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Check Is In The Mail

The elephant has amnesia? I always believed that elephants had excellent memories. So what happened?

This Democrat remembers a document called the “Contract With America”, a bold and frank list of objectives and “values” for which Republicans stood and promised to support and make reality.

Remember “term limits” that great idea of citizen statesmen not becoming career politicians? Republicans blamed all of America’s ills on the entrenched politicians who only worried about getting re-elected.

Remember the “Balanced Budget Amendment” that mandate that America live within its means and act fiscally responsibly so our grandkids don’t drown under the weight of our debt? Remember the cries to stop over-spending and pay as we went?

Remember the “Pro Life” statement in the Contract With America, condemning abortion?

President Bush, evidently, has a bad memory, or a “convenient amnesia.”

Bush (Republican) is President. Both the House of Representatives and the Senate are Republican-controlled. If Bush got a House Member to sponsor “Term Limits” and, or a “Balanced Budget Amendment”, the Democrats could do nothing to stop either.

We have neither “Term Limits” nor a Balanced Budget Amendment because the Republicans lied to us and broke the Contract With America.

The “Pro-Life” betrayal was President Bush’s worst and most dishonest sell out of America and Republican promises. In the last U.S. Senate Primary Election in Pennsylvania, Mr. Toomey, a rock-solid “Pro-Life” conservative Republican from Lehigh County, challenged Senator Arlen Specter for the Senate. To everybody’s surprise, Mr. Toomey’s campaign exploded with support and enthusiasm, and the margin between them became less than one percent. Specter was in real jeopardy of losing the election. Enter, President Bush.

President Bush went on TV in a series of commercials and asked all of Pennsylvania to vote for Specter. Is this the same Arlen Specter who enjoys volunteer and financial support from the National AbortionRights Action League (N.A.R.A.L.)? Is this the same Specter who enjoys the support and votes from Planned Parenthood (an organization which actually performs abortions in some of their clinics)? Bush sold out the unborn babies and asked all of Pennsylvania to vote for Specter, who is a vocal proponent of removal of the Pro-Life Plank from the Republican Party Platform.

Recently Bush further sold out the unborn babies, by appointing ‘”Mr. Pro-Choice” Specter, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee (the keeper of the Judicial gate).

President Bush now barnstorms America, proposing “Social Security Reform” and assuring us, “Your check will come” and “Your check is safe.”

If President Bush sold out the unborn babies so easily, and can betray his core Christian “Pro-life” values for a senior position in the U.S. Senate, can we dare trust him with our retirements? The TV commercials were the deciding factor in the election. President Bush said, “Arlen Specter cast the key deciding vote on my Tax Cut Bill.” President Bush sold out the unborn babies for his Tax Cut Bill. I guess money is sovereign in the Republican Party, and babies take a back seat. Forty pieces of silver for the babies, George?

This is not an example of a good man who stumbled and made a mistake. President Bush’s appearing in those TV commercials (destroying Toomey’s Pro Life challenge to Specter’s abortion rights agenda) was well thought-out and deliberate opportunism.

Would Jesus have sold out unborn babies for a Tax Cut Bill vote?

This President preys upon decent Christians’ faith and morality, when in fact he betrays those values. He says he’s Pro-Life, but repeatedly asks Pennsylvanians to elect an abortion-supporting Senator Specter.

I do not trust President Bush with my retirement. I do not trust him, period. This so-called “Social Security Reform” is just a slick attempt to raid the Trust Fund, so his campaign contributors can milk the thing blind.

Read My Lips…. George, not with my Social Security you don’t! Not with my Mom’s retirement you don’t, George! This is just another politician’s lame promise, “The check is in the mail!”


Lee Geisler

Quaker Lake

Our Drive Is Underway

As you may or may not know the Great Bend-Hallstead Volunteer Ambulance has re-licensed and is in an up and running status. It has not been an easy task. With the support of our communities and the diligent work of our volunteer ambulance crews and the new board of directors we are back, and we are here to stay.

We have asked and been granted permission to be the primary B.L.S. service for the communities we serve. We also have a great working relationship with the volunteer ambulance services in the surrounding towns so that we are all working together to provide you, the subscriber, with the care you require should the need arise.

All the ambulance corps in the area are in an “All for one and one for all” frame of mind.

The 2005 subscription letters are in the mail asking you for your individual support. If you do not receive a subscription letter you may call Del Austin at (570) 879–6461 and one will be provided to you.

You may also pick up subscription forms at the Great Bend Veterans of Foreign Wars, or the Hallstead American Legion.

The support of our communities have been greatly appreciated in this time of reorganization and we ask that you continue to join with us to keep the Great Bend-Hallstead Ambulance up and running, and providing you, the subscriber with excellent care that you have come to expect from us.

Remember, “When the need arises, we are here to help!”

Ambulance president Tony Conarton, Captain Jody Resseguie, the board of directors, and the great volunteer crews of the Great Bend-Hallstead Ambulance wish to thank everyone who has given us their help and support in this period of reorganization.


Tony Conarton


A Bad Hair Day

Acceptance is an internal need that all people have, whether they express it or not. In high school, there is added pressure to wear the right clothes, have the right hairdo and go to the right parties with the right people. Starting in high school, I felt like an outcast, accepted by no one and picked on by many. After six years at Montrose High School, I have found acceptance, not with other people, but with myself. Differences shouldn’t be treated as handicaps, but rather as something that helps you stand out against the crowd.

For as long as I can remember, I have been suffering from Trichotillomania, often referred to as Trich. Trich is a type of obsessive compulsive disorder that causes one to pull their hair. One to three percent of the population suffers from it. The percentage may be slightly off, since people tend to try and hide the symptoms of Trich in embarrassment. It is not done for attention; it is not done to make people feel bad for you; it is completely out of your control. It is hard for someone without an obsessive-compulsive disorder to understand the discomfort felt when your “ritual” is not being performed. I’ve been nearly bald now for two years.

Before I found safety in a wig, I was harassed on a daily basis, and quite often felt bad for myself. After I got a wig, I discovered that I had a little more courage. Of course I felt different when my friends went to get their hair done for homecoming or prom. I was the one with my hair already done, sitting at home on a wig stand, ready to go. I’m not complaining, it certainly made doing my hair in the morning much easier. Trichotillomania has been the hardest thing I’ve ever gone through. It made me feel ugly, singled out and unlucky. Why did I have to belong to that unfortunate one to three percent? When I stopped dwelling on my weaknesses, I realized that it doesn’t matter that I have a wig. I can be successful, hair or no hair.

Every day is a battle for me. I gave up playing field hockey, running track and cheerleading because I was extremely self conscious and wanted to avoid any type of public embarrassment. I have successfully stopped pulling on several occasions. My goal is to have my hair back or at least decrease my pulling by the time I graduate.

Being different doesn’t mean you have to become a hermit. Be proud that you don’t fit in the mold. Everyone is unique, some in more obvious ways than others. Set goals for yourself. Achieving these goals is an unparalleled feeling. I learned to ignore those who pick on you, because often they don’t have the slightest idea what is going on. They are often the ones who are insecure with themselves; they make themselves feel better by picking on your weaknesses.

Acceptance from other people is important, but acceptance of yourself is invaluable.


Katie Bush

St. Joseph, PA

Costs Time And Gasoline

What does it require to become apparent to the Susquehanna Borough Council that anyone with common sense must realize that the red light on Exchange Street is not needed. The light is very old and takes almost 60 seconds between changes. When the bridge was moved it (light) should have been removed also. This costs everyone time, as well as gasoline. What good is a boro council if it cannot perform such a simple service?


Guy Clift

Susquehanna, PA

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