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Elk Lake High School Students Of The Month
Blue Ridge Elementary Bails Out Principal
Local Student Helps To “Flood Bucket”
Susky Elementary Reading Achievement
Susky Elem. First Period Honor Roll

Elk Lake High School Students Of The Month

Elk Lake High School is pleased to announce the following students who were selected as October, 2005 “Students of the Month.”

Pictured (l-r) are: front row – Nicole Warner, Karly Potter, Ashley Wilson, NanciJo Brown, Monica Turner; back row – Cassie Baker, Brian Smith, Shane Conrad, Josh Franklin, Tim Ely, Kenneth Cuomo, Ed.D., High School Principal. Absent: Mindy Minick, Theodore Bullock.

Students of the month are selected by nominations of any student in grades 10 – 12 by a teacher for outstanding achievement. The student must show individual effort, community and school wide effort, as well as effort in the classroom.

Other important criteria includes: a showing of personal growth, skill development, dedication, leadership, academic growth and improvement, school service and community service.


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Blue Ridge Elementary Bails Out Principal

Pictured with Principal, Mr. Dietz (l-r) are Dylan Carpenter, Amelia Kerr, Christina Fuller.

On November 17, the Blue Ridge Elementary Principal, Mr. Dietz, was a prisoner for the day to raise support for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. The students enjoyed viewing Mr. Dietz’s in-house arrest while they rallied to contribute to support his release. The dollars raised will support research for the disease through the sponsorship of the “Lock-Up of Sayre” MDA Program.

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Local Student Helps To “Flood Bucket”

Cleaning and getting life back together might be a little easier for victims of Hurricane Katrina, thanks to a local student at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

Students in Dr. Sally McCombie’s Family and Consumer Sciences classes developed the “Flood Bucket” project to benefit victims of Hurricane Katrina. Altogether, the students collected more than 400 cleaning supply items for victims. The items were donated to the American Red Cross for distribution.

Jill Slocum, a student in Dr. McCombie’s class, participated in this project.

Slocum, daughter of Stuart and Carolee Slocum of Thompson, is a family and consumer science education major and 1998 graduate of Blue Ridge High School. She is a member of the Family and Consumer Science club.

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Susky Elementary Reading Achievement

The following is a list of the Susquehanna Elementary students who received a Reading Achievement Award for the 1st marking period. A student must maintain an A average (93-100) for the entire marking period in order to receive this award.

Mrs. Tingley – 1-1: Taylor Bennett, Amber Cina, Danielle DeMaria, Kassandra Hall, Nicole Harris, Michael Heath, Jessica Lamb, Robert Murphy, Kali White, Hunter Vaughn.

Mrs. Rowe – 1-2: Michael Brown,  Evan Cantone, Austin Chisek, Jonathan Edwards, Gabrielle Glover, Lauren Soden, Griffin VanLierop, Nathan Wallace, Alexandria Warring, Skyler Voege.

Mrs. Davis – 1-3: Kendra Cole, Garret Grausgruber, Chad Lee, Saige Perry, Karina Polak, Alexia Presley.

Mrs. Glidden – 1-4: Shania Fox, Haley Rhone, Cole Smith.

Mrs. Hilling/Mrs. Dooley – 2-1: John Ball, Baily Barnes, Cori Glidden, Nicole Sherman, Jessica Staros.

Mrs. Hinkley – 2-2: Daniel Braun, Kaitlyn Gow, Allison Hampton, Samantha Irwin.

Mrs. Houghton – 2-3: Jessica Plutino, Alyssa Rockwell.

Mrs. Mazikewich/Miss Correll-2-4: Abby Burdick, Breanna Bushong, Brandon Gow, Miranda Groover, Alyssa Hubal, Miranda Rhone, Tyler Seidel, Brandon Stauffer.

Mrs. Burdick: James Ballard, Dessine Herzog.

Mrs. Steele – 3-1: Nicole Barnes, Ivy Christensen, Willard Cobb, Jonathan Hilling, Christian Miller, Dale Reid, Justin Stanford.

Mrs. Stone – 3-2: Kasey Burdick, Nicole Hines, William Reddon, Olivia Rockwell, Brad Sherman.

Mrs. Heath – 3-3: Keith Hubal, Tiara Rokita, Anastasia Smith, Samantha Yoskowitz.

Mrs. Soden – 3-4: Brendan Lamb, Tyler Petriello, Daniel Staros, Maximillian Webster.

Mrs. Homer – 4-1: Kyle MacDonald, Micaela Rhone, Emily Staros.

Mrs. Fuller – 4-2: Chelsea Ayres, Joseph DeLaPlaine, Alyssa Jacobs.

Mrs. Stanley – 4-3: Lauren Marco, Victoria Trynoski.

Mr. Hall – 5-1: Brett Archambault, Daniel Cordner, Lindsey Glidden.

Mrs. Conklin – 5-2: Danielle Barnes, Kyleigh Fiske, Patricia  Pauswinski, Ashley Sweeney, Zachary Vaughn.

Mr. Presley – 5-3: Megan Canfield, Emily Carmody, Derek Case, Melissa Kukowski, Caitlyn O’Dell.

Mrs. Loscig: Lucas Wentzell.

Mr. Rezykowski – 6-1: Stephanie Skurski.

Mr. Escandel – 6-2: Matthew Hilling, Morgan Ofsharick, Jeffrey Wayman.

Mrs. Chervanka – 6-3: Courtney Arthur.

Mrs. Vauter: Zachary Ord, Christopher Snyder.

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Susky Elem. First Period Honor Roll

Mr. Robert Keyes, Principal of Susquehanna Community Elementary School, announces the following students who made the Honor or High Honor Roll for the first marking period.


GRADE 4: Lauren Marco, Micaela Rhone.

GRADE 5: Melissa Kukowski, Ryan Swanson

GRADE 6: Courtney Arthur, Morgan Orsharick, Jeffrey Wayman.


GRADE 4: Nicholas Acosta, Sydney Avery, Chelsea Ayres, Thomas Baker, Melvin Batson, Kaitlyn Bray, Nicholas Chamberlain, John DeLaPlaine, Joseph DeLaPlaine, Jonathan Felter, Mashawna Hargett, Rachel Hubal, Alyssa Jacobs, Kyle MacDonald, Ashley Miller, Richard Pelicci, Cody Rockwell, Alexis Roe, Ciera Scepaniak, Emily Staros, Victoria Trynoski.

GRADE 5: Megan Canfield, Emily Carmody, Derek Case, Kyeigh Fiske, Lindsey Glidden, Caitlynn O’Dell, Patricia Pauswinski, Raymond Polak, Caleb Scepaniak, Ashley Sweeney, Callie Truex, Zachary Vaughn, Casey Williams.

GRADE 6: Tabitha Bibalo, Austin Cowperthwait, Brandon Deakin, Alexandria Dominick, Rex Fullam, Matthew Hilling, Mary Kemmerer, Brenda Kochmer, Thomas Maby, Alexx Nelson, Zachary Ord, Stephanie Skurski, Zachary Stanford.

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