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2005 Election Results
Forest City Will Enforce Ordinances
County Faces Lawsuit

Courthouse Report
ESCP Adopts Plan
New Milford Township Authorizes Permit Fees

Oakland Works On Grants
Silver Lake Twp. Police Report

Susky Proceeds With Police Contracting
Thompson Welcomes New Council Members

2005 Election Results

Following are the unofficial election returns from last Tuesday’s election. Returns are unofficial pending certification by the Return Board.

Total Number Voting         7,663

Precincts Reporting         43 Of 46         93.48%

Straight Party

Democratic -D         699         31.66%
Republican -R         1,509         68.34%


Lance Benedict - D/R         7,052         100.00%

Prothonotary & Clerk Of Courts 34th Dist.

Susan Eddleston -D/R         6,815         100.00%

Jury Commissioner

Robert Chamberlain -D         2,889         40.15%
Gladys C. Bennett -R         4,306         59.85%

Magisterial District Judge 34-3-01

Jeffrey L. Hollister -D/R         2,813         100.00%

Magisterial District Judge 34-3-02

Peter M. Janicelli -D/R         2,083         100.00%

Blue Ridge School Region 1A

Denise Bloomer -R         110         100.00%

Blue Ridge School Region 2

Cynthia Gillespie -D         255         100.00%

Blue Ridge School Region 2A

Dawn Franks -R         97         100.00%

Blue Ridge School Region 3B

Lonnie Fisher -R         246         100.00%

Elk Lake School Region 2

Jack Sible -D/R         217         100.00%

Elk Lake School Region 8

Kevin Pierson -D/R         159         100.00%

Elk Lake School Region 9

Eric Emmerich -D/R         214         100.00%

Forest City Regional School Region 2

Lorne Sutton Powell -D/R         161         100.00%

Forest City Regional School Region 3

Thomas M. Heller -R         67         100.00%

Forest City Regional School Region 9

Fred G. Garm -D         62         100.00%

Montrose Area School Region 1

Kevin Sives -D/R         218         41.84%
Joseph Reynolds -R         303         58.16%

Montrose Area School Region 2

George Gow -D/R         653         100.00%

Montrose Area School Region 3

Kenneth E. Gould -D/R         428         100.00%

Mountain View School Region 1b

John L. Beeman -R         206         100.00%

Mountain View School Region 2c

James W. Zick -D/R         674         100.00%

Mountain View School Region 3a

Lucrecia D. Jesse -D         117         61.26%
Bryce E. Beeman -R         74         38.74%

Mountain View School Region 3b

Kevin M. Griffiths -D/R         134         100.00%

Susquehanna Community School Region 1

Mary Wescott -D/R         273         100.00%

Susquehanna Community School Region 2

Johnine Ann Barnes -D/R         321         60.00%
Lori Canfield -R         214         40.00%

Susquehanna Community School Region 3

Carol P. Jackson -D/R         312         100.00%

Apolacon Supervisor

David R. McGuigan -R         69         100.00%

Apolacon Auditor 6yr

Faith Garza -R         71         100.00%

Apolacon Tax Collector

Edith Farr -R         75         100.00%

Apolacon Election Judge

Teresa E. Thorne -R         71         100.00%

Apolacon Election Inspector

Mary J. Butler -D         28         36.36%
Donald J. Griffin -R         49         63.64%

Ararat Supervisor

Donald M. Stone -R         54         100.00%

Ararat Auditor 6yr

Nicole Stone -R         72         100.00%

Ararat Auditor 4yr

Melissa Warring -R         74         100.00%

Ararat Tax Collector

Clifford W. Tinklepaugh -R         79         100.00%

Auburn Supervisor

George Gregory -D/R         237         100.00%

Auburn Auditor 6yr

Eric Place -R         218         100.00%

Auburn Auditor 4yr

Larry R. Mowry -R         225         100.00%

Auburn Tax Collector

Betty Jean White -D/R         254         100.00%

Auburn Election Judge

Mary Ann Bonavita -R         234         100.00%

Auburn Election Inspector

Tinamarie Carlin -R         223         100.00%

Bridgewater Supervisor

Charles E. Mead -R         337         100.00%

Bridgewater Auditor

Patricia A. Wood -D         293         100.00%

Bridgewater Tax Collector

Sylvia Baker -D/R         407         100.00%

Bridgewater Election Judge

William (Fred) Little -R         346         100.00%

Bridgewater Election Inspector

Ellen A. Smith -D         119         29.10%
Unadine Wiseman -R         290         70.90%

Brooklyn Supervisor

Morgan Turner -R         160         100.00%

Brooklyn Auditor

Ann S. Corbin -R         175         100.00%

Brooklyn Tax Collector

Connie M. Arthur -R         171         100.00%

Brooklyn Election Judge

Melanie S. Lasher -R         173         100.00%

Brooklyn Election Inspector

Debra J. Wadge -D         81         43.32%
Rebecca S. Pilcher -R         106         56.68%

Choconut Supervisor

William R. Stewart -D         134         100.00%

Choconut Auditor

Roger L. Doolittle -R         146         100.00%

Choconut Tax Collector

Barbara A. Legg -D/R         154         100.00%

Choconut Election Judge

Mary Lou Byerly -R         142         100.00%

Choconut Election Inspector

Shirley Stewart -D         96         61.54%
Audrey E. Miner -R         60         38.46%

Clifford Supervisor

Dennis Knowlton -R         233         100.00%

Clifford Tax Collector

Harry E. Phillips -R         251         100.00%

Dimock Supervisor

Edwin S. Bunnell -R         187         100.00%

Dimock Tax Collector

Esther Rayias -R         198         100.00%

Dimock Election Inspector

Laura J. Wells -D         151         100.00%

Forest City Mayor

Nicholas H. Cost -D/R         276         100.00%

Forest City Tax Collector

Pamela Franceski Green -D/R         263         100.00%

Forest City Councilman

James Lowry -D/R         227         25.31%
Mary Twilley -D/R         223         24.86%
Pat Coles -D/R         207         23.08%
Robert Trusky -D/R         240         26.76%

Forest City W1 Election Judge

Marion Yanchitis -D         106         100.00%

Forest City W1 Election Inspector

Theresa Miller -D         64         57.66%
Agnes M. Susco -R         47         42.34%

Forest City W2 Election Judge

Betty Lowry -D/R         167         100.00%

Forest City W2 Election Inspector

Jeanne Suhadolnik -R         143         100.00%

Forest Lake Supervisor

Art Donato, Jr. -D/R         199         100.00%

Forest Lake Auditor

Norval Potts -R         196         100.00%

Forest Lake Tax Collector

Dawn Fearnley -R         198         100.00%

Forest Lake Assessor

Nikolaos Nikolaidis -R         164         100.00%

Forest Lake Election Judge

Gertrude M. Green -R         197         100.00%

Forest Lake Election Inspector

Else Brunner -R         179         100.00%

Franklin Supervisor

David Darrow -R         131         100.00%

Franklin Tax Collector

Jeffrey A. Sammon -R         144         100.00%

Franklin Assessor

Donna Darrow -R         130         100.00%

Franklin Election Judge

Heidi E. Mitchell -R         148         100.00%

Franklin Election Inspector

Diane M. Docherty -D         49         31.41%
Amy Coy -R         107         68.59%

Gibson Supervisor

Thomas Salansky -D         67         29.65%
Harold M. Shay -R         159         70.35%

Gibson Auditor

Donna Gelatt -R         198         100.00%

Gibson Tax Collector

Boyd C. Manzer -D/R         218         100.00%

Gibson Assessor

William Gelatt -R         195         100.00%

Gibson Election Inspector

Nancy Lindsey -D         73         32.74%
Nancy Shay -R         150         67.26%

Great Bend Boro Mayor

James Riecke -R         100         100.00%

Great Bend Boro Tax Collector

Laura L. Conarton -R         96         100.00%

Great Bend Boro Councilman 4yr

Richard Franks -D         85         27.24%
Michael Wasko -D         70         22.44%
Jeffrey Burkett -R         85         27.24%
Bea Alesky -R         72         23.08%

Great Bend Boro Election Judge

G. Louise Lonzinski -R         101         100.00%

Great Bend Boro Election Inspector

Paulette M. Mead -R         95         100.00%

Great Bend Twp Supervisor 6yr

David A. Sienko -D/R         252         100.00%

Great Bend Twp Supervisor 4yr

Sheila Guinan -D/R         231         100.00%

Great Bend Twp Tax Collector

Margo Merritt -D/R         260         100.00%

Great Bend Twp Election Judge

Linette Leatso -R         233         100.00%

Great Bend Twp Election Inspector

Irene Welch -D         115         41.52%
Norman R. Darrow -R         162         58.48%

Hallstead Mayor

Willard E. Canfield -D         128         100.00%

Hallstead Auditor 4yr

John P. McCarthy -D         167         100.00%

Hallstead Tax Collector

Peggy L. Woosman -R         185         100.00%

Hallstead Councilman

Theodore J. Loomis -D         135         21.16%
James Gillespie -D         142         22.26%
David Callender -D         141         22.10%
Michele Giangrieco -R         139         21.79%
Jeffrey R. Case -R         81         12.70%

Hallstead Election Judge

Paulette Rafferty -D         180         100.00%

Hallstead Election Inspector

Rosemary K. Farrell -D         120         60.91%
Thea Denny -R         77         39.09%

Harford Supervisor

James M. Ketterer -D/R         198         100.00%

Harford Auditor

Linda Bonham -R         391         100.00%

Harford Tax Collector

Timothy C. Button -R         391         100.00%

Harford Election Judge

Maureen Warren -R         366         100.00%

Harford Election Inspector

Suzanne Needham -D         124         29.18%
Kenneth D. Gallinger -R         301         70.82%

Harmony Supervisor

Frederick Jackson -R         80         100.00%

Harmony Auditor

Jennifer Bixby -R         72         100.00%

Harmony Tax Collector

Sandra L. Babcock -D         81         100.00%

Harmony Election Judge

Elaine M. Hobart -R         85         100.00%

Harmony Election Inspector

Beverly R. Walker -D         57         60.00%
Joyce M. Bailey -R         38         40.00%

Herrick Supervisor

David Durko -D         47         100.00%

Herrick Auditor 6yr

Angeline Svecz -D         158         100.00%

Herrick Auditor 4yr

Margaret Balunas -D         145         100.00%

Herrick Tax Collector

Joseph Svecz, Jr. -R         185         100.00%

Herrick Assessor

Joseph Svecz, Sr. -D         167         100.00%

Herrick Election Judge

Thelma Frederici -R         165         100.00%

Herrick Election Inspector

Louise Petrus -D         86         45.03%
Linda Proctor -R         105         54.97%

Hop Bottom Mayor

Paul Henry -D/R         76         100.00%

Hop Bottom Tax Collector

Laurie E. Schwarztrauber -D         61         100.00%

Hop Bottom Councilman

Susanna Pratt -D         52         19.05%
Ronald Barankovich -R         64         23.44%
Donna M. Potter -R         58         21.25%
John R. Koshinski -R         64         23.44%
Janice K. Webster -R         35         12.82%

Jackson Supervisor 6yr

Mark C. Pease -R         139         100.00%

Jackson Supervisor 2yr

Frederick D. Lewis, Jr. -R         139         100.00%

Jackson Auditor

Kathryn Boman -R         140         100.00%

Jackson Tax Collector

Miriam J. Page -R         148         100.00%

Jackson Assessor

Anthony S. Gerchman -R         139         100.00%

Jackson Election Judge

Joan S. Benson -R         144         100.00%

Jackson Election Inspector

David C. Spencer -D         58         38.41%
Joseph R. King -R         93         61.59%

Jessup Supervisor

Dennis N. Bunnell -R         91         100.00%

Jessup Auditor

Brenda M. Bennett -R         109         100.00%

Jessup Tax Collector

Cheryl A. Arnold -R         104         100.00%

Jessup Assessor

Judy A. Daly -R         104         100.00%

Jessup Election Judge

Ginger Hewitt -R         108         100.00%

Jessup Election Inspector

Larry R. Larue -D         44         35.20%
Clara M. Bennett -R         81         64.80%

Lanesboro Mayor

David L. Slater -R         14         100.00%

Lanesboro Tax Collector

Elaine Gail Hanrahan -D/R         129         100.00%

Lanesboro Councilman

Stanley J. Rockwell -R         114         32.66%
Chris Maby -R         41         11.75%
Robert Mireider, Sr. -R         114         32.66%
Colleen Y. Wilkes -R         80         22.92%

Lanesboro Election Judge

Sandra Boughton -R         121         100.00%

Lanesboro Election Inspector

Marjorie L. Glover -R         113         100.00%

Lathrop Supervisor

Paul J. Himka -D/R         138         100.00%

Lathrop Auditor

Regina M. Evans -D         124         100.00%

Lathrop Tax Collector

Beverly J. Pashchuk -D         140         100.00%

Lathrop Election Judge

Barbara L. Robbins -D         129         100.00%

Lathrop Election Inspector

Helen Skumanick -D         128         100.00%

Lenox Supervisor

Fred Benson -D/R         279         100.00%

Lenox Auditor

Dorothy A. Wallace -R         248         100.00%

Lenox Tax Collector

Suzanne Brainard -D/R         285         100.00%

Lenox Election Judge

Deborah L. Cerynik -D/R         262         100.00%

Lenox Election Inspector

Evelyn G. Jerauld -R         263         100.00%

Liberty Supervisor 6yr

D. Scott Tiffany -R         121         100.00%

Liberty Supervisor 4yr

Dan Henry -R         136         100.00%

Liberty Auditor

Lisa L. Mcvaugh -R         133         100.00%

Liberty Tax Collector

Grace Merrill -R         150         100.00%

Liberty Election Judge

Marlene J. Lyon -R         145         100.00%

Liberty Election Inspector

Jill D. Aldrich -D         50         31.85%
Marsha L. Perkins -R         107         68.15%

Little Meadows Mayor

William D. Gow, Sr. -R         69         100.00%

Little Meadows Tax Collector

Cindy L. Rogers -R         69         100.00%

Little Meadows Councilman 4yr

Charles W. Barnum, Ii -R         64         34.04%
Ralph Aspling -R         62         32.98%
Phillip David Stetson -R         62         32.98%

Little Meadows Election Inspector

Penny Jo Barnum -R         71         100.00%

Middletown Supervisor

Dan Jones -R         82         100.00%

Middletown Auditor

Robert Curley -R         81         100.00%

Middletown Tax Collector

Mary (Kathy) Long -D/R         83         100.00%

Middletown Election Judge

Kathleen R. Snedaker -D         71         100.00%

Middletown Election Inspector

Eugenia L. Dear -D         35         41.18%

Chris J. Shadduck -R         50         58.82%

Montrose Mayor

Thomas J. Lamont -R         112         100.00%

Montrose Tax Collector

David B. Colwell -R         332         100.00%

Montrose W1 Councilman

Todd Chamberlain -R         172         33.79%
Bernard Zalewski -R         177         34.77%
Jack R. Yeager -R         160         31.43%

Montrose W2 Councilman

Craig Reimel -R         111         100.00%

Montrose W1 Election Judge

Brooks E. Warner -R         219         100.00%

Montrose W1 Election Inspector

Carolyn F. Warner -D         202         100.00%

New Milford Boro Mayor

Joseph M. Taylor -R         111         100.00%

New Milford Boro Auditor

Jennifer A. Allen -D         107         100.00%

New Milford Boro Tax Collector

Vicki L. Drake -R         121         100.00%

New Milford Boro Councilman

Scott M. Smith -D         101         33.67%
James Carr -R         100         33.33%
Teri M. Gulick -R         99         33.00%

New Milford Boro Election Judge

Betty Kegelman -R         124         100.00%

New Milford Boro Election Inspector

Jeanette Worden -R         124         100.00%

New Milford Twp Supervisor

Jack T. Conroy -R         217         100.00%

New Milford Twp Auditor

Gayle A. Marcy -R         225         100.00%

New Milford Twp Tax Collector

Roberta Gulick -R         234         100.00%

New Milford Twp Assessor

Brian J. Gafney -R         223         100.00%

New Milford Twp Election Inspector

John P. Hoffman -D         153         100.00%

Oakland Boro Mayor

Wendy Macdonald-Dudley -D/R         85         100.00%

Oakland Boro Tax Collector

Susan Arthur -R         81         100.00%

Oakland Boro Councilman

Paul Dudley -D         39         17.73%
Ronald E. Beavan -R         57         25.91%
Gary Boughton -R         65         29.55%
Brian Rhone -R         59         26.82%

Oakland Boro Assessor

Amanda Hilton -R         88         100.00%

Oakland Boro Election Judge

Carol Trevarthan -R         90         100.00%

Oakland Boro Election Inspector

Caren Henry -R         83         100.00%

Oakland Twp Supervisor

Darryl D. Heckman -D         45         100.00%

Oakland Twp Auditor

Ronald C. Dubas -R         65         100.00%

Oakland Twp Tax Collector

Jeane M. Roe -R         70         100.00%

Rush Supervisor

Charles Pierson -D/R         168         100.00%

Rush Tax Collector

Denise Campbell -D/R         180         100.00%

Rush Constable

Burton H. Force -D         152         100.00%

Rush Election Judge

Marilyn S. Quick -R         166         100.00%

Rush Election Inspector

Betty A. Hicks -R         164         100.00%

Silver Lake Supervisor

Thomas Swan -D/R         248         100.00%

Silver Lake Auditor 6yr

William Whittaker -D         237         100.00%

Silver Lake Tax Collector

John J. Nagy -D/R         281         100.00%

Silver Lake Assessor

James A. Harvilchuck -R         202         100.00%
Silver Lake Election Judge
Carol Elliott -R         242         100.00%

Silver Lake Election Inspector

Phyllis Mcnamara -D         181         65.34%
Donna Foster -R         96         34.66%

Springville Supervisor

Jerry Ainey -R         227         100.00%

Springville Auditor

Ruth H. Casselbury -D         185         100.00%

Springville Tax Collector

Barbara T. Fuhrey -D         217         100.00%

Springville Election Judge

Barbara Squier -R         231         100.00%

Springville Election Inspector

Dorothy C. States -D         131         51.57%
Enid C. Ball -R         123         48.43%

Susquehanna Mayor

Nancy Hurley -D         139         36.01%
Denise Reddon -R         247         63.99%

Susquehanna Tax Collector

Linda K. Schell -D/R         375         100.00%

Susquehanna Councilman 4yr

Roy Williams -D         251         28.82%
Allen C. Wolf -D         167         19.17%
William K. Kuiper -D/R         223         25.60%
Margaret Biegert -R         230         26.41%

Susquehanna Councilman 2yr

Shane Lewis, Sr. -D         216         47.37%
Tom Kelly -R         240         52.63%

Susquehanna W1 Election Judge

Judy D. Crowley -D         141         100.00%

Susquehanna W1 Election Inspector

Teresa Whitney -D         64         41.56%
L. Judith Canfield -R         90         58.44%

Susquehanna W2 Election Judge

Clay S. Weaver -R         200         100.00%

Susquehanna W2 Election Inspector

Marjorie A. Wood -D         211         100.00%

Thompson Boro Mayor

James D. Delaney -R         49         100.00%

Thompson Boro Tax Collector

Vera Halesky -D         64         100.00%

Thompson Boro Councilman

Diane Sabatelli -D         50         100.00%

Thompson Boro Election Judge

Raymond A. Grant -R         65         100.00%

Thompson Boro Election Inspector

Jeanette Saulo -D         69         100.00%

Thompson Twp Supervisor

Stacy Nier-Yoskowitz -R         49         100.00%

Thompson Twp Auditor

Mary E. Piercy -R         86         100.00%

Thompson Twp Tax Collector

Frances J. Sheldon -R         98         100.00%

Thompson Twp Assessor

Mario Fitzgerald -R         88         100.00%

Thompson Twp Election Judge

Marjorie A. Whitney -R         93         100.00%

Thompson Twp Election Inspector

Alice Marilyn Czachor -D         32         31.07%
Diane A. Powers -R         71         68.93%

Union Dale Mayor

Stephen Durko -R         70         100.00%

Union Dale Auditor

Beverly Paye -R         75         100.00%

Union Dale Tax Collector

Beverly Durko -R         74         100.00%

Union Dale Councilman 4yr

Kevin Durko -D         41         30.83%

Patricia A. Cino -R         50         37.59%
William J. Heller -R         42         31.58%

Union Dale Councilman 2yr

Michelle H. Heller -R         46         100.00%

Retain Supreme Court Justice Newman

Yes         4,683         74.37%
No         1,614         25.63%

Retain Supreme Court Justice Nigro

Yes         4,460         70.97%
No         1,824         29.03%

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Forest City Will Enforce Ordinances

The Forest City Borough Council agreed last week to launch a more stringent enforcement of borough ordinances with emphasis on residential areas of the borough. The move came after Shane Lewis, the borough’s code enforcement officer, and Paul Peterson, borough solicitor, advised the council on actions that could be taken and the steps required to expedite them.

Council accepted a suggestion from both men that the borough would get faster action by filing complaints with the county court rather than the district magistrate. However, they also pointed out that the wheels of justice do grind slowly because two written notices must be sent to property owners before alleged violations can be filed.

Mr. Lewis further explained that building permits are only valid for two years but the borough does have the option of granting one extension if the property owner has made substantial improvements and needs some additional time to complete a project. He said a homeowner cannot obtain a permit, make some minimal improvements and then stop the project long periods of time.

In the case of new construction, Mr. Lewis said a property owner is allowed a maximum of five years from the date a building permit is issued to finish the new home.

Council heard a complaint from Mary Munley Ogozaly of 622 Delaware Street, concerning a verbal confrontation she and her husband, Andrew David Ogozaly, had with Council President Jim Lowry. She said Mr. Lowry backed into her car while he was attempting to park on Delaware Street. However, she admitted that her car was not damaged.

The incident apparently triggered a shouting match at which time Mr. Ogozaly uttered some obscenities. Mrs. Ogozaly said several days after the issue, Mr. Ogozaly received a citation in the mail and that he subsequently paid $168 in fines for disorderly conduct.

Mrs. Ogozaly alleged that Mr. Lowry may have been instrumental in the issuance of the citation because it was not issued at the scene of the argument. She was advised by the borough solicitor that the officer had 30 days to decide whether a citation was warranted.

Mrs. Ogozaly said that days after the incident, borough employees installed no parking signs in front of her house. Mr. Lowry said he ordered the signs because a borough ordinance prohibits parking on the east side of Delaware Street.

The no parking discussion touched off another shouting match involving Mr. Lowry and Mayor Frank Brager.

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County Faces Lawsuit

A lawsuit filed in the US District Court in Scranton last week alleges that 38-year-old Beth Ann Sparks Croasdale of Great Bend died on April 2, 2004 because she was denied the use of a nebulizer by prison personnel at the Susquehanna County Jail where she was serving time for driving while her operating privileges were suspended.

Defendants in the suit include the County of Susquehanna; Jail Warden William Brennan; the Susquehanna County Prison Board; Dr. Hassan Khalil, prison physician; Endless Mountains Health Systems; Endless Mountain Medical Care Foundation, operators of a hospital in Montrose; and 10 John Does.

According to the complaint, Ms. Croasdale had a severe asthma and respiratory problem that required her to have a nebulizer with her at all times. A nebulizer is powered by a compressed air machine and plugs into an electrical outlet. It changes liquid medicine into a mist form that is inhaled through a mouthpiece or mask. Nebulizers can be used to deliver airway-opening medicines. The suit states that Ms. Croasdale brought the nebulizer to the jail with her because she was an asthmatic and required the use of the machine at all times. It alleges that the defendants knew of Ms. Croasdale’s health problems but did not allow her to keep the nebulizer with her at all times in her cell.

The suite further alleges that about 4 a.m. on the morning of April 2, 2004, Ms. Croasdale requested a nebulizing treatment. After no one responded to her plea, the complaint alleged she made a second verbal plea by yelling to a “John Doe correctional officer.”

“The deceased was refused such a nebulizer treatment,” the suit alleges. “Her condition appeared to worsen. This decision by John Doe constituted deliberate indifference and was a cause of the deceased’s death.”

Finally an ambulance arrived and transported Ms. Croasdale to the Endless Mountains Health Systems facility where, the complaint states, “she was treated by Hassan Khalil, MD and pronounced dead a short time later.”

According to the complaint, at the time Ms. Croasdale was incarcerated, the policy at the jail was not to allow her to have the nebulizer in her cell.

“This policy or custom,” the complaint reads, “caused a fatal delay in getting the deceased the medicine she needed. This policy or custom constituted deliberate indifference to whether a prisoner died from not getting her necessary medicine.”

Attorneys on both sides of the issue did not say much when contacted by The Transcript.

Asked why the matter was taken to a United States District Court, Barry H. Dyller, attorney for the plaintiff, said the conduct of the defendants in the case caused cruel and unusual punishment under the Eighth Amendment to the United States Constitution. He said such conduct also constituted a deprivation of Ms. Croasdale’s rights under the Fourteenth Amendment.

Attorney Michael Donohue, a member of the Scranton law firm of Kreder Brooks Hailstone LLP, said he will represent all of the defendants named in the suit. He said the defendants are participants in an insurance program with the County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania.

At press time, Mr. Donohue said he had not seen the entire complaint but his initial action could involve a response to the complaint.

The plaintiff has demanded a trial by jury and that will probably take place in federal court in Scranton before US District Court Judge James Munley.

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Courthouse Report


William E. and Diane P. Kyne to Getaway Land Co, RR4, Towanda, in Auburn Township for $365,000.

Kevin Rose, Candy Marie Rose (aka) Candy M. Hitchcock to Candy M. Hitchcock, RR3, Meshoppen, in Auburn Township for one dollar.

Virginia N. Plomchok to George G. Plomchok and Virginia N. Plomchok, Philadelphia, in Lathrop Township for one dollar.

Lawrence M. Grasso (trust by trustee) to William J. Smith and Angela M. Smith, 200 North Road, Montrose, in Bridgewater Township for $65,000.

Loran D. Stone, William J. Smith, Angela M. Smith to Lawrence M. Grasso (trust), Vero Beach, FL, in Liberty Township for $16,149.

Edward L. Kelley Jr. to Edward L. Kelley Jr., RR5, Montrose, in Rush Township for one dollar.

Edward Kelley, James Adriance, Vesta Adriance to Daniel Traver, RR5, Montrose, in Friendsville Borough for $23,800.

Edward A. Bumby and Marilyn M. Bumby to Edward A. Bumby and Marilyn M. Bumby, (both Lifetime Trust Number One), RR7, Montrose, in Bridgewater Township for one dollar.

James M. Casilio, Elizabeth Casilio, Maria Medei, Jack Medei, Frank J. Casilio, Sherri Casilio, Carino J. Casilio, Mario Casilio (by attorney) to Francis J. Pheasant and Laura A. Pheasant, Owings, MD, in Herrick Township for $105,000.

Michael J. Giangrieco, Charm K. Giangrieco to Subcarrier Communication Inc., Old Bridge, NJ, in Forest Lake Township for one dollar.

Michael Giangrieco, Charm K. Giangrieco to Michael J. Giangrieco and Charm K. Giangrieco, Montrose, in Forest Lake Township for one dollar.

James B. Biagi, Patricia A. Biagi to Patricia A. Biagi, Goshen, NY, in New Milford Township for one dollar.

James W. Conrad and Terry A. Clift to Terry A. Clift, RR1, Montrose, in Bridgewater Township for one dollar.

Irene Romeo to Ranee Urbas, Carbondale, in Clifford Township for one dollar.

Kevin M. and Sandra M. Millard to Gregory T. and Patricia A. Looby, RR1, Susquehanna, in Bridgewater Township for $200,000.

Fox Enterprises Inc. to Roseanne Glaser, Frederick Glaser, Rutherford, NJ, in New Milford Township for $105,000.

Rose Ann Livingston (nka) Rose Ann Phillips, Larry Phillips to Shawn and Julie Burns, RR2, Susquehanna, in Susquehanna for $30,000.

Green Tree Consumer Discount Company to Dale E. and Mary P. Weaver, 23 Third Ave., Susquehanna, in Oakland Borough for $56,000.

Mark and Abby L. Gajda to Roger S. Riddell, RR1, Blakely, in Clifford Township for $131,000.

Rondall I. Woodall (trust by trustee) to Andrew Wyzykowski, Clifford, in Clifford Township for $145,000.

Craig W. Whalen, Joanne M. Whalen, Henry Whalen, William A. Whalen to Timothy and Mary Anne Hayes, Hallstead, in Hallstead Borough for $68,000.

Michael P. Lambert, Adrien Barshinger-Lambert to Warren A. Gormley Jr. and Denise Marie Gormley, RR2, Thompson, in Jackson Township for $215,000.

Robert J. Potter, Joan I. Potter to Daniel Butts, RR2, Thompson, in Thompson Township for one dollar.

Philamena Terwilligert to Chancey L. and Catherine B. Kelley, RR4, Montrose, in Silver Lake Township for $33,225.

William and Teresa Manko to Richard M. and Ann C. Brunori, Peckville, in Herrick Township for $3,000.

Frances A. Wadopian, Glen A. Wadopian, Maretta M. Wadopian (all by US Marshal), Glenn T. Wadopian (estate by US Marshal) to Lee Brensinger, Quakertown, in Silver Lake Township for $80,000.

Peoples National Bank to Eugene M. and Deborah A. Michinski, RR3, Springville, in Springville Township for $385,000.

Robert B. Keenan, Anna Mae R. Keenan, James P. Keenan, Mary L. Keenan, to Thomas J. Keenan, RR2, Friendsville, in Forest Lake Township for one dollar.

Joanne L. Mahon (nbm) Joanne L. Chipelo to Joanne L. Chipelo, RR1, New Milford, in Harford Township for one dollar.

Don F. Birchard III, Debra Birchard to Don Frederick Birchard II (aka) Don F. Birchard II, RR5, Montrose, in Forest Lake Township for one dollar.

Francis J. and Laura A. Pheasant to Young D. Chin and Lisa A. Chin, Blue Bell, in Herrick Township for $105,000.

Bruce W. Bondurant (estate) to Kenneth L. Bondurant, RR2, New Milford, in New Milford Township for $105,000.

Kenneth S. Kemp Jr., Charlene V. Kemp, to Kenneth S. Kemp Jr. (trust) and Charlene V. Kemp (trust), RR1, Friendsville, in Forest Lake Township for one dollar.

Valerie Stone to Ronald J. and Angela Belicose, Belford, NJ, in Forest Lake Township for $80.000.

Community Bank & Trust to Dana James Rockwell and Jennifer Rivera-Rockwell, RR3, Susquehanna, in Susquehanna for $2,000.

Steven C. and Debra B. Pert to Steven C. Pert, Binghamton, NY, in Forest Lake Township for one dollar.

Asa Stevens, Kimberly Stevens, Laurie Sponza-Kocinski to Laurie Sponza-Kicinski, Smithtown, NY, in Springville Township for one dollar.

Wayne A. Marcho, Martha G. Marcho to R&J Marcho Family Limited Partnership, Harleysville, in Gibson Township for one dollar.

Peter E. and Patricia A. Fennell to Peter E. Fennell (trust), Napersville, IL, in Middletown Township for $10.

James J. Brady and Florence E. Brady to Augustine Francisco Baerga and Amy Patricia Baerga in Auburn Township for $120,000.

Marion Guerdat to Richard Lane, Woodbridge, NJ, in Susquehanna for $5,000.

Mary J. Buckley (estate) to Allen G. Lawson and Jennifer M. Lawson, 500 Jackson Ave., Susquehanna, in Susquehanna for $45,000.

John R. Demaree and Elizabeth Demaree to Nicholas Demaree, Brackney, in Silver Lake Township for one dollar.

Lincoln W. and Amy L. Ernst to Stewart McEwing, Longhorn; Margarita McEwing, John McEwing, Karen McEwing, in Oakland Township for $69,000.

Michael S. Gillingham and Cheryl A. Gillingham to John S. Manta and Julie Trego Manta, Mt. Holly Springs, in Rush Township for $62,000.

Mary Jane Syle, Herbert Syle III, Anne Shafer, Edward Shafer II to Marie Y. Andre, Poughkeepsie, NY for $100.000.

Robert J. Potter, Joan I. Potter to Fairfield Farm Management Co., Lanesdale, in Thompson Township for $450,000.


Brian Ian Williams and Nicole Marie Jordan, both of Sayre.

Paul M. Aloy and Maria K. King, both of Rensselaer.

Erik S. Bower and Amy Lynn Proof, both of Montrose.

Matthew Whitney Woosman and Erin Lynn Dolaway, both of Hallstead.

Michael Clifford Sodan and Gabrielle Ferreri, both of Little Meadows.


Thomas J. Watt, Dimock, vs. Madeline A. Watt, Wayne.

John K. Edwards, RR6, Montrose, vs. Kimberly Ann Casperino, Lithonia, GA.

Michael S. Canfield, RR2, Thompson, vs. Mindy Canfield, no address.

David S. Lyons, Lanesboro, vs., Michele I. Lyons, Hampstead, MD.

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ESCP Adopts Plan

At their November public meetings, six municipalities in Susquehanna County, known as the Eastern Susquehanna County Partnership (ESCP), adopted a multi-municipal comprehensive plan to manage growth in the area. The plan provides an outline and action plan for ESCP members to follow as it prepares for the future. Multi-municipal comprehensive plans are being promoted by the Commonwealth to encourage municipalities to work together to plan for the future and look for ways to reduce the cost to provide necessary services to the residents of its communities. It offers incentives in the form of grants, training and technical support to intergovernmental partnerships and coalitions to pursue joint municipal efforts.

The plan had its genesis about two years ago when representatives from the governing bodies of Ararat Township, Gibson Township, Herrick Township, Thompson Borough, Thompson Township and Union Dale Borough met to discuss changes that were occurring in northeast Pennsylvania. They perceived that, in recent years, these changes were happening at an increasingly faster pace and, because of this, they decided to form a partnership to begin planning for the future.

As a result of these discussions the Eastern Susquehanna County Partnership was born. A planning committee consisting of two representatives from each municipality was formed to prepare and recommend a multi-municipal comprehensive plan tailored to suit the needs and desires of its residents. The committee established certain objectives in addition to the traditional responsibilities of local governments to provide for the education, safety and well being of its residents. Among them were the preservation of the area's rural environment and lifestyle; promotion of economic and physical growth which is compatible with, and not burdensome to, the municipalities or their residents; maintenance and promotion of agriculture suitable to our region; protection of the area's natural environment; protection of open space and expansion of parks and recreational areas; and, documentation and preservation of the historic features associated with the region.

A significant portion of the cost of preparing the plan was offset by the receipt of a Land Use Planning and Technical Assistance Program (LUPTAP) grant from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development. In-kind services from the Susquehanna County Department of Planning and the Northern Tier Regional Planning and Development Commission also helped to reduce the cost to the municipalities. The partnership hired Gannett-Fleming, Inc., a consultant specializing in municipal planning, to assist in the development of the plan. A community survey was conducted and several public meetings were held to ensure concerns of the residents were considered and solicit ideas from them.

Among the planned actions incorporated in the plan are the development of appropriate joint zoning, subdivision and land use, and property maintenance ordinances. The ordinances being considered are not the type normally associated with cities but will be less restrictive and designed to preserve the rural qualities we enjoy now. The thrust of the ordinances will be to direct development to those areas that will have the least impact on the planning area while protecting the environment; encourage responsible property development; and reduce rural blight. Other initiatives included in the plan address economic development, public safety, improving road maintenance, reducing cost of government, and attracting qualified people to serve in local public office.

The ESCP envisions the planning committee will become a permanent body that will continue to assist the governing bodies in the implementation of the plan. Volunteers to serve on the committee will be gladly accepted. Implementation of the plan has already begun. Effort has already commenced to apply for grant assistance and subcommittees are being formed to concentrate on various elements of the plan.

The ESCP planning committee meets the third Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at the Thompson Township Municipal Building. The public is invited to attend.

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New Milford Township Authorizes Permit Fees

New Milford Township Supervisors’ meeting was called to order November 9 amidst talk of who was robbed most recently. Another citizen and regular attendee at meetings had his home broken into and guns stolen.

Gulick stated that the assessments for Clean & Green were corrected to add over $500,000 which increased the tax revenue by $10,890.

The New Milford Manor mobile home park, which has sewage malfunctions has addressed the issue. The park is being shut down and all residents relocated. The SEO informed Gulick that the five mobile homes that had problems have been removed. No repairs are being made. When questioned further, Gulick was unsure if any sewage has leaked and contaminated the area.

Two DEP reps had been in town to discuss the possible sewage installation at Lakeside/Page Lake area. Rep. Sandra Major was unable to attend as planned.

An engineering firm that did the original study was advised to contact DEP to determine what is needed, what studies need completed and what the costs will be. More information will be available at next month’s meeting.

Myron Rosh, who is hired to issue building permits and complete inspections is often not available, according to Gulick. Therefore the township needs a method by which to keep track of new structures being built. According to Gulick, it is not a conflict of interest to do both the inspections and issue permits. The township will issue a “land use permit” before obtaining a building permit. A resolution was created and passed to authorize the township to issue land use permits for an added cost to homeowners of $25.00. This was passed unanimously.

New Milford township agreed to accept authority to place a lien on any homeowner not paying their bill, who are hooked up to Bridgewater township. This is a working agreement as a few cottages are on the New Milford side.

Bridgewater sent a letter of apology for requiring the township to pay an $8500 bill incurred by a consulting firm. The council had agreed to pay the bill back in April.

The township received notification that Ted Kazmierczak has applied for a bluestone quarrying permit via his attorney, Paul Kelly. Five acres were bonded. Scott Baldwin from Kingsley also sought a mining permit and received approval.

DEP rejected a sewage permit for a homeowner at Beaver Lake. Gulick stated he will contact SEO Mike Fortuner to address this.

Telephone quotes were obtained to rent a boom tractor mower to cut brush along township roads. Powell was the low quote, so they will be used.

A proposed budget was presented verbally. Attorney’s fees were not placed in the budget. None were projected, either. Scott Young, East Lake Camp owner requested an itemized billing of SEO’s receipts, bills or other invoicing for the period covering January, 2003 to present. Gulick erroneously thought Young had already obtained that. Young inquired as to what permitting the township requires if he desires to open a “honey dumping business.” Gulick suggested the state or DEP may have authority to permit that type of business. Young also noted that the Township has recently claimed that all the sewage systems on the Camp are malfunctioning. The attorney from Giangrieco’s office apparently made another motion to the judge, which sought a modification to expand the closure of the camp facilities. The Youngs were informed after the fact.

The meeting lasted approximately a half hour and was adjourned.

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Oakland Works On Grants

October Boro Council began their November 10 meeting with their customary moment of silence in recognition of our military troops, and for absent member Leon Dubanowitz, who was said to be doing better. All other members were present with the exception of Dave Dibble.

Mr. Crawford gave an account of the Parks and Rec.’s current bank balances; there is $1,863.56 in the checking, and $3,770.06 in the savings account, with donations still coming in. And, the little league is in the process of fencing in the section between left and center fields.

Mayor Dudley reported that there has not been any word about whether or not the grant application for further improvements to the park has been approved. It will most likely be the end of March or even later before the outcome is known.

Discussing the county’s readdressing program, council agreed that in cases where roads will need to be renamed, council would retain the option to rename those roads, rather than allow the county to do so. In some cases, roads in Oakland and Susquehanna have the same names, but different numbers; this would not be allowed under the new program as both boros share the same zip code. One suggestion was that longtime former council members and other boro officials be honored by renaming those roads after them. It was agreed that this might be a suitable memorial for Mayor Art Towner and others who had served the boro for many years.

Council is working with the county Housing and Redevelopment Authority in the process of pursuing grant funding for sidewalk replacement. The areas most in need are State Street and Westfall Ave. It was agreed to proceed with an application for State Street, as it is most in need, and to submit another separate application for Westfall in the next round of grant funding. Smaller projects would have a greater chance of obtaining funding, rather than one large one.

A grant application for improvements to River Road is still in progress.

Mr. Beavan and Mr. Crawford planned to meet the following Saturday to continue work on the 2006 budget.

Discussion continued as to what to do about police services. Officer VanFleet has submitted his letter of resignation, effective December 15. Three letters of interest were received from candidates interested in working as the boro’s part-time police officer. One was not viable, as the individual lives in the Scranton area. The others, Joe DeMuro and Eric Brush, live in the county, Mr. DeMuro in Hallstead and Mr. Brush in Montrose. As the boro can offer limited hours, Mayor Dudley felt that it would not be worthwhile for someone to travel from Scranton for a job that would entail only about five hours per week.

Contracting services with Susquehanna had been discussed, but with the recent election there would be significant changes in that boro’s government. Whether or not contracting would still be an option would seem to be an unknown at this point. After discussion, it was agreed that Mayor Dudley should continue interviews with Mr. DeMuro and Mr. Brush and bring her recommendations back to council. Among items to be discussed are salary and hours, and a probationary period of six months.

In the absence of Mr. VanFleet, Mayor Dudley gave the October police report. Mr. VanFleet had spent many hours patrolling, particularly on Halloween. No damage was reported that evening, other than some incidents of toilet-papering. Three motor vehicle accidents had been responded to. A break-in at the Oakland Inn had been investigated. An incident of a stolen bicycle had been followed up. And, there had been many complaints about dogs barking and roaming free.

Mr. Beavan reported that River Bounty is still working with two parties interested in reactivating the hydro-electric plant on the Susquehanna River.

In response to a request discussed at last month’s meeting to lower the speed limit on State St., PENNDOT had been contacted for information about conducting a traffic study. The study could be conducted, at no cost to the boro, but there would need to be sufficient reasons for requesting one. Most likely, the results of a study would be that the speed limit would not be lowered.

Council had had discussion with the Canawacta Rod and Gun Club about holding meetings there if the boro building needed to be shut down as a result of escalating heating fuel costs. The club asked that council either pay a fee of $50 per meeting for using their facilities, or agree to plow their premises during the winter. It was agreed that if it becomes necessary to relocate the meetings, for many reasons, the per-meeting fee would be preferable. In the meantime, meetings will be held in the boro building for as long as possible. Measures are being taken to shut off heat to unused areas, and the Windwood Hill Dance Academy has agreed that council could use their (downstairs) rooms for meetings if necessary.

During public comment, a resident expressed concern over a vicious dog that has acted in a threatening manner whenever people walk by its home. Although it is chained up, there is concern that children could be hurt if it gets loose; there is a school bus stop nearby. A review of the boro’s nuisance ordinance does have definite provisions for a number of situations, but there were some questions about what could be done in this particular situation. The resident had contacted the county dog warden but had not had a response by this time. It was suggested that the owner of the property, who does not live in the area, be contacted. The resident agreed to do so.

Another complaint was about cars parking too close to a stop sign at a Franklin Ave. intersection, blocking sight distance and making turns difficult. Mrs. Dudley said that she would make Mr. VanFleet aware of the situation, so that it could be checked while he was on patrol.

Council’s last action was to approve sending a card of thanks to Chris Herbert, who had volunteered his time to remove freon from refrigerators and air conditioners during the boro’s recent scrap metal pickup.

The meeting adjourned to an executive session.

The next meeting will be on Thursday, December 8, 7:00 p.m. in the boro building.

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Silver Lake Twp. Police Report

Following is the Silver Lake Twp. October Police report, as submitted.


On Sept 17, Mason J. Rounds of Hallstead was arrested in Silver Lake Township and charged with unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle and possession of a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia.


On Oct. 01, Jackie Hart and Dean Sullivan reported that their speed bumps and orange cones were stolen from their yard on Barney Road. They also reported vehicles have been stopping and then speeding up near their home causing dirt and gravel to be thrown at the house from the tires.


On Oct. 03, Christina Smith reported that Kent Peters had assaulted her at her home on Progy Road. He then took his clothing and left the area.


On Oct 12, a security caretaker, for the Lois Heckman property on South Lake Road at Silver Lake, reported that someone broke a window to the garage in an attempt to gain access. No entry was made and the garage and house were secure.


On Oct 13, Lisa Fike, of Silver Lake Township, reported her boyfriend had been making verbal threats and accusations to harm her after she had, for days, asked him to leave her alone and stay away from her residence. She was advised to file for a PFA.

MVA (vehicle vs. deer)

On Oct 14 at approximately 10:30 a.m., Robert Locker of Johnson City, N.Y. was traveling east on East Wilkes-Barre Turnpike when he attempted to miss hitting a deer. He crossed over into the westbound lane and into a tree in the ditch, causing moderate damage to his Mazda Navajo.

MVA (Road Rage)

On Saturday, 10/22/05, at 1:30 a.m., Michael Sean Jones of Brackney reported that he was traveling home to his residence on Donovan Road when he realized a vehicle was trailing right on the bumper of his Jeep Cherokee Sport. It was a rainy dreary night and Mr. Jones was eventually bumped by the vehicle on Sweeny Road, pushing his vehicle up the embankment and out of control. Mr. Jones was not injured but his vehicle was totaled. The vehicle was described as an older vintage green Chevy p/u and it continued to drive away after the crash.

Any information or questions for Silver Lake Township Police, please call 278-6818 or 663-2760, or e-mail at or

All information will be held strictly confidential.

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Susky Proceeds With Police Contracting

President Mike Matis presided at the November 9 meeting of the Susquehanna Borough Council with all members present with the exception of Pat Frederick.

It was council’s first regular meeting in some weeks. The October 11 meeting was canceled so that members could pay their respects to Lanesboro Mayor Dave Slater, and the October 25 meeting was canceled due to inclement weather. A rescheduled meeting to be held on October 19 did not have a quorum, so no action could be taken.

During review of the October bill list, Mr. Matis requested that council hold off payment of (unspecified) back taxes for 2004-05.

Secretary Ann Kemmerer reported that if the phone at the Prospect St. park was turned off for the winter, there would be a reconnection fee in the spring and no guarantee that the same number could be kept; the phone company does offer a “seasonal” option, which involves a nominal fee and allows the number to be retained. It was agreed to go with the seasonal plan.

Mayor Hurley’s report congratulated the Susquehanna cheerleaders for coming in second in the “C” Division at a competition on October 8, and thanked them for an invitation to audit the competition (tally scores). She also thanked a group of second graders who had visited the boro building to learn about government. In closing, she thanked the boro’s residents for the opportunity to serve as mayor.

During public comment, Washington St. resident Ron Whitehead asked if something could be done about a continuing water problem; water runs down the sidewalks, missing a catch basin, causing an ice buildup in winter. Mr. Williams said that council would look into it.

A motion carried to adopt two resolutions; one, to apply for housing rehabilitation grant funding, the other for the county Housing and Redevelopment Authority to administer the grant.

Several local organizations will be joining forces to clean up the boro’s riverfront property on Sunday, December 4 at 1:00 p.m. Volunteers will be welcomed, and can call Ace Cuevas at 853-3509 for information.

A motion carried to accept the county’s 911 readdressing program. It is expected that there will be very little cost to the boro itself; some street signs may have to be changed. At present, the boro’s numbering is somewhat haphazard; the new numbering will be uniform, south to north. Homeowners will be responsible for replacing any changed house numbers and will be notified of those changes, with a year allowed to complete them. The post office will have the discretion to cease delivering mail to any who do not comply within the given timeframe.

Some time ago, council had been approached by an individual wishing to buy the property where steps used to link Erie Ave. with Willow Ave. The sale of the step property was never finalized, and, since then, that individual has sold the property. The new owner is also interested in purchasing the step property, which has an appraised value of $200. Council tabled the request for the time being, to look into the old paperwork before any action is taken.

Contracting police services was again brought to the table. A motion to proceed with discussion through the boro’s solicitor was made by Allen Wolf and seconded by Bill Kuiper. The motion carried almost unanimously, with Mr. Williams’ being the only dissenting vote.

Correspondence included a letter from the SCDA. The annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony will be held on December 2, 7:00 in front of the boro building. Breakfast with Santa will be the following day, December 13, 8:30 to 10:30 (no location was given).

The SCDA also thanked council for their contribution to the annual Pumpkin Fest, and for posting signs for the SCDA website.

And, council was notified that a lawsuit against the boro has been dismissed. The case involved a collapsed bank on Front Street and had been ongoing for a number of years.

The next regular meeting will be on Tuesday, November 22, 7:00 p.m. in the boro building.

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Thompson Welcomes New Council Members

Thompson Boro Council met on November 7 with president Andy Gardner presiding and all members present.

At the September meeting, councilman Dennis Price had tendered his resignation and at the October meeting, council received the resignation of Nick Sheptak. At this evening’s meeting, four candidates for the two positions were present, Cathy Sinnott, Wayne Shontz, Vito Russo and Gary Swartz. After several rounds of voting, with a tie-breaking vote by Mayor Delaney, Mrs. Sinnott and Mr. Shontz were welcomed to council and sworn in.

A motion carried to accept the Eastern Susquehanna County Partnership’s (ESCP) Comprehensive Plan; as of the date of the meeting, all other member municipalities had or would be adopting the plan although it appeared that Gibson Township would be dropping out of the partnership. Mr. Gardner explained that the plan would provide a legal basis for any land use development ordinances those municipalities may enact in the future. A motion also carried to approve implementation of related land use, subdivision and zoning ordinances. Mr. Gardner said that ESCP would work out unified ordinances that would serve all member municipalities. Working together would reduce costs to individual municipalities of enacting the ordinances, and would present a united front in situations where undesirable land use issues arise. The property owner would always have the right of appeal, or to seek variances. A motion authorizing ESCP to proceed with joint zoning ordinances carried. Development and implementation of the ordinances would be partially funded by the state (70%) with the remaining 30% proportionately divided among its members. Thompson’s cost would be evenly distributed over a three-year period, approximately $392/year.

There was some discussion over the word “implement” being used in the motion, and whether or not member municipalities would have any say in the ordinances’ content; they would have input at every phase of the process, and can vote against the final versions of the ordinances if they choose to.

Thompson Township has been contacted to take care of some potholes on Water St., and at Mr. Gardner’s recommendation the boro will enter into a standing contract with the township to maintain that section of road on a regular basis, cost estimated to be about $120/year.

Another section of Water St. had been dug up for sluice work and temporarily repaired with cold patch. Mr. Sheldon reported that he has had some difficulty in getting a reasonable cost estimate for a permanent fix; with such a small job, most companies would charge substantially to send a crew out. If the boro could wait until a crew is in the general area on a bigger job, a more reasonable cost could be gotten. One or two paving companies agreed to contact Mr. Sheldon when they have crews in the area.

Much time was spent going over the budgets for the coming year for both the boro and the sewer authority. This year, the sewer costs ran 20% over budget. Even with a pared down budget for next year, council reluctantly agreed that monthly usage fees would have to be raised. A motion carried to raise the monthly fee to a (flat) $46.00 per month, up from $41.85. Motions carried to advertise the general fund and sewer budgets.

In a related subject, Mr. Gardner has been pursuing grant funding to help out with the costs of operating the sewage system. He reported that Acts 339 and 68 had been put in place for just such purposes, but even though the acts still exist, the state has not provided funding for them for the last three years and is unlikely to fund them in the future. Submitting an application, he said, would be “a wonderful exercise in futility.” As an aside, he commented that it would help if residents removed garbage disposals from their homes as they add to the volume of sludge in the system, and instead use compost heaps.

Council has often discussed the costs involved to pursue delinquent sewage fees; placing liens are expensive, and there is often no recouping the monies owed. Mr. Gardner suggested that council instead consider securing the services of a collection agency. This would not involve any expense on the boro’s part, and would most likely be more successful in payment of monies owed. Mr. Gardner will get information from agencies who serve the area.

No verdict has yet been reached on the Curtis Sunoco property; a hearing had been held in Harrisburg two weeks prior. Attorneys were asked to submit briefs in March, after which the court will hand down its decision.

Council has been notified by his attorney that Police Chief Tom Rivenburgh contends that he was fired, and is considering legal action against the boro for back salary.

Council reviewed CEO Shane Lewis’ monthly inspection report. It was noted that the owner of the old “chicken coop” property has offered to donate it to the Thompson Hose Co.

Also reviewed was (sewage) plant operator Larry Travis’ monthly report. Mr. Travis is continuing to look at more economical ways to dispose of sludge.

Council has received a letter of resignation from the boro’s occupational tax assessor. A candidate will need to be found to fill the position, as it was not on the November 8 ballot.

Council will put together a “wish list” of possible projects for CDBG grant funding.

Mayor Delaney reported that Halloween activities went really well; many volunteers helped out to see that things were orderly.

There were several complaints from residents present about the number of kids who came trick-or-treating, presumably from Susquehanna. Susquehanna had held trick-or-treat on Sunday, rather than on Halloween and was the residents’ consensus that that added to the number of kids in Thompson that night.

The next meeting will be on Monday, December 5, 7:30 p.m. in the fire hall on Water St.

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