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Letters to the Editor Policy

In Response

In response to the letter submitted by Cynthia Allen on 7/23/08 regarding zoning and various other ramblings, I wanted to set the record straight on a few items.

I was not elected to boro council due to my chickens. As far as I know, they did no campaigning, phone calling, or even emailing, though a few were caught spreading leaflets at the neighbor's. When questioned as to what they did to get me elected, most just responded with a shrug, though some wouldn't look me directly in the eye. If anyone was contacted by them, please let me know and I'll deal with them accordingly. Campaigning is not in their contract.

Further, I am a proponent of zoning, as I believe it is an effective way to monitor, plan for, and regulate present and future uses of our communities to the benefit of the majority of citizens. Though Susquehanna County is primarily rural in character now, there is no guarantee it will remain so in the future, and instituting a zoning plan will guarantee that properties are utilized correctly as part of a larger plan, not a piecemeal after-the-fact rush to regulate an undesirable establishment. It doesn't matter whether the plan was taken from a "populous" area or not; zoning regulations are standard, irregardless of where the base plan originated. Agriculture means agriculture, whether here or in California. And just for the record, I live in a zoned community, and am under residential designation, even with 9 acres of agricultural land. I don't resent it, and just try to work within the system as needed.

I also find it amusing that Ms. Allen should voice her opinion on this topic, being the owner of one of the most flagrant examples of lack of zoning in this county (the abandoned stone quarry on Rt. 11). Not only is it a poster child for man's unfettered rape of the environment, it was never even reclaimed back to some semblance of natural habitat. I guess the owner of such an establishment would incline them to be against any regulation that may have prevented this eyesore from being perpetrated on the community, or at least not allowing it to remain in it's desecrated state for the rest of eternity.

And finally, as for being in touch with those we serve, I guess we don't spend as much time at the bar as "our constituents" do, hence we're not privy to the in-depth intellectual discussions occurring over shots and beers. Call it a personal failing. Or not.


Sue Abbott

New Milford, PA

In His Memory

The American Cancer Society Relay for life represents the hope that those lost to cancer will never be forgotten, that those who face cancer will be supported, and that one day cancer will be eliminated.

As team captain of Ron’s Team, I would like to thank everyone who supported us in the Susquehanna County Relay for Life.

Your support in Ronnie’s memory is deeply appreciated.


Sue Rowe

Susquehanna, PA

Surge Is Overrated

If you want a surge to succeed, it helps to time it for when the process of sectarian cleansing is pretty much complete. Two million Iraqis have left the country, and many neighborhoods are now all-Shiite or all-Sunni. Fact is, the level of violence was bound to die down even if we did nothing. Do you honestly think if 25 million Iraqis wanted to have it out that a mere 20,000 US Soldiers could hold them off?

Political spinmeisters are overplaying the role of the surge, and by necessity playing down the role of "the Sunni Awakening" (turning against Al Qaeda), the Mahdi Army choosing to lay down their arms, and Prime Minister Maliki's successful operation in Basra. That is why violence is down. As a wise man once said, "Those who hate and fight must stop themselves – otherwise it is not stopped."


Stephen Van Eck

Rushville, PA


Letters To The Editor MUST BE SIGNED. They MUST INCLUDE a phone number for "daytime" contact. Letters MUST BE CONFIRMED VERBALLY with the author, before printing. Letters should be as concise as possible, to keep both Readers' and Editors' interest alike. Your opinions are important to us, but you must follow these guidelines to help assure their publishing.

Thank you, Susquehanna County Transcript

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