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Go Joe, Non-Profits In Montrose
Veterans Affairs Director Hired

DEP Declares Drought Watch
Flood Still A Topic In Great Bend Twp.
Starrucca Borough Council Minutes
SCSD Prepares For New School Year
Silver Lake Twp. Police Report
Courthouse Report

Go Joe, Non-Profits In Montrose
By Melinda Darrow

Montrose Borough, and Borough Secretary Annette Rogers in particular, received hefty praise at the August 6 meeting for their efforts in welcoming Go Joe X to the area. Commissioner Roberta Kelly attended the meeting to thank the council, mayor, and Mrs. Rogers for their “amazing” work, stating that the event made the county look good. Montrose was Go Joe's only stop in Susquehanna County. The council also formally thanked Mrs. Rogers, who had only 22 days to organize the festivities. She, in turn, expressed her wish to thank others for their help.

Mr. Earle Wooton spoke next at the meeting, presenting before the council his plan for the Community Foundation building and the area around 36 Lake Street. The Borough had wanted to know, when previous discussions were had regarding the use of the land, how parking was to be dealt with. Mr. Wooton brought and displayed a design for the property which involved adequate parking, landscaped in such a way that it was largely hidden from public view. He also had two proposals for council regarding the surrounding land. He expressed his desire to incorporate the property on 6 Locust Street into the project, to be used as additional office space. He had already asked the neighbors about this, they having no problem with the idea. The money accrued by the property's coming off the tax rolls would be placed in the Montrose Fund, as was done before. Finally, he wanted to discuss the development of the sidewalks on this property. Developing the sidewalk is currently made problematic by people parking on it regularly. He would like a curb to be established, and offered to donate some land so that there would still be room for on-street parking. The Council stated that they would consider the matter, and have the street department and the borough solicitor contact him for further discussion.

For the second month in a row a concerned neighbor brought up 33 High Street.

Many of the surrounding houses are empty, and he expressed appreciation for the police that there was not more trouble with kids. However, the number of animals and the condition of the property in question are matters of concern to those who do occupy nearby houses. The neighbor stated that the owner is not being responsible for the property, or for the private driveway which he technically owns but others have paid to maintain.

The borough president related that after the subject was broached last month, the borough did take action by contacting the zoning officer. He in turn contacted the property owner, and asked him to make sure that the site is secure against wrongful entry, which it was reported as being. The council agreed to sit and discuss the matter further, to consider the codes and regulations, and then to pursue it as allowed by law.

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Veterans Affairs Director Hired
By Vera Scroggins

County Commissioner Roberta Kelly called the August 8 meeting to order. Commissioners Loomis and Warren were also present.

Fourteen motions were approved, including the hiring of a new, full-time, Deputy Sheriff, Michele Hillard, effective July 30. Thomas Yudlosky, Jr. was hired to the full-time, non-union position of Director of Veterans Affairs, at $25,500.00 per year, with benefits.

Mr. Yudlosky, Jr. was present and gave details about his background of 22 years of active, military duty and now retired. He enthusiastically described his interest in veterans’ affairs and needs. Commissioner Loomis related his pleased approval of Yudlosky as someone who has great contacts and great ideas of new programs for returning veterans with serious stress conditions. Yudlosky spoke of networking with all veteran groups. He resides in Forest City.

The Commissioners approved for a second year , the Central Bradford Progress Authority as the Industrial Development organization to represent our county. Bryan Driscoll heads this and was present. He explained their focus on accessing grants and assistance to expand business commerce. Commissioner Kelly explained some of their accomplishments this past year in attracting new business, helping businesses thrive in our county and even establishing sites for Lackawanna College here. They cost the county approximately $60,000 for the year and are located in Towanda.

Their annual breakfast, open to the public, will be August 22 at the Summit Tea Room, New Milford, at 8:30 a.m. and is offered free with reservations. Their accomplishments for the year and plans will be offered. Call the Central Bradford Progress Authority for breakfast reservations and any other enquiries, 1-888-263-0937.

Fred Ehmann, of Wayne-Susquehanna RESCUE, resident of New Milford, was again present to discuss and update information about the continuing controversy with B & S Quarries, New Milford. He asked commissioners to attend the upcoming DEP public meeting. Technical experts will also be on hand. The DEP meeting is scheduled for August 14 at Blue Ridge High School from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Commissioners Loomis and Kelly agreed to attend.

Fred Baker spoke of his grievance with Commissioner Loomis over a verbal altercation between Loomis and Fred's grandchild on August 3 at the Blueberry Fest. Fred exited the meeting after his comments.

Ann Whynman enquired about the tree-planting alongside the courthouse; Commissioner Kelly assured that they will be planted this fall.

John and Gertrude Bronson expressed their grievances with the assessment board and Ellen O'Malley, chief assessor. Their Springville property was reassessed and the taxes doubled; they wrote a letter to the commissioners describing their interactions with O'Malley as "demeaning and degrading." Commissioner Loomis is referring the matter to the labor attorney, as it is a personnel issue.

Jim Jennings asked to have information about the county prison added onto the county website and asked for the Tax Claim Bureau to supply a map where tax-sale properties are located on the county website. These tax-delinquent properties will be up for sale this September 17 at 10:00 am. at the county courthouse.

Jennings also discussed the prison water crisis and had attended the Jail Board meeting yesterday. Commissioner Kelly related the issues at Hand, of whether to put in a new well for the prison or have the prison and recycling plant tied into Montrose Borough water line. The present well is not able to supply sufficient water and cannot be repaired. Water is being brought in by water buffalo tanks, at a cost of about $3,000 a week. Presently, 85 prisoners are residing in county jail.

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DEP Declares Drought Watch

The Department of Environmental Protection issued a drought watch for 58 Pennsylvania counties, including Susquehanna County, as precipitation deficits continue to mount and groundwater levels fall in many areas of the state.

“After a fairly wet winter and spring, precipitation levels over the last two months have dropped dramatically, resulting in deficits of as much as four inches in some counties,” DEP Secretary Kathleen McGinty said. “With groundwater and stream flow levels also on the decline, we’re asking everyone to conserve water to get us through the rest of the summer months.”

A drought watch declaration is the first level – and least severe – of the state’s three drought classifications. It calls for a voluntary five percent reduction in non-essential water use.

DEP will send letters to all water suppliers in the affected counties, notifying them of the need to monitor their supplies and update their drought contingency plans if necessary.

In addition to precipitation totals, DEP monitors groundwater levels, stream flows, soil moisture and water supply storage.

“Right now, our reservoirs are in good shape but with many water suppliers relying on groundwater wells, it’s imperative to curb consumption in affected areas to ensure an adequate supply,” McGinty added.

DEP offers the following tips for conserving water.

In the bathroom: install low-flow plumbing fixtures and aerators on faucets; check for household leaks – a leaking toilet can waste up to 200 gallons of water a day; take short showers instead of baths.

Kitchen/laundry areas: replace older appliances with high-efficiency, front-loading models that use about 30 percent less water and 40-50 percent less energy; run dishwashers and washing machines only with full loads; keep water in the refrigerator to avoid running water from a faucet until it is cold.

Outdoors: water outdoors in the early morning or evening hours to cut down on evaporation; use a broom, not a hose, to clean driveways, steps and sidewalks; use soaker hoses and trickle irrigation systems to reduce water use by 20-50 percent; cover swimming pools to prevent evaporation.

For more drought information and water conservation tips, visit, keyword: Drought.

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Flood Still A Topic In Great Bend Twp.
By Barbara Whitehead

The flood of 2006 is still an agenda item at the Great Bend Township Supervisors meetings, as its aftereffects are still being dealt with.

FEMA has approved the county’s hazard mitigation plan, and made some recommendations for improvements to the township’s plan. FEMA suggested that a list be compiled, listing sites prone to first floor flood damage, and sites that have seen a repetitive loss of structures from flooding. And, many existing flood maps are outdated. Geography, especially stream courses has changed considerably over the years. FEMA suggested that the maps be updated, and that emergency management coordinators be aware of any area that needs to be monitored during periods of heavy rain. Supervisor/secretary Sheila Guinan suggested that the supervisors set up a work session to go over these and other flood-related subjects.

An additional quote for salt was received; a motion carried to purchase it from American Rock Salt at $46.87/ton.

The road crew has been cutting brush and were set to be working next on Graham Hollow Road, to bring it up to FEMA specs. Most major work was expected to be done by the end of the week, after which the road crew would be checking ditches throughout the township, to see which were in need of cleaning.

The Bridging Communities committee is in the process of preparing a bid package for the sidewalk renovation project.

An assessment permit was issued to Jason Sternik for a storage building; an issue with an illegal sewage hookup on SR 1033 has been resolved by COG; a resident’s questions about the need to hook up to the sewer line will be addressed by the Sewer Authority; and, subdivision plans for the Watrous and Rood properties were approved. One plan brought up some questions, as there were roads marked on the site map that do not actually exist. It was thought that, at one time, roads were proposed but had never been built. In the ensuing discussion, the supervisors were asked, how does someone turn a road back over to the township? The road must meet specs outlined in a township ordinance, and, the supervisors can decide to accept the road, or not if the specs are not met.

Two driveway permits were issued, to Chris Rood/Richard Rood/Trudy Stallings for a minor subdivision on Bogart Street

The township received the permit for culvert replacement on Brants Crossing Rd. One supervisor remarked that the project had turned out to be more work than had been anticipated.

An update was given on a tire complaint on a property on Rte. 171. Mr. Squier said removal is in progress, and the supervisors will keep checking on it.

DEP was to have sent a surface mining inspector to check on a complaint about a (stone) saw mud pit on the Allard property. In the meantime, DEP has suggested that the township could pass an ordinance requiring that the site be fenced in. The area in question has the appearance of a concrete pad, but is in actually more like quicksand and could be dangerous if someone were to wander onto it.

Joan Long’s appeal hearing has been set for August 23; supervisors Sienko and Guinan will attend.

Charlene Moser, the county Operations Training Officer for Emergency Management sent the township a letter regarding NIMS (National Incident Management System); the township needs to have a NIMS coordinator to track all township NIMS activities. Great Bend Boro’s emergency management coordinator has volunteered to cover Lovers Lane and part of Route 11 if the need arises.

And, in response to an incident where a car caused damage to a resident’s lawn, Supervisor Sienko said that the State Police can’t enforce speed limits unless they are posted correctly. Supervisor Guinan said that the supervisors had checked into that in response to a prior incident, and the signs are posted correctly. But, it was agreed that it should be checked again before school is back in session, just to be sure.

Subjects raised during public comment included a question about when work on Bogart St. will be done; it will probably be in mid August. Complaints were made at the last meeting about the Reynolds property; a different resident said that it is “nasty” and something should be done. The supervisors will send a letter. Road worker Tim Patrick was commended for an excellent job of brush cutting. And, a anyone who would like to be on the “Do Not Call Registry” should register by September 15, even if they had registered before, as registration is only good for five years.

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Starrucca Borough Council Minutes

Following are the Starrucca Borough Council meeting minutes for July 5, as submitted.

The Starrucca Borough Council met for their, regular, monthly meeting on July 5, at the Community Hall. President Rhone, Lou Gurske, Donald Haynes, Robert Buck, Fred Rhone, Anthony Palonis, Helen Haynes and Mayor Downton were present. President Rhone called the meeting to order, and the minutes from the previous meeting were read.

Mr. Rhone asked for a clarification of Bonham’s price for dust control as $475.00 per ton, not the $4.75 reported. With that change noted, motion to approve carried.

The Treasurer’s report was given and Mayor Downton had a question about the loan payment, approved last month. Motion to approve carried. Mr. Gurske was opposed.

The bills were presented for payment. Motion to approve payment carried.

The following correspondence was read:

A notice of an upcoming EMC training course was shared.

A Land Use Questionnaire from Keystone Bluestone was received.

A letter from the Starrucca Cemetery Association, concerning “brush” was turned over to the Road Committee for action.

Two letters were received from the borough solicitor concerning the upcoming depositions set for July 23, and August 10.

Mr. (F) Rhone reported the Hall Committee is set to meet and then address the council with recommendations for handling future scheduled events.

In Public Comment:

Mayor Downton asked “When the roads are going to be worked.” Mr. (F) Rhone stated, “In the next two weeks, hopefully, depending on weather conditions.”

Robert Weldy asked about the Northern Wayne County C.O.G. and if the borough was still receiving minutes from the same. President Rhone stated that yes, minutes are being received, and he has been attending the meetings. Mr. Weldy added the minutes used to be read. President Rhone responded the council doesn’t find it necessary, if there is an issue worthy of council’s attention, he will report the same.

Mr. Weldy also asked about the minutes being published in the Transcript.

Also the results of the “Kellogg Road” survey. Answer - the solicitor is working on it.

He continued to question when the start date is set for the Buck’s Road Bridge project. He expressed urgency on the project’s start, as he reminded the board, that they borrowed money and were already paying interest on the loan.

He finally asked when the borough would get a flag for the meetings. President Rhone offered to secure the same.

Mrs. Everett asked of the status of the wall project under NRCS. No word has been received.

She also addressed the council’s vote on May 25 of taking over the “cemetery road” as now possibly a “conflict of interest” exists. Mr. (F) Rhone asked her “how she determined that.”

Mr. Weldy stated, “You’re spending tax dollars on it.”

No further business to come before the board, Mr. Haynes made the motion to adjourn, second Mr. Buck, motion carried, meeting adjourned.

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SCSD Prepares For New School Year
By Barbara Whitehead

With the new school year set to begin in just under three weeks, the Susquehanna Community School Board covered a lot of ground at their August 8 meeting.

Over the summer months a number of capital improvement projects have been completed; fencing and resurfacing of the track, 3,000 square feet of roofing, a new freezer in the elementary, new carpeting in the sixth grade classrooms, and installation of back flow preventers (on the water lines). The public will still have access to the track. On school days, the public may use it from 7 to 8 a.m., and from 4 p.m. until dark. On days when school is not in session, it will be open from 7 a.m. until dark. Regulations for use will be posted (e.g., no bikes or skateboards allowed, etc.).

An Early Childhood Night is set for August 20 at 6:30 p.m. Many service providers will be present to provide information, and the evening will also serve as an orientation for K4 and K5. Seventh grade orientation will be held on August 22 at 6 p.m.

Also over the summer, the faculty has been focusing on professional development. A peer collaboration program has been implemented in the high school; teachers will have opportunities to observe each other at work during the course of the day.

The biggest change that will be seen is the implementation of single-tier busing. Having all the students arrive at the same time every day will increase the instruction time and a new daily schedule has been created. But, as this is the first time the single-tier system is being used, some unexpected glitches have developed. The data base that the district maintains for students’ contact information is, in some cases, not accurate. Parents of students who have moved recently within the district are urged to contact the school office to verify that the correct information is on file. This is especially important, as the district will be sending out a mailing to notify parents of the new bus schedule and approximate pickup times.

The education association’s annual car show, traditionally held in May, has been set for September 30, during Homecoming weekend.

Other items of note included approval of a final LERTA resolution; in conjunction with an ordinance passed by Susquehanna Boro, real property exemptions will be given to approved properties during the period between September 1 and June 30, 2010. New construction or improvements of approved residential properties could see a 100% reduction for a period of two years; commercial properties could see a 100% reduction for three years. LERTA is intended to give investors and residents an incentive to fix dilapidated buildings and to improve the community.

And, a motion carried to reduce the millage rate for Wayne County from 14.33 to 14.01 in order to be in compliance with the requirements of Act 1. The millage will have to be adjusted every year so that the millage in both Wayne and Susquehanna counties is more balanced.

Personnel changes approved included the resignation of Lawrence Tompkins, junior high golf coach; hiring of Vickie Wayman, elementary aide; Brion Stone, girls’ junior varsity basketball coach; Richard Emmons, boys’ junior high basketball co-coach; and volunteers Lawrence Tompkins, football coach and Bridget Stone, girls’ volleyball and girls’ basketball.

The next meeting will be on Wednesday, September 19, 7 p.m. in the administration offices in the elementary building.

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Silver Lake Twp. Police Report

Following is the Silver Lake Township Police report for July, 2007, as submitted.


On July 7, Silver Lake Township Police attempted to stop a vehicle in the township, which failed to yield. The Broome County Sheriff’s Department in Vestal, NY subsequently stopped the vehicle. The driver, Jason DeLong, was arrested on a NY State DUI warrant and taken to Broome County Corrections. The passenger owner of the vehicle, Bradley Greenough, was released with vehicle traffic citations for no inspection and no registration to be issued at a later date. The vehicle was impounded.


On July 20, Silver Lake Police recovered a 2006 Suzuki Boulevard motorcycle from the swamp on McCormick Road, after a resident noticed it while out walking. Mr. Darwin A. Rought of Conklin owns the vehicle; N.Y. Investigation revealed that N.Y. State Police were looking for the vehicle as evidence in an ongoing investigation.


On July 24, a vehicle crashed into Thomas Dickenson’s mailbox on Hawleyton Road, knocking the box off of the post. A white side mirror and other car parts were left at the scene. The box was trimmed with horseshoes, which, in this case, caused more damage to the car than the mailbox. The vehicle fled the scene after the crash.


On July 28, multiple thefts were reported on Laurel Lake. Someone entered a storage shed and took a green Craftsman 5hp push lawnmower. At a neighbor’s nearby, a full can of gas was also taken.

Any information or questions for the Silver Lake Township Police, please call 278–6818 or e-mail at All information will be held strictly confidential.

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Courthouse Report
Compiled By Vera Scroggins


Shirley Nosek to Dawn Frisbie in Hop Bottom Borough for $3,054.45.

Gordon R. and Marcia M. Farnsworth to Paul J. Litchfield and Sandra J. Lasalandra in Rush Township for $385,000.00.

Richard A. and Maureen M. Ryder to Brent T. Benkovic in Silver Lake Township for $380,000.00.

Manzek Land Co., Inc. to George E. Jr. and Delores J. Rice in Auburn Township for $67,500.00.

Jennifer L. and John D. Gregory to Robert E. Speiser in Silver Lake Township for $146,000.00.

James C. and Melissa Burdick Harmon to Jose R. Gonzalez and Christine A. Soto in Thompson Township for $385,000.00.

Carol J. Douglas, Carol J. (NBM) Ralston and Milo David Douglas to Joan M. Gathany in Great Bend Borough for $52,500.00.

Kenneth A. Warren to Debra H. Warren in Great Bend Borough for one dollar.

Daniel E. and Margaret B. Diskin to Lisa Diskin Durham and John R. Durham in Ararat Township for $105,000.00.

George M. and Helen H. Giordano to David J. and Lisa Giordano in Harmony Township for one dollar.

Ray O. and Carol J. Hardic to Donald and Lawrence Hardic in Rush Township for one dollar.

Terence W. and Susan K. Repine to Edward A. Jr. and Christina M. Mahoney in Apolacon Township for $175,000.00.

John J. (AKA) Guiton, John Guiton Jr., Kim (AKA) Guiton and Kim S. Guiton to Ryan P. Guiton in Rush Township for one dollar.

Robert W. and Marion D. Sanko to Dale Howell Enterprises, Inc. in Springville Township for $73,000.00.

Massimiliano and Marisa Amato to Amato Real Estate LLC in Montrose for one dollar.

Giovanni (by POA) and Rosa (by POA) Amato to Amato Real Estate LLC in Montrose for one dollar.

Giovanni (by POA), Rosa (by POA), Massimiliano and Marisa Amato to Amato Real Estate LLC in Montrose for one dollar.

Amato Real Estate LLC to Amato Real Estate LLC in Montrose for one dollar.

Jason and Serena Gene Karp to Dennis A. Karp in Lenox Township for one dollar.

James and Deborah A. Butts to Norman D. Butts, Jr. in Thompson Township for one dollar.

Susan E. and Harry Mallgrave to Norman D. Butts, Jr. in Thompson Township for one dollar.

Debra L. and Edward Wade to Norman D. Butts, Jr. in Thompson Township for one dollar.

Elwood and Susan McLaud to Elwood McLaud in Lenox Township for one dollar.

Fox Enterprises, Inc. to Margaret E. Rosenthal in Susquehanna for $35,000.00.

William R. and Sandra Lynn Tripp to Michael A. Melamed and Ellen A. O’Donnell in Silver Lake Township for $378,000.00.

Robert M. and Roxann Weidner to Roxann Weidner in Jackson Township for one dollar.

Cheryl D. Greenspan to Paul Bibighaus in Auburn Township for $235,000.00.

Mark and Theresa J. Brewer to Michele C. Garnett in Auburn Township for $143,100.00.

Michael J. Trudniak and Lola J. Logue to Lola J. Logue in Apolacon Township for one dollar.

Norris C. and Nancy Baker to Susquehanna County Housing Authority in Montrose for $215,000.00.

Mortgage IT to Eric Wheaton in Bridgewater Township for $97,500.00.

Jeffrey C. and Edward Jenkins (by Sheriff) to ABFS Mortgage Loan Trust 2002-3 in Forest City for $12,451.59.

Owen M. and Sharon A. Price (Estate) to John Burdick and Mary Nunes in Clifford Township for $96,000.00.

Thomas F. Edwards to Airport Sand and Gravel Co., Inc. in Lenox Township for $227,000.00.

Albert Kamarauskas (Estate) to Matthew L. and Shannon H. Lord in Auburn Township for $90,000.00.

Ryan Paul and Tina M. Spadine to Ryan Paul Spadine in Springville Township for one dollar.

Raymond E. and Delma M. Miller to Candace L. Graham in Bridgewater Township for $80,000.00.

Gerald B. and Jeanne M. Sullivan to Gerald B. and Jeanne M. Sullivan in Franklin Township for one dollar.

William M. and Claudia J. Lopatofsky to Martin F. and Michael P. Barhite in Clifford Township for $65,000.00.

Joseph R. Jr., Anne L., Jeffrey M. and Shelly Karp to Jeffrey M. and Shelly Karp in Lenox Township for one dollar.

Joseph R. Jr. and Anne L. Karp to Brenda M. and Joseph Marshalek in Lenox Township for one dollar.

Joseph R. Jr., Anne L., Jason, Bitler Karp and Serena Gene (NBM) Bitler and Serena Gene Karp to Jason and Serena Gene Karp in Lenox Township for one dollar.

Nancy E. and James M. Bonacci to Jeffrey D. Burns in Clifford Township for $195,000.00.

Jason and Sherry Rutkowski (by Sheriff) to Deutsche Bank National Trust Company in Hop Bottom Borough for $2,042.53.

Thomas C. Zigon to Kathleen M. Gutheil and Ronald Fanelli in Uniondale Borough for $289,000.00.

D. A. Jr. and Janice S. Zurlo to D. A. Zurlo, Jr. (Living Trust) in Thompson Township for one dollar.

Kurt A. and Amanda J. Frey to Michael and Anna Peranich in Silver Lake Township for $7,500.00.

Kurt A. and Amanda J. Frey to Michael and Anna Peranich in Silver Lake Township for $5,000.00.

Wayne H., Belva L., Wayne H. (Trust by Trustee) and Belva L. Very (Trust by Trustee) to Sukhjinder Kaur and Pirtpal Singh in Rush Township for $100,000.00.

Marjorie A. and Robert G. Whitney to John A. Whitney in Jackson Township for one dollar.

Edward (AKA) and Edward A. Demott, Jr. to Steven H. and Christopher Coakley in Herrick Township for $105,000.00.

Jeanne M. Ewing (Estate) to William M. Ewing in Rush Township for one dollar.

Milton Sommers to Bremer Hof Owners, Inc. in Herrick Township for $100.00.

Warren L. and Delores Stone to Jeremy S. Stone and Lisa Daniels in Ararat Township for one dollar.

Brett A. and Lucy M. Ruhf to Nicholas J., Sr. and Nicholas J., Jr. Palma in Rush Township for $199,500.00.

Samuel F. and Ethel G. Little to Beth Curtis and Betty Jean Depue in Franklin Township for one dollar.


Benjamin Joseph King of Montrose and Ruth Amanda Blaine of Stevensville.

Michael E. Szumega of Floral Park, N. Y. and Jean T. Bosak of DeLancey, PA.

Frank B. Barhight of Carbondale and Lisa M. Bennett of Kingsley.

Allen P. Brandt and Michelle Marie Leonard, both of Binghamton, N. Y.

Nesbitt W. Fitch, Jr. and Lisa G. Ross, both of Hallstead.

Clayton Lee Shultz and Dawn Marie Gardner, both of Montrose.

Christopher D. Slocum and Brooke M. Lewis, both of New Milford.

Jory C. Wheeler and Samantha Walker, both of Montrose.

John Richard Posaski, Jr. and Linda Mae Richards, both of New Milford.

Thomas A. Wilbur and Sarah E. Kinney, both of Taylors, S. C.


David T. Baker, Jr. vs. Wendy D. Baker, both of Susquehanna. Married 1993.

Paul Ryan Spadine vs. Tina Marie Spadine, both of Factoryville. Married 1994.

Lisa E. Jerauld of Kingsley vs. James M. Jerauld of Nicholson. Married 1997.

Elwood E. McLaud of Nicholson vs. Susan G. McLaud of Nicholson. Married 1976.

Sally A. Viall of Hallstead vs. Kenneth T. Viall, Jr. of Salt Lake City, VT. Married 1970.


George and Darlene Troup of Susquehanna, municipal lien, $831.66.

Stephen A. Sceranka of Susquehanna, Federal Tax Lien, $21,803.82.

Kevin J. and Michele S. Moore of Uniondale, Federal Tax Lien, $48,085.12.

Kevin J. Moore of Uniondale, Federal Tax Lien, $66,843.62.

Gerard E. Shinn of Uniondale, Federal Tax Lien, $14,546.06.

Patrick L. Burke of Montrose, Federal Tax Lien, $1,945.72.

F & B Quality, Inc., Corp., of Kingsley, Federal Tax Lien, $6,911.01.

Andrew J. and Margaret A. Zosh of Montrose, Federal Tax Lien, $5,578.88.

Jesse S. Benedict of W. Milford, PA, Federal Tax Lien, $24,819.89.

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