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What A Christmas!

The people of Susquehanna County truly opened their hearts and their wallets during the 2006 Christmas season. Because of the disastrous floods that occurred in many communities in June and November, the need for helping our neighbors was greater than in past years. The public’s response to the call for help was extremely generous and overwhelming.

The Kiwanis Club of Montrose Area would like to thank all the wonderful people of Susquehanna County for making this year’s toy drive an unqualified success. We also want to thank the Susquehanna County Transcript for their assistance by publishing information pertaining to the 2006 Toy Drive.

Thanks to the donations of many people, churches and organizations, we were able to make this Christmas a day filled with joy and hope by providing at least three to five new and used toys per child. This year a total of 600 children throughout Susquehanna County received Christmas gifts. A total of almost 3,000 toys and games (new and used) were collected and distributed.

The Montrose Kiwanis Club has been a part of the Christmas Toy Drive for the past 27 years. The job of coordinating the registration and distribution continued in the capable hands of the Susquehanna County Christmas Bureau, a support outreach program of Interfaith Friends, located on Public Avenue in Montrose. Toys and food baskets were distributed on Thursday, December 21, at the Montrose Bible Conference on Lake Avenue in Montrose.

Thanks again for helping us share the spirit of the Christmas season. To see the smiles on the faces of the children who receive the toys is the greatest gift any of us can imagine.


Ed DeWitt, Chairman

2006 Kiwanis Christmas Toy Drive

We Salute Her!

When you watch the first session of our Congress 2007, you would wonder why most of our congressmen are scowling. They are angry at the new Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi. A reporter said she has finally made a crack in the ceiling of Congress and let the voices of women come in.

No, Nancy Pelosi will fill in and repair all the cracks that have been made by previous Congressmen. The cheaters, womanizers and good old boys.

One reason they were scowling was the appearance of a kindergarten class that Nancy surrounded herself with and all her grandchildren, and she was holding an infant. After the applause, she handed the infant to a small girl, no more than eight or ten. The little girl, with a smile on her face that would break your heart, held the child with a confidence that was born in her, already willing and able to accept this responsibility.

The atmosphere in Congress quickly changed when Nancy Pelosi said in no uncertain terms, "There will be some changes made." The doting grandmother then changed into her robe, as leader of the House of Representatives of the United States of America.

We, the women of the United States who elected her, salute her!


Marion Dabulas

Susquehanna, PA

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