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Don’t Bury The Facts

Regarding the letter by C. Allen in last week's Transcript; because of the use of innuendos, misinformation, illogical conclusions and other major, textual shortcomings, it is evident that a full reply would most assuredly be an exercise in futility. Rather than giving credence to tangential issues raised by C. Allen, the facts remain irrefutable.

(1) A relatively small quarrying/dimensional stone cutting operation in New Milford Township was bought by operators who expanded it into an integrated large mine, operating substantially outside of its permit area.

(2) In order to overcome permit area violations, numerous other deficiencies, and massively expand the nature and scope of their operation, they attempted to get a large, non-coal mining permit from the Department of Environmental Protection. Initially, the public was unaware of this application.

(3) Residents of the area, once alerted to these facts, formed New Milford Rescue, and after obtaining particulars concerning the application, filed objections with DEP concerning the many deficiencies and shortcomings contained therein.

(4) DEP gave the mine operators until October 5, 2007 to alter their application and deal with specific deficiencies which DEP delineated.

(5) As the deadline approached, the mine operators withdrew their application, without even asking for an extension from DEP.

From these facts, readers can now draw their own conclusions concerning:

(1) the effectiveness of New Milford Rescue in uncovering data not even mentioned in the original application.

(2) the effectiveness of New Milford Rescue in alerting the public and organizing opposition to a simple "rubber stamping" of the application,

(3) the evident, overwhelming number of deficiencies contained in the original application, which deficiencies could not likely be overcome, irrespective of the time allotted to the mining operators by DEP.

One final comment; despite the assertions of C. Allen, in case of a major flood, short of a Noahic catastrophe, waters from our pond, which flow northward into Mitchell Creek, will never touch the streets of the scenic borough of New Milford – unless you believe water can flow uphill!


John Drann

New Milford, Twp.

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Thank you, Susquehanna County Transcript

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