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Elk Lake Elementary Students of the Month
Blue Ridge High Holds Interview Workshop
Katherine McHale Receives Degree
Susky Elementary 3rd Period Reading Achievement Awards
Susky High Reading Program Successful
SCCTC Announces Students Of The Month
Susky Elementary 3rd Period Students Of The Month
Susky Elementary 3rd Period Honor Roll
Susky Team Places 2nd In Competition

Elk Lake Elementary Students of the Month

Mr. Charles Pirone, Elementary Principal of the Elk Lake School is pleased to announce the March, 2008 Student of the Month award winners.

–Jordan Scone, Joey Malandri, Alexxa Crisman, Allison Hewitt, Riley Teel; second row – Samantha Stone, Destiny Nonnemacher, Jade Lee, Peyton Jones, Lynda Lawrence, Cathleen Bush, Justin Zaccagnini, Noah Staff, Keaton Smith, Isabel Comly; third row – Garrett Fiorentino, Eliza Bosscher, TJ Tyler, Michael Brown, Nayda Beasley, Devyn Saylor, Shayna Charles.

Students in kindergarten, first, second, and third grades were selected by their homeroom teachers. Students may be selected as student of the month from four different areas. Those four areas are academic achievement, attendance, citizenship and most improved.

Elk Lake is proud of their students and congratulates them for their accomplishments.

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Blue Ridge High Holds Interview Workshop

Recently, TREHAB, in collaboration with Blue Ridge High School, conducted a workshop on Student Interview Readiness for seniors. During the workshop under the direction of teacher Laura Irwin, Jim Walters, Job Developer, and Joan Mazikewich, Case Manager from TREHAB in Great Bend, demonstrated to the youth some common interview questions, and emphasized how not to act during an interview. They explained that proper attire and grooming are two very important issues for the person being interviewed.

During the Student Interview Readiness workshop, Blue Ridge senior Jennifer Haynes holds a mock interview with TREHAB Job Developer Jim Walters.

The seniors learned that an interviewer can look for many different things during this important job application meeting. How one conducts oneself during an interview can greatly impact the outcome of the application process.

Students also gained knowledge in the areas of: the definition of an interview, preparation for the interview including the résumé, questions to ask the interviewer, the importance of researching the background of the company, and to be aware of illegal questions.

TREHAB appreciated the support of Blue Ridge High School and the participation of the students in this successful workshop which lasted for two class periods of seniors.

Funding for this TREHAB program is provided by the Northern Tier Regional Planning and Development Commission.

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Katherine McHale Receives Degree

Katherine McHale of Starrucca, PA, earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Public Relations from Susquehanna University, Selinsgrove, in December. Katherine, the daughter of Mark and Karen McHale, graduated summa cum laude.

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Susky Elementary 3rd Period Reading Achievement Awards

The following is a list of the Susquehanna Community Elementary School students who received a Reading Achievement Award for the third marking period of the 2007-08 school year. A student must maintain an A average (93-100) for the entire marking period in order to receive this award.

Mrs. Tingley – 1-1: Christopher Ayres, Angela Bianco, Cierra Cotter, Rodney Foote, Garrison Kiernan, William Perry, Canyon Stone, Chloe Tinklepaugh, Mackenzie Williams.

Mrs. Rowe – 1-2: Sean Argust, Brandon Buman, Dallas Cude, Devon Dubanowitz, Maximus Lerner, Bethany Maby, Nevada Scott, Andrea Westbrook.

Mrs. Davis – 1-3: Bryce Baldwin, Angel Bieloski, Robert Burns, Anthony Dolfini, Cody MacDonald, Robert Palonis, Adam Rockwell, Ashley Wallace.

Mrs. Glidden – 1-4: Daniel Baker, Tiana Bickford, Rylee Cook, Peyton Cowperthwait, Tyrone Franklin, Lia Heath, Aaron Herbert, Ryan Jennings, Kamdin Maby, Justin McConnell, Paige O’Hara, Noah Payne, McKenzie Rhone, Timothy Towers.

Mrs. Hilling – 2-1: Elizabeth Delaney, Eric Lee, Kathryn McDonald, Natalie Schield, Madisson Stanford, Stephen Vivona, Hunter Wignall.

Mrs. Hinkley – 2-2: Travis Acosta, Emily Frye, Marisa Kenny.

Mrs. Downton – 2-3: Aaron Babcock, ReShawn Henry, Bridget Iveson, Emily Lawrenson, Kayla Marino, Kaylin Trynoski.

Mrs. Stanley – 2-4: Kolby Baker, Christian Burke, Becca Bushong, Lucas Marco, Tristan Megivern.

Ms. Cook: Glenn Costanzo, Kathryn Meck.

Mrs. Steele – 3-1: Evan Cantone, Amber Cina, Gabrielle Glover, Alexandria Warring.

Mrs. Stone – 3-2: Annabelle DiNoto, Hunter Vaughn.

Mrs. Heath – 3-3: Holden Aylesworth.

Mrs. Soden – 3-4: August Cotter, Garret Grausgruber, Jessica Lamb, Saige Perry, Karina Polak, Alexia Presley, Nathan Wallace.

Mrs. Rockwell: Dylan Talotta, Jesse Skinner, Kasey Stone.

Mrs. Homer – 4-1: Daniel Braun, Abby Burdick, Kaitlyn Gow, Alyssa Hubal, Benedict Kane, Devon Kelley, Trevor Passetti, Tyler Seidel, Dylan Stout.

Mrs. Fuller – 4-2: John Ball, Breanna Bushong, Cori Glidden, Samantha Irwin, Miranda Rhone.

Mr. Presley – 4-3: Baily Barnes, Jessica Plutino, Rachel Serfilippi, Nicole Sherman.

Mr. Hall – 5-1: Ivy Christensen, Brendan Lamb, Tiara Leonard.

Mrs. Conklin – 5-2: Nicole Barnes, Mikayla Hargett, Keith Hubal, Kaleigh Lerner, Dale Reid, Brad Sherman, Justin Stanford.

Ms. Rhone – 5-3: Kasey Burdick, Willard Cobb, Tyler Petriello, Anthony Petronaci, Olivia Rockwell, Samantha Yoskowitz.

Mr. Emmons – 6-1: Melvin Batson, Chastity Carvin, Jack DeLaPlaine, Jonathan Felter, Mashawna Hargett, Matthew Hugaboom, Alyssa Jacobs, Sal Pelicci, Alexis Roe, Brandon Soden, Emily Staros, Mark Zappe.

Mrs. Vauter – 6-2: Sydney Avery, Chelsea Ayres, Lindsey Burdick, Nicholas Hall, Ashley Miller.

Mrs. Chervanka – 6-3: Nicholas Chamberlain, Joseph DeLaPlaine, Amber Dubanowitz, Lauren Marco, Micaela Rhone, Victoria Trynoski.

Mrs. Burdick: Dylan Cohen.

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Susky High Reading Program Successful

The Susquehanna Community High School has been utilizing the Fast Forward Reading Program from the Scientific Learning Corporation. The program is offered to students who have below average reading skills, to get these students on their proper reading level. The program is monitored by the Corporation to determine its effectiveness. The program facilitator, John Seigle was recently informed by the SL Corporation that the District has been classified as being a Gold CAPS school, their highest honor, to recognize remarkable progress in the Fast Forward Literacy Program.

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SCCTC Announces Students Of The Month

Alice M. Davis, Administrative Director of the Susquehanna County Career & Technology Center (SCCTC), is proud to announce the SCCTC “Students of the Month” for February, 2008. Pictured (l-r) are: Sharon Hatzis, Erin Nolan, Heather Glover, John Abbott, Heather Minick, Cody Ellis, Devin Rought, A.J. Lunger, Eduardo Jimenez, Jonathan Short, Nicolette Canfield, Alice M. Davis.

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Susky Elementary 3rd Period Students Of The Month

Mr. Robert Keyes, Principal of Susquehanna Community Elementary School, announced the "Students of the Month" for March, 2008.

Kindergarten, First, Second, Third

Pictured (l-r) are: row 1 – Selena Chandler, Timothy Sweeney, Christopher Skurski, Emily Seman; row 2 – Garrison Kiernan, Trevor Dahm, Michael Braun, Cheyann Conklin, Aaron Herbert; row 3 – Emily Frye, Nicholas Wayman, Emily Lawrenson, Lucas Marco; row 4 – Angelica DeLong, Alexandria Warring, Tyler Towers, Robert Murphy, Lauren Soden.

Fourth, Fifth Sixth

Pictured (l-r) are: row 1 – Codi O'Dell, Cameron Mallery, Jacob Smith, Baily Barnes; row 2 – Jonathan Hilling, Austin Felter, Abigail Stumbo; row 3 – Sal Pelicci, Sarah Serfilippi; Absent from photo: Amber Dubanowitz, DJ Price.

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Susky Elementary 3rd Period Honor Roll

Mr. Robert Keyes, Principal of Susquehanna Community Elementary School, announced the following students who made the Honor or High Honor Roll for the third marking period of the 2007-08 school year.


GRADE 4: Daniel Braun, Abby Burdick, Cori Glidden, Alyssa Hubal, Miranda Rhone, Rachel Serfilippi.

GRADE 5: Willard Cobb, Keith Hubal, Tyler Petriello, Anthony Petronaci, Brad Sherman, Justin Stanford.

GRADE 6: Sydney Avery, Chelsea Ayres, Nicholas Chamberlain, Jack DeLaPlaine, Joseph DeLaPlaine, Jonathan Felter, Nicholas Hall, Mashawna Hargett, Rachel Hubal, Lauren Marco, Ashley Miller, Richard Pelicci, Micaela Rhone, Sarah Serfilippi, Brandon Soden.


GRADE 4: John Ball, Baily Barnes, Breanna Bushong, Donna Jo Decker, Kaitlyn Gow, Samantha Irwin, Benedict Kane, Jessica Plutino, Tyler Seidel, Nicole Sherman, Brandon Stauffer, Dylan Stout.

GRADE 5: Nicole Barnes, Ivy Christensen, Mikayla Hargett, Brendan Lamb, Tiara Leonard, Kaleigh Lerner, William Reddon, Dale Reid, Olivia Rockwell, Daniel Staros, Samantha Yoskowitz.

GRADE 6: Nicholas Acosta, Melvin Batson, Kaitlyn Bray, Lindsey Burdick, Nathan Carpenter, Chastity Carvin, Dylan Cohen, Mason Dietzen, Amber Dubanowitz, Steven Frye, Trevor Hampton, Matthew Hugaboom, Alyssa Jacobs, Brianne LaRue, Kyle MacDonald, Brooke Morrison, Kaelin Payne, Brandon Rafferty, Alexis Roe, Ciera Scepaniak, Cody Staerker, Emily Staros, Cody Towers, Victoria Trynoski, Mark Zappe.

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Susky Team Places 2nd In Competition

On the evening of April 15, three teams from the Susquehanna Community High School participated in the reading competition held by NEIU 19 at the West Scranton High School. The teams, each comprised of 10 students, prepared for the event by reading 40 books from a list provided by the IU. The high school team finished second place in the Level II competition. This was especially rewarding, in that over 25 teams participated. Team members included Tamara Sager, Jami Towner, Sarah Parsons, Kyla Kemmerer, Ashlee Getter, Mindy Batson, Megan Garcia, Courtney Dinniny, David Jackson, Kelsey Carmody and Kelly Burke. Teachers involved in the event were Ms. Bergen, Mr. Tompkins, Mr. Reavey, Ms. Maby, Ms. Updyke, Ms. Weiss, and student teacher Lisa Paterno.

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