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Montrose UMC Undertakes Apples & Oranges Mission

Montrose UMC Undertakes Apples & Oranges Mission

Montrose United Methodist Church has taken on a new mission. The Floating Hospital, located in New York City, has an ongoing need for apples and oranges. This was brought to the attention of the MUMC missions coordinators. The missions coordinators met with Sean Granahan, who is the president and general counsel for TFH. They learned the highest-treated diagnosis is scurvy, a dietary deficiency of vitamin C. Apples and oranges are difficult to provide in NYC shelters because of the cost and lack of donations of these items.

MUMC is playing a game, “Tag You Are It.” Each week, a church member is tagged and brings in apples and oranges the next week. Each week these apples and oranges are given to Sean Granahan, who takes them to the children at TFH.

MUMC is very excited to be able to help TFH by providing apples and oranges each week, helping homeless mothers create a healthier and more hopeful future for themselves and their children.

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