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Gibson Barracks Report
Courthouse Report

Gibson Barracks Report
Compiled By Melinda Darrow


On December 31, at around 10:55 p.m., Tiffany Thomas of Vandling and a passenger were traveling southbound on SR 171 in Herrick Twp. The roadway was snow covered, at that time, and Thomas lost control of her vehicle, exiting the roadway to the east of the travel lanes and impacting a ditch. The vehicle came to a final stop, overturned off the travel lanes. Neither the operator nor the passenger were injured; both were utilizing seat belts.


On December 21, at 11:45 p.m., Christine Clayton of Hallstead was traveling northbound on US HWY 11 in that town when she side-swiped a parked car facing southbound. Clayton proceeded to flee the scene after impact, but was located approximately one hour later in the Burger King parking lot in Great Bend Twp. and arrested for DUI. No one was injured in the incident; the investigation was continuing at the time of report.


On December 31, at 12:45 p.m., Tracy Stone was traveling east bound on SR 3023 in Rush Twp. when she lost control of her vehicle on the snow covered roadway. Stone's vehicle exited the roadway to the south of the travel lanes, impacted a fence, and came to a final rest overturned. Stone suffered minor injuries and was transported to Endless Mountains Health Systems for medical treatment; she was utilizing a seatbelt.


On December 30, at 7:00 a.m., Matthew Greenley of Hallstead was traveling west on T803 in Silver Lake Twp. when he struck a tree which had fallen across the road. Major damage was sustained by the vehicle's roof, but Greenley was able to extricate himself and walk to a local residence to summon help. He was wearing a seatbelt, and was transported to Wilson Hospital in Johnson City for treatment.


On December 31, at approximately 10:55 a.m., Rebecca Wallace was traveling eastbound on State Hwy. 706 in New Milford Twp., at the same time Larry Martin of Troy was traveling westbound on that road. Wallace lost control of her vehicle on the snow covered roadway while attempting to negotiate a curve, exited her lane and made frontal impact with Martin's vehicle. Both drivers were utilizing safety restraints; no injuries were reported as a result of this collision.


On December 31 at around 9:30 a.m., Raebeca Curry of Binghamton was traveling Southbound on SR 171. Curry lost control of her vehicle on the snow covered road, exited the travel lanes off the east berm, and struck an embankment, causing the vehicle to roll over. Curry was wearing a seatbelt and received only minor injuries.


Between the 20th and 21st of December, an unknown person utilized the debit card account of a Montrose resident to make two fraudulent charges over the internet.


On December 22, one or more unknown perpetrator(s) entered a vehicle parked in the Blue Ridge High School parking lot, and took possession of a cell phone from within it.


On December 27, an altercation occurred on SR 11 in Great Bend Township, on the bridge between Mess's Fireworks and Burger King. At this time Frederick Miley and David Juskey, both of that town, engaged in a fight which resulted in each receiving injuries. Both individuals will be charged accordingly for the criminal violations. Anyone with any additional information is asked to contact PSP Gibson at (570) 465-3154.


It was reported by Angelo Petriello of Thompson that sometime between December 16 and 17, an unknown person entered the office of Amish Made Sheds in Hallstead and stole some prescription medication from within. Anyone with information about the incident is asked to contact PSP Gibson at (570) 465-3154 or (800) 506-0372.


On December 26, at around 11 p.m., Melissa Compton was traveling on US Hwy. 11 in New Milford Twp. when she lost control of her vehicle while attempting to negotiate a curve on the icy road surface. The vehicle exited the roadway, traveled up an embankment, and rolled over.


Sometime between the 27th of November and the 26th of December, one of more unknown person(s) reportedly dumped old roofing shingles onto property belonging to Jeffrey Smith of Philadelphia. The property is located in Lenox Twp.


On December 18, at around 4:17 a.m., Jeffrey Cundey of Hallstead was traveling South along SR 29 when he traveled off the right side of the road and collided with a utility pole. The pole was severed and crashed onto the roadway, causing closure of that road for approximately one hour. Cundey was subsequently taken into custody for D.U.I., among other traffic violations. He was not injured in the crash. PSP was assisted on scene by Montrose Fire Dept. and Montrose Ambulance personnel. Cundey was to be charged accordingly for the violations.


On December 15, Sajeed Hakim of Jamesville, NY was stopped for speeding on Interstate 81 in Great Bend Twp. Criminal indicators were present so, after the accused was given a warning for speeding, the stop was transitioned into a mere encounter, where consent for search was asked of, and granted by, Hakim. The search yielded an Oxycontin pill, a small amount of marijuana, and a glass pipe with marijuana in it. The accused was taken back to PSP/Gibson and processed, before being released as per rule 519.


On December 19, at around 11:15 a.m., Robert Brown of McDonough, GA was traveling an on unnamed street in New Milford Twp. when he lost control of his vehicle on the snow covered roadway and struck a concrete barrier. No injury was reported; a seatbelt was worn. Brown was cited for driving too fast for conditions.


Between the 26th and 27th of December, Paul Formosa of Great Bend had the rear window smashed out of his 2002 GMC Envoy, while it was located on Franklin St. in that town.


Sometime during the month between the 21st of November and the 21st of December, one or more unknown person(s) arrived at the rear of Charlie Brown's storage units in Springville Twp., removed the lock on storage unit #21, and removed two air conditioners and a push-type weed eater from within.


On December 20, Eva Poole and Melissa Bresee met at the Liberty Truck Stop in Harford Twp., with the purpose of exchanging custody of Bresee's three-year old son. Bresee made an obscene gesture to Poole, who then exited her vehicle and struck Bresee on the side of the head. Bresee then pulled Poole from the vehicle and the two rolled around on the ground. Before the fight could be broken up, Poole scratched Bresee and Bresee bit Poole in the stomach. Charges were filed at District Court 34-3-03 on both parties.


On December 19, Melissa Frankford of Wynnewood, PA was traveling south on I 81 in Harford Twp., when she entered an uncontrolled spin due to slippery road conditions and struck a guard rail. A second vehicle, driven by Frank Pick of Earlville, NY attempted to slow down due to the incident, but was impacted by a third vehicle, driven by Peter Bregartner of East Islip, NY. This impact drove Pick's vehicle into Frankford's. Bregartner's vehicle then traveled across the left lane, impacting the median ditch. No injuries were reported.


On December 19 at 12:12 p.m., Anwan Alexander of Charlotte, NC and Donna Elmore of Pittston, PA were both traveling south on I 81 in Harford Twp. The roadway at this time was snow covered due to inclement weather conditions. Alexander, driving a Freightliner Conventional, was trailing Elmore closely, and struck the International Harvester on the rear trailer area. Upon impact Alexander pulled over to the right shoulder as his truck lost engine fluids, and Elmore drove to the exit 217 ramp. Elmore complained of head and neck pain. Harford Ambulance responded, but Elmore did not require transportation to a hospital. Alexander was cited at District Justice 34-3-03 for following too closely.


On December 20, at around 7:08 a.m., Michael Himerson of Syracuse, NY was traveling southbound on I 81 in Lenox Twp., in the left lane. At that time Exio Cestra of Montreal-Nord, QC was traveling the same roadway in the right lane. Himerson lost control of his vehicle, which struck a guide rail to the left, reentered the interstate, hit the front of Cestra's vehicle, struck another guardrail on the right-hand side of the lane, spun around, and then struck Cestra's vehicle again, this time in the rear trunk area. Clifford Fire and EMS responded. Duchnik's towed Himerson's vehicle from the scene.


A woman of Blake Rd. in Choconut Twp. sustained a gunshot wound to her foot during the early morning hours of December 20, while at her residence. The injury appeared to be self-inflicted at the time of report, but the incident was still under investigation.


Between the 21st and 22nd of December, one or more unknown person(s) arrived at the Charlie Brown's Storage facility in Springville Twp., entered storage bin #18, and cut three locks. A black rear deck spoiler for a 1987 Trans Am, a small drill press, a set of metal saw horses, a Black and Decker portable sweeper, and two Coors light cooler bags with VHF movies in them were removed from within. Anyone coming into contact with the aforementioned items is asked to call PSP Gibson at (570) 465-3154.


On December 22, one or more unknown person(s) arrived at a particular location in Rush Township, entered the premises through an unlocked door, and stole a pink Kodak Camera.


On December 20, at 8:50 am, Theresa Dicosimo of Jamesville, NY was traveling south on I 81, near the Lenox exit. Dicosimo reported that a white cat cut in front of her at this juncture, forcing her to hit the guide rail on the median side. She was not injured and no Fire or EMS responded.


On December 18, ten, five-gallon blue cans of K1 Karo were stolen off the porch of Bruce Swackhammer in Apolacon Twp.


On December 11, Leon Ball of Nicholson threatened to burn down a relative's trailer while her kids were in it. This occurred following a domestic incident at the relative's house. The accused left prior to police arrival, but contact with him was later made. He came to the barracks for an interview, and admitted threatening to burn down the residence. He was placed into custody and subsequently arraigned before District Justice 34-3-01. He was placed on $5,000 bail and, being unable to post it, sent to the Susquehanna County Prison until a preliminary hearing on December 15.


Between September and December of 2008, one or more unknown person(s) stole a gas key from a Columbia Hose vehicle and charged several hundred dollars of fuel to that company's account at Lindsey Oil.

If anyone has information on any of these incidents, please contact PSP Gibson at (470) 465-3154.

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Courthouse Report
Compiled By Lauren P. Ficarro


Gary L. and Teresa A. Watson to Jason M. and Christine L. Henke, in Jackson Township for $14,000.00.

Anne Marie Inman to Charles R. Inman, in Springville Township for one dollar.

David J. Malinowski to David J. and Terry J. Malinowski, in Auburn Township for one dollar.

Kathleen M. Gutheil and Ronald Fanelli to Ronald Fanelli, in Uniondale Borough for one dollar.

Victoria Geisler (Estate) to Stuart L. Geisler, in Liberty Township for one dollar.

Jeffery S. and Kelli Jarrow to Stephen C. and Barbara Jarrow, in Harford Township for one dollar.

Curtis L. and Pamela M. Eshbaugh and John P. and Lori L. Mocniak to Curtis L. and Pamela M. Eshbaugh and John P. and Lori L. Mocniak, in Apolacon Township for one dollar.

Naomi Root to John J. and Kimberly Gazzillo, in Springville Township for $7,000.00.

Donald A., Mary A. and David A. (Est) Burns and Donna M. Brink to Donald A. and Mary A. Burns, in Lanesboro Borough for one dollar.

Stephen Kaminsky to Kathleen Ashby, in Jackson Township for $20,000.00.

Cindy K. and Mark W. Tompkins to Blair C. Weig and Gina M. Verne, in Franklin Township for $47,475.00.

Blair C. Weig and Gina M. Verne to Cindy K. and Mark W. Tompkins, in Franklin Township for $3,150.00.

Mark and Ronald J. Powers to Powers & Powers Family Limited Partnership, in Middletown Township for one dollar.

Susan (AKA) Susan D. Nulton, Raymond W. and Kern G. Dibble and Patricia Keiber to Susan D. Nulton, in Auburn Township for one dollar.

Susan (AKA) Susan D. Nulton, Raymond W. and Kern G. Dibble and Patricia Keiber to Susan D. Nulton, in Auburn Township for one dollar.

Robert S. and Katherine B. Warriner to Robert S. Warriner (Trust), in Dimock Township for one dollar.

Patricia Keiber and Kern G. Dibble to Raymond W. Dibble, in Auburn Township for one dollar.

Patricia Keiber and Kern G. Dibble to Raymond W. Dibble, in Auburn Township for one dollar.

Bonita Emerick (By Sheriff) to Habitat For Humanity Of Susquehanna County Pennsylvania, Inc., in Montrose for $1,246.12.

Nancy W. Tyler to Brian A. and Timothy S. Tyler, in Auburn Township for one dollar.

Nancy W. Tyler to Brian A. and Timothy S. Tyler, in Auburn Township for one dollar.

Nancy W. Tyler to Brian A. and Timothy S. Tyler, in Auburn Township for one dollar.

Nancy (AKA) Nancy W. Tyler to Brian A. and Timothy S. Tyler, in Auburn Township for one dollar.

Pauline Kazlauskas to Joseph V. Pavlovich, in Forest City for one dollar.

Malcolm S. and Kathy O. Andre to MCV LLC, in Bridgewater Township for one dollar.

Paul G. Ravnikar to Donna M. Murphy, in Forest City for $45,000.00.

Lake Choconut Association to Lake Choconut Association Limited Partnership, in Choconut Township for one dollar.

Sophie S. Sterling to Raymond H. Sterling, in Brooklyn Township for one dollar.

Sophie S. Sterling to Raymond H. Sterling, in Brooklyn Township for one dollar.

Ferdinand Skaritza (Estate) to Carl and Sarah Jane Silver, in Great Bend Township for one dollar.

Joanne Smith, Nancy A. Cheafsky (NKA) Nancy A. Cheafsky-Felker and Guy Felker to Joanne Smith, Nancy Cheafsky-Felker and Guy M. Felker, in Clifford Township for one dollar.


Frederick A. Tinklepaugh and Alice S. Clink, both of Springville.

Rodney M. Stephens of Elmira, NY and Shannon Marie Kanna of Brackney.

Bryan C. McDonald of New Milford and Clarissa L. Cook of Nicholson.

Jason R. Rosenkrans of Great Bend and Jessica Aileen Hughes of Montrose.

Joel C. Stafford and Danielle M. Spadine, both of Kailua, HI.

Daniel Francis Vinsko, Jr. and Christine M. Santucci.


Cynthia A. Cleveland of Hop Bottom vs. Michael E. Cleveland of Amherst, NY, married 2000.

Jennifer Lynn Lindquist vs. Jason Michael Lindquist, both of Hallstead, married 2002.

Lori King vs. Richard R. King, both of Montrose, married 1989.

Thomas D. Button of New Milford vs. Patricia A. Button of Kingsley, married 1978.

Marianne Archambault of Thompson vs. William Charles Archambault, Jr. of Honesdale, married 1988.


The Susquehanna County Domestic Relations Section has Bench Warrants for the following individuals as of 10:11 a.m. on January 2, 2009.

Michael Argust, Robert G. Arthur, David P. Atherholt, Jr., Erika L. Back, Keith Beach, Michael J. Beach, David S. Blaisure, Jennifer N. Bonavita, Joseph Bonavita, Michael P. Bradley, Jr., Ryan T. Brooks, Kenneth G. Burgess, Joshua D. Calby, Lynn M. Cokely, Mark T. Conklin, Jeffrey A. Craig, Thomas J. Croghan II, Mary Dallasta, John J. Deakin, Jeffrey L. Decker, Amanda Dedonis, Paul H. Donovan, Deborah L. Drish, Thomas D. Earley, Jonathan Fathi, Kristoffer B. Fazzi, David J. Fischer, Thomas Fisher, Nesbitt W. Fitch, Jr., Ryan M. Forder, Kelly Fox, Yvette Glover, Angela M. Grecco, Jeremy Grick, David Haines, Jr., Suzanne R. Hansen, Keith G. Harms, Michael A. Hartman, Jamie E. Heaman, Gregory R. Henry, Ann Hightower, Holly N. Holbrook, Timothy M. Holmes, Lyle J. Hugaboom, Roy M. Huntley, Erik E. Krisovitch, James R. Lee, Charlie J. Legere, Carlos L. Leiser, Howard J. Linder, Debra J. London, George D. Lowery, Joseph Malloy, Jr, John A. Manning, Tanika Marazzani, Patricia J. Marrero, Jason Marshall, Fred C. Materese, James R. Moran, Anthony Neri, Todd M. O'Hara, Ivy U. Oropallo, Gary Perico, Warren N. Peterson, Jonathan R. Powers, Jeffrey A. Ransom, Kim Read, Jesse R. Rhinebeck, Jr., Nathan Rosene, Donald L. Rousseau, Jr., Brandon Scott, Neil D. Shaffer, David J. Shiner, Rory Sicovitch, Duane Spencer, Amy M. Squier, Correna A. Stormes, Andrew J. Survilla, Earl H. Thompson, Jr., Shannon L. VanVleck, Anthony M. Vaow, Keith W. Vroman, Robert C. Walter, II, Glynn Wildoner, III, Patrick L. Yachymiak, Edward K. Zajaczkowski, Karl D. Zantowsky.

Please contact the Domestic Relations Section at (570) 278-4600 ext. 170 with any information on the location of these individuals.

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