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Concern Gets A Fine

We are brought up thinking our borough council is composed of our best and brightest, the town fathers concerned with doing what is best for the town. Then it turns out they are more like the sort of people who ought to be under observation somewhere.

The council seemed to have reached bottom with the notion that grandparents, say, who come to visit the family, ought to park down in the Plaza and hike up Susquehanna’s pretty hills for the visit. Be a nice hike on a winter’s night, but, heck, half the rest of the town will park there, too, if they have no driveways. It could be like stadium parking, and Susquehanna could go from being “The City of Stairs” to “The City of Tailgate Parties.”

The council’s parking concept seemed a pretty trashy idea, to me and plenty of other citizens.

Which sort of brings up another point, this time actual trash. The mayor has begun having the police issue tickets for unsightly trash (isn’t all trash unsightly, though? Going to be a lot of tickets in town!). I got one of the tickets, for $275, for trash at a home I rent at 801 West Main Street. I had installed dumpster there as a convenience for my renters. I was thinking it would be neater than having tenants put out bags of garbage which local cats, dogs and raccoons find so attractive, they just have to tear them up and strew them around.

The borough claims the dumpster was too full, and therefore unsightly. I’ve since had the dumpster removed, not being someone who can take a whole lot of $275 fines.

It happens I was away from town when the mayor claims the trash got unsightly, and I don’t live at that address, anyway. One tenant said he believes neighbors just added their trash to the dumpster as the mood struck them. The way the mayor sees it, I guess if a neighbor to a home I own shoots someone, I will be guilty of that crime, too.

The point is, I tried to make it a little easier for a part of Susquehanna to stay a little neater, but our local leaders don’t want people to have things a little easier. So everyone can just put his trash out at night and hope for the best come the morning.

My hope is that when the citizens get done hiking home from the Plaza under the council’s other, bright idea they will not be too tired to pick up their trash.


Shawn Burns

Susquehanna, PA

What We Need

The time has come to elect a new president.

Why don't we hear from the candidates, "I will do whatever you, my constituents want”? So fill me in! Instead, we hear, “I am going to do this,” and, “My opponent is going to do that.” Now, I am old enough to know bull when I hear it.

America needs a leader, that’s true, but how about giving a little consideration to what America truly needs and listen to us? Allow our words to be listened to in our White House, and make our country vibrant again. Oh, by the way, "I approved this message.”


Peter A. Seman

Thompson, PA


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