith to Raymond J., Jr. and Jody Cooper, in Harford Township for one dollar.

Joshua Capwell to Paul A. and Karen T. Miranda, in Silver Lake Township for $85,000.00.

William T. Daniels to William T. and Sandra Leah Daniels, in Lenox Township for one dollar.

Thomas Ricco to Thomas and Joyce M. Ricco, in Middletown Township for one dollar.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (By Atty) to James and Corey Frankowski, in Clifford Township for $71,900.00.

Richard, Sr., Jacqueline and Richard, Jr. Waldron to Richard, Sr. and Jacqueline Waldron, in New Milford Township for one dollar.

Amy S. MacBlane to Gregory A. MacBlane, in Silver Lake Township for one dollar.

Jeanne Hallquist to Richard L. Webster, in Silver Lake Township for one dollar.

Walter D. Webster, III to Richard L. Webster, in Silver Lake Township for one dollar.

Webster Chadwick to Richard L. Webster, in Silver Lake Township for one dollar.

Sandra J. Davis to Duane Consla, in Lanesboro Borough for one dollar.

Rita M. Boccher to Rita M. Boccher (Trust), in Middletown Township for one dollar.

Bradley J. and Rebecca Talcott to Lance and Lori Gramberg and Irene A. and Lawrence V. Talcott, in Auburn Township for $47,000.00.

Peter A. Oleniacz, Jr. (Estate) to Robert G. Zabady, in Brooklyn Township for $290,000.00.

Bertha E. Darrow (Estate) to Donna D. Wayman, in New Milford Borough for one dollar.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company (By POA) to Sean J. Rosler, in Oakland Borough for $24,900.00.

Ronald A. Franks to Ronald A. and Melissa C. Franks, in Forest City for one dollar.

Marisol Rosales to Marisol Rosales and Reyvi Castillo, in Forest City for one dollar.

Bonnie E. Gordon to Adam D. Wilber, in Great Bend Township for $190,000.00.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. (By POA) to Aaron and Jesika Ransom, in Clifford Township for $116,060.00.

Mary Ellen Sayre, George W., IV and Dana D. Clay and Kyle L. Stallings to Mary Ellen Sayre, George W., IV and Dana D. Clay and Kyle L. Stallings, in Springville Township for one dollar.

Donald R. and Dawn M. Davis to John M., Jr. and Tanya L. Slater, in Great Bend Township for $61,150.00.

William and Catherine Ann Palonis (NBM) Catherine Ann Bilski to William Palonis, in Herrick Township for one dollar.

William Palonis to William Scott and Anna Casey Lynett, in Herrick Township for $370,000.00.

Sylvia Beamer to Great Bend Township, in Great Bend Township for $160,000.00.

Russell and Ruth Leichliter to Lanesboro Borough, in Lanesboro Borough for $25,000.00.

Bremer Hof Owners, Inc. to William and Ruth Cassidy and Candy and Joshua Towner, in Herrick Township for $375.00.

Fairdale Methodist Church (FKA) Methodist E. Church of Bridgewater to Carolyn D. and William T. Davis, in Jessup Township for one dollar.

Eleanor L. Thomas to James E. Bruno, in Bridgewater Township for $180,000.00.

Charles, Barbara, Glenn J. and Carol L. Pompey to Charles and Barbara Pompey, in Lenox Township for one dollar.

Gertrude E. Ransom (Estate) to Linda Ransom Shively and Beverly Ransom Madigan, in Lenox Township for one dollar.

Frank H. Holtsmaster to Fred D. Conrad, in Lenox Township for $150,000.00.

Kathryn Ekstrand (By US Marshall) and Christopher Messina (By US Marshall) to Nikolaos Nikolaidis, in Forest Lake Township for $61,000.00.

Lauretta L. Clowes to Ryan L. Dubas, in Jackson Township for $165,000.00.

Mark A., Sr. and Wendy Brenzel to Michael T. Rinaldi, in Herrick Township for $62,000.00.

Charles Samuel Garrison (Estate) to Elizabeth W. Garrison and Christine Ann Sutherland, in Bridgewater Township for one dollar.

Elizabeth W. Garrison to Tammy L. and Carlo R. Ferri, in Bridgewater Township for $113,000.00.

William H. Hazlett, Jr. (Est) to Christopher and Jodi A. Conrad, in Bridgewater Township for $187,000.00.

Scott E. and Angelia Houghton to Steven J. and Carol G. Galloway, in New Milford Township for $160,000.00.

Emily R. Giorgianni to Emily R. Giorgianni, in Harford Township for one dollar.

Shawn and Kelly Turonis to Eric Rogan (TA), Garth Tonkin, Jr.(TA), Jody Cordaro (TA) and Forest City Redevelopment Group, in Forest City for $15,000.00.

Mary K. Dew to Mary Kerrin Dew (Trust), in Jackson and Gibson Townships for one dollar.

Shawn, Kelly, Stanley John, III and Latonya Turonis to Eric Rogan (TA), Garth Tonkin, Jr. (TA), Jody Cordaro (TA) and Forest City Redevelopment Group, in Forest City for $25,440.00.

Shawn and Kelly Turonis to Eric Rogan (TA), Garth Tonkin, Jr. (TA), Jody Cordaro (TA) and Forest City Redevelopment Group, in Forest City for $10,440.00.


Kenneth C. Davison, Jr. and Tonimarie Salvi, both of Forest City.

Alexander J. Komar, Jr. and Barbara Louise Sartell, both of Thompson.

Raymond P. Johnson and Stephanie L. Graves, both of Susquehanna.

Ronald E. Maurey, III and Chrystel Ashley Suter, both of Hallstead.


The Susquehanna County Domestic Relations Section has Bench Warrants for the following individuals as of 4:05 p.m. on February 5, 2009.

David P. Atherholt, Jr., Erika L. Back, David S. Blaisure, Joseph Bonavita, Michael P. Bradley, Jr., David M. Brant, Ryan T. Brooks, Kenneth G. Burgess, Joshua D. Calby, Mark T. Conklin, Jeffrey A. Craig, Mary Dallasta, John J. Deakin, Jeffrey L. Decker, Amanda Dedonis, Paul H. Donovan, Deborah L. Drish, Jonathan Fathi, Kristoffer B. Fazzi, David J. Fischer, Thomas Fisher, Nesbitt W. Fitch, Jr., Ryan M. Forder, Kelly Fox, Yvette Glover, Deborah E. Gould, Jeremy J. Grick, David Haines, Jr., Suzanne R. Hansen, Keith G. Harms, Jamie E. Heaman, Ann Hightower, Holly N. Holbrook, Timothy M. Holmes, Jeffrey J. Horrocks, Sr., Lyle J. Hugaboom, Roy M. Huntley, Carl M. Kelder, Jackson Kelley, Kevin D. Klein, Erik E. Krisovitch, James R. Lee, Charlie J. Legere, Carlos L. Leiser, Howard J. Linder, Debra J. London, George D. Lowery, Joseph Malloy, Jr., Tanika Marazzani, Patricia J. Marrero, Jason Marshall, Fred C. Materese, Mark C. McCarey, Zada A. McDonald, Joseph C. Moore, Anthony Neri, Todd M. O'Hara, Anthony E. Olszewski, Ivy U. Oropallo, Donald Palmer, Gary Perico, Jonathan R. Powers, Jeffrey A. Ransom, Kim Read, Nathan Rosene, Donald L. Rousseau, Jr., Neil D. Shaffer, Duane Spencer, Amy M. Squier, Earl H. Thompson, Jr., Christopher Trayes, Anthony M. Vaow, Keith W. Vroman, Robert C. Walter, II, Glynn Wildoner, III, Jamie L. Williams, Patrick L. Yachymiak, Karl D. Zantowsky.

Please contact the Domestic Relations Section at 570-278-4600 ext. 170 with any information on the location of these individuals.

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Snowmobilers Plague Forest City Borough
By Stephanie Everett

During a February 2 Forest City Borough meeting, Robert Trusky stated that he has received several complaints about “snowmobiles running the streets of the town.” Other council members agreed that errant snowmobilers are a problem in Forest City, particularly during early-morning hours. “We’re sitting back and letting it happen,” Trusky complained. However, other council members pointed out that the problem is not easy to resolve: “By the time you call the police, [the snowmobile is] gone.” One police officer in attendance added, “You’re never gonna catch [the snowmobile] with a car.” Council will consider enforcing a speed limit and curfew zone within borough limits.

Mayor Cost reported that he contacted PennDOT regarding a speeding snow plow that was depositing snow on borough sidewalks. Cost also stated that he has received several complaints about stray cats. Cost warned that owners should keep their cats in their own yard, stating that if problems persist, he will meet with Solicitor Paul Smith concerning the legality of carting wayward felines to the Humane Society.

Additionally, Cost wondered what could be done about “dead-beat house owners,” particularly out-of-town homeowners who let a house get run-down. Smith responded that such individuals violate regular nuisance ordinances, since run-down homes are unsightly and represent a safety issue.

Cost also suggested that Forest City purchase a good, used box spreader to replace one that is corroded. Robert Tedesco, head of Public Works, suggested purchasing a smaller, eight- or nine-foot spreader. Council voted to begin the search for a box spreader and to replace the auger on the spare spreader.

Also concerning equipment maintenance, Secretary Susan Coleman reported that it is time to have the Borough Building elevator inspected, which will cost $978. After learning that the elevator company bills $395 per hour for repair work, council decided to solicit bids from other elevator companies.

A sewer project review meeting between Forest City Borough Council and members of the state government and the Department of Environmental Protection is scheduled for February 19 at 10 a.m. in the Borough Building. Forest City Borough Council is applying for the H2O Grant to defer the cost of the sewage system and hopes to receive support from state officials.

Council also passed Resolution #4 of 2009, to extend the service agreement with the Lackawanna River Basin Sewer Authority through December 31, 2040.

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Starrucca Borough Council Minutes

Following are the Starrucca Borough Council meeting minutes for January, as submitted.

The Starrucca Borough Council met for their regular monthly meeting on January 7 at the Community Hall in Starrucca. President (Kirk) Rhone, Mr. Arthur Kopp, Mr. Donald Haynes, Mr. Fred Rhone, Mr. Peter Frank, Mr. Robert Buck and Mayor (MaryAnn) DeBalko were present. (Mr. Anthony Palonis was absent.)

President Rhone called the meeting to order, and the pledge was given.

The minutes from the previous meeting were read. Motion to approve the minutes as read carried.

The Treasurer’s report was given and Motion to approve carried.

The bills were presented with the addition of Borough’s Association ($110.00 = 2009 dues) and motion to approve payment carried.

The following Correspondence was received:

A notice of a meeting concerning the CDBG grants was received from the Wayne County Redevelopment Authority.

A notice of a weight limits and road-bonding course (Jan. 8th) sponsored by PennDOT was presented.

A “solicitation of projects” as part of President Obama’s economic stimulus package from NEPA (Northeastern Pa. Alliance) was read.

A letter (copied to the borough) from Darl Haynes to the directors of the NEP Sno trails, which read in part, that Haynes had numerous conversations with Tom Galiardo and Dan Schmucker (representatives of the club), concerning Jack Downton’s indications that he (Downton) would like to bring the people in the area back working together. He (Haynes) requested a meeting with Mr. Downton and the directors to help resolve his concerns with the trail crossing his property, and the problems in Starrucca Borough and also the Starrucca Borough Cemetery Association. His intention is to discuss and resolve these matters without the use of attorneys and courts and extended the invitation to any of Mr. Downton’s affiliates as well, in an effort to resolve the issues and move forward.

Mr. Rhone spoke of the Civic Association and their efforts in obtaining and installing borough signs in the neighborhood and asked the secretary to send a special “thank you” to that association.

In Borough Reports:

Mr. Rhone stated that both Scott Township and Como Construction have been doing a great job (winter maintenance in the borough) this year.

Building permits issued last month: 0

In Unfinished Business:

A new (2009) fee agreement from the law offices of Bugaj/Fischer was read and motion to approve carried.

In New Business:

Ruth Mroczka, representing the Wind Mill Committee, presented both the proposed “draft” ordinance and a letter, of which she read. They (the committee) asks that the ordinance be reviewed by the council and the borough solicitor and she stated the committee could not agree on the setbacks and noise levels, and spelled it out in detail in their letter to the council. She explained that public meetings will need to be held, and Wayne County Planning Commission will also need to review the “draft” ordinance. She further reported that the committee worked together well, and added that they sometimes “disagreed” without being “disagreeable.” They (the committee) met a total of six times and even ventured a “road trip” to Fenton to see a site firsthand. She also said the committee reviewed several other ordinances, among those of West Providence, Buckingham, Preston and Susquehanna County as well as the PA sample ordinance. She provided plenty of copies for the officials, and recommended a March meeting with the committee to discuss the matter further.

President Rhone, on behalf of council thanked her and the committee for their work and agreed to any future meetings she and or the committee may feel are needed.

In Public Participation: There was none.

No further business to come before the board, Mr. Haynes made the motion to adjourn, second Mr. Kopp, motion carried, meeting adjourned.

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Junkyard Fence Yet Unfinished
By Carole M. Canfield

The New Milford Borough Council held its February meeting at 7 p.m. at the New Milford Borough Building, with just three council members present until Chris Allen came in to make a quorum. Councilwoman Teri Gulick also arrived a little later.

Council discussed what to do with the problem concerning Cosmello’s junkyard, which is still in violation of the borough ordinances.

After several months of non-compliance, Cosmello agreed to have the required fencing around the junkyard completed by December 31, 2008. As of February 5,  the fence is not finished.

Council discussed the situation last month, and Mayor Joe Taylor had reported that although there was only about 60 to 70 feet left to complete the job, he felt that something should be done.

Two options listed by Council President Jim Carr included to give Cosmello “another” extension, or take the problem to the district magistrate and have them continue with the non-compliance.

Carr added that if the district justice orders the fence to be completed and it is not, then the violation will be in their hands. Councilmen thought that would be the best road to take and agreed, except for Chris Allen, who abstained.

Secretary Amy Hine will contact Attorney Jodi Cordner to proceed with what is necessary to bring the matter up at the district justice’s court.

In other matters, John Post, on behalf of Blue Ridge Baseball Booster Club, brought information to council regarding installing electrical service to the baseball field.

Post said that the baseball league(s) would be responsible for the electrical bill, if council would allow them to bring in electrical power service to the ballfield. The service would be used during games, for the concession stand, primarily for the refrigerator, as last year they tried to bring in ice to keep things cold. “Ice doesn’t last too long, when it is hot out,” he added. President Carr told him that he should run the idea past the Parks & Recreation Committee before coming to council for approval. Post was unaware of the due process and expressed concern, due to the time he had to get this service ready before the season starts. He said that he only has about three weeks (to acquire and do all the work needed). “If I have to wait another month, it will be difficult to get it in (on time).”

Council’s Chris Allen suggested that council give Post the okay in a motion, contingent on the approval from the Parks & Recreation Committee and others who may be involved in the use of the service. Post also added that the would be glad to offer the service to football, if they were interested and they could pay a fair share of the electric bill. Council agreed it will be a good thing for all concerned.

It was also suggested that the electric connection be left on due to the cost of turning it on and off throughout the year.

Council woman Teri Gulick presented a positive report on Montrose Borough Police, stating that she had met with Montrose’s Chief Dale Smith and discussed a number of things regarding the police protection within New Milford Borough.

“I did ask Chief Smith about the alleged ‘targeting’ of (bars taverns, etc.). He said that the officers did not target businesses, and told me that two of those apprehended for speeding were intoxicated. Another woman was stopped for erratic driving, and she was found to be highly intoxicated. Another stopped for going too fast was also driving under the influence.”

Chief Smith said, “There are a number of police out, the State Police of Gibson, and The Susquehanna County Drug Task Force. The Drug Task Force is allowed to go anywhere in the county, and their job is to arrest those who are intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

“We are not “harassing” anyone.” Smith added.

Smith’s report for the past three months was accepted by Gulick with positive feedback. He added, “Approximately 70% of stops are usually verbal warnings the first time, unless there is another reason for them to be detained.”

The roof on the storage building was discussed, with Mayor Joe Taylor reporting that he had spoken to a contractor regarding the situation. The contractor told Taylor that it would benefit council more if they repaired the roof already on the building instead of putting on a new one.

Taylor said that there are several things that need replacement and council unanimously agreed to “fix what’s there.”

The engineering problem on the bridges to be repaired/replaced appears to be held up by DEP, as the paperwork has been sitting  “in their hands (DEP), ever since October,” Council president Carr stated.

This information was acquired after several phone calls, including one to DEP, where the person in charge was unaware of the project and allegedly found it on a desk. This person stated he would look into it within a week. Council agreed to check with Commissioner Mary Ann Warren, who had already made a call, and ask her to make another one in a week. It was also decided to contact Congressman Carney’s office, and suggested that Representative Sandra Major should have more power over this type of problem than anyone.

“We can make calls to all three to make sure,” President Carr stated.

The bridges are located on Church Street and Maple Street.

Last month there was a report of a sinkhole on Main Street. Teri Gulick examined it and reported that it was not caused by anything the borough has done. Carr agreed.

Mayor Taylor also reported that Richard Lempke approached him in regards to doing something special in memory of his nephew, Bobby Lempke.

Placing trees throughout the borough and/or lights were discussed. It was decided that Mayor Taylor will meet with Lempke again and bring forth all options to decide which way he would like to go. “It is a win-win situation,” Carr said, “It will be a nice memorial to Bobby Lempke, as well as make a nice contribution to the appearance of New Milford Borough.”

Taylor added that Cooper VanCott had been in touch with Lempke and was willing to help with the project.

Council reported that a “tree grant” was favorably received, amounting to $3,500.

Ken Bondurant, Bicentennial Celebration, was on hand to report that he has several committees underway and the project is going well.

“We have a slate of entertainment and vendors lined up, including Radio’s Bill Flynn, Bill Grace and the Buddy Spencer Band. We hope to have a sock hop at Green Gables, and perhaps even a polka band one evening.”

Bondurant added that he was pleased to receive a grant from the Tourism Bureau to help defray advertising costs, but the stipulation was that it must be used solely for advertising.

Bondurant added that while they have a number of people and committees, if anyone is interested in helping with the Bicentennial, please contact him. “We welcome those with an interest,” he concluded.

Mayor Taylor questioned that the “Tourism Bureau gave monies to the Bi-Centennial Committee, but wouldn’t give the monies to the people who earned said monies?” Bondurant said they were thankful for the monies and realized that there was an ongoing problem, but he wasn’t going to approach it.

Eleanor Lempke was present, and stated that the idea behind the gift to the Centennial Committee was primarily to “put heads in beds,” i.e. bringing in more visitors to the Susquehanna County area.

The New Milford Borough Council meets the first Thursday of the month at 7 p.m.

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March Jurors Drawn

Following is the list of names drawn to serve as Petit and Traverse jurors to appear in the Court of Common Pleas, Susquehanna County Courthouse, Montrose, on the second day of March at 9:00 a.m.

Ararat Twp.: Mavis Cottrell, Tammy Gregory, Sharon Hunsinger, Matthew L. Lord, Charlene Tewksbury.

Bridgewater Twp.: Kathleen Decker, Jackie Kane, Brenda Korty, James Welch.

Brooklyn Twp.: Lloyd Baker, Freida Diehl, Mary Osburn.

Choconut Twp.: Kevin Ives, Robert Nemcek.

Clifford Twp.: Lisa Barhite, Kevin Brown, Robert McAndrew, Robert Seymour.

Forest City 1W: Lisa Loomis.

Forest City 2W: Pauline Franceski.

Forest Lake Twp.: Leon Burts, Rita Powers.

Franklin Twp.: Evelyn Goff, Shirley Pabst, Constance Perry.

Great Bend Twp.: Ann Bayly.

Hallstead Boro: Fred Biermann, Patricia Johnson, William Marvin, Gerald Welsted.

Harford Twp.: Louise Banks, Betty Bomberger, Meredith Bowman, Cora Burns, Linda Groover, Eugene Hahn, James Meyers, Sally Morgan.

Herrick Twp.: M. Campbell.

Hop Bottom Boro: Timothy Brewer, Rosemary Koshinski, Janice Webster.

Jackson Twp.: Garry Boccafogli, Carolyn Jennings, Ray Rockwell.

Jessup Twp.: Richard Fisher, Keith Pennypacker, David R. Tiffany.

Lanesboro Boro: Richard Paccio.

Lathrop Twp.: Joann Karolchik, Katrina Reed, Carl Spaulding.

Lenox Twp.: Nicholas Polifko.

Liberty Twp.: David Bailey, Carl Gelatt, Richard Osborn, Mindy Williams.

Middletown Twp.: John Skoczylas.

Montrose Boro 1W: Jonathan Allen.

Montrose Boro 2W: Michele Goff, John Jerauld.

New Milford Boro: Theresa Nicholson.

New Milford Twp.: William W. Stepniak III, Donna Wayman.

Oakland Boro: Barbara Fenescey, Josephine Wolf.

Rush Twp.: Sherry Lofaro, Karen Vermeulen, Jacqueline Warner.

Silver Lake Twp.: Diana S. Bean, Mary Homan, Laurie Laskowski, Debra Russell.

Springville Twp.: James Naylor, Nevin Norton.

Susquehanna Boro 1W: Michael Lindquist, Terri MacDonald, Cecelia Vaccaro.

Susquehanna Boro 2W: Joann Barnes.

Thompson Twp.: Barbara Passarelli.

Union Dale Boro: James Montenegro, John Murphy.

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Lanesboro Council Meeting Minutes

Following are the Lanesboro Borough Council meeting minutes for January, as submitted.

Call to order on January 6, 2009.

Roll Call: Dan Boughton, Regina Dilello, Bob Mireider, Dale Rockwell, Stan Rockwell, Colleen Wilkes. Also Present: Secretary/Treasurer Gail Hanrahan, Mayor Chris Maby.

Action on minutes of previous meeting: Motion to accept minutes, includes change by Boughton (against payment of Mtn. Road).

Correspondence and Resolutions

Letter from Dewitt & Cordner: Request to continue as solicitor at the rate of $115/hr. Motion to accept. Unanimous, so carried.

Letter from Robert C. Edwards: Scholarship available to high school. Residency and other requirements. Secy. to provide information to SCSD guidance counselor.

Code Enforcement: Shane Lewis will not be providing commercial enforcement after April 9. Lanesboro needs to provide approval in writing to Shane. Council authorized Maby to contact CII about possibly taking over. 33 messages, 7 general inspections, 1 permit issued. Most of the messages were in regard to the recent fires.

Community Center: $350 in rental. Miscellaneous supplies need to be purchased. S. Rockwell to organize a lockup to keep the supplies from being taken by renters.

Mayor’s Report: Bids for the soccer field grant project came in much higher than expected again, even with a reduction in work. Project will be re-bid in the spring.

New street signs installed, need to have the old ones removed ASAP.

Summary of Jefferson St. discussions can be found in the September/October 2004, November 2007, December 2007, April 2008, May 2008, July/August 2008, September 2008, and October 2008 council meeting minutes.

Will provide Secy. an ad to put in newspaper to fill George Houghton’s position on the council. County stated that interested parties must have lived in Lanesboro for at least one year and is filled only until the next election.

Maby turned over EMC jacket and toolkit.

Census map needs review and signoff, noting that it clearly shows Turnpike Terrace in Lanesboro. After discussion, motion to accept map as supplied. Motion unanimous, so carried.

Police: Discussion of enforcement of weight ordinance with Magistrate Janicelli. We cannot enforce the ordinance without having an officer weight certified and have scales available. Council asked Chief Record to coordinate effort with State Police and provide update ASAP.

Unfinished business: Potter property billing – letter sent already, will be sent again, with CC to Dewitt’s office.

Mountain Road loan update: S. Rockwell to follow up with Atty. Dewitt and provide update at next meeting.

New business: Snow removal survey – 13 replies received. 9 were to continue with removal, 4 were to stop. Snow removal will continue.

County sent Secy. a questionnaire on when council and mayor positions were up for renewal. Members in question will provide information needed to Secy., who will send it back to the county.

Boughton: Form for the streetlights being out was sent in, repairs have started. The snow blower has been repaired and is ready for pickup. Dan Boughton, Jr. needs a letter stating the sign removals were approved by Lanesboro in order for them to be recycled. Asked what ROW width was in regard to water diversion, as an iced over ditch is causing issues on Side Ave. Minimum width is 33’ according to PennDOT, unless there is something wider taken by fee or ordinance.

Wilkes: Concerned about vehicles parking behind the sidewalk at the Main St./Belmont St. intersection. Council discussed – as long as they are not on the sidewalk, there isn’t anything that can be done, since the property in question is not owned by Lanesboro.

Visitors (requesting time on floor): Ashley Depew – interested in participating on committees, possibly fundraising. Council asked her to come up with some ideas, are enthusiastic about moving forward with this. Possible ideas include a dog walk in Luciana Park, Christmas lights on the utility poles.

Jason Fissel: Interested in renting the Community Center during the week as a temporary daycare facility, until he finishes building one. He is willing to provide cabinets to put everything away so that the Center can be used for other events on the weekends and at night. Expected rental length is three months, with 25 maximum kids (and four accompanying teachers). After discussion, motion to accept $250/month for the first month, at which time the cost will be revisited and adjusted if needed to cover the cost of oil and electricity. Rental to begin on February 1, 2009. Unanimous, so carried.

Rick French: Interested in snow plowing if a position is available. After discussion, motion to hire Mr. French on an as-needed, hourly basis for the temporary position of snow removal. Hours will be coordinated with S. Rockwell and Boughton. Unanimous, so carried.

Adjournment: Motion to adjourn. Unanimous, so carried.

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