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Some Say It’s Awful

Well, the United Methodist Church of Susquehanna had their Senior Citizens’ Christmas dinner on Saturday, December 12, 2004, but only for a few people.

How come other Senior Citizens of the community don’t get invited, or asked to come to this? After all, when they have rummage sales and dinners, they like to take our money to help them.

I was always told that you don’t turn anyone away from God’s House. This dinner should be for all of us senior citizens, and put in the paper so they can know how many will come. It’s not fair, or right, you’re (church) only hurting yourself.

People are talking and say it’s awful and something should be done.


Loretta J. Ackley

Susquehanna, PA

Save The Children!

UNICEF has just issued their annual report on the status of children worldwide. This report concludes that up to a billion children worldwide are afflicted by three principal problems: poverty and starvation, disease (especially AIDS) and the effects of war (in some cases being forced to take arms and kill at a tender age). 700 million suffer from two or three of these problems.

Meanwhile, in this country, people who say they’re motivated by “moral values” seem exclusively preoccupied with other people’s sex lives. Some even invoke children as their motivation for political action. This coalition of busybodies, tyrants, and prigs should be ashamed of themselves. If they want to address a real moral crisis, there it is. If they really care about the children, they should be helping them there, instead of working to destroy freedom here.


Stephen Van Eck

Rushville, PA

Hope To Think Positively

If I were given a choice of Christmas gifts to give to my readers, I think I would choose to give them the “power to think positively.”

With terrorism, the Iraqi War, maxed-out credit cards and so much violence going on, it’s hard to generate a lot of hope and positive outlook towards life.

This country in which we live is blessed with some of the finest and most warm-hearted people on Earth, as well as some of the most giving.

And NASCAR fans rank right at the top.

I owe my living to these fans and wonderful people. Some are my neighbors, while thousands more read my columns. Each year, I receive hundreds of e-mail and letters and most of them seem to nourish a negative attitude.

While, like some of my fans, I am not happy with many of NASCAR’s decisions, like taking away the Labor Day race from Darlington and instituting the Chase For the Championship, it seems we all waste a lot of mental energy.

Far too much of our time and energies are wasted through anxiety, fear, jealousy, resentment, hate, and sometimes, guilt.

It seems the positive thinkers, who are few in number, have been stifled and stymied in attitude by avalanches of pessimism, depression and hopeless situations that we experience, read about and see on television all the time.

Negative thinkers are perhaps afraid of change or simply of the unknown, or of entertaining new thoughts, and are most often against any new proposal or idea.

People of this nature, who are always criticizing could never be elected dog catcher, but they are usually in the forefront to denounce or condemn the decisions of those who can and do.

Some of my friends like this were pulled into the 21st century kicking and screaming.

At my age and in the small position I occupy in life, I don’t wish this on anyone. I’d much rather see people develop more positive attitudes. I would also be delighted (and I think they would be happier) if they could learn to be self constructive.

Surely such a discovery could help improve their self-image, lead to a more positive approach to life and provide a more productive relationship with family and friends.

Since I don’t have my choice of gifts to give, I’m going to wish that the soreheads, in your community and mine find that when they awaken on Christmas morning, their negativism has been consigned to the garbage can and replaced with optimism and positive attitude.

Wouldn’t that be a real Christmas gift?


Gerald Hodges

The Racing Reporter

Justice, Or Just-Us

Yesterday, December 14, 2004, I was invited to, and did attend, a court proceeding at the Susquehanna County Courthouse wherein I witnessed the most arrogant display of corruption and, what appeared to be, collusion between the presiding judge and the opposing attorney.

If indeed the court reporter was accurate in her reporting, the transcript will show that the pro se plaintiff, a single mother of a Down’s Syndrome child who believes in the unalienable principles of liberty and justice as outlined in our constitution and taught in our schools and by media, was denied consideration for her injuries, damages and inquiries with regard to the Sheriff’s Sale of her Allodial titled land: a fact that neither the presiding judge nor the opposing attorney disputed.

Truly, we have come full circle as a truly free people into the Creditor - Debtor relationship with the feudalistic governments that our ancestors sought to escape.

Is it any wonder that on this day, December 15, in 1791 - the same year Alexander Hamilton acquired legislation for a 20 year charter for a central bank - the Bill of Rights was ratified so that a free people would have recourse against a government they anticipated would become as corrupt.

How sad that in this day of fingertip knowledge via the Internet we, the people, seem to have forgotten the sacrifices made for our liberties. We seem to have lost our ability to understand the meaning of words and the lessons from history. We have allowed oppression and enslavement by a global plutocracy to become the accepted norm for the judicial, executive and legislative functions of our nation's constitutional republic.

Veronica "Niki" Hannevig

Simpson, PA

Why No Mention Of Our Issue

Information regarding the ongoing negotiations between the Montrose Area School District school board and the Montrose Education Support Association was released to the public on November 23, 2004. It is puzzling, therefore, why your publication has made no mention of an issue that the Montrose Area Education Association considers of utmost importance.

The Montrose Area School District is fortunate to employ skilled workers who care about students. The members of MAESPA are residents and taxpayers who care about our community and the success of our students. Their dedication and talent contribute valuable assistance to teaching staff in delivering a high quality educational program.

Montrose Area Educational Support Personnel represents school secretaries, classroom aides, food service personnel, maintenance and custodial workers, technical support employees, clerks and bookkeepers. They have been negotiating with the district since 2002 to reach their first collective bargaining agreement.

The work of MAESPA members promotes the efficient and safe operation of our schools, as well as providing necessary, personal student support that facilitates the learning process.

The members of the MEA wish to express our support for the MAESPA members in their quest to achieve a fair contract with the school district. We strongly urge the school board to accept the fact finder’s report and bring the MAESPA contract to closure. It is in everyone’s best interest – the district, the teachers, the community, and most of all, the students – to reach a contract agreement that treats our support staff with dignity.


Janet Ross, President

Montrose Area Education Association

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