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ESCHS Biology Class Shares Knowledge

SCHS Biology Class Shares Knowledge
Submitted By Mindy Batson, Sophomore

Ever wonder what Mrs. Zabielski’s Susquehanna Community High School tenth grade biology class is up to? Recently Mrs. Zabielski’s advanced biology period 5/6 class was given permission to travel to the elementary school.

Pictured are the members of Mrs. Zabielski’s tenth grade biology class.

Do you wonder why this advanced class was strolling down memory lane? They were reading their colorful and well thought out books, and even performing a song. The students had been working on these books so that learning the parts of a cell would be more understandable. The students then visited the elementary on November 20 to read and sing their creations to the third and fourth grade classes. Because the presentation was so successful, the class then decided to return to the elementary on November 30 to entertain the fifth grade students as well. The project was a clear success.

When it was asked of the elementary students what their favorite books were, the titles of “In a Plant Cell House,” “Chuckie's Guide to Cells” and “The Cell Song” were mentioned. It was unanimous that the silliest and funniest was “The Cell Song.” The elementary students weren’t the only ones to learn from this experience. It was a great way for the biology students to also learn. Many of the stories helped them study for their test. When Mrs. Zabielski was asked how she came up with this project, and if she planed on doing this project again she replied, “It was a nice way to demonstrate the students’ understanding of cell parts, and also included creativity that can be incorporated to the elementary students to get them involved. And yes, I think next year we will do this project for cells again and if another project like this is possible, with a different subject we are studying, then perhaps we’ll do it again. Preparing their presentations and teaching the elementary students helped them to thoroughly understand the subject matter and improved their test scores. In the end, the biology students donated their books and song to many of the elementary teachers so they could be used for the years to come.”

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