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Blue Ridge Elementary Celebrates The Arts
Catherine Keene To Study In India
Elk Lake Elementary Students of the Month

Kenneth Krug Is Admitted To RIT
Susky Elementary Students Of The Month
Adam Swindlehurst On S C Dean's List
Susky Elementary Field Day Results
Lori Cooper Makes L C Dean's List
Many Local Students Graduate Penn State

Local Students Make PS Dean’s List

Area Students Make S U Dean's List
Susky High Honor Roll
Susky School Joins County Foundation

Blue Ridge Elementary Celebrates The Arts

Blue Ridge students in Kindergarten through third grade on June 2 invited their parents and the community to share with them a celebration of the arts entitled, Authors - Artists Night. The students hosted an electrifying evening of color and writings. During the course of the students’ academic year, they were given the opportunity to develop their skills in a variety of creative mediums as authors and artists that transpired into an evening of arts celebration.

In collaboration with their classroom teachers, students wrote and illustrated their own picture books, journals, short stories, and/or poetry. Each student selected his/her own theme, to be written and illustrated into a picture book. Each student’s classroom display was highlighted by a brightly decorated banner.

Pictured is Ms. Levine’s Second Grade Class.

As a backdrop to their writings, students displayed visual projects created in their art class. The works represented a variety of mediums and subject matter that included clay, paintings, collages, pastels, and mixed media.

The evening represented the third annual Authors And Artists’ Night. Artistic problem solving invites students to participate as partners in the learning process. Instead of being told what to think, the arts require students to sort out their own reactions and articulate them through the materials at hand. Students learn from individual reflection and discover answers for themselves. The students’ finished works were the tangible products that communicated their creative thought.

Blue Ridge Elementary would like to thank the 800 parents and community members for attending such a special evening. A special thanks goes out to all K- 3 students and their teachers for making the evening such a huge success!

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Catherine Keene To Study In India

Catherine G. Keene, a 2002 graduate of Montrose Area High School is on a six-week Passage to India journey. She left on June 15 and will be in Nepal and Tibet until July 31. She will be studying they customs, language, arts and Buddhist meditation.

Catherine Keene

Her journey will include staying in Katmandu, Nepal with a host family for two weeks, a hiking trek across Nepal for eleven days, and then a three-week stay in Lhasa, Tibet where she will study in the temples with the monks. Her return to Nepal will be by cruiser over the Himalayas on the Freedom Trail.

Cathy will be a senior at St. John’s College in Annapolis, Maryland in September. After her graduation in May, 2006 she plans on pursuing her vocation to become a comparative religious professor.

Cathy is the daughter of Jim and Joan Keene, Montrose.

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Elk Lake Elementary Students of the Month

Mr. Charles Pirone, Elementary Principal at Elk Lake School, is pleased to announce the May, 2005 Student of the Month Award winners.

Pictured (l-r) are: first row – Brendon Douglas, Neel Mehta, Cassandra Noble, Madeline Spila; second row – T. J. Tyler, Victoria Moore, Cydney Dewitt, Kayla Carey, Justine Johns, Chase Orlandini; third row – Jesse Bender, Kelly Oliver, Michael Hongach, James Christos, Montana Cole. Absent from photo: Kaylin Middleton.

Students in kindergarten, first, and second grade were selected by their homeroom teachers. Students may be selected as Student of the Month from four different areas: academic achievement, attendance, citizenship and most improved.

Elk Lake is proud of their students and congratulates them for their accomplishments.

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Kenneth Krug Is Admitted To RIT

Kenneth Krug (pictured), son of Arlene and Edward Krug of Susquehanna has enrolled for fall 2005 admission at Rochester (NY) Institute of Technology. Kenneth, recipient of an RIT Presidential Scholarship, will major in software engineering in RIT’s B. Thomas Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences. Kenneth will be a June, 2005 Blue Ridge High School graduate.

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Susky Elementary Students Of The Month

Mr. Robert Keyes, Principal of Susquehanna Community Elementary School, announces the following "Students of the Month" for May, 2005.

Kindergarten, First, Second, Third

Pictured (l-r) are: row 1 – Johnathan Hallisey, Jade Hardy, Chad Lee, Haley Rhone; row 2 – Casey DeVries, Taylor Cook-Kelly, Lauren Meszaros, Baily Barnes; row 3 – Lucas Brinton, Taryn Tross, Shelby Brinton, Brendan Lamb; row 4 – Alexis Roe, Chastity Carvin, Tyler St. Andrew, Nathan Carpenter, Mark Zappe.

Fourth, Fifth, Sixth

Pictured above (l-r) are: row 1 – Lucas Wentzell, Brianne Bianco, Daniel Biegert, Caleb Scepaniak; row 2 – Matthew Hilling, Alexx Nelson, Thomas Maby; row 3 – Shawn Delaney, Ryan Rosenthal, Basia Polak, Kaitlyn Halesky.

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Adam Swindlehurst On S C Dean's List

Adam Swindlehurst of Thompson was named to the Dean's List at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, GA, for spring quarter 2005. Full-time undergraduate students who earn a grade point average of 3.5 or above for the quarter receive recognition on the dean's list.

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Susky Elementary Field Day Results

The Susquehanna Community Elementary School Field Day was held on June 9. The following is a listing of first, second, third, fourth, and fifth place ribbon winners, by grade level in each event.


Softball Throw Boys: 1 – Lewis Sparks, 2 – Alan Michael Anderson, 3 – David Baker, 4 – Jordan Rafferty, 5 – Scott Knifer.

Softball Throw Girls: 1 – Lauren Meszaros, 2 – Ashley Hallisey, 3 – Jessica Plutino, 4 – Alyssa Sweeney, 5 – Alyssa Rockwell.

50 Meter Dash Boys: 1 – Zachary Collins, 2 – John Ball, 3 – Dylan Stout, 4 – Henry Ainey, 5 – Sean Elliott.

50 Meter Dash Girls: 1 – Gabrielle Cina, 2 – Nicole Sherman, 3 – Haley Aldrich, 4 – Miranda Groover, 5 – Alyssa Hubal.

Running Long Jump Boys: 1 – Casey DeVries, 2 – Joseph Sandfort, 3 – Dylan Roe, 4 – Alan Michael Anderson, 5 – Lewis Sparks.

Running Long Jump Girls: 1 – Alyssa Sweeney, 2 – Marissa Hodge, 3 – Ashley Hallisey, 4 – Cori Glidden, 5 – Baily Barnes.

Standing Long Jump Boys: 1 – Henry Ainey, 2 – Daniel Braun, 3 – John Ball, 4 – Zachary Collins, 5 – Brandyn Belvedere.

Standing Long Jump Girls: 1 – Haley Aldrich, 2 – Gabrielle Cina, 3 – Nicole Sherman, 4 – Mayayla Sullivan, 5 – Miranda Groover.


Softball Throw Boys: 1 – Daniel Staros, 2 – Christian Miller, 3 – Brady Towner, 4 – Kasey Burdick, 5 – Billy Cobb.

Softball Throw Girls: 1 – Brianna Graves, 2 – Tiara Rokita, 3 – Felicia Hines, 4 – Nicole Shay, 5 – Shelby Brinton.

50 Meter Dash Boys: 1 – Luke Falletta, 2 – Lucas Brinton, 3 – Hunter VanLierop, 4 – Brad Sherman, 5 – Jonathan Hilling.

50 Meter Dash Girls: 1 – Nicole Barnes, 2 – Ashley Fisk, 3 – Mikayla Hargett, 4 – Samantha DeMaria, 5 – Anastasia Smith.

Running Long Jump Boys: 1 – Daniel Staros, 2 – Christian Miller, 3 – Brady Towner, 4 – Tiernan Shanley, 5 – Justin Acone.

Runing Long Jump Girls: 1 – Shelby Brinton, 2 – Samantha Yoskowitz, 3 – Emily Stark, 4 – Allison Ryder, 5 – Tiara Rokita.

Standing Long Jump Boys: 1 – Luke Falletta, 2 – Shawn Martin, 3 – Lucas Brinton, 4 – Jonathan Hilling, 5 – Brad Sherman.

Standing Long Jump Girls: 1 – Nicole Barnes, 2 – Ivy Christensen, 3 – Sara Perry, 4 – Katie Greene, 5 – Jeana DiMeo.


Softball Throw Boys: 1 – Brett Shelp, 2 – Fred Ainey, 3 – Sal Pelicci, 4 – Ernest Kuhn, 5 – Nolan Reddon.

Softball Throw Girls: 1 – Mashawna Hargett, 2 – Macy Consla, 3 – Lauren Marco, 4 – Emily Staros, 5 – Sydney Avery.

50 Meter Dash Boys: 1 – Nicholas Acosta, 2 – Thomas Baker, 3 – Austin DeVries, 4 – Matt Hugaboom, 5 – Nathan Barber.

50 Meter Dash Girls: 1 – Ciera Scepaniak, 2 – Lindsey Burdick, 3 – Kaelin Payne, 4 – Amber Dubanowitz, 5 – Mollie Mroz.

Running Long Jump Boys: 1 – Sal Pelicci, 2 – Brett Shelp, 3 – Nick Chamberlain, 4 – Fred Ainey, 5 – Nolan Reddon.

Running Long Jump Girls: 1 – Emily Staros, 2 – Rachel Hubal, 3 – Katelyn Sherman, 4 – Mashawna Hargett, 5 – Kaitlyn Bray.

Standing Long Jump Boys: 1 – Brandon Rafferty, 2 – Jonathan Felter , 3 – Melvin Batson, 4 – Mark Zappe, 5 – D.J. Price.

Standing Long Jump Girls: 1 – Ciera Scepaniak, 2 – Alexis Roe, 3 – Micaela Rhone, 4 – Brianna Williams, 5 – Lindsey Burdick.


Softball Throw Boys: 1 – Dylan Krall, 2 – William Terpstra, 3 – Tyler Hines, 4 – Michael Frye, 5 – Dylan Haynes.

Softball Throw Girls: 1 – Britney Glover, 2 – Valerie Hines, 3 – Ashley Sweeney, 4 – Casey Williams, 5 – Danielle Barnes.

50 Meter Dash Boys: 1 – Andrzej Tomczyk, 2 – Troy Maby, 3 – Cole Mallery, 4 – Alex Peksa, 5 – Nathaniel Gunderman.

50 Meter Dash Girls: 1 – Dominique Cina, 2 – Melissa Kukowski, 3 – Emily Carmody, 4 – Kayla Decker, 5 – Callie Truex.

High Jump Boys: 1 – William Terpstra, 2 – Dylan Krall, 3 – Tieler Kennerup, 4 – Michael Frye, 5 – Austin Smith.

High Jump Girls: 1 – Danielle Barnes, 2 – Devin Breese, 3 – Ashley Sweeney, 4 – Melayna Amrein, 5 – Valerie Hines, 5 – Andrea Isby.

Running Long Jump Boys: 1 – Andrzek Tomczyk, 2 – Troy Maby, 3 – Cole Mallery, 4 – Daniel Biegert, 5 – Alex Peksa.

Running Long Jump Girls: 1 – Kyleigh Fiske, 2 – Callie Truex, 3 – Brianne Bianco, 4 – Emily Carmody, 5 – Caitlynn O’Dell.


Softball Throw Boys: 1 – Stephen Lee, 2 – Austin Cowperthwait, 3 – Brandon Deakin, 4 – Thomas Maby, 5 – Duane Consla.

Softball Throw Girls: 1 – Broke Andersen, 2 – Mary Kemmerer, 3 – Melissa Valentine, 4 – Danielle Conklin, 5 – Stephanie Antolos.

50 Meter Dash Boys: 1 – George Wilkes, 2 – Austin Sampson, 3 – Jesse Henderson, 4 – David Vales, 5 – Tim Flanagan.

50 Meter Dash Girls: 1 – Ashley Craig, 2 – Ashley Elliott, 3 – Morgan Ofsharick, 4 – Kelsie Drury, 5 – Alexis Gerhardt.

High Jump Boys: 1 – Brandon Deakin, 2 – Jeffrey Wayman, 3 – Austin Cowperthwait, 4 – Thomas Maby, 5 – Stephen Lee.

High Jump Girls: 1 – Alisha Russo, 2 – Amber DeJean, 3 – Brooke Andersen, 4 – Stephanie Antolos, 5 – Mary Kemmerer.

Running Long Jump Boys: 1 – George Wilkes, 2 – Austin Sampson, 3 – Jesse Henderson, 4 – Corey Towers, 5 – Chris Snyder.

Running Long Jump Girls: 1 – Ashley Craig, 2 – Morgan Ofsharick, 3 – Alexis Gerhardt, 4 – Jillian Truex, 5 – Alexandria Dominick.


Softball Throw Boys: 1 – Taylor Mroz, 2 – Sean MacDonald, 3 – Kyle Napolitano, 4 – James Norton, 5 – Taylor Cundey.

Softball Throw Girls: 1 – Kacey Norris, 2 – Kelly Burke, 3 – Kristen Wentzell, 4 – Kaitlyn Halesky, 5 – Kacie Chesnick.

50 Meter Dash Boys: 1 – Nick Marco, 2 – Jordon Shelp, 3 – Alex Price, 4 – Tim Sager, 5 – Matt Williams.

50 Meter Dash Girls: 1 – Gabby Peksa, 2 – Amanda Roth, 3 – Kim Aldrich, 4 – Christine Compton, 5 – Julie Kuhn.

High Jump Boys: 1 – Kevin Cavanaugh, 2 – Taylor Mroz, 3 – James Norton, 4 – Devon Shelp, 5 – Chester Cotter, 5 – Derek Williams.

High Jump Girls: 1 – Brooke Baker, 2 – Kelly Burke, 3 – Susan Greene, 4 – Kelsey Carmody, 5 – Kacey Norris.

Running Long Jump Boys: 1 – Nicholas Vales, 2 – Tim Sager, 3 – Alex Price, 4 – Nick Marco, 5 – William Dolph.

Running Long Jump Girls: 1 – Amanda Roth, 2 – Gabrielle Peksa, 3 – Brittany Carter, 4 – Christine Compton, 5 – Kim Aldrich.

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Lori Cooper Makes L C Dean's List

Easton, PA – Lori Jean Cooper, Brackney has been named to the 2005 spring semester Dean's List at Lafayette College. To qualify a student must achieve at least a 3.45 semester grade point average out of a possible 4.0.

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Many Local Students Graduate Penn State

Following is a list of students who graduated Penn State University in May, 2005.

Frank M. Bennett, Montrose, with a BS in Business.

Christopher J. Dyer, Thompson, with an AS in Wildlife Technology.

Kelly Jo M. Ellsworth, South Montrose, with a BS in Supply Chain And Information Systems.

Richard G. Ely, Kingsley, with a BS in Mechanical Engineering.

Marisa I. Formica, Union Dale, with a BS in Biology.

Lindsey A. Glezen, Hallstead, with a BA in Crime Law And Justice.

Andrew J. Glodek, Thompson, with a BA in Sociology.

Joseph R. Haley, Susquehanna, with a BS in Electrical Engineering.

Debra H. Haskins, Susquehanna, with an M.Ed in Teaching And Curriculum.

Sean M. Hennessey, Susquehanna, with a BS in Marketing.

Bryan C. Leber, Thompson, with a BS in Electrical Engineering Technology.

Joseph A. Nasser, Springville, with a BS in Information Sciences And Technology.

Samit M. Shah, Susquehanna, with a BS in Biology.

James A. Stewart, Thompson, with a BA in International Politics and a B A in History.

Anne M. Supancik, Union Dale, with an M.Ed in Counselor Education.

Amy R. Uhlig, Susquehanna, with a BS in Information Sciences and Technology.

Wendy S. Whitehill, Kingsley, with a BS in Business.

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Local Students Make PS Dean’s List

Following is a list of area students who qualified for Dean’s List honors at Penn State university: April A. Berger, New Milford; Sarah M. Bollinger, Montrose; Jason A. Cedar, Kingsley; Megan F. Clough, Susquehanna; Christopher J. Connor, Forest City; Douglas L. De Pue, Brackney; William J. Dempsey, Forest City; Dennis R. Di Giambattista, New Milford; Daynne C. Eaton, Susquehanna; Kelly Jo M. Ellsworth, South Montrose; Richard G. Ely, Kingsley; Bryanne . Farrell, Vandling; Marisa I. Formica, Union Dale; Matthew M. Hartman, Harford; Sara L. Kovaleski, Browndale; Rachel L. Lambert, Kingsley; Brooke M. Lewis, Susquehanna; Aaron M. Mcginniss, Little Meadows; Frances M. Mullen, Browndale; Joseph A. Nasser, Springville; Adam G. Nelson, Montrose; Wendy M. O Reilly, Friendsville; Jason A. Olcese, Uniondale; Jennifer R. Oliver, Hallstead; Casey L. Pavelski, Jackson; Samit M. Shah, Susquehanna; Laura E. Signorile, Great Bend; Kathryn E. Stevens, Little Meadows; Patricia H. Stewart, Thompson; Victoria A. Strope, Brackney; Lauren M. Tingley, Susquehanna; Amy R. Uhlig, Susquehanna.

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Area Students Make S U Dean's List

Several area students enrolled in the College of Arts and Sciences at Syracuse University were named to the Dean’s List for the Spring 2005 semester. To qualify for the Dean‚s List, students must achieve at least a 3.4 grade point average (on a 4.0 scale) during the semester.

Included in the honor were Brandon Robinson, Springville, and Jaime Benson, Susquehanna.

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Susky High Honor Roll

Following is the Susquehanna Community High School Honor Roll for the fourth marking period of the 2004-05 school year.


GRADE 12: Michelle Batson, Jessica Briar, Crystal Casterline, Holly Cobb, Paula Freitag, Tiara Kelly, Kevin Lee, Laura Plant, Carolyn Severs, Melanie Stark, Abralyn Stone, Tiffany Tanner, Joseph Truskolaski, Denise Walker, Alexis Wheeler.

GRADE 11: Christopher Balliet, Kimberly Frechen, Ryan Lee.

GRADE 10: Sarah Biegert, Andrew Crawford, Meghan Gilleran, Kristin Gumaer, Timothy Haynes, Ashley Hubal, Kirsten Kemmerer, Jessica Lee, Carrie Lewis, William McHale, Nicole Ransbottom, Ellen Reavey, Perri Weldy.

Grade 9: Christopher Felter, Tara Flor, Angela Petriello, Tamara Sager, Craig Soden, Jessica Welch.

GRADE 8: Angela Leonard, Hannah Price, Lacey Sholtiss, Aaron Soden, Bradley Stone, Jeffrey Williams.

GRADE 7: Kaitlyn Adam, Scott Arthur, Nicholas Felter, John Herbert, Thomas Kelly Jr., Kyla Kemmerer, Maggie Lawrenson, Shawn Norton, Sonal Patel, William Silfies, Brandon Stone, Jami Towner, Andrea Walker.

HONOR ROLL (90-93)

GRADE 12: Chad Benson, Kara Culnane, Ryan Dubas, Bridgette Stone, Heather Stone, Thomas Walker, Matthew Wolf, Tiffanie Yoder.

GRADE 11: Daniel Brinton, Aaron Callender, Elizabeth Hanrahan, Melissa Leet, Stephen Sicovitch, Jeremy Travis, Julia Wallace.

GRADE 10: Wendy Bohannan, Kathryn DeWitt, Jia Luo Dong, Stephanie Ficarro, Kaitlin Flor, Casey Glidden, Caitlin Piercy, Samantha Schmidt, Deanna Stone, Teri Upright, Danielle Williams.

GRADE 9: Shayna Benson, Caryn Conklin, Mary Jo Cotter, Crystal Davis, Craig Price, Geri Smith.

GRADE 8: Christine Biegert, Daniel Boughton, Sydney Carmody, Connor Freitag, Christy Glidden, Brittany Heller, Jessica Hubal, David Jackson, Justin Lee, Josh McKinney, Cody Scepaniak, Leann Terpstra.

GRADE 7: Caitlin Callender, Maria Elena Canzoneri, Ashlee Getter, Shane Hugaboom, Michael Nagel Jr., William Silfies.

MERIT ROLL (85-90)

GRADE 12: Rachael Ballard, Kiera Brown, Daniel Burnett, Joshua Cartrette, Ashley Casillas, Chris Cavanaugh, Ashley Corbin, Nancy Edwards, Tiffany Fiske, Brandan Glover, Dana Houck, Katelynn Kimble, Olivia Lesser, Angela LoVuolo, Elizabeth Rowe, Brock Smith, Kelliann Walsh, Ashley Westbrook, Sean Wolf.

GRADE 11: Anthony Brown, Heather Conroy, Travis Cordner, Stephanie Crandall, Amanda Figueroa, Jamie Gallagher, Ryan Gilleran, Mary Kuhn, Katie Lawrenson, Brooke McKee, Marisa MitchellFlanagan, Michelle Nagel, Kyle Price, Gabrielle Reina, Allen Russell, Mark Shannon, Ernest Taylor, Alexander Troup, Lauren Valentine, Curtis Walker, Marissa Weidow.

GRADE 10: Mercedes Allen, Debra Barton, Shianne Barton, Allison Bates, Melanie Biesecker, Adam Bixby, Christina Butts, Justin Butts, Andrew David, Joseph DeCicco, Abigail DeWitt, Amber Gaffey, Carla Gehman, Craig Hubal, Brian James, Andrew Napolitano, Brian Norton, Allen Plant, Nicole Tarbox, Jessica Terpstra, Brant Thomas, Brianne Thomas, Michael Walsh, Billie Jean Wilbur, Ashlie Yoder.

GRADE 9: Kelli Agler, Ellen Biegert, Sarah Conroy, Timothy Delaney, Kristen Edwards, Kirk Fallon, Daniel Gall, Ian Gordon, Shannon Hugaboom, Brent Keyes, Alexandria Kotran, Lucas Marion, Natalie Piercy, Ashley Price, Danielle Roy, Ashlynn Smith, Jared Stewart, Rashel Swanson, Kristy Tyler, Cynthia Williams, Megan Zappe, Brittany Zebrowski.

GRADE 8: Ashley Aldrich, Heather Bixby, Amanda Carvin, Phylicia DeCicco, Monique Drag, Molly Edwards, Jennifer Glover, Diana Greene, Chelsea Henry, Kayshia Kruger, Lindsay Lawrenson, Michael Lloyd, Ellen Matis, Danielle Moore, Kelly Sheriff, Mary Tarbox, Kelly Wademan, Anthony Wayman, Misha Weldy, Ashley Wray.

GRADE 7: Breanna Bastion, Benjamin Case, Kelly Conklin, Nicole Conklin, Jakilyn DeCicco, Courtney Dininny, Megan Garcia, Matthew Leet, Adam Macazan, Harrison Piercy, Lauren Reddon, Gafston Stone, Tyler Thomas, Kyla Vadovsky.

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Susky School Joins County Foundation

Superintendent Bronson Stone has announced that the Susquehanna Community School District is establishing a Foundation which will be an affiliate of the Community Foundation of Susquehanna County. Its primary goal will be to create scholarships. “We wanted to give people who are in a position to make perpetual endowments to the school the right avenue to invest their funds.” Forty-eight percent of the school district’s 930 students are economically disadvantaged. Endowments, bequests, donations from graduates, families, professional staff and retirees could make a huge difference in young lives. “There’s no more worthy cause than to help fund a child’s aspirations for higher education.”

Bronson Stone, Superintendent of Susquehanna Community School District

The move was researched by Mr. Stone and the district’s retiring business manager, Raymond Testa. They worked with Community Foundation Director Bob Brown and concluded that this was “a phenomenal opportunity” to make use of knowledgeable experts who “knew what worked with funds.” Their recommendation to the school board was approved on May 18.

The Community Foundation’s Director of Development, Peter Quigg explains, “We can deliver a better return on investments than the school’s accounts receive. There will be no cost to the district to establish the foundation with us. This will simplify their lives, allowing them to focus on being the good educators they are. The Community Foundation is up and running with its own 501C status established. The Foundation will concentrate on financial management, and the schools on teaching. It will free them up.”

Mr. Stone is himself a Susquehanna Community graduate, was a teacher and curriculum director in the system before becoming superintendent. He anticipates organizing an alumni association which will find having a foundation in place very valuable. He also expects the district to appoint a board to help with foundation scholarship decisions.

Susquehanna Community is the third school district in the county to collaborate with the Community Foundation on scholarship initiatives. Blue Ridge and Montrose Area districts have done the same. In 2004 over $95,000 in scholarships were provided to 133 area students through various Community Foundation education programs. For more information call (570) 278–3800.

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