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Trying To Reach Out

The Susquehanna County Historical Society and the main branch of the Free Library presently share a woefully overcrowded facility on Monument Square in Montrose. The cramped conditions dramatically reduce the ability of the Historical Society to exhibit their diverse collections, and inhibit the library from providing an extensive and complete service to the community.

The Board of Trustees of the Historical Society and Free Library Association has been addressing this issue over the past several years in an effort to map out a plan for the future that will allow these two valued institutions to flourish and grow. In the course of these efforts, two informative professional studies have been completed with the aid of grant funding, and numerous possible sites for additional facilities considered.

As it is the desire of the Board to do the best possible job for the community, we feel it is time to reach out to everyone, and provide a forum for opinions to be voiced and ideas proposed. In pursuit of that goal, we invite all concerned citizens to attend a meeting on Thursday, November 4 at the Community Foundation building, 36 Lake Avenue, Montrose, at 7 p.m. After a brief recap of the problems that exist and the various solutions being considered by the Board, the discussion will be opened so that we can benefit from everyone’s thoughts on the future of these two organizations that belong to all of us.

This is your opportunity to be heard, and our opportunity as trustees, to add your insights to our efforts on your behalf. Let’s make the most of it!


Kim Harwood

Steering Committee Chairman

Voters of Susquehanna County

The period following the 2000 election was a confusing time for our nation. In some places voter confidence plummeted. Much of the public debate has focused on fixing the system. Now, with a presidential election just a week away, it is time to focus on the voters and ensure that they have all the information they need to cast a vote and be sure that vote is counted.

This has been the primary effort of the Susquehanna County League of Women Voters: two public meetings were held recently, one on the Vanishing Voter and the other on Election Irregularities. A third is planned for October 27, 7:30 p.m. in the New Milford Borough Hall. All are welcome to attend, listen and ask questions at our Forum for our County’s State Senate and Legislative candidates, all of whom have been invited.

Other efforts include distributing Voter Registration applications; Absentee ballot applications; pamphlets on the new Help America Vote Act; a Pennsylvania manual on voting and our valuable Voters Guide on every candidate who will appear on your ballot November 2.

A great effort has been made to publish most of this information on the internet at www.susquehannacin.net. It is available to every one of you by clicking on Voting or Voters Guide.


League of Women Voters

of Susquehanna County

It’s Payback!

To Lou Parrillo:

It’s the biggest collapse in sports history!


Bob Mireider

Lanesboro, PA

You Can’t Learn Less

Here at our sunset washed gates shall stand a mighty woman with a torch.

Her mild eyes command the air bridges, stop right here, she is telling us something. She is the bridge to the future. A mature woman, not thin, modestly dressed, serene.

I have to smile to myself, she was here all the time, the symbol for the American woman.

But it gets so confusing. Our life and the world of politics has become so confusing that no one, including the politicians knows what is going on.

The answer is for women to get involved in local politics. That is where it all starts. As women, we have a hard time dealing with these politicians. Our elected officials behave as though the citizens have no business knowing what is going on, as though the government is somehow separate and above the people.

The gauntlet has been thrown. Women, by their very nature try to avoid confrontation. But, trying to avoid confrontation will shrink your life to the size of a postage stamp. We want our lives to get larger rather than smaller, and there is a way – for all of us.

Get involved in local politics. Tip O’Neil said, "All politics is local."

We need public action, not the illusion of progress.

All it requires is a certain amount of tact and discipline. No commitment to anyone or anything but yourself. Women are not good at slapping someone on the wrist, we know it is futile. First, you must get someone’s attention. It isn’t boring and it doesn’t cost anything.

Women are now a majority of the electorate, so ask yourself why don’t we have more power? Politicians have been pushing us back, now is the time to push them back. When you are around someone who has energy and power it is contagious.

All government is a tool. Like a hammer, you can build with it or destroy with it. For democracy to work we must care about it and be involved in it. Don’t say, "Politics doesn’t interest me or all politicians are crooks" and dismiss it from your mind.

All politics is broken down into many small meetings. Pick one, not too far from your home. If you work, go to an evening meeting. If you re available there are plenty during the day. Make sure it is convenient for you, both time and place, or you will give yourself excuses not to go. Check your local paper or call your courthouse. Something will pique your curiosity, make you mad, or best of all will make you think.

After only three meetings it will not be so strange and you will begin to enjoy yourself, everything will fall into place. You will know the officials, their duties, and how they conduct themselves.

Your little bean patch is now on the map, it is a wake-up call for you, and you have started from scratch. You can’t learn less.


Marion Dabulas

Susquehanna, PA


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