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It’s That Time Again

To the residents of the Susquehanna Fire Dept Ambulance coverage area.

The annual Ambulance Fund Drive is underway. Every household in the coverage area should receive a donation request. The fund drive is very important to the operation of the Ambulance Service, as we do not receive any tax dollars to support the Ambulance Service. We rely on the fund drive donations and what money we receive from some insurance companies that are billed for ambulance service to finance the ambulance operations. As a reminder, the fund drive has replaced the old Ambulance Club Membership. When you contribute to the fund drive, you receive the same benefits as provided in the old membership club. It is more important this year than ever that the community support the ambulance fund drive, given the unprecedented cost increases in operating the ambulance. If you have not received a fund drive request, please contact the Susquehanna Fire Dept Ambulance, P.O. Box 175, Susquehanna, PA 18847 or call 853-3861.


Susquehanna Fire Dept. Ambulance

Volunteers Needed

Habitat for Humanity of Susquehanna County is planning to build a new Habitat home in Montrose Borough. For the past several months, there has been Open Enrollment for applicants. The applications that have been received are being processed and will be presented to the Selection Committee for a final decision. The success of building a Habitat home depends upon volunteers working together with the Construction Supervisor, who will supervise the overall plan and must be experienced in new home construction. The selection process for Construction Supervisor has not been completed as yet. He or she needs to be at the site so that daily tasks can be completed. Excavation and concrete work would be completed before a supervisor would need to be on site. Further responsibilities include supervising the initial framing, including the roof which could require several days a week. Thereafter, a minimum of two days a week would be required at the site.

If anyone is interested in volunteering in any capacity, please contact the Habitat office (278-4102).

Board of Directors

Habitat for Humanity

of Susquehanna County

Bountiful Blessings!

On the Wednesday before Easter, 600 meals were presented to individuals and families in Susquehanna County through the annual Bountiful Blessings program. Bountiful Blessings is a consortium of churches in Susquehanna County in cooperation with Interfaith and the Trehab Food Bank, organized to prepare a full dinner for individuals and families in need at Easter.

The event was a great success, thanks to the response of individuals and organizations across Susquehanna County.

Our goal was to raise $7,000 for the community-wide effort. We barely missed that goal, but were blessed with a total of $6,897!

Bountiful Blessings reached nearly every community of the county. We note with concern the increase in need, especially in the Susquehanna, Great Bend, Hallstead, Jackson, and New Milford areas (236 dinners).

The consortium works with schools, grocery stores, and local congregations to collect the food. For instance, Montrose High School scholars collected over 2,000 cans of veggies! This effort would not have been possible without the help of the scholars at Elk Lake High School, Montrose Area High School, Lathrop School, and Blue Ridge High School; the Elk Lake Volunteer Fire Company, who loaned their refrigerated truck; local businesses who provided care for the teams of volunteers and helped with collection and made contributions; Interfaith Ministries for advice and staffing; all the good and faithful people of the churches in Montrose and across Susquehanna County; and, all who contributed $6,897 to purchase the hams and fill in the gaps!

The scope of this year’s outreach to 600 individuals and families seemed daunting. It reminded us that we have so much to do, and so many to assist. However, Bountiful Blessings has helped us to realize the great heart and resources of our county. We are all truly blessed.

Thank you, Susquehanna County!


Rachel Warriner Bartron

Coordinator of Bountiful Blessings ‘08

Looking For Angels

The Susquehanna County Animal Response Team (C.A.R.T.) is developing and expanding, as we head towards our first anniversary. Recently, large and small animal committees have been formed. However, we are in need of several animal-related items. Both committees have a dream list and we are looking for some angels to help our dreams come true. We are asking for donations of either new, or used but in good condition items from the following partial list. Any of these items may be dropped off at the "Lucky Dog Pet Spa" located at 11 South Main Street in Montrose. As always, monetary donations in lieu of or in addition to the below listed items are always welcome. If writing out a check, the check must be made out to "PASART" (Pennsylvania State Animal Response Team), but Susquehanna County must be noted in the memo section of the check. All Checks can then be mailed to PASART, 2605 Interstate Drive, Harrisburg, PA. 17110-9364.

Anyone who is interested in learning more about C.A.R.T. may attend our next meeting scheduled for Wednesday, May 21 at 7:00 p.m. in the Susquehanna County Extension Office, 31 Public Avenue in Montrose or by calling 289-4402.

Following are some of the items on our Dream List: hand sanitizer; first aid kits for both humans and animals; dog and cat bowls; leashes and collars; crates, carriers and cages; ropes of various widths and lengths; halters – rope, nylon and adjustable; lead ropes; canvas and nylon tarps; blankets – horse and regular; safety flags; caution tape; orange triangles.


Mark R. Wood

Susquehanna County EMA Coordinator

Stop Finding Fault

The time has come to set the American people straight on why food costs so much.

America, please stop blaming the American farmer, the using "food for fuel line.” It is old. That's exactly what "they" want you to think!

More than half of the dairy farmers in America in the last ten years have gone out of business. That farm land is growing up with houses. Or weeds.

The problem, if there is a food shortage, is not with "food for fuel,” because the farmers are in the same boat as you. Their costs have gone up, the same as yours. For food and fuel. Seeds and fertilizer. Labor and tires, too!

The problem is not just in America, it is a worldwide food shortage. If we think we have it bad here, it makes me sick to think of the Third World countries' people who don't even have cars and have no food to eat.

This has been all brought on by someone other than the American "food for fuel" scheme. It’s worldwide! It needs to end!

Our planting season is now upon us, here in the northeast, yet I bet that all of those fields you all drive by each day don't get planted again this season, because of the high costs involved.

The thinkers of our country better solve this problem before our planting season is past, while there are still a few farmers (I did not say dairy farmers) left who have the knowledge to plant the seeds.

Wheat is the one crop that pays the most, and one of the grains that we can grow here. Rice is another, but that’s a hard one, yet it feeds most of the world’s people.

Folks, it’s time to stop finding fault or blaming anyone. It’s time to join in with a local farmer and volunteer some time, and maybe some energy, to help fill those vacant fields that, if planted, may help feed the world.

If ever there was anyone giving money away for a good cause, they should give some to the folks who get a lot of blame but still can feed the world.


Peter A. Seman

Thompson, PA

“Student To Student”

The family readiness group from the New Milford Armory, representing the 28 soldiers from Susquehanna County who are currently deployed to Afghanistan, (since the end of February) are conducting a collection of school supplies for our soldiers to distribute to the Afghan students in their areas (they are at four different bases).

The Student to Student school supply collection will begin on May 1 until the 23rd in the following elementary schools: Mt. View, Susquehanna Community, Blue Ridge, Elk Lake, Montrose Area, as well as with some area home-schoolers.

Each school has committed to collecting one item, for example, pencils, pens, erasers, sharpeners, construction paper, tablets, scissors.

Also, area churches have been contacted to help by making denim book bags. Each bag will contain the same items, and they will be shipped to our soldiers so they can distribute them directly to the students in Afghanistan.

Our goal is for 300-400 book bags! Anyone wishing to assist the group supporting our soldiers, either with cash to help with the mailing costs, or to help in making the book bags, please contact: Eleanor Meyer 222-4631, or Cynthia Slebodnik 282-2899.


Eleanor Meyer

Kingsley, PA

The Big Picture

Pennsylvania made its choice for Democratic presidential candidate. Many good, liberal ideas for economic solutions were presented. However, the balance of issues important to the health and unity of American families were neglected in the absence of a Republican primary race, such as defense of the Marriage Amendment Act, Parental Notification Act and a desire to end abortion.

The public needs the media to help us be informed, to vote constructively.


John Mann

Brandt, PA

Letters To The Editor MUST BE SIGNED. They MUST INCLUDE a phone number for "daytime" contact. Letters MUST BE CONFIRMED VERBALLY with the author, before printing. Letters should be as concise as possible, to keep both Readers' and Editors' interest alike. Your opinions are important to us, but you must follow these guidelines to help assure their publishing.

Thank you, Susquehanna County Transcript

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