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Proud To Be A Part

It all started a little over a year ago. The possibility of a Pre-K group at the Susquehanna Community School District that eventually became a reality. There were many negative comments and thoughts about the concept of the program, mainly due to other people and businesses in the community and their interests for the children. As everyone is aware, with every negative there is also a positive. I would just like to express the positives of the Pre-K studies initiated by the school district. As we all know the state of Pennsylvania has a program titled “No Child Left Behind.” I fully believe that the Susquehanna Community School District have been fully committed to this project. They started off on the right foot. Providing early education when children need it the most. By doing research any individual would know that at the ages of 4 and 5 children prosper and learn the most. This is the time that the basic building blocks of education start. By starting the Pre-K course the children are ready for the start of Kindergarten. They have learned many skills needed to master the kindergarten curriculum. The children have learned to write their names, know their address, phone number, colors, shapes, ABC's, and 123's; all of which are needed through out kindergarten.

We, as parents of a Pre-K student, would like the faculty to hear this at least once:

Thank you for all of the struggles that you endured in starting this wonderful program. Our child has learned the way that a school day runs. She has had a full year opportunity to experience going to special classes (gym, music, library, art, etc.). She has had the opportunity to socialize with many children from other towns and families and has made great friends with other children. Our daughter has learned many songs that keep us laughing throughout the weeks. We laughed like crazy at the silly songs that made learning fun. Each day was a bright beginning and we were always waiting to see what her little mind absorbed throughout the day. We did get to know exactly what letter each child in the class sat on, what it stood for, and who sat on each letter. The beautifully crafted projects we will cherish forever (or at least until graduation day when everyone else can get a good look). The children had their pictures taken just as other grades did, they had lunch and learned how to get their meals, much like the rest of the school. And, play time, that exhausted some of their energy (or at least so we hoped!). We believe that the start of kindergarten will be a joyous time for our daughter as she begins another school year. There will be no dread for the first day of school, no worries as to if she will like school and no need to worry about making friends, for these have already been addressed and will make the beginning of the next school year easier. Thank you to Mrs. Bucci and Mrs. Lubaszewski for all of their hard work, patience, gentle hands, caring hearts, and kind soles. Thank you for teaching our child to enjoy school, other children, songs, skits, stories and last but certainly not least most importantly to be confident in herself. Thank you to the mini-bus drivers- Theresa and Jeremy and the bus aides- Cheryl and Dawn. Thank you to the classroom aides Mrs. Parks and Mrs. Stanford. No parent could be pleased more than we are at this time. It has been a true pleasure working with the school and staff. We appreciate all that has been done by the school district to provide children with this great opportunity. We look forward to the upcoming school years. We are proud to be in a school district that cares as much about our children as we do. We will be right along side our children throughout their education. We will support our children and this school district through the good and the bad.

We are proud to be a part of the Susquehanna Community Schools!


Mr. Michael and Mrs. Kelly J. Iveson

Susquehanna, PA

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