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Lactose-Free Milk Is A Dairy Product
4-H Club News Rough & Ready Riders

Lactose-Free Milk Is A Dairy Product
By Ashley Franklin, Dairy Princess

Recently I was asked the question, is lactose-free milk still a dairy product? This young mother continued to tell me that her son was lactose intolerant and wanted to know if his lactose-free milk was actually "milk." I explained, yes lactose-free milk is milk. The only thing different about it is that the lactose has been taken out of the milk to make it easier for a person with the intolerance to digest. Lactose is a sugar that is found in milk and other dairy products. Lactose intolerance does not mean that you are allergic to milk or any dairy product, it means that your body cannot break down this sugar as well as other people can.

There happen to be ways around the lactose intolerance problem. Aged cheeses have low levels of lactose in them. A person can introduce dairy into their diet slowly, with small portions of aged cheese. Yogurt has friendly bacteria that will help break down this sugar. There also are dietary supplements available that work naturally to break down milk sugar, so people with lactose intolerance can enjoy all of their favorite dairy foods.

Remember, just because someone has lactose intoleranc, doesn’t mean they cannot enjoy Three-A-Day of dairy products.

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4-H Club News Rough & Ready Riders

Rough ‘n’ Ready Riders, a Susquehanna County 4-H club, held a meeting Friday, April 20 at Unity Stables. After reciting the 4-H pledge, secretary Ashlyn Cobb read the previous meeting's minutes, upcoming fundraising plans were discussed, then Kelsey Warriner presented a timeline of a mare's pregnancy, depicting the stages of a foal's development. The period of gestation for a horse is eleven months. The meeting was concluded with cupcakes prepared by Margaret MacGargle, decorated with the club’s name.

The next day, Saturday, several members of Rough ‘n’ Ready Riders joined a trail ride hosted by the Brunner Family in Forest Lake. They were joined by members of Cowboys and Cubbers, Sunny Mountain Riders, and friends. The fine weather was enjoyed by horses and humans alike.

The next meeting of Rough ‘n’ Ready Riders will be Friday, May 4 at 6:00, and members will be required to bring their project books.

News Reporter: Megan Honeyford

Sizzlin’ Steaks

The Sizzlin’ Steaks 4-H Club met in the Harford Church Lecture Hall for a meeting which began at 7:00. After we said the pledges, everyone told who they were and a little bit about themselves.

We turned in our application forms and also wrote down what projects we would like to take this year.

Mrs. Harvatine talked about the Fourth of July parade and that the parade people would like a lot of clubs to be represented in the parade. We have families with trucks so the whole families could ride if they wished.

Mr. Mitchell and Mrs. Harvatine also talked about benches for the fair, with money donated by the 4-H Clubs to purchase a bench. We will talk about this some more after we read about it in the Newsline.

Our club project will be the new First Aid Project.

News reporter: Alyssa Clarkson

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