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Blue Ridge Goes To The Tree Farm
Susky Elementary Students of the Month
Students Against Smoking Winners
Blue Ridge Students Become Puppeteers
Elk Lake Elementary Students of the Month
Elk Lake Jr. High In County Band
Blue Ridge Elementary Citizens of the Month
FCR High 1st Period Honor Roll
Joanna Wallace To Study In Germany
Novice Elk Speakers Bring Home Trophies
P. S. Scholarship Awards

Blue Ridge Goes To The Tree Farm

The learning support classes at Blue Ridge Elementary School (pictured above) spent the morning Friday, December 3 at Kessler's Tree Farm in New Milford, PA. Mr. Kessler taught the students how to identify the different types of Christmas trees. They also learned the importance of giving during the holiday season. Mr. and Mrs. Kessler donated a tree to be put on display in the elementary lobby. At the beginning of winter break, the tree will be donated to a family in the Blue Ridge School District. The Kessler's also surprised the students with a gift of cookies found under a tree at the farm.

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Susky Elementary Students of the Month

Mr. Robert Keyes, Principal of Susquehanna Community Elementary School, announced the "Students of the Month" for November, 2004.

Kindergarten, First, Second, Third

Pictured (l-r) are: row 1 – Alexia Presley, Tyler Towers, Lauren Soden, Kassandra Hall; row 2 – Miranda Rhone, Marissa McConnell, Alan-Michael Anderson, David Fox; row 3 – Luke Falletta, Tyler Jones, Quinnten Jones, Olivia Rockwell; row 4 – Richard Delaney, Nicholas Chamberlain, Kaelin Payne, Nicholas Lloyd, Cody Towers. Absent - Nathan Barber.

Fourth, Fifth, Sixth

Pictured (l-r) are: row 1 – Mitchell Corse, Alex Peksa, Kara Gow, Daniel Cordner; row 2 – Vincent Matta, Kayla Coleman, Mary Kemmerer, Anthony Ballard; row 3 – Sarah Parsons, Gabrielle Peksa, Kimberly Aldrich, Zachary Baker.

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Students Against Smoking Winners

Nearly three hundred elementary students submitted entries for the Students Against Smoking Bumper Sticker Contest sponsored jointly by the PA Department of Health, Students Against Smoking Youth Coalition, and the TREHAB Center. The contest encourages students and their families to become more aware of the consequences of smoking while reinforcing the positive concept that young people can reach their goals by remaining smoke free.

Four school districts were represented in the contest. A $50 savings bond from Community Bank and Trust was awarded to the grand prize winner from all entries, and each participating school received prizes for the first, second, and third place winners.

Grand Prize Winner Courtney Strid pictured with her winning entry along with teacher Mr. George Howanitz and TREHAB Tobacco Control Specialist Brandy Pitcher.

Renee Chidester, Michele Sterner, and Brandy Pitcher, Prevention Specialists for the TREHAB Center, presented awards at the schools during November, and the grand prize winner, Courtney Strid, a 6th grader at Lathrop Street Elementary was honored for her entry at a November 1 luncheon during a conference for Susquehanna County BUSTED!. BUSTED! is a statewide youth movement against tobacco and manipulation by tobacco companies.

Mountain View winners, pictured with Principal Peg Foster, are Barbara Bennett, Kayla Rillstone, and Alix Taylor.

The following, by school, were contest winners:

Mountain View – Grand Prize Honorable Mention - Kayla Rillstone, 2nd – Alix Taylor, 3rd – Barbara Bennett.

Choconut Valley – 1st – Courtney Kimmell, 2nd – Samantha Turner, 3rd – Makayla Dearborn.

Forest City – 1st – Benjamin Terry, 2nd – Matt Gerchman, 3rd – Samanatha Carey.

Lathrop Street: Grand Prize: Courtney Strid, 2nd – Sydney Warner, 3rd – Rebecca Maxey.

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Blue Ridge Students Become Puppeteers

Mrs. Hepler’s second grade students at Blue Ridge Elementary School (pictured above) presented the shadow puppet play, “Greedy Henry,” to their classmates and parents the week before Thanksgiving. The play’s story taught the students a lesson on proper table manners.  In preparation for their production the students were introduced to the construction and manipulation of puppets used in Indonesian shadow puppetry. The students created a playful array of Pilgrim and Native American Indian characters, shown in profile, to serve as silhouettes behind their white screen. The integrated learning process that took place involved students working together to construct puppets, sequencing the plays concepts, learning the characters lines and voice projection.

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Elk Lake Elementary Students of the Month

Mr. Charles Pirone, Elementary Principal at Elk Lake School, is pleased to announce the October, 2004 Student of the Month Award winners.

Pictured (l-r) are: sitting – Megan Cook, Andrew Hongach, Joey Tyler, Ian Hemann, Brittany Garay; standing – Kristi Krishak, Steven Evans, Ryan Franklin, Dakota Caster, Brandon Race, Olivia Smurkowski, Kayla Krishak. Absent from photo: Brett Welsh.

Students in kindergarten, third and fourth grades were selected by their homeroom teachers. Students may be selected as student of the month from four different areas. Those four areas are academic achievement, attendance, citizenship and most improved.

Elk Lake is proud of their students and congratulates them for their accomplishments.

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Elk Lake Jr. High In County Band

The following Junior High students from Elk Lake attended County Band at Forest City on November 11. There were over 200 students participating in this county Festival.

Junior High Elk Lake students participating (pictured l-r) were: front row – Zack Ridall, John Domasiewicz, Dan Copes, Ariel Shiffer, Gillian Clarke, Kenzie Forkal, Kim Caines; back row – Dakota Jones, Matthew Walters, Zeb Ridall, Nik Forkal, Nathan Palmer, John Prevost, Adam Ives, Ashley Shingler, Karin Mowry. Absent from photo: Silas Chance.

A wonderful concert was held at the Forest City Regional High School for parents and friends. Mrs. Cathy Rezykowski is the Junior High Band Director from Elk Lake.

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Blue Ridge Elementary Citizens of the Month

Following are the Blue Ridge Elementary School November, 2004 Citizens of the Month.

Kindergarten: Mrs. Johnson - Isabella Cosmello, Mrs. Ogeka - Nathan Brant, Mrs. Rhone - Amanda Riley, Mrs. Small - Jarred Mills, Mrs. Whitehead - Skylar Secord.

Grade 1: Miss Bowman - Kyra Chinnis, Mrs. Button - Olivia White, Mrs. Reese - Ben Kowalewski, Mrs. Scott - Ashley Derrick, Mrs. Skal - Jeremy Shiptoski.

Grade 2: Mrs. Hepler - Casey Purdum, Ms. Levine - Bradley Wayman, Mrs. Theophila - Kristine Carlsen, Mrs. Yurgosky - Jeremy Perry.

Grade 3: Mrs. Berger - Malory Principe, Mrs. Harter - William Miller, Mrs. Kelly - Devon Randall, Miss Pease - Bradley Palmatier.

Grade 4: Mrs. Bartkus - Alexandra Phillips, Mrs. Eidenier - Shanyn Mattocks, Mr. Goff - Allison Coller, Mr. Jones - Vincent Kruse.

Grade 5: Mrs. Buffington - Autumn Hadlick, Mrs. Chamberlain - Kayla Muzzy, Mr. Mazikewich - Annie Dunn, Mrs. Wolfe - Kailey Ragard.

Mrs. Bleck - Robert Fleming.

Mrs. Heal - Tyler Stevens.

Mrs. Hitchcock - Robert Kinsey.

Mrs. Suchy - Heidi Fitch.

Mrs. Petrow - April Roman.

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FCR High 1st Period Honor Roll

Anthony Rusnak, Forest City Regional High School Principal, announced the following Honor Roll for the first marking period of the 2004-05 school year:

Grade 7 – High Honors: Lyle Foster, Rachel Gulbin, Nicholas Lowry, Benjamin Paul, Andrew Salvi, Jordan Underwood.

Grade 7 – Honor Roll: Taylor Gerchman, Jessica Herbst, Bethany Hofer, Thomas Kubus, Mary Alice McAndrew, Bradley Medved, Justin Merrigan, Alexsandra Powell.

Grade 8 – High Honors: Jaclyn Arrigan, Marcella Baileys, Kelsey Logar, Kristen Majdic, Jacklyn Smith, Kelsey Trichilo.

Grade 8 – Honor Roll: Paige Baron, Jessica Butler, Amanda Cino, Cheryl Hunsberger, Chelsea Lucchesi, Cheryl Pantzar, Michael Pasternak, Cassidy Strickland, Joseph Terry.

Grade 9 – High Honors: Heather Cook Ashley Dix, Michael Forsette, Christine Guzzi, Ashley Hofer, Kristy Kitchura, Lindsey Luchonok, Christopher Nebzydoski, Danielle Nebzydoski, Adam Salvi, Briana Salvi, Matthew Silfee.

Grade 9 – Honor Roll: Mark Melvin, Jr., Amber Sauls, Chelsea Soltus, Coty Soltus, Sarah Terry, Brittany Yestrepsky.

Grade 10 – High Honors: Katelyn Brothwell, Laurel Evans, Georgia Galvin, Michael Gulbin, Jenna Kilmer, Marlie Martines, Michael McGraw, Tara McGraw, Mickayla McHale, Jennifer Murnin, Justin Pisarcik, Bradley Sparks, Tiffany Tyson, Sarah Zedar.

Grade 10 – Honor Roll: Steven Beautz, Jonathan Chesnick, Dominic Cino, Travis Gill, Sara Hornbeck, Nicole Karausky, Danielle Long, Marlo Madrid, Nicole Mead, Taylor Myer, Torin Myer, Kelsey Pazanski, Jared Pisarcik, Jason Pisarcik, Alexander Schwartz, Matthew Sibio, Justin Thomas, Amanda White.

Grade 11– High Honors: Kenneth Bennett, Tiffany Butler, David Costanzo, Michelle Giles, Sean Goldman, Joseph Grecco, Laura Heck, Bianca Marino, Tara Martines, Kathryn Nebzydoski, Suzann Paul, Robyn Powell, Stephanie Sterchak.

Grade 11 – Honor Roll: Joshua Balch, Laura Curtis, Michael Drop, Michael Dyno, Ashley Fitzsimmons, Heidi Lehmann, Rita Munifo, Brianna Ogozaly, Daniel Rokavec, Steven Scavone, Michael Zack.

Grade 12 – High Honors: Nicole Marsicano, Jeffrey Mead, Justin Murphy, William Orasin, Matthew Pisarcik, Amanda Rizner, Jonathan Torch.

Grade 12 – High Honors: Matthew Elders, Brittany Frederici, Michael Green, Heather Herbst, Ashley Hornbeck, Ann Nebzydoski, Kasie O’Dell, Roseann Paul, Scott Richards, Nathan Richardson, Rachael Roeckel, Charles Saul, Michael Tammero, Rachel Terry.

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Joanna Wallace To Study In Germany

Joanna H. Wallace, a junior majoring in Psychology at Dickinson College, Carlisle, PA, will participate in the college’s study abroad program in Bremen, Germany for the spring, 2005 semester. A graduate of Blue Ridge High School, she is the daughter of Gerard Wallace of Pacifica, CA, and Lorraine Wallace of New Milford, PA.

The participants at the Dickinson in Bremen program are directly enrolled in the University of Bremen, where they study courses from a variety of disciplines, including history, political science, language, music and sociology. Taking an internship for credit is also an option during the spring semester in Germany. Students can take field trips within the country and to nearby Austria or Switzerland.

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Novice Elk Speakers Bring Home Trophies

Several Novice Elk Lake Forensics Team members captured trophies at the Scranton Catholic Forensics League Tournament, at the University of Scranton on December 4.

In Novice Lincoln-Douglas Debate, sophomore Molly Copeland continued to dominate the field by capturing her second consecutive championship trophy. She compiled an undefeated, three win and no loss, preliminary record and went on to win a unanimous decision, over a debater from Danville High School, in the finals.

Freshman Max McKeon brought home his first trophy of the season by placing third, in a field of 19, in Novice Student Congress.

Sophomore Brad Flower placed fifth in Novice Student Congress.

“This was a great start to the Scranton CFL season for these Novice team members. Molly (Copeland), Max (McKeon), and Brad (Flower) certainly have promising seasons ahead of them if they continue working,” commented EL Forensics Director Keith Brosious.

Copeland is the first debater in the 13-year history of the EL Forensics Team to win her first 10 debates.

The team’s next competition is at the LaSalle Forum Tournament, at LaSalle College High School in suburban Philadelphia on December 11.

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P. S. Scholarship Awards

Megan MacDonald, a Susquehanna Community High School graduate, James Fowler, a Montrose High School graduate, Nicole Burnham, a Union-Endicott High School graduate, and Sean Doherty, a Whitney Point High School graduate, are recipients of the 2004-05 scholarships presented by the Penn State Chapter of Greater Binghamton. The scholarships are awarded annually to Penn State students living in the Susquehanna County, PA and greater Binghamton areas. The scholarship fund is supported by more than 2000 Penn State Alumni families living in these areas.

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