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A Clean Sweep?

I see our new county officials are bringing in the new brooms for the clean sweep. I hope they remember that an old broom knows the corners. I do not want to criticize changes, I'm not a politician, so I cannot say I know the ins and outs of running the county, but I have a smattering of ignorance in many areas and know that government really is big business.

According to the county website, government is one of the biggest employers in the county. I know that in business one has to spend money to make money, and sometimes you do what needs to done, right or wrong. I also know to be profitable it’s best to consolidate positions to get more bang for your dollar. In government, its called Economic Development, while in business it’s called opportunity that comes in the form of hard work. I mention economic development because I have been reading about the successes that are going on in Carbondale due to the hard work of Justin Taylor, who at one time, had plans for this county.

I believe his leaving had to do with saving money. That's a shame, to lose that type of talent due to limited vision. We now enjoy sharing resources with another county's economic recovery plan. I find that even after all the time that went into developing a plan and identifying the best locations for industry, nothing seems to move anywhere. The school of thought with the folks I chat with, is one of fear of the unknown. Yet they all agree that being a retirement community for well-heeled folks from somewhere else isn't their idea of economic success.

In this area, it is the stone industry that is a huge economic boon. I guess that is why I was scandalized at the lack of vision shown by our politicians, when new-age environmentalists decided that since they no longer grab land for the sake of beauty, they now want to grab land as they think that now it’s all health related. I also believe that there are folks who think that stone should not be promoted. I would remind them that most scientists will agree that despite the efforts of humans, mother nature will indeed recover. I know that stone isn't necessarily renewable, yet in reclamation one could have post-use as agricultural, which used to be a big industry here. Plant trees and log them. Another industry that was once big.

I hope economic development includes some big corporations lured in by good business practices by the county. I'm sure there are some talented folks who would love to work in that type of environment. I also wondered if anyone from Montrose contacted the folks who would like to produce ethanol, and were sidelined by the new government in Mayfield.

Imagine that. Turning down the chance to bring employment to approximately 175 people. That business would certainly be good for those of us who think green, and the government most certainly will be involved, so no one could worry that the fermentation of plant materials to produce this renewable source of energy will would not have ATF and explosives watching over them. I would like them to come up here to Susquehanna County. My Dad would have loved the idea of a big still in Summerville. I just hope we get the chance before our partners in Bradford Co. or Carbondale do.

Maybe this a test to see how the new brooms sweep.


Cynthia Allen

Summerville, PA

The Search Is On

Old Mill Village of New Milford is starting "2008" with plans for some very exciting and new programs, to be enjoyed by the young and the old alike.

We are always looking for local talent, crafters, artisans, new members, and definitely, volunteers to help make our programs a success.

On July 26, one of our programs will be "The Old Mill Village Folk Festival." We are searching for anyone, young or old, that likes to play folk music on any instrument; guitar, fiddle, mouth harp, spoons, jug band, pots and pans, etc., or if anyone belongs to a group that can sing or dance and would like to come out for an afternoon of “Old Time Fun," please call Dixie Russell at (570) 879-4894 or e-mail jrdr3436@epix.net. We look forward to hearing from you.

Also, please note, we have a new website that we would like to make known to everyone, with our 2008 schedule posted. If you would like to be involved in any of the events listed, please contact the program chairperson listed for that event. Our new site is located at www.oldmillvillage.org.


Dixie Russell

Hallstead, PA

Calling All Businesses

Help celebrate National “Week of the Young Child,” April 13-19 by displaying artwork in your Susquehanna County business. Susquehanna County CARES (Childcare, Agencies, Resources and Educational Services) is once again coordinating a countywide young art display to recognize the talents of our young children and honor the early educators involved in shaping a child’s future. Research shows children who receive a quality educational experience before the age of 5 achieve greater success later in life.

CARES is looking for businesses willing to display artwork created by children from various childcare, pre-kindergarten and kindergarten programs. CARES will take care of setting up and removing the display. Businesses just need to provide the space in April.

If your business is willing to participate, please contact Susquehanna County CARES by March 14, 2008. Call (570) 465-5040 or send an e-mail to stcares@epix.net. Susquehanna County CARES supports Pennsylvania’s Promise for Children, because every child is Pennsylvania’s future.


Stephnie Thornton

Program Manager

Susquehanna County CARES

November Is Too Soon

I was talking to a prominent republican the other day. I asked him what his party truly believed was the best way to run a country. Now I understand all about politics, and if any of you need to know just ask a republican.

I sure am glad we have more than one political party to choose from. Several young, first-time voters listened, also. I can understand why they seem confused about who, or which party to register with.

I know one thing, this November is not far enough away.


Peter A. Seman

Thompson, PA

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Thank you, Susquehanna County Transcript

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