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Slick County Government

Late Friday afternoon, January 14, 2005, Chairman Roberta Kelly arranged a special Commissioners meeting to be scheduled Monday morning (Martin Luther King holiday) at 10:00 a.m. for the express reason of hiring a Recycling director. There were only two qualified candidates for the job, which they could all agree on after personally interviewing four candidates. The two candidates were Elizabeth Janoski, the Economic Development Director and Eric Hamby, who lives in Montrose and works at Maines. No members of the press or public were personally notified of the meeting. A small ad of the meeting was run in this weekend's edition of the Press & Sun Bulletin, to officially comply with Sunshine law regulations. At the meeting, only Mrs. Hamby showed up as a member of the public indicating that she or her husband was personally contacted over the weekend. Mr. Hamby told the Commissioners in his interview that he would require three weeks notice to Maines before he could start the job if he was hired.

At the meeting, the motion was made to hire Mr. Hamby in less than two weeks on February 1, 2005. Jeff Loomis asked how it was possible since he required three weeks. Mary Ann Warren stated that this was already covered. Jeff Loomis then inquired how it could be covered unless the other two Commissioners contacted Mr. Hamby over the weekend and already told him he was hired for the job, which is in violation of the Sunshine Act.

COME ON!! How stupid do these people think we are? Mrs. Janoski and the press should have been notified, personally of this special meeting so that they could attend and offer their comments. Also, scheduling such a quick meeting on a holiday is an obvious slight-of-hand trick to circumvent public knowledge.


Fred B. Baker, II

Meshoppen, PA

It’s Appreciated!

The Susquehanna Branch Library would like to thank the community, our patrons, shopkeepers, local organizations and volunteers for your patronage and support. Since moving to our new location in 2002, registration and circulation have tripled. We are proud of your commitment to the library and look forward to 2005.


The Staff of the

Susquehanna Branch Library

To Harmony Township Taxpayers

I will not be running for another term for Tax Collector. If you are interested in being a Candidate, petitions can be picked up at the Voters Registration Office at Courthouse in February.


Audrey Wheeler

Susquehanna, PA

It Was A Tragic Loss

Thanks to the good coverage by local news sources, most of the people in this area know about the tragic loss suffered by Elisha’s Home and Ministries. A Christmas Eve fire destroyed their main barn and most of their animals. Because we, the members of the Fairdale United Methodist Church, nearly lost our church on Christmas Eve two years ago, we realize how devastating this can be. Reverend Robert Ford and Reverend Timothy Overmiller and their families have been great neighbors and have been offering a great service to many. We are hosting a spaghetti supper on February 11, with all proceeds being given to Elisha’s Home. We believe that charity and missions should start at home. We encourage all to send donations to David Hibbard or Lee Smith at Montrose, PA, RR 5 Box 19 and Box 54-A, respectively. Make checks payable to Elisha’s Home Benefit.


David Hibbard, Chairman of Board

Lee Smith, Vice Chairman of Board

Get Your Hand Out Of My Pocket!

As a citizen of Susquehanna County and a voter, may I express my opinion about the gracious over-spending bureaucrats that we call our county commissioners.

With regard to our commissioner Mrs. Roberta Kelly saying, “The tax increase is in line with other counties,” what in God’s name are you talking about?

I believe it was the Susquehanna taxpayers that got you elected. Did your head swell so much as to forget where you came from? Look at Susquehanna and all other areas in our county. Where is there business growth? I ask you, where?

You continue to live in fantasy land about what wages are in this county. My guess is we are well below the other county averages.

I voted for you the first time, because I thought you had backbone.

The only people buying land and building are from New Jersey, New York and Philadelphia. God only knows, local people cannot afford to, but your swelled head believes we can afford this.

If I can’t afford it, guess what, I don’t buy it.

I read you think you are being conservative. What a joke. How in the world can you ever say that? Susquehanna County has “nothing” to offer their people, but, the people of Susquehanna County have a lot to offer the world.

All over our country, people’s wages have dropped. There is no more free ride. The people of Susquehanna County can not afford a 23 percent tax increase. I think you commissioners need to get firm, and have enough guts to say “no.” There is no law that says you must give in to the demands of the union! Cut whatever services you have to, and, maybe you could pay some of your own health care. Wow, what a concept!

Oh, Mr. Loomis, you, too were “voted out” once before. How we ever let you back in again, I’ll never know?

Let’s get real and out of the fantasy world. There are a lot of older people in this county (and younger people for that matter) that just cannot afford your “mandated” budget. Mandate this, try to live on $800 a month like a lot of our senior citizens have to. Then pay your own medical premiums as well. Oh, I almost forgot, try to buy groceries as well!

Do you folks get the picture, or is the fog just on the hill in Montrose?

Please, get your hands out of my pockets!


Marvin Glover

Oakland, PA

Set The Record Straight!

The Susquehanna County Planning Commission was created and set apart from the Department of Planning by ordinance 92-003 on December 3, 1992 by Warren Williams, Josephine Marshal and John Blachek. This ordinance gave the Planning Commission the authority to accept funds and have their own checkbook. Then Auditor Cathy Benedict sent the Commissioners an audit finding that this was improper. The commissioners at the time chose to ignore this finding and let the Ordinance stand.

I served as Commissioner from 1996 to 1999 and had nothing to do with the enactment of this ordinance, as implied by Mr. Amadio in his weekly column. Mr. Amadio neglected to mention that it takes two out of three Commissioners to change any ordinance or practice. The Commissioners I served with did not want to take away the Planning Commission’s authority to manage their own funds. Consequently, there was nothing I could do to change the Planning Commission’s practice of paying for their monthly dinner expenses.

However, the present board of Commissioners looks at things differently. Roberta Kelly, Mary Ann Warren and myself unanimously voted to regain control of the Planning Commission’s funding, as it is stipulated by the County Code. After examining the 1992 ordinance with our solicitor, we sent the Planning Department a directive to turn over their checkbook and all future collections to the Treasurer’s office.

Reasonable people have the right to disagree with each other, and we often do. However, I believe that Roberta Kelly, Mary Ann Warren and myself consistently vote for what is in the best interest of Susquehanna County, without any regard to political affiliation or special interests. For the past year, the three of us have been working together to reign in unnecessary, wasteful spending.


Jeff Loomis

County Commissioner

Consider The Losses

On January 22, 1973 the Supreme Court delivered its opinion on the Roe vs. Wade case making abortion legal for virtually the full nine months of gestation. Since that time 45 million children have been eliminated from the ranks of U.S. Citizenship. This is a very personal thing for me because the doctors wanted me to abort my fourth child due in September of 1973 due to what they deemed complications in the pregnancy. Then in 1976 they again decided the pregnancy was too difficult and suggested abortion for my fifth child - a perfectly legal solution to my difficult situation. I was contemplating these children and the nearly million and a half other children who died in each of those years. Ten years ago my 1973 child became quite successful at a position earning very good money. Ten years ago a million and a half children would have done either the same or at least become part of the work force of America at the age of 21. If each of them earned only minimum wage the amount of money added to our economy that year alone would have been nearly $150 million. Each year since 1973 nearly a million and a half more children, sacrificed to abortion, must be added to that reality.

Now I appreciate that those of you wishing to justify abortion will have your arguments to this reality but I have taken only minimum wage for each child into my calculation. How many of our children earn only minimum wage? Calculating only minimum wage it can be estimated that the approximately 14 million babies lost to abortion since 1973 could have earned about $8.25 billion - money that would go into our economy - money taxes would be paid on. None of this speaks of the millions that would have been spent to prepare a home for a new baby - the money earned and spent by teens in our country or money spent on clothing and other needs of 45 million growing children. A TV ad tells us the wages of only two workers support each social security recipient now. It can only grow worse as time goes on and nearly a million and a half fewer workers are available each year due to the past abortions.

Obviously the losses are much higher than I have stated. Those who have ears to hear will know this. Which of these children might have had the cure for cancer? Which of these children could have served the millions of poor as Mother Teresa and the order she alone established did? How many of these children could have saved souls as Billy Graham has? Today Norma McCorvey, the Jane Roe of Roe/Wade begs America to listen to her tell us that it was all a terrible lie. Rachel's Vineyard works diligently to help the poor women who believed that lie and suffer the horrible aftermath. How long can the richest nation in the history of the world insist that the best remedy to a problem pregnancy is to kill the baby?

Mother Teresa once said that the greatest threat to America is abortion. She believed, and I strongly concur that abortion is killing the conscience of our nation. And the saddest thing is that it would end if Americans demanded it.

I am a feminist. I believe a woman should have rights equal to men's. I just do not believe she should have the right to decide life or death for the unborn, innocent child.

Annette Corrigan

Jackson, PA

Received In A Negative Manner

First, I’d like to wish everyone a safe and healthy new year and the basis of my letter follows. I was troubled to have read a journalist’s recap of a recent borough meeting in the county. The review mentions a letter I’d sent to the borough and seems it was received in a somewhat negative manner. As stated in the paper, it “was met with the suggestion that they don’t send any more stupid letters like that at our (taxpayers’) cost.” This “stupid” letter went to all borough councilpersons and township supervisors in Susquehanna County and thanked them for their commitment in their part of the county and encouraged them to contact me with concerns and/or suggestions for our county. The letter was printed from my computer at home and I paid for the postage to send it. I honestly appreciate their concern of wasting taxpayers’ dollars, but must comment that it did not apply in this case. So, Chuck, with that being said, how ‘bout a column for the commissioners to state the facts to the taxpayers, so that all people in Susquehanna County get the true picture of the effort, we, as commissioners, go through to save taxpayers’ dollars.


MaryAnn Warren

Susquehanna County Commissioner

EDITOR’S NOTE: Dear MaryAnn, you might want to re-read the journalist’s report on the meeting you refer to. Our reporter corresponded what a borough representative made comment on. Our reporters don’t make it up; they only report on what transpires. As far as offering space for updates from your board of commissioners, the County Transcript has “always” offered the opportunity – all you have to do is ask.

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