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Emily Swingle Wins Farm Show Ribbon
NWCL Expands Its “Loving Learning”
Susky Fire Dept. Honors Members

Emily Swingle Wins Farm Show Ribbon

Emily Swingle, Montrose, PA won second place in the youth division (ages 8-18) for her Hershey’s Dream Bar Cookies recipe at the annual Hershey’s Cocoa Classic Cake and Cookie/Brownie/Bar Baking Contest, which took place at the 2009 Pennsylvania Farm Show in Harrisburg.

Emily Swingle at the 2009 pa Farm Show in Harrisburg, where she won second place in the youth division at the annual Hershey’s Cocoa Classic Cake and Cookie/Brownie/Bar Baking Contest.

Emily’s recipe competed against 74 other recipes for cookies, brownies and bars that were entered in the youth division. A panel of five judges selected Emily’s made-from-scratch cookies based upon flavor, texture, overall appearance, inside characteristics and creativity.

In order for contestants to be eligible for the Farm Show competition, they had to win first place at a local county fair that is a member the PA State Association of County Fairs. Emily’s first place win at the Harford Fair in Susquehanna County allowed her to participate at the state-level Hershey’s Cocoa Classic.

Youth contestants were required to submit six cookies/brownies or bars that were baked from scratch, using a minimum of ½ cup Hershey’s baking chips (any variety). If the baker used chocolate icing or drizzle, it had to include Hershey’s Cocoa.

The Hershey Company awarded $250 for first place, $100 for second and $50 for third place in the cookie/brownie or bar division. Every participant in the contest received a gift package that included a Hershey’s Cocoa Classic tote bag, whisk, wooden spoon, and ice cream scooper, as well as Hershey’s baking products.

Bakers interested in the 2010 baking contest can find their local participating county fair at

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NWCL Expands Its “Loving Learning”

The Northern Wayne County Library is pleased to announce a $5,500 grant from Verizon. This funding will support the Library’s Project “Loving Learning,” a program designed to support learning for patrons of all ages. Using Verizon’s innovative Thinkfinity program, along with other health, cultural and life skills programs, focus will be on middle school, high school and adult literacy initiatives with continued emphasis on pre-school children’s programs.

For more information on the Northern Wayne Community Library’s Project “Loving Learning,” contact the library at (570) 798-2444.

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Susky Fire Dept. Honors Members
Submitted By David Scales

On December 13, the Susquehanna Volunteer Fire Department held its 128th annual Christmas party and awards banquet at the American Legion in Susquehanna.

The party was full of well-deserved recognition for many people. In attendance were special guests: several members of the Sandino Battisti family; Mr. Charles Bement - Regional Director of the Bradford Susquehanna EMS Council and his wife, Sonia; Mr. Bill Saxe, his wife, Paula and daughter, Melissa.

Chief Steve Glover opened the program by welcoming everyone, including the special guests. He introduced his 2009 Line Officers: Chief - Steve Glover, 1st Assistant Chief - John Ball, 2nd Assistant Chief - Gene Perry, Captain - Todd Glover, 1st Lieutenant - Kevin Kelly, and gave a summary of activities of the fire service for 2008. The Susquehanna Fire Department responded to 156 calls. He recognized the top 10 responders for 2008, and thanked all his officers and members for their performance during the year. The Top 10 Fire Responders for 2008 were: Vinny Rocannova at 141 calls, Todd Glover at 110 calls, Joe Cameron at 100 calls, tie between Bob Burns and John Ball at 99 calls, tie between David Passetti and Gene Perry at 90 calls, Steve Glover at 89 calls, Dan Crawford at 86 calls, Sean Hennessey at 84 calls, Damion Scales at 72 calls, and tie between Dick Hennessey and Robbie Hall at 67 calls.

Peter Janicelli and Joe Bucci, representing the American Legion Post 86, presented the Fire Department with a very generous check of proceeds from a benefit they held on behalf of the Fire Department during the summer.

Chief Steve Glover, Firefighter/EMT Kara Culnane, and Firefighter/EMT Kristin Culnane presented a plaque to Bill Culnane for 30 years of dedicated service as Captain of Motorized Vehicles/Chief Engineer.

Chief Steve Glover and Captain of Motorized Vehicles David Glidden presented a plaque to Charles “Chuck" Glidden stating, "With Grateful Appreciation For his Dedication To Duty, and High Loyalty to the Susquehanna Fire Department for 43 Years of service; for holding many high-ranking offices and for being a calming voice during times of turmoil, especially during the merger creating the Susquehanna Volunteer Fire Department."

Ambulance Captain David Scales, Sr. gave a brief report on the activities of the Ambulance Service over the past year and introduced his 2009 line officers. Captain - David Scales, Sr., 1st Lieutenant - Damion Scales, 2nd Lieutenant - Melissa Lankford. He then recognized the top five E.M.S. responders and the top five firefighters who assisted E.M.S. over the past year and presented them with a token of appreciation, collar emblems, as a thank you. Top five EMS responders were Damion Scales, Nancy Culnane, Melissa Lankford, David Passetti, and Chris Herbert. Top five EMS Assistants were Joe Cameron, Vinny Roccannova, Joe Schell, Lee Wolf, and Todd Glover.

Chuck Bement, Director of the Bradford Susquehanna EMS Council was asked to give a few words. He commented on the year that Susquehanna Ambulance Service has had, and how he is proud of the accomplishments made. He also spoke in detail about the fantastic job done by Todd Glover, David Scales, Sr., and others within the fire department in the planning, development, and implementation of the landing pad at the Susquehanna Community School.

Captain Scales then recounted an unfortunate event from February of 2008, where a 12-year old who was playing with friends slipped and fell into Drinker Creek off Erie Ave. and drowned. During the rescue, two of the newly created Swift Water Rescue Team members – Chris Herbert and Steve Fredrick – went above and beyond in an attempt to locate the little girl, placing themselves in serious danger. After the recovery of the little girl, EMT/Paramedic Jackie Golka did the very strenuous act of performing C.P.R. while climbing a very steep bank from Erie Ave. to Franklin Ave., roughly a 400 + yard climb. These individuals were each awarded a Commendation of Merit for going above and beyond the call of duty attempting to save the life of this young girl.

Next, Captain Scales related an event that occurred on May 30, 2008 – Memorial Day. While the Fire Department Ambulance was on standby at the PennCann Speedway, the crew received a report of a man walking in the pit area who had collapsed to the ground. EMTs ran from the ambulance to the man. At that time, they determined that he was not breathing and had no heartbeat. The driver brought the ambulance to the scene while EMTs worked on the patient. The event created a lot of hysteria, which caused a large crowd to gather and intrude upon the treatment. Kim Conklin, who is Captain of the Thompson Hose Company's E.M.S., was on scene and joined the effort with the Susquehanna crew of attempting to revive the patient. The crew, including Captain Conklin fought through the crowd to get the patient into the ambulance and continued resuscitation efforts, including use of the "AED." As the ambulance was leaving the race track en route to the hospital, the patient opened his eyes and spoke to the crew. Captain Scales, in relating this event to those in attendance, acknowledged the fact that the patient was "clinically dead and he is now alive, well and he is here," at which time Captain Scales asked Mr. Saxe to come to the podium. Mr. Saxe thanked all of the crew for their efforts, telling them he would not be here now if it was not for them. Captain Scales then called the crew to the podium, Kim Conklin, Melissa Lankford, Megan Munsell, and Damion Scales, at which time they were presented the Medal of Valor for Life Saving and Commendation of Merit for performing basic lifesaving skills in the field that resulted in the saving of a life. Mr. and Mrs. Saxe also presented each crew member with a token of their appreciation and deep gratitude. Needless to say, it was very surprising and emotional to the crew of the call that Mr. Saxe and his family were present this evening.

The next event on the program involved Melissa Lankford. She has run as a Medical First Responder for three years, after successful completion of the state certification program and testing. Melissa took advantage of a challenge, the state written and practical E.M.T. exam, to up her status to E.M.T. from Medical First Responder in early December. Melissa had been waiting for over a week for her test results, without a word. Captain Scales presented Melissa with a gift as a token of his appreciation for all she had done for the E.M.S service over the past year. When she opened a small box, inside was a pair of E.M.T. collar emblems. She, being very surprised, asked Dave, "Do you know something that I don't?" At which time Director Bement came to the podium and presented Melissa with her E.M.T. certificate and gave a brief narrative to the audience about the difficulty of taking and passing the E.M.T. challenge. Melissa is one of 15% that passed the challenge within the state.

The awards closed on a very somber note. In October of this year, the Susquehanna Fire Department lost a longtime brother to illness, Sandino (Sandy) Battisti. Todd Glover opened the tribute with remarks about Sandy's dedicated service to the Susquehanna Fire Department, both as an officer and a brother. A slide show was created by Karen Armitage in honor of Sandy, that showed clips of his life and funeral, as well as the playing of the last call dispatch done by Susquehanna County 9-1-1. Final remarks were made on behalf of the fire department by David Scales, Sr. and Steve Glover. Sandy's wife, Joan Battisti and brother firefighter for over 60 years, Les Schell were presented with a special gift in honor of Sandy.

The night of celebration and festivities was dedicated in memory of Sandy Battisti.

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